Fines for divers and other counties


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W. J. Hardy & W. Page (editors)

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'Fines for divers and other counties: John', A Calendar to the Feet of Fines for London & Middlesex: volume 1: Richard I - Richard III (1892), pp. 214-215. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Divers Counties.

23. William de Ely, treasurer of the lord and king, and Roger Enganet. A messuage in vico de Westmonasterio, to wit, in the close of the said William.—London and Middlesex.—Anno 3.

29. Gilebert de Hendon, and John, abbot, and the Convent of St. Alban. A ditch between the wood of Boreham and the wood of Hendon, and the common of the wood of Boreham.—Middlesex and Hertford.—Anno 4.

Unknown Counties.

71. Constantine, son of Laurence, and Juliana, his wife, and Henry, son of Reinerus. Seven messuages in the parish of St. Clement Danes. Mention of Richard, Desiderata, and Isabella, children of the said Juliana. Witnesses: Henry, mayor of London, William de Anerhill, Roger, son of Alan, Alan, son of Peter, Thomas de Anerhill, John Bocoint, Arnulf, son of Arnulf, and the whole Court of the Temple. Made in the Court of the Knights of the Temple, at the New Temple, London. [No date].