House of Commons Journal Volume 1
20 June 1604


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 20 June 1604', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 242-243. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Mercurii, 20o Junii, 1604


L. 1. B. FOR the Payment of Tythes in Kind.

Lyne-feed, &c.

L. 1. B. For Sowing of Lyne-seed and Hemp-seed: - Upon this first Reading put to Question, and rejected.

Ecclesiastical Leases.

B. Against Multiplicity of Bishops Leases, &c. reported by Sir Tho. Hobby, with Amendments ; which were twice read; and the Bill, upon the Question, ordered to be ingrossed.

Scandalous Ministers.

B. Against scandalous and unworthy Ministers, reported by Sir Rob. Wingfield, with Amendments, and the Bill, upon Question, ordered to be ingrossed.


L. 2. B. For Explanation of former Statutes, concerning the Granting of Prohibitions, &c. - Upon the Quest, rejected.

Married Men in Colleges.

B. Against the Resiance of Heads of Colleges with their wives, &c. reported by Mr. Hackwill, with Amendments; which were twice read ; and the Bill, upon Question, ordered to be ingrossed.


L. 2. B. For Reformation of certain Abuses in Buying and Selling of Pilchards, &c. - Committed to the Knights and Burgesses of Devon and Cornwall, Sir Jonathan Trelawny, Mr. Noy, Sir John Parker, Sir Wm. Strode, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Mr. Good, Mr. Seymour, Mr. Rolles, Sir Geo. Fleetwood, Sir Charles Cornwallys: - To meet this Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber.


L. 2. B. To encourage Seamen to take Fish, &c. Secondly read, and committed to Sir Wm. Morrice, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Dannett, Mr. Nath. Bacon, Sir Charles Cornwallys, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Fuller, Sir John Heigham, Sir Edw. Lewknor, Sir Wm. Burlacye, Sir Edw. Littleton, Sir Barnard Whytston, Mr. Askwith, Mr. James, the Barons of the Cinque Ports, the Burgesses of Newcastle, Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Mr. Spycer, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Rob. Maunsell, Sir John Thynne: - To meet Tomorrow in the Afternoon in the Exchequer Chamber.

Fry of Fish.

Committees in the Bill for the Preservation of the Fry and Brood of Sea Fish, to meet at the same Time and Place.

Relief of Officers.

Star-chamber, 16 Junii, 1604.

A Committee meeting to take into Consideration the Merits, Wants, and Means of Relief, of Irish Captains, and Men of their Sort, late casht from those Wars.

THAT, upon his Majesty's gracious Recommendation, the Cause being often debated, and seriously treated of, both in this House, and at several Committees;

It was resolved, that our humble Report should be made back to his Majesty;

That we could not think it fit, they should be relieved by Act, enacted, or otherwise concluded, as an Act of this House:

But what Course soever his Majesty should take for their Relief, we find their Cause so exceedingly well affected in every Man's particular, that their particular Opinions are, that if it should come unto them, not as to Parliament-men, in the Country, where their respective Powers and Friendships stand, it were like to receive as effectual and earnest Furtherance, as ever might be expected amongst his Majesty's Subjects, in Matter of this Nature.

After the second Reading put to Question, for the Allowance of the House. Upon the Question, the House divided:

With the Yea, 104.

the Noe, 84.

Difference, 20

The Project approved, and to be entered.


L. 2. B. For the Redress and Reformation of sundry Abuses concerning the Making of Starch : - Committed to Sir Oliver St. John, Mr. Martin, Mr. Brook, Sir Rob. Harley, Sir Edw. Tyrrell, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Charles Cornwallys, Mr. James, Sir Edm. Bowyer, Sir Nicholas Saunders, Sir John Savill, Sir Geo. Smyth, Sir Henry Billingsley, Mr. Fuller, Sir Tho. Hobby, Mr. Rainscroft, Mr. Hackwill, Sir Henry Jenkins, Sir Geo. Selby, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Diggs, Mr. Yong, Mr. Mutton, Mr. Prowse, Sir Rob. Remington, Mr. Askwith : - To meet on Friday, in the Exchequer Chamber.

Port of London.

B. To ratify the Keys and Wharfs in the Port of London, formerly made free and open, and Restraint of others, by the Statute Anno 10 Eliz. cap. 11, for Goods, Wares, and Merchandizes, and Commission and Certificate thereupon: - Committed to Sir John Smyth, Sir Henry Billingsley, Mr. Recorder of London, Sir Henry Bromley, Mr. Gore, Mr. James, Mr. Middleton, Sir Rob. Maunsell, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Mr. Tey, Mr. Fanshawe, Sir Vincent Skynner, Sir Edw. Hobby, Mr. Ryvers, Mr. Tolderby, Sir John Hobart, Sir John Boys: - To meet on Saturday, in the Middle Temple Hall.

Apology to the King.

The Form of Apology and Satisfaction, to be presented to his Majesty, penned and agreed by a former select Committee, was now reported, and delivered in to the House, by Sir Tho. Ridgeway, One of the Committees ; twice read, debated and argued pro et contra, whether the Matter and the Manner fit, or what was fit to be done in it, by Sir Fr. Bacon, Sir Henry Beamount, Mr. Carleton, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Edw. Stafford, Mr. Fuller, Sir Henry Mountague, Sir Oliver St. John, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Rich. Lovelace, Mr. Kyrton, Mr. Martin, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Sir John Bennett, Sir Wm. Strode, Sir Walter Cope, Sir John Hollice.

The Apology directed,

To the King's most excellent Majesty :

From the House of the Commons, assembled in Parliainent,

Most gracious Sovereign:

WE cannot but, with much Joy and Thankfulness of Mind, acknowlege Your Majesty's great Graciousness, in declaring lately unto us, by the Mouth of our Speaker, that You rested now satisfied with our Doings; which Satisfaction notwithstanding, though most desired and dear unto us, yet proceeding merely from Your Majesty's most gracious Disposition, and not from any Justification, which on our Behalf hath been made, we found this Joy intermingled with no small Grief, and could not, dread Sovereign, in our dutiful Love to Your Majesty, and in our ardent Desire of the Continuance of Your Favour towards us, but tender, in humble Sort, this farther Satisfaction; being careful to stand right, not only in the Eye of Your Majesty's Grace, but also, and that, much more, in the Balance of Your princely Judgment, on which all Assuredness of Love and Grace is founded. Into which Course of Proceeding we have not been rashly carried by vain Humour of Curiosity, of Contradiction, of Presumption, or of Love of our own Devices and Doings (unworthy Affections in a Council of Parliament, and more unworthy in Subjects towards their Lord and Sovereign) but, as the Searcher and Judge of all Hearts doth know, for these, and for no other, undue, Ends in the World: 1. To increase and nourish Your Majesty's gracious Affections towards Your loyal and most loving People. 2. To assure and knit all Your Subjects Hearts most firmly to Your Majesty. 3. To take away all Cause of Jealousy on either Part, and Difference for Times ensuing. 4. To prevent and control all sinister Reports, which might be sinisterly spread, either at home or abroad with Prejudice to Your Majesty [a] ***


Moved, and ordered, That all Committees, appointed to meet Yesterday, shall meet To-morrow, in the same Places.

Disturbing Members when speaking.

Agreed for Order (upon Occasion of a Speech uttered by Sir L. L.) that whosoever hisseth or disturbeth any

Man in his Speech, shall answer it at the Bar, as a Breach of Order, and Contempt of the House.

Leave of Absence.

Mr. Rich. Barker, Burgess for the Town of Shrewsburie, (ex gratiaCuria) upon his own Motion, licensed to depart.