Journal, September 1723
Journal Book Z


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K. H. Ledward (editor)

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'Journal, September 1723: Journal Book Z', Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations, Volume 5: January 1723 - December 1728 (1928), pp. 42-43. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Journal, September 1723

September 3. Present:—Mr. Bladen, Mr. Plummer, Sir John Hobart.

Representation on Colonel Shute's memorial.

A representation upon Colonel Shute's memorial, agreed yesterday, was signed.

Representation on Mr. Sandford and Sanderson's petition.

Another representation upon Mr. Sandford and Mr. Sanderson's petition, ordered yesterday to be prepared, was agreed and signed.

Nova Scotia.

Representation on officers' petition for grant of land.

The draught of another representation upon the petition of several officers praying for a tract of land in Nova Scotia, was agreed and ordered to be transcribed.

September 4. Present:—Mr. Bladen, Mr. Plummer.

Affidavit about officers present at reduction of Annapolis Royal.

An affidavit of Messrs. Davison and Capon, of 29th August, 1723, declaring that the gentlemen, who signed a petition now before the Board, were at the reduction of Annapolis Royal, was read.

Another affidavit about declaration before the reduction of Annapolis Royal.

Representation signed upon officers' petition.

Another affidavit of Messrs. Davison and Nassen, dated 4th September, 1723, importing that they were present when a detachment was drawn out at Boston, to reduce Annapolis Royal, and that a declaration was read then, to the effect set forth in their petition, now before the Board, was likewise read, as also an extract of Her late Majesty's instructions to General Nicholson, [Nova Scotia Bundle A. 49], dated 18th March, 1709–10, communicated by him to the Board the 17th of February, 1714–15, and the representation upon the officers' petition, mentioned in yesterday's Minutes, was signed.

New York.

Representation. Act about partition with


A representation for confirming an Act, passed at New York in 1719, entituled, An Act for running and ascertaining the lines of partition and division betwixt the colony and the colony of Connecticut, ordered to be prepared the 20th of the last month, was agreed and signed.