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'List 5: Treasurers', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6: York (1999), pp. 20-26. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Dignity established by abp. Thomas I before Dec. 1093 (Hugh the Chanter pp. xxv, 18-19).

For the estates of the treasury, see Cart. Treas. York, esp. pp. v-xiv. See also Dobson pp. 73-5.

Treas.'s house to N.E. of Minster 12th cent. (RCHM York V 69, 75).

Churches of Market Weighton (E.R.) and Nether Wallop, with chapel of Grateley (Hants) gr. to treas. by kg. 1133 (Cart. Treas. York no. 1). Papal conf. of project to make them a preb. 12 March 1144 × 15 Feb. 1145 (ibid. no. 9 = PUE II no. 41), but abortive. Only Nether Wallop continued in treasury, until 1459 (Cart. Treas. York nos. 65-6; VCH Hants IV 530). (For Market Weighton, see list 46.)

Church and six chapels in Mottisfont (Hants) belonged to abp. 1086 (Hampshire Domesday (Alecto edn., 1989) fo. 42; cf. Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum (1066-1087), ed. D. Bates (Oxford, 1998) no. 352). By 1179 × 81 church with dependent chapelries belonged to treas. (Cart. Treas. York no. 5 = EEA XX no. 138; cf. Cart. Treas. York nos. 2, 4, 6-8, 10). See also YMF I pp. vii-viii; Chs. Vicars Choral nos. 49-50, 143.

Church of Alne (N.R.) by 1154 × 61 (Cart. Treas. York no. 13; cf. Gesta Hen. II II 248, where church of Alne is described as the 'principale membrum thesaurarie Eboraci' (passage omitted in Houedene III)). For Alne and Tollerton, see Pipe Roll 13 Hen. II (PRS xi, 1889) p. 98; Reg. Gray p. 236; Cal. Charter Rolls II 402. Boundaries of Alne and Tollerton described n.d. (Cart. Treas. York no. 37). Chapels of Skelton and Wigginton by Dec. 1247 (Reg. Gray p. 102). Market and fair at Tollerton gr. by kg. 5 Sept. 1256 (Cart. Treas. York pp. 26-7), conf. 23 June 1291 (ibid. no. 17).

Lands in Clifton and Acomb (W.R.) by late 12th cent. to early 13th cent. (Cart. Treas. York nos. 12, 31-2; EYC I no. 465). Possibly part of preb. Newthorpe (see list 37).

Preb. Newthorpe annexed 1218 (list 37).

Preb. Wilton annexed 1242 (list 48).

Lands and tenements in Ripon by 1246 (Cart. Treas. York no. 39 and p. xi).

Lands in Southwell by 1230 (Cart. Treas. York no. 40 and p. xi).

Archdcnry. of E.R. held with treasury until 1218 (list 11).

Subtreasurer appd. by dean and chapter, not by treas. (Dobson p. 74 and n. 107; also Misc. Reg. fo. 1v for statute of 1290).


1291 £233 6s. 8d. (Taxatio pp. 305b, 322a); pensions from Hants churches £16 (ibid. p. 215, cf. p. 212b). Rental of treasurer's estates 1292 (described Cart. Treas. York p. xi, and no. 45). Inventory of treasurer's estates 1297 × 98 (described ibid. p. xii, and nos. 46-50).



preb. unident., list 50

First treas., appd. by abp. Thomas I; first certain occ. Dec. 1093 (Hugh the Chanter pp. 12-13, 18-19), though occ. in doubtful charter of 1091 × 92 (Durham Episcopal Charters 1071-1152, ed. H. S. Offler (SS clxxix, 1968) pp. 48-53). Prob. to be identified with Ranulph treas. who occ. 1101 × 08 (EYC VI no. 2). Occ. as witness in spurious ch. of abp. Thomas I for Durham, just possibly preserving the conflation of genuine witness-lists from chs. of abp. Thomas II and Thurstan (EEA V no. 3 and note; see also note above, list 4, Sirus). D. before Feb. 1114 (Rouleaux des morts p. 199; cf. Clay, 'Archdeacons' p. 275). Archdcn. of E.R. (list 11).

William Fitz Herbert (fn. 62)

preb. Weighton, list 46

First occ. 27 June 1109 × 24 Feb. 1114 (EYC I no. 46, cal. EEA V no. 21). Occ. frequently temp. abp. Thurstan (EEA V nos. 39-40, 43-5, 74, 79). As treas. received gr. by kg. of churches of Market Weighton and Nether Wallop with chapel of Grateley 28 May × 2 Aug. 1133 (Cart. Treas. York no. 1). Gr. church of Weaverthorpe to Nostell prob. 1128 × 25 Jan. 1140 (EYC I no. 27, cal. EEA V no. 53). Archdcn. of E.R. (list 11). Abp. of York, el. Jan. 1141; cons. 26 Sept. 1143 (list 1). Retained archdcnry., and prob. also treasury, until cons. (see list 11).

Hugh du Puiset (fn. 63)

preb. unident., list 50

First occ. as treas. 24 July 1147 (John of Hexham p. 320), but prob. appd. soon after his predecessor's cons., late 1143 or 1144. Issued ch. as treas. and archdcn. of York (i.e. E.R., list 11) (EYC III no. 1360). Excomm. by abp. 1148, absolved 1150 (John of Hexham pp. 322, 325). Also archdcn. of Winchester dioc. (1 Fasti II 92). Treas. until became bp. of Durham, el. 22 Jan. 1153, cons. 20 Dec. (1 Fasti II 30). Nephew of kg. Stephen (John of Hexham p. 320). (fn. 64)

John of Canterbury alias Bellesmains (fn. 65)

preb. unident., list 50

Clerk of abp. Theobald and thus associated with Roger of Pont l'Evêque (A. Saltman, Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury (1956) pp. 165 n., 167, nos. 55, 61, 146, 147, 164, 165, 252 and pp. 544-5). Preb. of London, papal candidate for archdcnry. of Middlesex Sept. 1152 × c. June 1153 (1 Fasti I 15, 69). Possibly papal prov. of treasury of York soon after cons. of Hugh du Puiset (above) in Rome, 20 Dec. 1153. (fn. 66) First certain occ. as treas. before abp. Roger's cons., so before 10 Oct. 1154 (GFL pp. 137-8; Saltman, Theobald nos. 51, 182). Occ. frequently as John treas., but with full name and title before 1158 (EYC I no. 363, II nos. 1148, 1165) and n.d. (ibid. I no. 29). Archdcn. of E.R. (list 11). Treas. until became bp. of Poitiers (EYC I no. 30; cf. PUE II no. 177), el. 1162 (Robert of Torigni's chronicle, in Chronicles of Stephen, Hen. II and Ric. I, ed. R. Howlett (RS lxxxii, 1884-9) IV 214), cons. by pope at Déols 23 Sept. 1162 (Diceto II 120). Subsequently abp. of Lyon 1182; res. 1193 to become a monk at Clairvaux, d. shortly after Dec. 1203 (see P. Pouzet, L'anglais Jean dit Bellesmains (Lyon, 1927)). Friend of John of Salisbury and Arnulf of Lisieux (JS Epp. I 282, II 831; The Letters of Arnulf of Lisieux, ed. F. Barlow (Camden 3rd ser. lxi, 1939) no. 61; cf. Sharpe, Handlist no. 593).

Ralph de Warneville (fn. 67)

preb. unident., list 50

Treas. of Rouen, 1146-76; archdcn. of Rouen, 1170-81 (Spear, 'Dignitaires de Rouen' p. 127; idem, 'Archidiacres de Rouen' p. 26). (fn. 68) First occ. as Ralph treas. of York 1167 (EYC II 276; cf. Pipe Roll 13 Hen. II (PRS xi, 1889) p. 98, and see Clay, 'Treasurers' p. 22 and nn. 6 and 7); also 1164 × 74 (EYC VI no. 82 = EEA XX no. 55). Occ. with full name and title late 1171 at Rouen (Lay Folks' Mass Book pp. xlv-xlvii = Cal. Docs. France no. 29 = EEA XX no. 87). Appd. royal chanc. 1173 (Diceto I 367; see Delisle-Berger, Introduction pp. 100-3). Archdcn. of E.R. (list 11). As royal treas. and treas. of York appd. bp. of Lisieux July 1181 (Letters of Arnulf of Lisieux, ed. Barlow, p. lix; Houedene II 260; Robert of Torigni's chronicle, in Chronicles of Stephen, Hen. II and Ric. I, ed. R. Howlett (RS lxxxii, 1884-9) IV 294, 298); d. 1191, prob. 10 Sept. (St Evroul annals in Orderici Vitalis Ecclesiasticae Historiae, ed. A. Le Prévost V (Paris, 1855) 163; St Evroul obit. in Recueil des Historiens des Gaules et de la France, ed. M. Bouquet (Paris, 1738-1904) XXIII 488).

Geoffrey Plantagenet

preb. unident., list 50

Archdcn. of Lincoln, prob. 1171-5; bp.-el. of Lincoln c. May 1173 - 6 Jan. 1182 (1 Fasti III 2, 25). Said to have received treasury of York (and presum. also archdcnry. of E.R., list 11) along with royal chancellery and archdcnries. of Lincoln and Rouen after res. of see of Lincoln 6 Jan. 1182 (Gir. Cambr. IV 368). Certainly became royal chanc. 6 Jan. 1182 in succession to Ralph de Warneville (Houedene II 255; Diceto II 10). Occ. as archdcn. of Rouen presum. in succession to Ralph de Warneville 1183 (Spear, 'Archidiacres de Rouen' p. 29). Does not occ. as treas. of York until royal nom. as abp. 15 Sept. 1189 (Houedene III 16; list 1).

Burchard du Puiset

preb. unident., list 50

Archdcn. of Durham by 24 May 1172, to d. (1 Fasti II 38). Appd. treas. by kg., s.v., 15 Sept. 1189, at time of nom. of Geoffrey as abp. (above). Appt. opposed by abp.-el. Geoffrey (Houedene III 16, 17). Hamo prec. refused to install him and claimed that he himself had been given the dignity by abp. Roger (Houedene III 18; see below). Appt. conf. by abp.-el. Dec. 1189 (Houedene III 28), but excomm. by abp.-el. 5 Jan. 1190 (ibid. p. 31). Occ. as treas. 1189 × 92 (EYC IX no. 71) and 1189 × 95 (ibid. II no. 987, ch. of bp. Hugh of Durham). Agreement with Hamo 1192, whereby Burchard gave church of Alne to Hamo and Hamo quitclaimed treasury to Burchard (Gesta Hen. II II 248, passage omitted in Houedene III 193-4). Archdcn. of E.R. (list 11). Last occ. as treas. Oct. 1194 (Rotuli Curiae Regis, ed. F. Palgrave (Rec. Comm., 1835) I 6). D. 6 Dec. 1196 (Geoffrey of Coldingham, in Historiae Dunelmensis Scriptores Tres [ed. J. Raine] (SS ix, 1839) p. 18; cf. Houedene IV 14). Called nephew, and possibly son, of Hugh du Puiset, bp. of Durham, previously treas. of York (see 1 Fasti II 38; cf. above). For his seal, see Durham Seals no. 3253.

M. Eustace (fn. 69)

preb. unident., list 50

Dean of Salisbury by 5 May 1194 (1 Fasti IV 10). Also keeper of kg.'s seal (sigillifer). Archdcn. of Richmond from 1196, before Dec. (list 13). Also treas. and archdcn. of E.R. by royal appt. on d. of Burchard du Puiset, so after 6 Dec. 1196, while abp. at Curia (Houedene IV 14; list 11). Royal vice-chanc. (Houedene IV 21). Bp. of Ely, el. 10 Aug. 1197, cons. 8 March 1198 (1 Fasti II 45). Acting royal chanc. from Sept. 1197, full appt. May 1198 (L. Landon, Itinerary of King Richard I (PRS new ser. xiii, 1935) pp. 121-3, 125-8, 130, 133-5). Perhaps writer of sermons (Sharpe, Handlist no. 288).


preb. unident., list 50

Prec. (list 3). Claimed in Sept. 1189, as prec., that he had been given treasury by abp. Roger, before 1181, and conf. by kg. (Houedene III 18). Succeeded M. Eustace. First occ. as treas. 1199 (ibid. IV 98; Priory of Finchale [ed. J. Raine] (SS vi, 1837) p. 13). Last treas. to hold archdcnry. of E.R. (list 11). Occ. frequently as treas., last 1216 (Memorials of Ripon [ed. J. T. Fowler] IV (SS cxv, 1908) 23). Dean by 1 March 1218 (list 2).

William of Rotherfield

preb. Newthorpe, list 37

Occ. as W. treas. 3 Sept. 1220, together with W. archdcn. of E.R. and W. archdcn. of Richmond (Reg. Gray p. 137; cf. p. 139 n.). Occ. as William treas. 1221 (ibid. pp. 142, 144). Occ. with full name and title 19 June 1222 (Yorks. Fines 1218-31 p. 46 = Cart. Treas. York no. 33). Disp. for plurality 2 Apr. 1226 (CPL I 108 = Reg. Hon. III no. 5882, noted Reg. Gray p. 329). Occ. frequently as W. or William treas. Mentioned 7 Jan. 1242, as W. of Rotherfield deceased treas. (Cart. Treas. York no. 21; cf. Reg. Gray p. 198, of 18 Apr. 1242). Arrangement for his anniversary (Chs. Vicars Choral no. 49). Had been succeeded by 22 March 1242 (below). Not to be confused with two men of same name: (1) William of Rotherfield, archdcn. of Richmond by 1 March 1218, to 13 May 1238 × 17 Feb. 1239 (list 13), with whom he occ. 3 and prob. 5 Sept. 1220 (Reg. Gray pp. 137, 139 n.); and (2) William de Langeton, alias of Rotherfield, dean of York by March 1262, d. 1279 (list 2). Presum. a relative of abp. Walter de Grey, whose place of origin was Rotherfield Greys, Oxon (list 1).

M. Robert Haget (fn. 70)

preb. Wilton, list 48

Archdcn. of Richmond by 25 Nov. 1240; had been succeeded by 5 Nov. 1241 (list 13). First occ. as treas. 22 March 1242 (Reg. Gray pp. 191, 195). Occ. several times. Papal disp. to hold church of Bilton together with treasury 17 July 1247 (ibid. p. 101). Also can. of Hereford. Last occ. as treas. 14 Jan. 1252 (Yorks. Fines 1246-72 p. 55) and 11 March 1252 (Reg. Gray p. 267).

M. John le Romeyn the elder

preb. Wilton, list 48

Archdcn. of Richmond by 5 Nov. 1241; last occ. 1252; had been succeeded by 20 Aug. 1253 (list 13). First occ. as treas. 20 Aug. 1253 (Cart. Treas. York no. 11). Occ. several times. Last occ. 15 July 1255 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 607, cal. CPL I 319). D. 1255 (Chron. Maj. V 534, 544-5), before 2 Jan. 1256 (CPR 1247-58 p. 455; below). Commem. 24 Dec., so prob. d. c. 24 Dec. 1255 (Chs. Vicars Choral p. 284). Declared by pope to be of legitimate birth, having lost both his parents at an early age, 15 Feb. 1225 (CPL I 100 = Reg. Hon. III no. 5311; HCY III 125-6). As archdcn. of Richmond he had founded chantry at altar of St Andrew in Minster for souls of kg. Richard I, Giovanni and Maria his parents, and Cincius his pr. (HCY III 152-3; York Fabric Rolls p. 276). Father of John le Romeyn the younger, abp. of York (T. Stubbs p. 409; list 1). His nephews Peter (Chs. Vicars Choral nos. 21, 136, 137) and William (ibid. no. 124); his nephew Thomas de Sancto Stephano, son of his brother Thomas (Registrum S. Osmundi, ed. W. H. Rich Jones (RS lxxviii, 1883-4) I 389).

John Maunsel the elder (fn. 71)

preb. Wilton, list 48

Kg.'s clerk, keeper of seal 1238-42, 1246-7, 1248-9 (Tout, Chapters VI 4, 5). Provost of Beverley by 2 July 1247 (Cart. ... of Bilsington, ed. N. Neilson (British Academy, 1928) p. 84; Beverley Fasti p. 6). Disp. for illegitimacy 1243 × 45, conf. 31 Jan. 1259 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 2782, cal. CPL I 362-3). Can. of York (preb. unident., list 50). Royal coll. to treasury of York and preb. Wilton, s.v., 2 Jan. 1256, after d. of John le Romeyn (CPR 1247-58 p. 455). Also preb. of Chichester (1 Fasti V 30); chanc. of St Paul's, London (ibid. I 26); preb. of Lincoln (ibid. III 102); can. of Wells. Land in Goodramgate, York (Chs. Vicars Choral nos. 164-6, 164-5). Papal conf. of his benefices 18 Jan. 1259 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 2811, cal. CPL I 363). Left England 29 June 1263; d. c. 20 Jan. 1265 (1 Fasti V 30). D. 25 Jan. 1265 (Reg. Giffard p. 79; cf. CPR 1258-66 p. 404). Commem. 14 Jan. (Chs. Vicars Choral no. 166). Not to be confused with kinsman of same name, preb. Fenton (list 25).

Amaury de Montfort

[preb. Wilton, list 48]

Kg.'s nephew. (fn. 72) Preb. of Rouen, instal. 14 Aug. 1260 (F. M. Powicke, 'Guy de Montfort', TRHS 4th ser. xviii (1935) 1-23, at p. 3 n. 1). Royal coll. to treasury in succession to John Maunsel, s.v., 7 Feb. 1265 (CPR 1258-66 p. 404), revoked by 7 Aug. (ibid. p. 436; see below). Pope ordered dean and chapter not to recognize him 5 July 1266 (HCY III 186-7). Papal permission to retain treasury and preb. 19 March 1267 (Reg. Clém. IV nos. 451-2, cal. CPL I 434). Imprisoned 1275-82. Occ. as treas. 13 Jan. 1282 (Westminster Abbey Muniment 1492). Still trying to have treasury conf. by pope 31 March 1283 (Reg. Epp. Peckham II 528-30). Also preb. of Lincoln and London (1 Fasti III 66, I 48). Renounced clerical status to take knighthood, presum. 1287 (Flores Historiarum, ed. H. R. Luard (RS xcv, 1890) III 67). Still alive 1300/1 (Comp. Peer. VII 547 n.).

Edmund de Mortimer (fn. 73)

[preb. Wilton, list 48]

Can. of Hereford, preb. of Salisbury (1 Fasti IV 84). Royal coll., s.v., revoking earlier coll. of Amaury de Montfort (above), 7 Aug. 1265, with mandate to install (CPR 1258-66 p. 436). Further mandate to install 17 Sept. (ibid. p. 451; HCY III 187). Case in papal court against Amaury de Montfort 1268 (Reg. Giffard p. 82). Occ. as treas. 1270 (Close Rolls 1268-72 p. 308). Presum. res. on inheriting family estates 24 Nov. 1282; married c. 1285 (Comp. Peer. IX 281-3).

Bogo de Clare (fn. 74)

prebs. Masham, Wilton, lists 34, 48

Can., preb. Masham from 5 Nov. 1265 (list 34). Prec. of Chichester by 22 May 1283 (1 Fasti V 14). Royal coll. to treasury of York and preb. Wilton, s.v., 15 Sept. 1285 (CPR 1281-92 p. 193). Occ. several times (e.g. Cart. Treas. York no. 19). Also preb. of Exeter and had numerous livings (cf. Reg. Romeyn I 396). Neglect of duty reproved by dean and chapter after May 1290 (Reg. Wickwane pp. 286-7). D. towards the end of Oct. 1294 (Ann. Worc. p. 517).

John de Colonna

[preb. Wilton, list 48]

Papal prov. to treasury before 11 June 1292, when royal protection gr. to his proctor (CPR 1281-92 p. 493). His proctor sworn in 15 July 1292 (Misc. Reg. fo. 5r). Further letters of protection during his absence overseas 23 Apr. 1293, 27 July 1294 and 11 May 1296 (CPR 1292-1301 pp. 9, 81, 189). Also preb. of Lincoln (1 Fasti III 29). Depr. by pope Boniface VIII with all Colonna family by 18 July 1297 (Reg. Bon. VIII no. 2389; cf. Reg. Romeyn I pp. xxvi-xxvii; Reg. Newark p. 219; below). Not to be confused with preb. Masham of same name (list 34).

Theobald of Bar-le-Duc (fn. 75)

prebs. Masham, Wilton, lists 34, 48

Preb. of Lincoln from 1 Nov. 1295 (1 Fasti III 52). Papal prov. of treasury and preb. of York on depr. of [John] de Colonna, papal mandate to induct dated 18 July 1297 (CPL I 572 = Reg. Bon. VIII no. 1942-3). Abp.-el.'s mandate for his proctor to be adm., dated 18 Nov. 1297 (Reg. Newark p. 219); his proctor summoned before abp. concerning first fruits 13 Jan. 1299 (Misc. Reg. fo. 9r). Also preb. of Reims and Paris; rector of Pagham (Sussex). Abp. of Canterbury tried to deprive him of Pagham on grounds of pluralism (Reg. Winchelsey I 362), but papal conf. 15 Jan. 1300 (CPL I 591 = Reg. Bon. VIII no. 3856). Still treas. 20 Feb. 1301 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 577). Bp. of Liège, conf. by pope 13 March 1303, cons. by 12 May, when he res. as can. and treas. of York (Reg. Bon. VIII nos. 5150, 5347; cf. Misc. Reg. fo. 10r).


62 Son of Herbert the chamberlain, EYC I no. 25 (cal. EEA V no. 15); see Clay, 'Treasurers' pp. 8-9.
63 Member of family from Le Puiset (arr. Chartres, Eure-et-Loir, France), see G. V. Scammell, Hugh du Puiset, Bishop of Durham (Cambridge, 1956) pp. 1-7. Also DNB.
64 He was son of Hugh du Puiset, vicomte of Chartres, and Agnes, sister of kg. Stephen.
65 Not connected with Belmeis family, see Clay, 'Treasurers' pp. 11-16. For his career, see DNB, s.n. Belmeis.
66 A suggestion that I owe to Professor Brooke.
67 Prob. Varneville-Bretteville (cant. Tôtes, Seine-Maritime, France), see A. des Gautries, 'Les noms de lieux de la Seine-Maritime attestés entre 911 et 1066', Annales de Normandie ix (1959) 278; cf. EYC III 261.
68 For his continued residence in Rouen, see EEA XX introduction.
69 For a note on his career, see Biog. Ox. III 2173-4.
70 Prob. a member of the Haget family of Healaugh (W.R.); cf. Chart. Healaugh pp. xi, 1-2.
71 For his career, see DNB s.n. Mansel.
72 Younger son of Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, and Eleanor, sister of Henry III, Comp. Peer. VII 547 n.; cf. Reg. Clém. IV no. 451, cal. CPL I 434. For his career, see DNB.
73 Son of Roger de Mortimer, lord of Wigmore; for his career, see Biog. Ox. II 1316, Comp. Peer. IX 281-3.
74 He was son of Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester (d. 1262) (see Comp. Peer. V 701 n.), not Gilbert, as wrongly stated 1 Fasti V 14 n. For his career as a notorious pluralist, see A. H. Thompson, 'Pluralism in the mediaeval Church', Reports and Papers. of the Architectural Societies xxxiii (1915-16) 35-73, at pp. 53-7.
75 Meuse, France; he was brother of Henry III, count of Bar-le-Duc, CPL I 572 = Reg. Bon. VIII no. 3852.

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