House of Commons Journal Volume 1
01 March 1606


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 01 March 1606', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 276. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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Saturni, primo Die Martii, 1605

Smythe's Bill.

SIR Wm. Smythe's Bill returned : And to be ingrossed.


Sir Nath. Bacon bringeth in a Bill against Simony.

Marches of Wales.

Mr. Fuller bringeth in the Bill, touching the Marches of Wales, from the Committee, with Amendments.

A Proviso brought in, and twice read: - Recommitted: - This Afternoon, in the Court of Wards.

Fees; Leases.

Tuesday : - Bill of Fees ; Confirmation of Leases, &c.


Sir Rob. Wingfield bringeth in a Bill for the Establishment ot true Religion: - Stayed from the Question.


13. Article touching Education of Children: - To pass in a Bill by itself; and left without further Dispute, if the Lords find not out some Course.

Reported from the Sub-committee, that the Difficulties did overcome them.

14. Touching Ministring of the Oath to such as go beyond Seas.- - A Time to be remembered of his Return Home.

15. Neither Merchants, Mariners, nor Factors, &c. shall not go beyond the Seas.

16. Reconciled here, or beyond Seas, be tried in the County, or the King's Bench.

17. Guardian in Socage, Chivalry, &c.

18. Indictment of a Popish Recusant.

19. Coming into the King's House.

20. Search the Houses of Recusants, &c.

21. Women lose Jointure or Dower.

22. Foreign Servitors: -

To be left to the King's Majesty's Pleasure.

Bills from Lords.

Sir Rich Swale and Sir John Tyndall bring from the Lords Three Bills :

An Act for the Restoring of Henry Lord Danvers, &c.

An Act for Corpus Christi College, &c.

Jointure of Frances Countess of Essex, &c.


23. Sojourners about London: -

The Lords, 20 Miles Distance.

Licence much disputed. -

Leave out the Deputy Lieutenant.

Five Articles from the Lords, which are not in this House.

Sir Wm. Strowd: - That Bills may be drawn by this House, and then a Sub-committee.

The weightiest Articles in One Bill, the rest in * * *

To be marshalled in Three Bills.

Sir John Hollice: - The Committee, in Conference, to desire of their Lordships to draw the Bills themselves : - To relate to the House.


Sir Francis Bacon reporteth the Conference touching the Purveyors. -

A Speech in the Beginning by Mr. Yelverton, in the End, by a Counsellor; not pertinent, but looking back.

Silence of Consent and Approbation . - The Style of Wisdom.

Exceptions :- - Security, Convenieney, Proportion. -

Two Laws ; - A Law of Right: A Law of Love. -

The One will not bend, the other doth apply itself. -

Know first, what shall be assured, before Security be given. -

The King hath an inherent Prerogative. -

The House to select some which should set forth the Right of the Subject: -

The Lords to chuse some, to maintain the Prerogative. -

To object to the Security, as well as to the Right -

Apology touching the Speech of Croesus Riches. -

Eighteen several Articles in H. VII. Time, for the unjust Accumulating of Treasure.

The Day, to be Monday.

The Point, of the Right and Security. -

The Judges to be present. -

The Sub-committee to dispute it: - The King's Prerogative, and the Subjects Liberty.

Laws positive are never corrective of a King's Right, but directive of a King's Will. -

A Necessity to admit a Right, if we lose the Question.

Sir Rob. Hitcham: - The same Right that belongs to the King, the same to the Queen. -

The Queen's Tenants to be freed.

Mr. Fuller - Prerogative to be bounded, and judged by the Judges of the Land.

Mr. Yelverton: - Consider first de re, et de remedio.- -

First to know for what we command. -

The King hath no Prerogative in Price. -

Soundest Argument to move, Love and Affection -

To hear the Judges separatim: - To deliver their Opinions, what the King's Prerogative is in Matter of Purveyors. -

The Prerogative bounded by the Statute.

Right, or no Right: -

Security, and what Security.

Convenieney and Proportion, if there be Time.

Sir Edw. Mountague offereth a Question to the House, touching the Composition.