III. The Crown
State and condition of the forts and settlements on the coast of Africa, belonging to Great Britain, and the soldiers therein [insert]


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D. Bonner-Smith (editor)

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'III. The Crown: State and condition of the forts and settlements on the coast of Africa, belonging to Great Britain, and the soldiers therein [insert]', The Barrington Papers, volume 1: Publications of the Navy Records Society, vol. 77 (1937). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=79637 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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III. The Crown

The State & Condition of the Forts & Settlements on the Coast of Africa, belonging to Great Britain, & the Number of Soldiers therein: As also the State & Condition of the Military Stores, Slaves, Canoes And other vessles & things belonging thereto. As inspected into by his Majesty's Ship the Crown. The Honble Samuel Barrington, Commander, Vizt.
Crown, Carlisle Bay. Barbedoes, 12th March 1754.

Names of the Fort or Settlement.By whom inspected into.Time when.No. of White Men.Of yt. No. Soldiers.Castle Slaves.Old Castle Slaves.No. of Guns & Wt. of Mettle.Cohotns.Shot of Sizes.Hand Granadoes.Powder.Military Stores and Small Arms.Vessels and Craft.State of the Fortification.State of the Guns.
Men.Women.Children.Men.Women.Children.Total No.2412964321Saluting.Fixed.Unfixed.Pounds.Barrels.Half Barrels.Ram'ers wth Heads.Ram'er Staves.Spunges.Powder Horns.Formers.Worms.Priming Wires.Bitts.Brass Heights.Large CheatsCallopers, prs.Fd. Country Match.Brass Ladles.Muskets.Pistols.Bayonets.Swords.Cutlashes.Cartouch Boxes.Slings.Pikes.Partizans.Halberts.Snows.Schooners.Shallops.Long Boats.Ship Boats.Yauls.Canoes.
James Fort, River GambiaLieut. NorburyOctr. 8th1753261330302231361683204209325501812134Very much out of repair.5 Dismounted. All the rest fit for service.
Benn Island, Sevira LioneLieut. Cony.Novr. 2d222216634101176107040502050505030111213In pretty good repair.The guns are pretty good. But some of the Carriages very indifferent.
Dix CoveHonble Capt. BarringtonJany. 4th17547*4672261097300Qty. unknown6662In pretty good repair.Very bad, tho' all mounted.
*2 Whites and 2 Mallotoed.
SeccondeeLieut. ConyJany. 8th976222932125711100070500But ill supply'd & those very bad66613All the outer walls & Bastions in an exceeding ruinous condition almost every day some part or other falling down.9 Pounders pretty good, but all the rest very bad, with large Vents and much hony-comb'd.
CommendaLieut. ConyJany. 11th85164730222312970034615553The outer Walls facing the Dutch ¾ths New built the rest of the walls and Flankers bad Conditioned and in want of much repair.Very much hony-comb'd with large Vents. Some of the Carriages intirely useless.
Cape Coast CastleHonble Capt. Barrington.Jany. 26th41259710640621211143111104,36051000Damg'd935113040402017811607323232322268In very indifferent repair.50 Good, 10 bad and two Unserviceable.
AnamaboeHonble Capt. BarringtonJany. 22nd 1754The Foundation of teh S.E. Bastion laid: and a Wall rais'd 12 Feet above it, but which cannot be finish'd 'till a supply of Brick & Lyme arrives from England. The Foundation of the East Curtain laid, & a Wall rais'd upon it equal to that of the S.E. Bastion: but which also remains unfinish'd for want of Materials from Engld. The Foundation of teh N.E. Bastion laid and the greatest part of the wall rais'd 13 feet above it. This Bastion (it is supposed) will be finish'd by the latter end of this month. The Length of the Foundation (as far as it is now carried on) is 387 feet, being 8 feet thick and the Wall upon it 6.
The Artificers & Labourers employed on those Works are, 6 Bricklayers (a boy included) 3 Carpenters (with Boys included) Black Smith, 14 Labourers and 6 Women; together with 1 White Smith, & 4 Labourers, but those latter are & have been but of very little service by reason of sickness.
Building but much retarded for want of Materils.
Saml. Barrington.
None Mounted.