East Indies
December 1627


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'East Indies: December 1627', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Persia, Volume 6: 1625-1629 (1884), pp. 428-438. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=71277 Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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December 1627

Dec. 2–14.565. Court Minutes of the East India Company. The price of garbled cloves set for town at 11s. per lb., and ungarbled to be transported at 10s. per 1b., but the Committees for the Warehouses first to treat with the grocers for buying the whole. Ordered that all persons, whether Committees or others, that use the Company's warehouses or cellars pay a proportionable rent. Suit of Simon Wilmot, messenger of his Majesty's chamber, for his charges for fetching up John Alcheyn from the Isle of Wight by warrant from the Lords of the Council on complaint of the Company.
Dec. 7.—Request of John Hare, who could not come in person to accept his assignment of 800l., part of his father, Samuel Hare's adventure in the second joint stock, which he desired to pass over to his brother, William Hare. That Parkes bad procured a reference from the Lord Keeper in the cause between the Company and the Countess of Leicester to Sir Edward Clark, a Master of Chancery; and that Mr. Cocks is willing to submit to the Court concerning his servant, Giles Hobbes.
Dec. 10.—Resolution concerning the cassia ligna belonging to John Headley, surgeon of the London, brought to the Company's warehouse. Two small parcels of cassia ligna sent from Lawrence Fisher and John Clark, mates in the Exchange, to their wives for tokens, to be delivered freight free. Ordered to make stay of the wages of those who had landed private trade out of the London and Reformation. Also that Capt. Pynn, late commander of the London, prepare a list of the Company's ships in the Indies, together with their condition, and whether fit to return to England. The wages of John Cooper, carpenter of the Reformation, who in a mutinous manner at Portsmouth declared that if they met the Dutch he would not fight, ordered to be stayed till he had answered his miscarriage. Sale of 4 hhds. of cloves to grocers at 16s. per lb. ready money, or at three months time if they find partners to take 20 hhds., approved.
Dec. 12.—Motion of Mr. Woodall in reference to the expenses of Forbes, a Scotchman, who came in the Dutch ships and was examined before the Lords in the business of Amboyna, Woodall having according to order not only defrayed his lodging and diet, but lent him 20l.; remembering how ready Forbes was to declare his knowledge of that bloody action, he was called in and told that the Court had ordered not only his charge's to be defrayed, but also the 20l., which he seemed not to expect, but thankfully accepted and promised his best services. Difference between Capt. Langford and Mr. Short about his brother's estate; Capt. Langford desiring protection from the violent proceedings of Short, who had arrested him; ordered that Short be warned to attend on Friday. The Jonas speedily to fall down to Erith, where she may ride with more safety than at the Wall. Ordered that no more white wine be provided than is necessary for the Dove.
Dec. 14.—Ordered that Valentine Mooretoft receive 50l. of Muschamp's wages for the use of Muschamp's mother. Forty shillings to be paid to Wm. Chapman, who went out in the Jonas and came home in the London, on account. Allowance of 5s. for each bag of pepper discovered by John Beaple, Richard Saul, Simon Perrott, and John Tyson, waiters in the Custom House, to have been brought on shore and which ought to have been transported, and promised the same for any others hereafter discovered; More wood to be sent for to answer this abuse at the next Court. Committees to consider the objections against Jonas Colbach, factor, lately returned from the Indies, and his apology in answer. Note presented by Capt. Pynn, according to order, of the Company's ships to the southward in the Indies; it was observed that the Abigail, though a weak rotten ship, was trimmed up for a voyage chiefly for the accommodation of Eustace Man, that great trader, while better ships were suffered to ride at anchor, rotting at Jacatra for want of employment. One hundred pounds on account to be paid to Capt. Pynn. Report of 'Mr. Treasurer of an attachment in his hands of Mr. Hare's adventure. Richard Munck, late master of the Dove, having submitted to leave the great cabin to the merchant and have the round house to himself, was readmitted master. Ordered that Thomas Poynett have 16l. for pilotage of the London, his cousin John 5l. . for the Reformation, their expenses for attendance in the Downs, and Nicholas Sneddall 40s. for piloting his Majesty's ship. Offer of Burlamachi and his partners to buy 10,000l. worth of pepper to be transported, and as sureties Sir John Wolstenholme, Sir Paul Pindar, Chas. Cockayne, and Abraham Jacob; resolved that the price should be 18d. and 19d. per lb., and to be two thirds Jambi and one third Priaman, but the price Burlamachi alleged to be too high and took time to consider till the noon exchange next day. Request of Banks concerning Dalbie's adventure. Bill for services done and money laid out by Mr. Mosse, the scrivener, while employed as the Company's solicitor before Mr. Acton's entertainment, to be paid. Names of 13 petitioners for the beadle's place, void by the death of Thomas Tiggins, read; the wages fixed at 20l. per annum, and John Spiller, some time servant to Mr. Boothby, for whom Alderman Garway gave good testimony, elected. Gratuities of 10l. to the churchwardens and overseers of Ratcliff, Limehouse, and Poplar towards relief of the poor, especially the widows and orphans of the Company's servants, and of 25s. out of the poor box to Widow Tiggins to defray the charge of her late husband's burial. 13½ pp. [Ct. Min, Bk. X. 175–188.]
Dec. 17.
Ship Exchange [in Swally Road].
566. Francis Stockton to the East India Company. Death of Richard King, purser of the Exchange on 18th September last, whom he was ordered to succeed. Has balanced accounts and sends ledger, debt book, original and transcripts of wills by William Slade, purser of the Discovery. The provisions of pork and beef proved very bad, and the biscuit so ill-conditioned that at least one-third has been consumed by the sea. Arrival of the Mary, Hart, Star, Hopewell, and Refuge from England, 30 November, having lost the Spy, and on 17th December the Exchange, William, Hart, and Star departed for Persia, leaving the Palsgrave, Mary, Blessing, Dolphin, Discovery, Hopewell, and Refuge in Port Swally. Endorsed "Swally road," &c. 1 p. [O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1262.]
Dec. 18.567. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Mr. Acton's bill of charges to be paid. Relation by Mr. Acton of the differences in the cause of Capt. Langford against Short; it was thought fit if possible to recover the freight and recompense in some proportion the Company's damage sustained by Short's private trade. Concerning the security to be entered into by the Farmers of Customs for the bargain of pepper with Mr. Burlamachi. Proposition of Messrs. Davis, Bateman, and Smethwike for transporting the 12th division of Mr. Middleton's adventure, which they had bought, to Mr. Langham; they seemed much discontented with the Court's denial, and such was Mr. Smethwike's bold, pressing, unbeseeming carriage to Mr. Governor in particular, and to the whole Court, that it was thought fit not to pass by this affront, and for his uncivil carriage and aspersion land upon the Court it was thought meet to "battulate" or forbid him any more to come in or to trouble their house or Courts on the like occasions as formerly he had done, merely for his own ends. Resolved that though the chief cause of preparing the Dove was to give advertisement into the Indies of what accommodation was like to be made upon the stay of the three Dutch ships, she should not attend any longer, but be dispeeded away; but seeing there was no possibility to send the Jonas forth before March it was propounded to dismiss many of her men, but the resolution deferred till next Court. Though no precedent could be found for gratifying the Lord Mayor with spice at Christmas, yet in regard the present one was a great adventurer and had been a Committee, it was ordered that the like proportion that had been conferred on Alderman Fen in the time of his shrievalty be given to the Lord Mayor, and also to the sheriffs, Sir Morris Abbott and Alderman Garway, and to the latter a bag of pepper over and above, according to promise, for his good service on the sale of the Company's indigo. Gratuity of 50l. to Capt. Bond, Commander of the Convertive, with their kind salutations and hearty thanks for his pains in giving safe conduct to the London and Reformation from Portsmouth into the Thames. Ordered that the names of the private traders be inserted in the Black Book as well as in the Court Book. Report of Mr. Munck, master of the Dove, that there was no place to lay in the fish and sails, and that he wanted a larger boat; he was much blamed for speaking no sooner, and required to acquaint Mr. Steevens, and allowed such private provisions as others had had. Offer of Messrs. Wright and Woodward to buy 100 bags of pepper at 3–6 months, and promise to answer in the afternoon the Company's proposition to take 500 bags. 5 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. X. 189–194.]
Dec. 18.
568. John Hunter to the East India Company. Sends copies of accounts of men deceased or transferred since their coming forth, from 5th April 1620 to 20th Dec. 1627, and original wills, with inventories of deceased men. Provisions have proved very good, except the biscuit received from Mr. Clifton. Endorsed, "John Hunter, purser in the William at Swat." ½ p. [O.C., Vol XI, No. 1263.]
Dec. 22–31.569. Court Minutes of the East India Company. The Court informed that the great cabin in the Pinnace had been so divided to accommodate both Mr. Hoare and the master, and notwithstanding Mr. Hoare was much displeased, alleging that the smallness of the rooms could not be endured, he was wished to make choice of the cabins and return answer on Monday. Information of Mr. Treasurer that great sums were still weekly expended in the yard; ordered that all workmen be discharged so soon as the frigate and skiff be finished, and that all the men of the Jonas, save two carpenters and 10 men, be dismissed. This day week appointed to determine whether to send the Jonas this year or not. A pinnace to be bought. Request of Capt. Moreton for payment of 80l. debts due to him, and charged on several men's heads in the purser's book. Suit of Mr. Elsemore for his wages and debts which are supposed to have been put out at interest by (Henry) Sill, who was suspected to have much wronged the Company by employing their money at interest to his own use. Report of Mr. Deputy that he and Committees had read the complaints against Jonas Colbach and his answers, but the business is of that consequence that it must be heard at a full Court. Gratuity of 5l. to Edward Powell, who went out without wages, and is recommended by the President and Council as a good linguist. Report that Edward Collins, clerk of the powder mills, had demanded 63l. to pay wages, but as there was cause to suspect he had not dealt faithfully with moneys formerly received, ordered that the money be paid to Mr. Cappur, and that he be required to examine the business.
Dec. 24.—Request of Henry Broughe in the general letter from Jacatra, by the Expedition, that no more of his wages be paid to Anthony Brampton until his return. Packet of letters from the Dutch East India Company brought by the Expedition, delivered to Mr. Lucey, the Dutch agent, to be conveyed to Holland.
Dec. 27.—Examination of Capt. Pynn concerning the carriage of young Hawley and the President, his uncle; he declared that doubtless the President was drawn to commit many errors by the powerful persuasion of his nephew, who ruled all things, instancing the sending of the Abigail from Jacatra to the coast of Coromandel, when Capt. Pynn and Bruite Gread, carpenter of the London, made known how unfit she was, and that it were much better to use the Eagle, Falcon or Swallow, yet their counsel was utterly rejected, and Bruite Gread soundly beaten for his pains; that it was the opinion in the Indies that Eustace Man wrought young Hawley, and he his uncle, to set out that ship purposely to invest Man into an employment the better to colour his longer stay in the country for continuance of his private trade, which was very great; he also intimated young Hawley's building a junk with the Company's materials, and freighting the greatest part of her for his own account by Eustace Man's means, who supplied him with money; but said that Bruite Gread was able more particularly to inform the Company of these and other passages. Also that one John Brooke, smith in the London, a drunken, debauched fellow, had arrested Pynn on an action of battery, because three months before coming into the King's Channel he had given him correction for disobedience, and being questioned how he durst thus arrest his captain, he gave out that he durst arrest the best of the Committees; Sir Henry Marten to be acquainted with the truth of the cause, and to desire that Brooke be commanded to withdraw this action, and be punished for this vexatious suit; and resolved that if Brooke's wages, and the estate of John Brison, which he challenges as executor, be yet in the Company's hands, no part shall be paid until Brooke give satisfaction for his unjust and arrogant speeches.
Dec. 29.—Ordered that a Committee with all possible expedition meet and draw into form the Company's complaints against the Dutch, with the damages sustained by them in the Indies, and present same to the Court. The pinnace Dove to fall down to Gravesend by Monday night, and there to be supplied with things that are yet wanting. Mr. Sherburne's account audited and ordered to be paid.
Dec. 31.—Report of Mr. Acton that Sir Henry Marten had granted his warrant for the commitment of John Brookes until he withdraw his action against Capt. Pynn. The canvas at Bridewell for making pepper bags so bad and loose made that it must be provided elsewhere. The Dove to fall down to Gravesend on "Wednesday, and have her cloth, money, and other lading sent after her; ordered that 10,000 ryals of eight be sent in her, besides 40 cloths and some lead. Resolved to continue the custom of new year's gifts to the Duke and other Lords, each of whom is to have a carpet, and that 160l. be paid to Mr. Sherburne, to be disbursed to the two Secretaries, Clerks of the Council, and those who had their presents in gold last year. Ordered on motion to send the Dove direct for Bantam, that Mr. Secretary Sherburne move Mr. Secretary Coke for another letter from his Majesty to that King in regard neither of the two former had been yet delivered. A short petition to the Lords to make known the late new injustice done the Company by the Dutch at Jacatra in breaking into their warehouses there and violently taking divers chests of Japan silver upon an unjust sentence of theirs in the cause of John Maria [Moretti], the Italian, approved and ordered to be engrossed, and Wednesday next appointed for Mr. Governor and Committees to prefer it. Gratuity of 4l. to Benj, Johnson, one of the Dutch burghers who came home in the Reformation, and who was commended for having taken great pains in the ship. 9½ pp [Ct. Min. Bk. X. 194–203.]
1627570. Petition of John Evelyn, the King's powder maker, to the Privy Council. Tied by contract to deliver great quantities of powder into his Majesty's stores on a monthly payment of 1,700l., which has not these six months been continued, petitioner has been forced to sell the powder to his Majesty's subjects. But by reason of a new grant-to the East India Company for making powder, and one Michael Waring, who has no authority to make same, there is no sale for petitioner's powder but at great loss. Prays that either his monthly payments may be continued or the East India Company and Waring restrained, no such liberty having been permitted to any but petitioner and his ancestors for above 60 years. 1 p. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol, LXXXlX.,.No. 9, Cal. p. 492.]
571. Mem. of the difference of our new privileges in Persia from the former. Two bales of silk granted in every hundred; contract to take cloths and tin at certain rates; weight of silk; freedom from charges and dangers; besides the taking of commodities on arrival and delivery of silk without delay, which heretofore hindered returns for a whole year. 1 p. [O.C., Vol. XL., No. 1272.]
PETITIONS to the East India Company of Persons who solicit Employment, Increase of Wages, or Payment of Wages due to their Relatives in the Company's Service.
Date.Name of Petitioner.Subject of Petition.Reference.
1627Court Min. Bk.
Jan.10Margery, widow of Robert Hayes.Her husband's wagesIX. 319
" 29John BisphamEmployment as a factor" 366
Feb. 13Abraham CogarPayment of wages to his mother" 407
" "Andrew EvansThe wages of Ralph Adams and Jn. Thomas, deceased, servants of Richard Wedmore, whose widow he had married." "
" "Thomas LoveringDebt from John Gourden, deceased." 408
" "Laurence Read, late mate in the jonasConsideration for services" "
" 14William MargettsEmployment as merchant" 415
" "Thomas BespitchEmployment as factor" "
" "Frances BrownePart of her son Thomas Flood's" "
" "Francis Brownewages. Part of her son Thomas Flood's wages for bringing up his sister's son Tho. Curtis." "
" "Sivers Johnson5l. to free him out of prison" "
" 19Andrew Evans, master of the Star.Part of his wages for his wife" 425
" "James Shipham, mate of the Star.Same" 426
" "Ralph Coult, cooperPart of his wages towards maintenance of his brother's child." 427
" 23Richard BennettEmployment as factor" 436
Mar. 2Ralph Harris, surgeon of the Mary.Recompense for attending and dressing those hurt aboard the" 459
" 7Jane Spurlingships. Part of James Cheshire's wages" 461
" 7Lettice, wife of Michael YoungPart of her husband's wages" 461
" 7Margery UrlandsHer husband's estate" "
1627Court Min. Bk.
Mar. 12Captain ClevengerWages of his servant Robert Bragg.IX. 467
" 12Captain ClevengerGratification for bringing his ship into the Downs." "
" 14Richard Bromfield and George Nesfeild, churchwarden and overseer of the poor of Lime-housePart of Thomas Holt's, wages, deceased, to apprentice his son Robert" 469
" 24.Edmond Chambers, barge masterPart of his apprentice John Freeman's wages." 475
" 30Katharine LeeaverRemission of brokes" 477
Apr. 9Joan, wife of Roger PeatePart of her husband's wages" 488
" "Anne, widow of John KeelingDebt due to her husband by Edmond Bayneham." "
" 18Constance, wife of Paul Manly, purser of the Morris.Part of her husband's wages" 497
" 20Henry Wheatly, late purser of the James.Mitigation of freight or gratification" 499
" "William and John HughesTheir brother Robert's estate" "
" 30Elizabeth LynseyDebt due to her brother Wm. Carter." 505
May 4Henry EverittPart of the wages of Richard Waltham, deceased" 512
" "Anne, wife of Thomas ClarkeOne month's pay extraordinary" 513
" "Katherine, wife of Robert ReasonPart of her two servant's wages" "
" "Dorothy Reade, widowWages of her son Nathaniel, deceased." "
" "Anne, wife of George BagshottGabriel Cooper's estate" "
" "Honor Hunt, widowWages of her son Nathaniel, deceased." "
" "Anne, wife of George BagshottGabriel Cooper's estate" "
" "Honour Hunt, widowPart of her son Anthony Robinson's wages" "
" "Agnes, wife of Thomas MacePart of her husband's wages" 514
" 9Boatswain IngramFor boat hire, and an old mast to shore up his house." 519
" "Thomas CorneGratification for riding to the Downs, &c." "
June 1Honor Hunt, prisoner in LudgatePart of her son Anthony Robinson's and of his servant Robert Edwardson's wages." 551
" "Alice, wife of John BaynesPart of her husband's wages" "
" 6Joan, wife of George SpurlingeSame" 533
" 8Sara, wife of Henry PickusOne Month's pay extraordinary" 559
" "Andrew Anderson, ship carpenterEmployment at Blackwall" "
" "John AleThe estate of John Boyd, deceased." 561
" "Katherine, wife of Robert ReasonPart of her servant' Erasmus Jubee and Samuel Croron's or of her husband's wages." 562
" 13John AtkinsonTo be continued in his office" 563
" 15William StaresmoreEstate of his brother Capt. Richard Cocks, deceased"" 565
" "Henry BowdlerEstate of his brother Bazii, deceased." "
" "Awdry MooterJohn May's estate" "
" 20Edward LeeTo be continued in the Company's service." 567
July 4Ellen BlagravePart of her son John Oakely's wages." 583
" 18Anne KempePart of her husband's wagesX. 18
" 27Rachel, wife Richard StitchSame" 34
" "Susan, wife of Philip TreppettSame" "
Aug. 3Widow GrimstonSalary of her brother John Grimston, deceased." 41
" "Daniel de GardenPart of his wages to be paid to his mother." 42
1627Court Min. Bk.
Aug. 3Jane, wife of Thomas BeckensalePart of her husband's wagesX. 44
" 8Elizabeth, wife of James DoverAbatement of freight detained out of her husband's wages." 45
" "Mary, wife of Thomas IngletonPart of her husband's wages" "
Sept. 5Elizabeth, wife of Roger OsbornePart of her son Thomas Prout's" 73
" "Wife of Capt. Hallwages. Part of her husband's servants" "
" 26Wife of John Wood, late master of the Little James.wages. Wages of her husband's servants John Keys and John Flowers." 87
" "Anne, mother of Silvester GryceMoneys belonging to her son" 88
" "Rebecca WoodPart of her son James's wages" "
" "Anne Keeling, widowEstate of Thomas Jones, deceased." 89
Oct. 3Elizabeth, wife of Richard BixPart of her husband's wages" 91
" 10Mr. Birch, late carpenter in the Great fames.To be entertained master of the Dove." 97
" 17Edward HeynesMoneys paid through Elias Wood, deceased, whose widow married to Wm. Slade." 113
" "Randal Gleeson, administrator to Thomas Hood, deceased.Debt to Capt. Arnold Browne, deceased." "
" "James DoverEmployment as steward" "
" "Edward ShemenSame
" "Benjamin OwenSame" "
" 24Joan BoydPart of George Ashby's wages" 120
" "Thomszin, wife of William Grimshawe.Part of her husband's wages" "
" "Katherine Jacob, widowPart of her son George's wages" "
" "Joan WilloughbieA legacy due to her son Robert White." "
" "Sara Bassett, widowBenevolence121
" "Margery, wife of Nicholas Norbury, master of the Eagle.Part of her husband's wages" "
" "Savage LeversageEmployment as factor" "
" "Henry FosdikeSame
" "John Fearne, a Stoad merchantSame" "
" "Edward CollinsGratification and increase of" 122
" 26Edward Wotton wages.Employment as a preacher" 124
" 31Peter MundayEmployment as factor" 34
" "Edward PowellAllowance for six years' service and employment on the coast of Coromandel." "
Nov. 2John WilloughbyEmployment as factor" 137
" "John FerneSame" "
" "Elizabeth, wife of Richard PredysPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Mary HamondSame" "
" "Elizabeth, wife of John PhelpsSame" 138
" 9Mary, wife of Moses LinseySame" 143
" 14Mary, wife of Thomas PreciousThe remainder of her husband's" 154
" "Alice, wife of John Baynes wages.Part of her husband's wages" 155
" 24Simon Story, on behalf of Phoebe Story, his mother.Part of her son Humphrey Story' s wages." 168
Dec. 10Ursula Hills, widowEmployment for her son John" 179
" 14Margery, widow of John UrlandHer husband's estate" 187
" "Philip Fabian, boatswain of the London.Satisfaction for services" "
" "William ByamHis services in the Indies" "
" "Theophilus HollandWages while in slavery with the Portugals." 188
" "Alice PhillippsPart of her son Stephen's Mnges for maintenance of his child," "
" "Johan, wife of Thomas HowePart of her husband's wages" "
Court Min. Bk.
Dec. 14Anne, widow and executrix of Thomas Turner,Her husband's estate, and stay of Walter Quick's wages, who embezzled 32 lb. of white pepper out of her husband's cabin after his death.X. 188
" "Edith Snow, Agnes Pitt, and Agnes Triblc, widows.Charity, having lost their husbands in the Trial." "
" 22Elizabeth, wife of Edward Twelves, master's mate in the Swallow.Part of her husband's wages" 197
Date.Free Brethren.To whom bound.By fine or otherwise.Reference.
1627Court Min. Bk. IX.
Jan. 29Mr. CastleBy Redemption and fine of 40l.367
" 31Humphrey Smith, jun.By patrimony and 10s. to poor box.369
" "John IugoldHumphrey SmithBy service and 10s. to poor box."
Feb. 5John GarwayJohn WilliamsBy service384
Mar. 21Jeremy Drewry10l. to the poor box.471
April 20Charles EdmondsPatrimony and 10s. to poor box.498
May 30Sir John HubbardPatrimony (?) and "the usual fees."545
June 1Andrew MoorewoodJohn WoodwardFine of 15l. and 10s. to poor box.550
" 27George CornewallBenjamin BaronService and 10s. to poor box.576
Court Mill. Bk.X.
July 18Michael Waring, a Spanish merchant.John WightmanFine of 20l.17
Aug. 22Peter, son of Robert MiddletonPatrimony and 10s. to poor box.60
Oct. 12George, son of Humphrey SmithPatrimony and 10s. to poor box.105
" "Thomas, son of Robert HudsonPatrimony and 10s. to poor box."
" 17John, son of John GeeringPatrimony and 10s. to poor box.112
Nov. 9John HumphreyFrancis ChapmanService and "the usual fee of 10s. to the poor box."145
Date.FromToAmountName of Stock.Reference.
1627£Court Min. Bk. IX.
Jan. 8John HollowayRobert Robinson300Not stated311
" 12Rowland SquireBartholomew Nokes650Second joint stock324
" 17Sir Ralph Freeman, Knt., Master of Requests.Stephen Harvey2,400Same331
" 22John HollowaySir Morris Abbott, Knt.300On the 12th, 13th, and 14th divisions.343
" "Jaques OylesTho. Bownest, the son50On the 9th division347
" "Bartholomew NokesSame125Same"
" "Jacob HerwynSame£121 1s. 10d.Same"
" "Wm. De VischerSame125Same"
" "Jno. Davis, administrator of Roger Dye, deceased.Richard Midleton1,233 6s. 8d.Not stated348
" 24Godfrey HavercampeAlderman Freeman400Second joint stock353
" 29Earl of Kelly (?)Sir William Russell1,000Same363
" 31John HollowayRichard Edwards100Same368
" "Robert PinchinJohn Awberrie200Same369
Feb. 5Lady Edmonds, executrix of Sir Clement, deceased.Charles EdmondsNot stated383
" "William GarwayJohn Garway200Second joint stock384
" "John HollowayRichard Edwards100Same385
" 7Isaac Van PaineAlderman Cambell200Same391
" 9John HollowayWilliam Walton120Same392
" "Thomas BownestBartholomew Noakes125Same394
" "SameWm. De Vischer125Same394
" "SameJacob Herwyn£121 10s.Same394
" "SameJaques Oyles50Same394
" 14Francis Slater, executor to James Askew.Elizabeth Askew, widow.£1,337 10s.Same411
" 16Cornelius GodfreyNicholas Castle600Not stated418
" "Dame Sara, Countess of Leicester.Abraham Reynardson6,350Same424
" 21Sir Robert PinchinJohn Awbery500Second joint stock428
" "John HollowayJohn Beale90Same428
" "John WrightRichard Midleton800Same430
" 23Alexander NearneRichard Middleton360Same433
" 26Anne GreenewellAlderman Hamersley250Same441
" "William Verdon, executor to Jonas Verdon.John Eldred, jun.900Same441
Mar. 14Francis WadlowJohn Fletcher1,400Same468
" 19Nicholas Hawes, executor to Sir Samuel Argall, Knt., deceased.Hugh Perrye1,200Same469
" 21William Smith, deceasedJeremy Drewry2,000Same471
" "Henry Smith, M.D., deceased.Same800Same"
" 24John Evelyn, jun.Hugh Perry1,800Same475
" 30Katharine LeaverAlderman Ducy1,400Not stated478–490
April 6John Offley, administrator of Robert Offley.Richard Boothby600Second joint stock486
" 9Mary Wiseman, widowRichard Davyes800Same487
" 18The Lord of ValenciaJohn Bludworth1,200Same495
" 30George Bernardiston, executor to John Berdiston.Elizabeth Bernardiston1,000Not stated505
" "John HollowaySimon Laurence60"
May 2Anthony BarborAlderman Freeman1,288 17s. 10d.Not stated510
" 11Richard DavisJohn Langham250521
" "SameThomas Symonds2,900Second joint stock"
1627£Court Min. Bk. IX.
May 11Stephen EgertonChristopher Kaly400Not stated522
" 18William BrowneJohn Holloway400Second joint stock526
" "Nicholas Crispe, jun.Richard Davis2,600Same527
" 21Robert BatemanJohn Langham100Same530
" "SameSame225Same"
" "Richard MiddletonSame£62 10s.Same"
" "SameSame£149 8s. 9d.Same"
" "SameRobert Bateman£143 8s. 9d.Same"
" 25Jeremy DykeRichard Davis100Same538
" "John CakottSame400Same540
" 30John BludworthThomas Ivatt1,200Same544
" "Sir Henry Hubbard, deceased, late Chief Justice of Common Pleas.Sir John' HubbardNot stated.Not stated.545
" "Thomas Johnson, jun., executor to Thomas Johnson, sen.Richard Davis1,600Second joint stock547
" "Richard MidletonThomas Symonds2,893 6s. 8d.Same547
June 13William FanshawSir John Wolstenholme,3,000Same563
Court Min. Bk. X.
July 6Robert Harlowe, deceasedPedahell Harlowe. son and executor of Robert.600Not stated12
" 18Robert PinchinRichard Davis600Second joint stock16
" "Richard DavisJohn Kipp2,900Same"
" "Nicholas SadlerRichard Davis300Not stated"
" 27Jaques OylcsSame4,000Same33
" "Richard DavisJohn LanghamA dividend of 250Same34
Aug. 22Anne Greenewell, widowRichard Davis250Second joint stock62
" 29John Offley, administrator to Robert Offley.Richard Beresford Michael Waring7,000Same68
" "John OffleySame3,000Same"
Sept. 14John French, executor to Elizabeth Denley, deceased, executrix to John Denley.Thomas Eyans800Same78
" 26William De VischerAndrew Moorewood200Not stated89
" "SameRichard Davis1,800Same"
Oct 10Isabel Bing, executrix of Richard Hall, late of Surrrey, gent.Same1,400Second joint stock98
" "John Donnington, executor to Richard Calthorpe.Same1,200Not stated"
" 26Thomas Colthurst and Thomas Goodyeare.Same5,910Second joint stock125
Nov. 2John Hare and William Hare, executors of Samuel Hare.Mary Hare800Same135
" 24Isack Edge, deceasedRichard Davis1,600Not stated169
" 28Sir Toby Cage and John Cage, administrators to Lady Hart, deceased.Same600Second joint stock170
Dec. 2Elizabeth Crews executrix of Robert Crews deceasedSame£266 13s. 4d.Same176
" 10John and William sons and executors of Samuel Hare, deceased.Walter Here800Same179
" 14Walter AlexanderHenry Polstead600Same184
" 29Robert BatemanThomas Smethwike3,200Same201