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May 1669

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
May 3Treasury warrant to the Receipt for the payment of interest on orders registered on the Hearth money.Warrants Early XXI. p. 6.
Treasury order for 300l. to Richard Russell. 200l. to Sir Peter Wyche, and 204l. to Henry Coventry for several services: and for 5l. to Walter Gouge, Door Keeper to the House of Lords, as royal bounty.Order Book XXXVI. p. 67.
Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long. The officers of the Fleet have been again at the Treasury about their interest for orders registered on the Eleven Months' tax. Please inform my Lords what you think is fit to be done for payment of them.Out Letters General II. p. 26.
Same to same et al. to report to my Lords the best way for disposal of the Hearth money revenue from the time of the Farmers' surrender of their grant thereof.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Farmers to attend my Lords on Friday about the order of the Privy Council concerning the duty on Scotch cattle.Ibid.
Same to the Lord Privy Seal et al., Lords of Ireland, to attend my Lords on Wednesday about the farm of the Irish revenue.Ibid.
Treasury order for 500l. to Edward Arden for the Commissioners of AccomptsOrder Book XXXVI. p. 42.
Same for 500l. for the Treasurers of the NavyIbid.
Money warrant for 20l. to Francis Sandford, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, for one year's fee.Warrants Early XVIII p. 163.
The Treasury Lords to Sir Edmund Sawyer to attend the Exchequer Court for its judgment concerning some supers in the accompt of Sir Saml. Sterling, Receiver of Hearth money for co. Kent for the half-year ended 1665, Sept. 29, and concerning some scruples arisen about the charge of collection of that duty in part of said county by Laurence Rooke for same period.Ibid, XXXVI. pp. 128.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to issue out process against all such Receivers of His Majesty's revenue as have not perfected their accounts and answered their moneys into the Exchequer.Ibid, XXXIII. p. 102.
May 4Treasury orders for 75l. to Lady Williams for the rent of her house for Ambassadors: for 200l. to Ca. Villers for repair of Tynemouth Castle: for 37l. 10s. 0d. to Charles Gifford on his annuity of 50l.: for 55l. to Walter Dunch to be paid to Sir William Walter in regard Mr. Dunch is dead. Sir William having paid the money and brought in the bond, as appears by Sir Robert Long's certificate.Order Book XXXVI. p. 67.
Sir G. Downing to Alderman Backwell. The articles are drawn for fishing the tin [at Ostend].Out Letters General II. p. 27.
Same to Sir R. Long. My Lords being still applied to by the sea officers who have their salaries placed on the last 100,000l. of the Eleven Months' tax, they have this day consented to direct Sir Denys Gauden to assign a sum of money to each of them for payment of what is and shall be due to them for their interest: [said assignments to be charged] on the 30,000l. registered in Gauden's name at the end of the Additional Aid. "If you approve not of this way pray on Friday morning next be pleased to offer what you thinke may be more proper."Ibid.
May 4Sir G. Downing to the Marshal of the King's Bench [prison] to release on bail Nicholas Coates.Out Letters General II. p. 27.
Treasury order for 175l. to Thomas Turnor for Secret ServiceOrder Book XXXVI. p. 44.
The Treasury Lords to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Lawrence Bathurst, Receiver of Aids for co. Gloucester.Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 160.
May 5Treasury order for 400l. to — Farr, Esq., for the fortifications of Landguard Fort.Order Book XXXVI. p. 67.
Money warrant for 14l. to Lancelott Thornton for one year on his fee as Clerk of the Wardrobe and in part of 49l. arrears thereon.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 178.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Mountney for the account of the arrears due on the Earl of Carlisle's pension.Out Letters General II. p. 28.
Same to the Hearth money Farmers for a certificate of their payments to Henry Fanshaw on Treasurer Southampton's warrant for 20l. per an. to him for his service in keeping, sorting and ordering the Hearth rolls.Ibid.
Same to Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, Sir Edmond Sawyer, and Mr. Sherwyn. By command of His Majesty my Lords have under consideration the making a security for borrowing a considerable sum of money upon His Majesty's land revenue for His Majesty's present occasions. Please attend my Lords on Friday with your advice herein.Ibid.
Same to Paul Adams to attend my Lords on Tuesday about the Hearth money accompt for Sussex.Ibid, p. 29.
Same to Auditor Beale to attend on Wednesday about Sir William Temple's Minster account.Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Earl of Ossory, Lord Deputy of Ireland, and to the Privy Council there, for an account as to whether they have yet issued the commission for the examinations of the demands of defalcations made by the present Farmers of Customs and Excise there: said commission having been ordered on the 31 May, 1668, though not executed and the matter having been again raised in the Treasury letter of Feb. 1 last.Warrants Early XXXIII pp. 103–4.
Privy seal for 11,200l. to Sir Dennis Gauden for sea victuals for 2,000 men for six months over and above the 5,000 men formerly directed.Ibid, XV. p. 273.
Treasury warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for preparation of a grant to Henry Haworth of the office of searcher of Sandwich port, forfeited by Owen Hanning by his offences.Out Letters Customs I. p. 160.
[?]Royal warrant for a privy seal for 400l. to Thomas Ellyot for two years on his allowance as Housekeeper of the House the King lately bought at Newmarket for keeping the said house and airing the rooms and household stuff and repairs, &c.: and for continuation of said allowance in future. (Privy seal hereon dated May 25).Warrants Early XV. pp. 274, 310–1.
May 6Treasury warrant to the Receipt for a tally of pro for allowance of 500l. to Sir Robert Paston as defalcation from his farm of unwrought wood for the prohibition of the importation of foreign looking glasses and glass plates from the proclamation of date 1664, July 25 to Aug., 1668, when by another proclamation said prohibition was taken off.Ibid, XXII. p. 158.
May 7Treasury warrant to the Receiver, &c., of the Duchy of Cornwall to pay 216l. to John Catcher, Supervisor of the tin blowing houses in Devon and Cornwall for his disbursements in watching the several blowing houses there and attending the coinages from Lady Day, 1668, to Lady Day, 1669, being four coinages.Warrants Early XXII. pp. 66–7.
Same to same for Sussex and Surrey to pay the annuity of 100l. to Nicholas Tethersall for his service in transporting the King into France after the battle of Worcester.Ibid, pp. 105–6.
Royal sign manual for 300l. to Charles Lord St. John as imprest for the repair of the King's house at Lyndhurst is New Forest. (Money warrant hereon, dated May 11.)Ibid, XV. p. 278; XVIII. p. 153.
Privy seal for 200l. to Samuel Tooker, Consul at Tripoly, in full of his past services, he having been established as Consul there by Sir John Lawson, who, on the King's behalf, promised him 400l. per an., the arrear of which amounts to 3,200l., of which arrear he has only received 200l., which sum was more than spent by his journey overland and attendance in England, and he being now unable to return thither without the King's further bounty. Also for a future allowance of 100l. per an. to him: in accordance with the order in Council.Ibid, XV. p. 279; Order Book XXXVI. p. 42.
Royal sign manual for 225l. to Sir John Trevor, being the unpaid part of 925l. ordered for him on the farm of unwrought wood, being for half a year's salary to Lady Day past.Warrants Early XV. p. 282.
Royal warrant for a privy seal for 15,029l. 15s. 10d. to William Ashburnham. Cofferer of the Household, for interest money (payable on 100,000l. by him taken up on loan) from 1666, Sept. 29, to 1667, Sept. 29, and on a sum of 229l. 7s. 10d. remaining unpaid of a sum of 25,400l. interest formerly due to be paid by said Cofferer. (Privy seal hereon, dated May 21; money warrant, dated May 25; Auditor's orders, dated May 26.)Ibid, pp. 283, 288–9; XXIV. p. 32; Order Book XXXVI. p. 65.
Privy seal for 172l. 6s. 7d. to the Earl of Lindsey for his disbursement in the repair of the King's house at Havering. (Money warrant hereon, dated ? May 10.)Warrants Early XV. p. 275; XVIII. p. 148.
Money warrant for 866l. 10s. 0d. to Sir Allen Apsley, Master of the Hawks, on his several fees, detailed, to Sept. 29 last.Ibid, XVIII. pp. 146–7.
Same for 15,131l. 0s. 10d. to Sir Denys Gawden, Victualler of the Navy, to be by him transferred to the Navy Treasurers in lieu of so much formerly received by him [Gawden] from other funds towards the victualling of the Navy for 1668.Ibid, XL. p. 31.
Treasury warrant to said Gauden to so transfer said sumIbid, p. 32.
Sir G. Downing to the Customs Farmers. I find that some of you took away the order of Council concerning the duty on Scotch cattle without acquainting me therewith, and I have no entry thereof in my books nor any order to deliver it to you, but only to show it you. Pray send it back, and do not at any time hereafter take away any of my papers without my knowledge.Out Letters General II. p. 29.
Same to Mr. Wadlow. You have taken away the petition of some of your partners. which I only consented you should have a copy of. Pray send it back.Ibid.
May 7Sir G. Downing to Sir Edw. Griffin. My Lords being informed that the doorkeepers of the Council Chamber have received no pay these many years, desire an account on Monday why they are not paid up equal with others.Out Letters General II. p. 30.
Same to Mr. Chislet to proceed in stating the accounts of Robert Hill, Receiver of Hearth money for co. Cambridge.Ibid.
May 8Money warrant for [100l. 7s. 6d., being one year on his arrear of] 166l. 10s. 7d. due at Xmas last, to Robert Gyde. a Sergeant at Arms.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 150.
Same for the perpetuity of 5l. 6s. 8d. per an. to Sir John Cotton for the maintenance of a minister: same not having been paid since the Restoration.Ibid, p. 182.
Treasury order for 700l. to John Peter in repayment of loans on the Customs.Order Book XXXVI. p. 42.
May 10Money warrant for 50l. to Dr. Thomas Waldron, one of the King's Physicians, for one year's fee. (With an entry of a letter of direction thereon dated Aug. 2.)Warrants Early XVIII. p. 161.
Same for 500l. to William Prynn for one year's fee as keeper of Records in the Tower and in part of 2,375l. arrears thereon.Ibid.
Same for half a year each on their several fees or pensions of 300l. per an. [each] to the following Dressers to the Queen, viz Lady Clynton, Lady Killegrew, Lady Thornhill, Lady Frazier. Madam Le Gard.Ibid, p. 156.
Same for 150l. to John Sayers for one year on his fee as King's master cook.Ibid, p. 157.
Same for 140l. to Jeremiah Gohory, Dancing master to the Queen Consort, for one year of his fee and in part of 875l. arrears thereon.Ibid.
Same for 6,800l. to Philip Packer for the WorksIbid, XXI. pp. 6–7.
Royal sign manual for 146l. 4s. 2d. to Lord Lovelace, Lieutenant and High Steward of the royal honor and manor of Woodstock and Hundred of Wootton for repairs of the manor house there now standing.Ibid, XV. pp. 284–5.
Same for 350l. to Sir Thomas Morgan, Governor of Jersey, for repairs of Castle Elizabeth and Mount Orgeui, and the fort of St. Aubin. (Money warrant dated May 11.)Ibid, p. 287; XVIII. p. 167.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to pay the next tally standing in course to be paid in the list of old tallies on the Customs as signed by my Lords, 1667–8, Jan. 27. whenever a person neglects to produce his tally standing first in the said list.Ibid, XVIII. p. 147.
[?]Money warrant for 222l. 13s. 4d. to Peter Massonet for one year on his pension as heretofore sub-tutor, writing master and teacher of the French tongue to the King and the Duke of York.Ibid, pp. 148–9.
May 10Same for 50l. to Sir Gilbert Talbot for one year on his fee as Master of the Jewel House.Ibid, p. 176.
Same for 50l. to Katherine Boynton, one of the Maids of Honour to the Queen Consort. for half a year to Lady Day last on her pension of 100l. per an.Ibid, p. 154.
May 10Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long et al. to attend my Lords to-morrow about forming a security for borrowing money upon the Crown land revenue. Charnock tells me Mr. Fisher promised to call for the returns from the several Auditors of His Majesty's revenue, but he has it not yet.Out Letters General II. p. 31.
Same to the late Farmers of the Customs et al. to attend my Lords to-morrow about the obstructions in their account.Ibid.
Same to Dr. Wren, Hugh May, and Mr. Dickenson to attend my Lords to-morrow concerning hastening the building of the Custom House.Ibid, p. 32.
Money warrant for 100l. 7s. 6d. to Sir George Charnock for one year on his fee of 54l. 15s. 0d. and augmentation of 45l. 12s. 0d. per an. for board wages as a Serjeant-at-Arms.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 150.
The like severally for each of the following Serjeants-at-Arms, viz. Fitz Simmons, Benjamin Harrington, Sir James Norfolke, John Middleton, Samuel Trist, Edm. Williamson, Thomas Payne, John Barcroft, Sir Richard Bishop, William Hulker (dated Aug. 5), James Beck (dated 1688–9, Feb. 12, and in part of 351l. 6s. 3d. arrears), John Popham (dated 1668–9. Feb. 26, and in part of 401l. 10s. 0d arrears).Ibid. pp. 151, 152.
Treasury order for 2,000l. to Sir John Bennet in repayment of loan.Order Book XXXVI. p. 42.
? May 10The Treasury Lords [to the King's Remembrancer] to deliver up the bonds of Edward Knipe, Receiver of Aids for co. Surrey: he having passed his account.Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 161.
May 11Money warrant for 146l. 4s. 2d. to John Lord Lovelace for repair of part of the Manor House of Woodstock. (Auditor's order, dated May 12.)Ibid, XVIII. p. 162; Order Book XXXVI. p. 67.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Samuel Barnardiston, of Brightwell Hall, co. Suffolk.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 181.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Phrip, deputy to Sir Thomas Strickland, farmer of imported salt. The money which said Strickland promised to pay into the Receipt is not yet paid. The Earl of Bristol, who is to have part of it, is calling for his money. My Lords expect a report of your answer with great impatience.Out Letters General II. p. 32.
Same to Sir R. Long for a return of several papers of accounts of all payments made at the Custom House, &c Charnock hath often called to Mr. Burgis for them.Ibid.
Same to the Farmers of Hearth money. Why is not your 15,000l. for the last month all charged in the Exchequer ?Ibid, p. 33.
Same to Sir W. Doily to bring Mr. White's articles to-morrow, and on Friday the report about the way for bringing in the Hearth money.Ibid.
Same to Sir R. Long, Sir Edm. Sawyer, and Mr. Sherwyn to attend on Monday about passing the accounts of the Receivers of Hearth money, who have paid their moneys to Sir Thomas Player upon his acquittance without striking tallies.Ibid, p. 34.
May 11Sir G. Downing to Sir Edw. Griffin. Mr. Webb and Mr. Clarke to attend on Friday to give their testimony in the case of one Mr. Allington concerning an assignment by you made to him for money due to Robert Hart, son and executor of Edward Hart, Sergeant of His Majesty's Buckhounds.Out Letters General II. p. 34.
Same to above said Mr. Allington to attend as aboveIbid.
Treasury order for 2,000l. and 2,000l. to Sir Orlando Bridgman, Lord Keeper, in repayment of loan.Order Book XXXVI. p. 42.
Same for 350l. to John Weekes in repayment of loanIbid, p. 44.
The Treasury Lords to the seven auditors of the Exchequer for certificates of the fee farm rents and Tenths [belonging to the Crown] in all the counties and places within their respective receipt.Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 213.
[?]Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer seal of a messuage in Micklegate and Blackstreet, co. Yorks, to Thomas Bland, being part of the extended estate of Ralph Bland.Ibid.
[?]Same of the divers messuages in Shabington. co. Bucks. to John Pargiter, goldsmith, parcel of the lands of Sir William Clarke, bart.Ibid.
May 12Privy seal for 11,200l. to Sir Dennis Gauden, as imprest for victuals for 2,000 men for six months to be employed this year over and above the 5,000 men formerly directed.Ibid. XV. pp. 289–90.
Money warrant for 100l. to the poor of St. Martin's [in the Fields].Ibid, XVIII. p. 164.
Same for 50l. to John Hill, Keeper of Battles Walk in Windsor Forest, for one year's allowance and in part of 125l. arrears thereon. (Order hereon dated May 26.)Ibid, p. 165; Order Book XXXVI. p. 68.
Same for 73l. to Hobart Coleby and John Hall, Grooms of the Chamber in ordinary to the Queen Consort.Warrants Early, XVIII. pp. 209–10.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Payne about Mr. Bradshaw's complaint against him for detaining an account of Hearth money for co. Chester.Out Letters General II. p. 34.
Same to the Earl of Dorset. My Lords will hear your business on Monday.Ibid, p. 35.
Same to Mr. Prettyman concerning the business of Mr. Batishill and Dr. Cary.Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Anglesey to attend my Lords on Friday about the business of Sir James Shaen and the Corporation of Ulster.Ibid.
Same to Capt. Robert Cooke to attend my Lords on Friday concerning the complaint against him by the Farmers of the Excise of Middlesex and Surrey for abusing and beating Nicholas Preston, one of their officers, in the house of Margaret Baldwyn in Nonsuch Park.Ibid, p. 36.
The Treasury Lords to Sir Courtney Poole and Sir Walter Young, barts., concerning the moneys of John Sowdon, a sub collector of Hearth money in their county.Warrants Early XXXV,. p. 129.
Treasury warrant to the Attorney General to prosecute Mr. Madden. Surveyor General of Woods, and Mr. Dackett, a King's waiter, London port, for great misdemeanours in their office.Out Letters Customs I. p. 161.
May 13Treasury order for 4,533l., 2,086l., 10,955l. and 1,000l. to Mr. Meynell in repayment of loan.Order Book XXXVI. p. 42.
Same for 300l. to Capt. John Peter in repayment of loanIbid, p. 44.
May 13The Treasury Lords to the Earl of Ossory, Lord Deputy of Ireland, referring to him the petition of Roger Osborne, Dame Mabell Tynt, his wife, and Henry Tynt, son and heir of Sir Henry Tynt. knt., deceased, relating to a grant of certain lands in Ireland.Warrants Early XXXIII. p. 104.
May 14Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies to be struck importing the payment of 983l. by Thomas Earl of Berkshire and Sir Robert Howard (Farmers of Post Fines at a rental of 2,276l. per an., as under the indenture of 1660. April 29), same having been answered direct to the Crown by the sheriffs.Ibid, XVIII. pp. 158–9.
Prefixing:—Certificate by the Clerk of the Pipe of said Fines so answered direct by the sheriffs.
Money warrant for 500l. to James Darcy for one year's perpetuity from 1668, Lady Day, on his perpetuity as Master of His Majesty's studs in lieu of his fees, and for five choice horses contracted to be served annually into the stables out of his own ground and breed of mares.Ibid, p. 155.
Same for 2,000l. to Lawrence Hyde for the RobesIbid, XXII. p. 106.
The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners of Sick and Wounded to pay to John Cockshott, owner of St. John's, in Colchester, 480l. for damages to his house and lands there by reason of the lodging and custody of the late Dutch prisoners therein.Ibid, XXIII. p. 23.
Royal sign manual for 1,400l. to Isaack le Gouse for a picture case with diamonds valued at 1,000l., presented to the Ambassador now residing here from Spain, and a diamond ring to the value of 400l., presented to said Ambassador's lady.Ibid, XV. p. 285.
Money warrant for 62l. 11s. 8d. to Sir John Griffith, Captain of West Tilbury Castle and fortifications, for one year on his fees, detailed.Ibid, XVIII. p. 164.
Same for 34l. 7s. 6d. each to John Maugridge and Richard Maugridge. two of His Majesty's drummers, for one year on their fees.Ibid, pp. 165, 166.
Same for 81l. 6s. 8d. to Andrew Laurence, Surveyor of High Ways, for one year on his various fees, detailed.Ibid, pp. 171–2.
Sir G. Downing to Sir W. Doily to attend my Lords on Tuesday with Mr. White's articles.Out Letters General II. p. 36.
Same to Sir John Shaw concerning his having received money which ought to have been paid on a tally of Sir Robert Viner.Ibid.
Treasury warrant to Deputy Auditor Chislett to forbear to charge 12 per cent. interest on Nathaniel Smyth. Receiver General of Aids for co. Northampton, he being unable until this time to perfect the accounts of his said receipt because the Commissioners for the said county had not in their duplicates assessed the whole sum granted by Parliament, and because the waggons came not that way before the end of August last, whereby "the said Receiver could not bring up such render of the charge in the said duplicates as he had then received sooner than the return of the said waggons but did afterwards deposit the said money by him received in the hands of John Spicer one of the Tellers' clerks in the Exchequer until such time as the said full assessment should be made and the money thereon by him received."Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 162.
May 15Treasury order for 15,031l. 0s. 10d. for Sir Dennis Gauden to be by him assigned to the Treasurers of the Navy.Order Book XXXVI. p. 94.
May 17Money warrant for 60l. to Christopher Roper, one of the pages of honour to the Queen Consort, for half a year's salary.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 160.
Treasury warrant to the Farmers of Hearth money to pay 20l. a year to Henry Fanshaw. of the King's Remembrancer's office, for the custody, sorting and ordering of the rolls of the view and survey of Hearth money.Ibid, XXI. p. 7.
Treasury order for 174l. to Edward Progers for hay for the deer in the park called Hampton Court.Order Book XXXVI. p. 67.
Money warrant for 195l. 16s. 8d. to Roger Whitley, harbinger to the King, for one year's fee.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 229.
Same for 200l. to Sir John Shaw and Joseph Ash for two years' fee as Surveyors of the Navigation Act.Ibid, p. 234.
Same for 40l. to Michael Hancock for one year on his fee as one of the King's huntsmen.Ibid, p. 242.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Meynell to attend my Lords to-morrow about the 10,000l. which you promised to lend the King on Saturday last on the security of the [Crown] land revenue.Out Letters General II. p. 37.
Same to Mr. Tyacke. Unless you attend on the last day of this term my Lords will agree with Mrs. Crane.Ibid.
Same to Sir Richard Browne, Alderman of London, Sir William Doyly. et al. to attend on Wednesday about the best way of getting in the remainder of the Poll of 1660.Ibid.
Same to Sir R. Viner to attend to-morrow about the 5,000l. tally, the money of which was received by Sir John Shaw.Ibid, p. 38.
Same to Col. Tytus and Mr. Finch to attend to-morrow about said Titus's petition for the place of searcher of Kent.Ibid, p. 38.
The Treasury Lords to Mr. Wadlow to forthwith pay into the Exchequer the 13,000l. still in his hands. As to the 13,000l. allowed to the Vintners by order of Council of 1668, May 27, in addition to the 10,000l. allowed on the Act, the Vintners shall have a warrant for same on the Customs.Warrants Early XL p. 33.
May 18Treasury warrant for 60l. to William Legg for half a year's fee as one of His Majesty's pages of honour.Ibid, XVIII. p. 163.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Payne to attend him to-morrow about some particular business from my Lords.Out Letters General II. p. 39.
Same to Lord Ashley to attend to-morrow for the consideration of Mr. White's articles, late Receiver of Aids for co. Oxford.Ibid.
Treasury order for 150l. to John Weekes in repayment of loanOrder Book XXXVI. p. 44.
May 19Money warrant for 10,000l. to the Treasurers of the Navy for the Navy.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 162.
Same for 500l. to the Earl of Leicester in further part of 3,033l. 6s. 8d. due to him as the late King's Ambassador to France.Ibid, XXI. p. 8; XVIII. pp. 175–6.
Privy seal for 1,000l. to the Master of the Horse as imprest for the provision of horses.Ibid, XV. p. 307.
May 19Money warrant for 26l. 13s. 4d. each to Henry St. George and Thomas St. George for one year on their fee as Heralds.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 166.
Same for 250l. to Sir Richard Browne, one of the Clerks of the Privy Council, for one year on his fee of 50l. and augmentation of 200l. per an.Ibid, p. 167.
Same for 175l. to Sir Edw. Walker for half a year as a sameIbid, p. 168.
Same for 20l. to Col. Francis Burges for one year on his pension in part of 30l. arrears thereon.Ibid.
Same for 100l. to Henry du Puy, Keeper of the Pall Mall, for one year on his fee and in part of 525l. arrears thereon.Ibid, p. 170.
Same for 30l. to Noell Warner, Master of the King's barges, for one year on his fee.Ibid, p. 172.
Same for 30l. to Salomon Burbury in further part of arrears due to the late Angelo Notari.Ibid, p. 173.
Same for 40l. to Edward Coleman. one of the King's Musicians, for one year on his fee and in part of 210l. arrears thereon. The like for 40l. each to John Smith and Mr. Rogers, same, and for 80l 12s. 8d. to Humphry Madge. same for same, on his fees of 40l. 12s. 8d., and 40l.: and for 40l. 9s. 2d. to Thomas Blagrave, same.Ibid, p. 174.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Charles Gaudy, of Crowshall [Debenham], Suffolk.Ibid, p. 182.
Sir G. Downing to Auditor Beale for a draft of a warrant for interest to be allowed to the Master of the Robes for what money he has taken up for the Office of the Robes for 1½ years to 1669, Sept. 29.Out Letters General II. p. 39.
Same to the Earl of Anglesey. "Finding some variation in Sir Edward Griffin's warrant from the grant of the Earl of Lindsey to your Lordship of the Keepership of Epping Walk in the Forest of Waltham, viz. the said certificate mentioning 106l. 9s. 2d. to be due at Xmas last to the present Keeper of Epping Walk and half New Lodge Walk in the said forest," therefore desires to be informed whether New Lodge Walk is also in his right by that grant.Ibid, p. 40.
Same to Mr. Chislett concerning the state of Col. Seriven and Sir Rich. Oatley's accounts as Collectors of Hearth money for co. Salop.Ibid.
Same to Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Ward to attend on Wednesday about an order of Council for letting the revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall.Ibid, p. 41.
Same to Sir W. Doily to send on Monday the paper of the arrears of the Additional Aid, "for that I have frequent occasion for it."Ibid, p. 41.
Money warrant for 3,733l. 6s. 8d. to Sir Denys Gawden, being a third part of 11,200l. for sea victuals for 2,000 men at 8d. a day each for six months over and above the 5,000 men's victuals formerly directed: to be paid out of loans on the land revenue.Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 220.
May 19Royal warrant for a great seal for a grant to the Duke of Albemarle of annuities in lieu of certain fee farm rents during the Queen's life.Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 221.
Treasury warrant to the Exchequer for the splitting of a tally dated 1665–6, Feb., resting in the hands of Sir Thomas Player, being for 2,000l., and struck upon Jeremy Snow. Receiver of Aids for Middlesex, on the quarter ended at Xmas, 1667, said Snow having only 700l. of that money in his hands.Ibid, XXXIV. pp. 163–4.
May 19
June 7
The like for similarly splitting a tally dated 1667, May 3, resting in said Player's hands for 9,700l. struck on Thomas Harlackenden, Receiver of Aids for Kent, on the quarter ending 1667, Xmas, there yet remaining unsatisfied of said tally, 5,169l. towards which William Polhill, present Receiver of Kent, has in his hands of the said quarter's money only 900l.Ibid, pp. 164–5, 167–8.
May 21Privy seal for the trustees of the Queen Consort to grant for so many years as will make up a term of full 60 years to Francis Jacobson, widow of Philip Jacobson, the 514 acres, parcel of 594 acres of chequer land in the forest of Braydon. co. Wilts, and the 561 acres, parcel of 741 acres of Duchy lands, now in possession of said Jacobson, the remaining 80 acres and 180 acres respectively having been granted to Edward Nott for 30 years from 1696, Mar. 25: the said 594 acres and 741 acres having been granted 1637, Mar. 31, by Charles I. to said Philip Jacobson: all said lands being now part of the Queen Consort's jointure.Ibid, XV. pp. 293–4, 296–7
Same for 4,000l. to Lord Arlington for secret serviceIbid, p. 289.
Treasury order for 1,000l. to Sir William Temple, Ambassador to the States General.Order Book XXXVI. p. 44.
May 22Privy seal for 6,313l. to the Earl of Sandwich in full of his ordinary and extraordinaries in his embassy to Spain to 1668. Oct. 11, when he returned to the royal presence, there having been already paid to him thereon certain sums, detailed. amounting in all to 19,253l. 7s. 4d.Warrants Early XV. pp. 302–5.
May 24Treasury warrant to the Receiver of Crown revenues for co. Chester to continue payment to Major Thomas Babington of the fee farm rent of 24l. 7s. 6d. purchased by him of the late pretended powers and issuable out of the lands of Gabriell Marsh in the city of Chester.Ibid, XXII. pp. 106–7.
Treasury order for 10,000l. to the Treasurers of the Navy to be paid out of the loans of Sir Robert Vynor and Mr. Meynell.Order Book XXXVI. p. 67.
Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long reminding him of the promise to Mr. Meynell for payment of his interest out of the next money that shall be brought into the Exchequer by the Hearth money Farmers.Out Letters General II. p. 42.
May 25Same to Mr. Tho. Wodden. There is no new complaint made against you. You shall be acquainted with any such.Ibid.
Same to Richard Glanvile concerning the 400l. which Edward Keene. Head Collector of Aids &c, for Ipswich division, gave him credit for, as appears from the information of Mr. Gips. Receiver General of Aids for Suffolk. You are to forthwith pay in that sum.Ibid.
May 25Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long and Sir C. Harbord to quicken the preparation of a security for borrowing money on the [Crown] land revenue.Out Letters General II. p. 43.
Same to Mr. Chislett and Sir Herbert Parrot [Perrot] to attend tomorrow with the state of said Parrot's Hearth money accompt for co. Hereford.Ibid.
Same to Sir Ste. Fox for a copy of the King's warrant for his paying the Treasury Lords' salary.Ibid.
Money warrant for 225l. to Sir John Trevor, one of the Secretaries of State, to be taken in full of 925l. chargeable on the Custom of unwrought wood.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 169.
Treasury warrant to Edward Nicholas, Receiver General of the Alienation Office, to pay the 1669, Easter Term charges of the Alienation Office, detailed. (Total. 280l. 17s. 4d.)Ibid, XLI. p. 8.
The Treasury Lords to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against William Kirkby, Receiver of Aids for co. Lancashire.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 163.
Money warrant for 12l. 7s. 8½d. to Richard Pight, being his third of a discovery against one Hickman.Ibid, XVIII. p. 176.
Treasury fiat for letters patent to constitute Humfry Steare Comptroller of Bridgwater port, loco John Harris, resigned.Out Letters Customs I. p. 148.
May 26Treasury warrant to Sir C. Harbord for a constat of a house in Deptford, petitioned for by Lidia Clements, widow, built by her father, Robert Ingold, about 50 years since.Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 221.
[?]Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer seal to Margaret Salisbury, spinster, of a messuage in Berkegreig [Bachygraig]. co. Flint, part of the lands of John Salisbury, outlaw.Ibid.
May 26Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer for a commission to Fitch Nun Lambe and four others, detailed, to enquire into the estate of Sir Robert Drury.Ibid, p. 222.
Money warrant for 2,000l. to Lord Arlington for secret service. (Auditor's order, dated May 27.)Ibid, XXII. p. 107; Order Book XXXVI. p. 124.
Royal warrant for 350l. to Col. Jonathan Atkins, Governor of Guernsey and Castle Cornet, upon account for repair of the defects of that fortress. (Money warrant, June 14.)Warrants Early XV. p. 301; XVIII. p. 185.
Royal sign manual for 100l. to Isaack le Goose, the King having increased the value of the ring intended as a present to the Spanish Ambassador's wife from 400l. to 500l. (Money warrant hereon, dated June 9.)Ibid, XV. p. 295; XVIII. p. 180.
Money warrant for 83l. 6s. 8d. to the Earl of Oxford for half a year as Chief Justice, Trent South.Ibid, XVIII. p. 181.
Same for 5l. to Elizabeth Burrell, widow, as royal bounty. (Auditor's order, dated May 27.)Ibid. p. 170; Order Book XXXVI. p 68.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Wadlow to attend on Friday about the 13,000l. to be paid in by him and his partners.Out Letters General II. p. 44.
Same to Sir George Benyon to attend my Lords for the consideration of the money due on his accompts.Ibid.
May 26Sir G. Downing to Col. Titus to attend on Friday about his pretence to Mr. Hanning's place.Out Letters General II. p. 44.
Same to Sir Erasmus Harby, forwarding a copy of Mr. Norton's petition; for his answer to it.Ibid, p. 45.
Money warrant for 1,000l. to the Earl of Lauderdale for one year as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 187.
Treasury order for 1,400l. to Izaac Le GouseOrder Book XXXVI. p. 43.
Five same for, in all, 2,335l. to Edward Backwell for repayment of loan.Ibid, XXXVII. pp. 1–2.
May 27Privy seal for a moiety of the yearly rent of 56l. 10s. 0d. to Robert Spencer, being a discovery, as under a grant of discoveries made by the privy seal of 1663, June 30, to Sir Charles Berkeley (since deceased), Robert Spencer and Sir William Berkeley (being lands of Miles Temple of Dover, seized on account of a debt of 15,717l. 17s. 6d. due by him to the Crown, said lands being now leased by the Crown to Henry Dethick and Cuthbert Bannister). (Warrant for privy seal dated April 21. Money warrant, dormant, hereon dated April 21.)Warrants Early XV. pp. 309–10, 270; XVIII. p. 143.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Wren for a copy of the letter from the Commissioners of the Navy which was yesterday read to my Lords in the presence of the Duke of York. The Duke promised my Lords an estimate of the monthly charge of Sir Tho. Allen's fleet and likewise an account of what ships of the King are at sea upon convoys and what time they are expected and what may then be due to the men for wages in each ship, that thereby my Lords may take measures to provide the money.Out Letters General II. p. 47.
Royal warrant for 30 tons of timber for the repair of the King's house at Lindhurst in New Forest. (Treasury warrant hereon dated June 7.)Warrants Early XV. p. 291.
Money warrant for 20l. to the Duke of Monmouth for two years on his creation money as Earl of Doncaster.Ibid, XVIII. p. 171.
Same for 12l. 3s. 4d. to Richard Welbeck for one year as stable keeper at Windsor.Ibid.
Treasury orders for 3,733l. 6s. 8d. for Sir Dennis Gauden for the victualling of 2,000 men to be employed at sea this year.Order Book XXXVI. p. 124.
Treasury warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a grant to Sir Edmond Turnor and Philip March of the office of Surveyor of Customs of the outports, they having obtained the surviving interest both in the grant of same made 1641, March 25, to Sir Abraham, Sir Thomas, and John Dawes, and of the grant of the reversion of same made by the present King to Lord Cornwallis since the Restoration.Out Letters Customs I. pp. 161–2.
May 28Treasury warrant to the Receipt for discharge of the Coronet fee of 1,095l. due from Robert Brooke, of Nacton, co. Suffolk.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 175.
Same for 100l. to Sir Edw. Griffin for John Crowther, John Jones, George Monroe and William Peacock, four of His Majesty's trumpeters. and Walter Vanbrugh, kettle drummer, appointed to attend Lord Howard to the Emperor of Morocco. (Auditor's order dated June 8.)Ibid, p. 177; Order Book XXXVI. p. 68.
Same for 222l. 5s. 9d. to William Levett, Receiver General of Aids for Wilts, in repayment of surplusage.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 177.
May 28Money warrant for 24.790l. 8s. 6d. to Sir Ste. Fox for three months to the Guards and marching forces, May 8 inst. to July 31 next.Warrants Early XXIV. p. 33.
Same for 50l. for one year to Col. John Russell, Keeper of Chingford Walk in Waltham Forest.Ibid, XVIII. p. 194.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Partridge to attend concerning the arrears of the Eighteen months' tax in the Collectors' hands in the Isle of Ely.Out Letters General II. p. 45.
Same to Mr. Marsh, one of the Esquires of the Body. Pray wait on Lord Ashley and the Treasurer of the Household, who have something to say to you.Ibid, p. 46.
Same to the officers of the Works for an estimate of the repairs of His Majesty's house at Portsmouth, called Godshouse, which my Lords intend shall be speedily perfected.Ibid.
Same to Col. Villiers. I have at last pitched upon some odd remains of money to pay off what remains due to the Duke of York s children, which I hope will be effectual. Nothing shall be wanting in me for the Duke's service.Ibid, p. 47.
Same to Thomas Simonds, William Shepheard, Mr. Skinner, John Smith, and Mr. Cooles, employed by Sir Herbert Perrot in collecting the Eighteen Months' tax in co. Hereford: summoning them to appear on June 11 on pain of arrest.Ibid, p. 48.
Money warrant for 15.801l. 2s. 0d. to Sir Ste. Fox for the several garrisons, detailed, from May 8 inst. to July 21 next.Warrants Early XXXIII. pp. 84–5.
The Treasury Lords to Sir William Spring, bart., Sir Jeffery Barwell, and Fitts Nun Lamb, Commissioners for Assessments [for parts of co. Suffolk] at Bury. Mr. Gipps, Receiver of Assessments for co. Suffolk, is obstructed in his accounts by the arrears standing out on the Hundreds of Blackbourne and Thedwestry, particulars of which arrears have been presented to you long since, with earnest solicitation that you might take some effectual course for payment of same. If you persist in doing nothing some particular persons will feel the inconvenience of Exchequer process.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 166
May 29Four Treasury orders for, in all, 13,000l. to John Wadlow and John Sayers in repayment of loan on the Wine Act.Order Book XXXVI. p. 94.
May —Treasury warrant to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Thomas Clifton, of Clifton, co. Lancaster.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 145.