Holt hundred
Burgh Parva


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Francis Blomefield

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'Holt hundred: Burgh Parva', An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: volume 9 (1808), pp. 371-372. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=78569 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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This town is not mentioned in Domesday Book, but appears to belong to the Bishop of Norwich's lordship of Melton: it seems to take its name from the river Bure, that rises here, and runs to Yarmouth.

The family of De Melton, alias Le Constable of Melton, were the ancient lords of this village, and by the marriage of Edith, one of the daughters and coheirs of that family, it came to Sir Thomas de Estely; and in 1317, Steph. de Astlee, presented as lord to the church of Burgh, in which family it still remains, Sir Edward Astley, Bart. of Melton, being lord, as may be there seen.

The tenths were 1l. 13s.—Deducted 3s.

Temporalities of the hospital of Lazars, at Chosele, 4s. and the priory of the monks of Thetford had a portion of tithe.

The Church is dedicated to St. Mary, anciently valued at 6 marks, Peter-pence 4d. ob. the present valor of this rectory is 4l.


In 1317, Jeff. de Burgh was instituted, presented by Steph. de Astlee.

1328, Martin de Harplee, by Thomas de Astelee.

1338, Robert Bate, by Thomas de Astelee, of Hill Morton.

1349, Thomas Larke, by Sir Ralph de Asteley.

1352, Steph. de West Barsham. Ditto.

1379, John in Le Ker, by Sir Thomas de Astele.

1390, John Auncell, by the assignees of Margaret, relict of Sir Thomas.

1410, Richard Banham, by Thomas Astele, Esq.

1414, Richard Bolour. Ditto.

Robert Stow, rector.

1420, Thomas Crumme, by John Astley, Esq.

1455, John Wyppe, by the Bishop, a lapse.

1460, Robert Howson. Ditto.

1489, John Bintree, by Thomas Astele, Esq.

1501, John Matthew. Ditto.

1506, George Webster, Bishop by lapse.

1554, Thomas Hecker, by the assignees of John Astle, Esq.

1559, Thomas Corker, by Frances Astele, widow.

1564, Edmund Weston. Ditto.

1593, Richard Forster, by Isaac Astele, Esq.

1617, Richard Asteley, by Francis Asteley, Esq.

1652, Thomas Reymer, by Isaac Astley, Esq. consolidated with Melton, about 1665: see there.

St. Mary's gild in this church; and in 1504, I find a gift to the making of the steeple.