Dates of Principal Events


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Allan James Crosby (editor)

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'Dates of Principal Events', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 9: 1569-1571 (1874), pp. XLVII-XLVIII. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Seizure of the Spanish treasure shipsDec.1568
Embargo in the Low Countries3 Jan.1569
" in England5 ""
Return of the Regent Murray to Scotland- ""
Inquisition established in the Low Countries26 Feb."
Battle of Jarnac13 March"
Henry Middlemore sent into Scotland- ""
Henry Killegrew sent into GermanyApril"
Letters from Queen of Scots seized on the Borders22 May"
Ambassador sent from Ivan the TerribleJune"
Forces from the Pope enter France4 ""
The Highlands reduced to obedience by Murray- ""
Convention at St. Johnstone's [Perth]July"
Examination of French Paris10 Aug."
Execution of French Paris16 ""
Maitland of Lethington and James Balfour arrestedSept."
Siege of Poitiers""
Arrival of English volunteers at Rochelle""
Battle of Moncontour3 Oct."
The Commendator of Dunfermline sent to Queen Elizabeth5 ""
The Regent Murray takes order on the Borders10, 11, Oct."
Chapin Vitelli at Dover16 Oct."
Mr. Carey sent to Murray- ""
The French Ambassador requires that the Queen of Scots shall not be delivered up to her enemies- ""
Outbreak of the Great Northern Rebellion15 Nov."
Northumberland and Westmoreland fly into Scotland20 Dec."
Northumberland betrayed to Murray24 ""
Sir Henry Gates and Drury sent to Murray13 Jan.1570.
Assassination of Murray23 ""
Great raids into EnglandJan. & Feb."
Randolph sent into Scotland7 Feb."
Leonard Dacres' Rebellion17 ""
Mons. Verac lands at DumbartonMarch"
Convention at Linlithgow16 April"
Sussex invades Scotland19 ""
Home Castle taken28 ""
Fast Castle taken4 May"
Sir W. Drury enters Scotland12 ""
Treason of Dumbarton15 ""
Commendator of Dunfermline arrives at London15 ""
Publication of the Bull of Excommunication by John Felton25 May1570.
Drury returns to Berwick3 June"
Convention at Stirling20 ""
Lennox elected to the Regency12 July"
Henry Cobham sent into the Low Countries and GermanyAug."
Treaty of St. Germains-en-Laye5 ""
Brechin House taken by Lennox14 ""
Spanish officers land at Aberdeen14 ""
Sussex again invades Scotland22 ""
Cobham has audience with Alva28 ""
Convention of the Lords of the Queen of Scots' party4 Sept."
Cobham has audience with Maximilian II.12 ""
Lethington and others put to the horn8 Oct."
Walsingham sent to the French Court19 Dec."
Lord Buckhurst arrives at Paris21 ""
Capture of Dumbarton4 April1571.
Henry Cobham arrives at Madrid26 ""
Parliament at Edinburgh13 June"
Moscow burnt by the Tartars2 July"
Anthony Jenkinson arrives as Ambassador in Russia28 ""
Letter from the Duke of Anjou to Queen Elizabeth31 ""
Raid of Stirling4 Sept."
Battle of Lepanto7 Oct."