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'List of illustrations', Survey of London: volume 4: Chelsea, pt II (1913), pp. XIV-XVI. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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1.Plans of Nos. 7 to 15, Danvers Street, showing the position of Crosby Hall9
2.Sketch of Danvers House, from the Thorpe Drawings, Soane Museum11
3.Plans (Ground and First floor) of Danvers House, from the Thorpe Drawings, Soane Museum12
4.The Family of Sir Thomas More, from a drawing by Holbein9
5.Ground Plan of Sir Thomas More's House. Drawn by J. Symonds for Sir Robert Cecil (Hatfield MSS.)20
6.First Floor Plan do., do.21
7.Ground Plan of rebuilding prepared by Spicer fox Sir Robert Cecil (Hatfield MSS.)22
8.First Floor Plan of do., do.27
9.Alternative First Floor Plan24
10.John Thorpe's Plan of Beaufort House. (From the Thorpe MSS. Soane Museum)25
11.Key Plan to Kip's View of Beaufort House26
12.Lindsey House. From a drawing preserved at the Moravian Archives (Herrnhut)35
13.Sign on No. 16, Church Street55
14.Tablet on Cheyne Row61
15.Tablet on Garden Row92


1.HUNGERFORDParty palewise indented Gules and Vert, a chevron Or.
2.FLETCHERPer pale (1st) See of London; (2nd) Sable, a cross paty. pierced, between four scallops Argent, for Fletcher.
3.ROPERSix pieces Azure and Argent, with three harts' heads razed Or.
4.DANVERS, EARL OF DANBYArgent, on a bend Gules three martlets Vert, legged Or.
5.ROBARTES, EARL OF RADNORAzure, three stars of six points and a chief wavy Or.
6.WHARTON, MARQUIS OF WHARTONSable, a maunch Argent, on a border Or an orle of lion's jambs saltirewise razed Gules.
7.MOREArgent, a chevron engrailed, between three moor-cocks Sable, combs and legs Gules.
8.PAULET, MARQUIS OF WINCHESTERSable, three swords pilewise Argent, hilts and pommels Or.
9.FIENNES, LORD DACRE OF THE SOUTHAzure, three lions Or.
10.CECIL, LORD BURLEIGHBarry of ten Argent and Azure, six scutcheons Sable, each with a lion Argent thereon.
11.CLINTON, EARL OF LINCOLNArgent, six crosslets fitchy Sable, on a chief, Azure two molets Or, pierced Gules.
12.GORGES (Ancient)Lozengy Or and Azure, a chevron Gules.
13.GORGES (Modern)Argent, a whirlpool Azure.
14.CRANFIELD, EARL OF MIDDLESEXOr, on a pale Azure three fleurs-de-lis Or.
15.VILLIERS, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAMOr. Argent, on a cross Gules five scallops Or.
16.DIGBY, EARL OF BRISTOLAzure, a fleur-de-lis Argent with a molet for difference.
17.SOMERSET, DUKE OF BEAUFORTFrance and England quarterly, a border compony Argent and Azure.
18.HATCHETTArgent, a fesse and in chief a bar indented Gules.
19.MAYERNESable, two bends Or, on a chief Or an eagle Sable.
20.BERTIE, EARL OF LINDSEYQuarterly 1 and 4, Argent, three battering rams proper, headed and garnished Azure; 2 and 3, Sable, a shattered castle triple-towered Argent.
21.ZINZENDORFEcartele: aux 1 et 4 d'arg. à un renard naissant au nat., celui du 1 contourné: aux 2 et 3 d'azur au lion naissant d'arg. mouvant d'une champagne de gu., celui du 3 contourné. Sur le tout, écartelé: (a.)dc., gu.,(b. et c.) d'arg., (d.) de sable.
22.STANLEY, EARL OF DERBYArgent, on a bend Azure three stags' heads caboshed Or.
23.LAWRENCEArgent, a ragged cross Gules, on a chief Azure three leopards' heads, Or.
24.SCOTT OF BUCCLEUCHOr, on a bend Azure a molet of six points between two crescents Or.
25.CAMPBELL, DUKE OF ARGYLLQuarterly 1 and 4, gyronny of eight Or and Sable for Campbell; 2 and 3, Argent a lymphad with sails furled and oars out, Sable, flag and pennants Gules, for Lorne.