America and West Indies
June 1729, 1-10


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Cecil Headlam (editor) Arthur Percival Newton (introduction)

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'America and West Indies: June 1729, 1-10', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 36: 1728-1729 (1937), pp. 397-399. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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June 1729, 1-10

June 1.
761. Governor Worsley to the Duke of Newcastle. The 20th April last I advised your Grace of the great confusion this island was in; on account of the payment of the 2/6 levy etc. Mr. Reeve's opinion (v. 20th April), is of more validity with them, then H.M. Instruction etc. Continues:—If an opinion of a lawyer, can determine the validity of law in this island, confirmed by his late Majesty, and declared to be in force by his present Majesty, the most dangerous consequences must follow, especially, amongst a people who have already made several attempts upon H.M. Royall Prerogative etc. Encloses Minutes, showing that, on the 2nd of last month, a representation had been made to the Assembly, by the parish of St. Michael, as well as from other parishes, which sufficiently demonstrates, that they preferr a lawyer's opinion to H.M. Instruction, it likewise sets forth that their ruin is threatened, only for their complyance with the first principle in Nature, the preservation of themselves and familys from utter ruin. I don't know what they mean by being threatned, for my own part, I never threatned them. I have indeed advised them to be obedient to the laws, but I can't help observing to your Grace, that from the same principle of Nature, they may break through all laws, even of their own makeing, and run into anarchy. There is but one Gentleman of the Council, that distinguishes himself upon this pccasion, and that is Mr. Haggatt. I have been informed that he laid the foundation of the disturbances that happened in New England, whilst Collo. Shute was there. Mr. Haggatt is one of the Vestry in St. Michael's parish, and the ring-leader of them that refused to lay the apportionment upon the inhabitants of St. Michael's Town, and as by the law, each Vestry man is subject to penaltys for the refuseing, or neglecting to do their duty in laying the apportionment, he has been levyed upon, and his goods sett up to sale, for the said penaltys, when there appeared numbers of people, rather I believe to terryfie others from bidding than to buy themselves, but however, nobody has as yet offered anything for them, under a notion, that the law is not in force, and that therefore they can't have a good title. In my last letter, I have mentioned the share Mr. Peers, the Speaker of the Assembly has had, in the confusion the island is now in. P.S. (in his own hand) Mr. Blenman H.M. Att. Genl. here behaves very well for H.M. service. Signed, Henry Worsley: Endorsed, R. 24th. 5 pp. Enclosed,
761. i. Duplicate of April 20 encl. ii (a). [CO. 28, 45. ff. 48–50, 51v., 52; and (duplicate of covering letter only, endorsed, R. 29 July) 28, 40. No. 3.]
June 1.762. Same to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Duplicate mutatis mutandis of above covering letter; Signed, Henry Worsley. Endorsed, Recd. 23rd, Read 31st July, 1729. 5 pp. Enclosed,
762. i. Duplicate of April 20 encl. ii (a). [C.O. 28, 21. ff 1–3, 4v., 5, 6v.]
June 3.763. Mr. Popple to Governor Rogers. Encloses Mr. Fane's report "lately made" on the rights of the Admiralty in the Bahama Islands (v. 6th and 16th May). [This entry is dated 1732 between entries for 1729 and 1730. Presuming this to be an error for 1729, it may have arisen from the Entry Book being written up in 1732, in which case the Clerk might inadvertently write the current year instead of the date of the letter. Ed.] [C.O. 4, 1. p. 188.]
June 3.
764. H.M. Instructions to Governor Osborne. [C.O. 5, 195. ff 1–11; and 5, 194. ff. 614–648.]
June 4.
765. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen, Guardian of the Kingdom etc. Propose Thomas Davers and William Leslie for the Council of Barbados, in the room of Mr. Bond decd., and Mr. Lightfoot gone off the island etc. [C.O. 29, 15. p. 108.]
June 4.
766. Same to the Duke of Newcastle. Enclose copy of deposition of a master of a ship taken by a pirate to be laid before H.M. (v. 26th March). [C.O. 5, 1366. p. 30.]
June 4.
767. Same to the Lords of the Treasury. Enclose extract of a letter from Lt. Governor Gooch (v. 26th March) giving an account of a barbarous action committed by a crew of transported felons, upon a gentleman of Virginia for having done his duty as a Justice of Peace. Conclude:—As the case is very deplorable, we think it proper to communicate the same to your Lordships, that you may be pleased to lay it before her Majesty for her gracious consideration. [C.O. 5, 1366. pp. 30, 31.]
June 5.
768. Mr. Popple to Col. Dunbar. Encloses copy of representation as desired 28th May. [C.O. 218, 2. p. 157.]
June 5.
769. Same to Mr. Scrope. Encloses extract of letter from Lt. Governor Gooch, 26th March, desiring orders may be sent for the payment of the boundary Commissioners on behalf of Virginia. Continues:—As this service was perform'd in obedience to H.M. Order in Council, 28th March, 1727, and as the same will encourage many grants of land and new settlements near those bounds, to the great increase of H.M. revenue of quit-rents in Virginia, my Lords Commissioners desire you will lay the same before the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, for H.M. orders what sum shall be allowed for the charge of this survey, and out of what fund the same shall be paid. [C.O. 5, 1366. pp. 32, 33.]
June 10.
770. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen, Guardian of the Kingdom etc. Offer for confirmation the act of St. Xtophers to subject all commodities of the produce of the late French part shipped off to the 4½ p.c. duty etc., as it seems highly reasonable that such produce should be subject to the same duties as that of the English part. [C.O. 153, 15. pp. 11, 12.]