Journal, September 1759
Volume 66


Institute of Historical Research



K. H. Ledward (editor)

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'Journal, September 1759: Volume 66', Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations, Volume 11: January 1759 - December 1763 (1935), pp. 57. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Journal, September 1759

Wednesday, September 12. Present:—Earl of Halifax, Mr. Jenyns, Mr. Hamilton.


fo. 235.

A Representation to His Majesty, proposing that Jeffery Amherst Esqr. may be appointed Governor of Virginia in the room of the Earl of Loudoun, was agreed to and signed; and having been approved by His Majesty in Council, and an order thereupon received for preparing a draught of a Commission, and Instructions in the usual form, the draught of a Commission was accordingly prepared, together with a Warrant for passing the same under the Great Seal; and a Representation to His Majesty therewith was signed.

Ordered, that a draught of General Instructions and of those respecting the observance of the laws of trade and navigation, be prepared for Mr. Amherst with all possible dispatch.

Leeward Islands.


Read an Order of His Majesty in Council, dated this day, approving of William Burke Esqr. to be Secretary of Guadeloupe, and directing a Warrant for a Patent under the Great Seal for that purpose to be prepared.

A Warrant having been accordingly prepared, was agreed to, and ordered to be delivered to the Clerk of the Council in waiting, to be laid before His Majesty.

fo. 236.

Monday, September 17. Present:—Earl of Halifax, Mr. Oswald, Mr. Hamilton.

Nova Scotia.

The Secretary having laid before the Board a Memorial prepared by the agent for Nova Scotia, to be presented to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, praying that the sum of (fn. 1) … may be issued to him out of the moneys granted by Parliament for the service of Nova Scotia, to defray certain charges incurred on account of the settlement of the said colony, the said Memorial was approved; and the agent was directed to present it to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury for their lordships' directions upon it.


1 N.B.—The amount of £1227: 2: 2 inadvertently omitted from this minute is given in the next.