December 1567 - December 1568


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'Accounts: December 1567 - December 1568', St Martin-in-the-Fields: The accounts of the churchwardens, 1525-1603 (1901), pp. 236-241. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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December 1567 - December 1568

Thys ys the

accomnpte of vs John Evans & harrolde Byngam Churche Wardens of the p'ishe of Seynt Marteynes in the ffeilldes by Charinge Crosse [in] the Countye of Midd' chosen and appoynted for the space of one yere Endinge at the Natyvyte of our lorde god A thowsande five hundred syxtye and eyght and in the Eleventhe yere of the raigne [of] our soueraigne ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God Quene of Englond ffraunce & Irelande Defendor of the ffaythe &c' Aswell for the receite as also for the paymentes and other charges specified and conteyned in this our accomnpte as hereafter ffolloweth &c'

1567 10° Eliz.Inprimis Receyuede of the masters of the Parryshe at our fyrste entrye into our sayde office the ffirst day of marche Ano d'ni A thowsande v hundrethe Lxvij and in the xth yere of the raigne of our soueraigne Ladye quene Elizabeth the some ofxiiijli xiiijs jd ob'
JanuarijThe receytes of all somes of monaye Receyved by vs in this our yere for burialles knelles and suche lyke as here after followethe &c'.
ffebruaryeInprimis howell will'm was buried the xxvjth dayenic'
It'm the xxviijth daye was buried Christofer Cackadowixs
MarcheIt'm the thirde daye was buried margeret Jespernic'
It'm the vijth daye was buried Will'm wrytington (fn. 1) xvjd
It'm the xvijth daye was buried Augnes Willysonnic'
It'm the xxiijth daye was buried John (fn. 2) hodsonnic'
Receptes for burialles in our lady daye quarterxs iiijd
AprillIt'm the first daye was buried robert bottellijs
It'm the same daye was buried Augnes (fn. 2) price & hir daughternic'
It'm the xxviijth daye was buried nycholas Close (fn. 3) ijs
MayeIt'm the vijth daye was buried Richard (fn. 4) Wyarnic'
It'm the same daye buried Ane Ogillnic'
It'm the xijth daye was buried rose powellijs iiijd
It'm the xvth daye was burid Elizabethe Conwayevjs viijd
It'm the xxth daye was buried thomas aslypp (fn. 5) nic'
It'm the same daye was buried robertt brownenic'
It'm the xxxti daye was buried John houne (fn. 6) nic'
JuneIt'm the seconde daye Ane halle was buriednic'
It'm the xvth daye Will'm Kinge was buriedixs
It'm the xxij daye was buryed margerett daue (fn. 7) nic'
Receptes for burialles in mydsomer quarterxxijs
JulyeIt'm the xth daye henrye Will'mes (fn. 8) was buryedvijs viijd
It'm the same daye was buryed Ellynor fyshearnic'
It'm the xvjth daye was buryed Johane (fn. 9) bestixs
It'm the xxj was buryed margarett Castellnic'
AwgustIt'm the viijth daye was buried nichollas phillipesnic'
It'm the xviij daye was buryed Ane longworthe (fn. 10) nic'
It'm the xxiij daye was buryed buryed Will'm staneffeldeijd
Item the xxviij daye was buryed hughe Appriceijd
SeptembreIt'm the third daye was buryed margarett hogansxvjd
It'm the iiijth daye was buryed Richard hillye (fn. 11) nic'
It'm the viijth daye was buryed Elizabethe alcokenic'
It'm the xxth daye Alice becke was buriednic'
It'm the xxiij daye John Daue (fn. 12) was buryednic'
It'm the xxvij daye was buryed Augnes hopson (fn. 13) ijs iiijd
It'm the xxviijti daye was buryed robertt Johanesnic'
It'm the same day was buryed John fryar & his sonnexijd
Receyued for burialles in Myghelmas quarterxxjs viijd
OctobreIt'm the vjth daye was buryed John holdgate (fn. 14) ixs
It'm the xjth daye was buried mawdlyn whartonnic'
It'm the xiiijth daye leonard Cremayre was buriedxvjd
It'm the same day was buryed ffrederickenic'
It'm the xvth daye was buryed John holdgatenic'
It'm the xxijti day will'm smyth (fn. 15) was buryedijd
NovembreIt'm the third day was buryed John marlow (fn. 16) ijd
It'm the ixth daye was buryed rafe bille (fn. 17) ijd
It'm the xiijth daye was buryed Will'm goldorte (fn. 18) ijd
It'm the xvijth day was buryed John bett (fn. 19) nic'
DecembreReceyued for buryalles in Christmas quarterxjs
Inprimis Receyued and gatheryd for the Clarke & sextons wages and for the pewes in the churche for our ladys daye quarter endinge the 25 daye of marchexlvjs iiijd
It'm receyued and gathered the xxvth of Aprill 1568 for halffe of ye token moneye at Easterxxviijs viijd
It'm receyued & gathered for the Clarke & sextons wages & for the pewes in the churche for mydsomer quarter endyinge the 24 day of June Ano D'ni 1568xlvjs iiijd
It'm receyued and gathered for the Clarke and sextons wages and for the pewes in the churche for mychaelmas quarter endinge the 29 daye of septembre 1568xlvjs iiijd
It'm Receyued and gathered for the Clarke & sextons wages & for the pewes in the churche for chrystmas quarter endinge the 25 day of decembre 1568xlvjs iiijd
It'm rec' of mr Doctor huicke for the rentt of his chamber for one yere endinge at the natyvitie of our lorde god 1568vjs viijd
It'm receyved & gathered of the mrs of the p'ishe towardes the makinge the walle of the Churche yeardiijli vijs
Som'a totalis of the hole Receptes this sayd yerexxxijli vjs ixd ob'

Where of dysbursyd and layed out for the use of the churche in Ano D'ni 1568 as ffollowethe

Inprimis for the clarke & sextons Wages d[e]we at thann'cyac'on of our ladye beinge the xxv daye of marche 1568xxxs
It'm payd for ringinge at the quenes removeinge from whithall to grenewiche the vj of Apryllviijd
It'm for paveinge a grave in the northe Ileviijd
It'm payd for vntyllinge the churche stylevjd
It'm payd for A baskettiijd
It'm payd for wasshinge the vycars clerkes & sextons surplysesxijd
It'm payd for bromesijd
It'm payd for paper & Inckeijd
It'm payd to howe the organe maker for his quarters wagesvjd
It'm payd for grese for the bellesjd
It'm payd for pavinge A grave in the sowthe yleviijd
It'm payd to perce the brickelayer for stuff & woorkemanship for the walle of the churcheyeardevijli xs vjd
It'm payd the sexton & John bellys for lodinge & vnlodinge certayne stones for copinge the sayd wallexviijd
It'm payd to make the mrs of the p'ish drink when the churche wardens & sydesmen were sworne befor mr archedeaconxvijs viijd
It'm for the Iniunccions (fn. 20) vjd
The Charges layed outt in or ladye Daye quarterxli iiijs xd
It'm payd for A sorplyse for mr vicarxijs
It'm payd for wasshinge the churche clothes Agaynst Eastyrxvjd
It'm payd to higham for makinge or booke of the straungers (fn. 21) wthin this p'ishevjs iiijd
It'm payd for mendinge mr brydymans pewexijd
It'm payd to make the sydmen Drynke at saynt clementsviijd
It'm payd for payntynge the stone ovyr the gate in the walle of the churche yeardxijd
It'm for makinge the Alleye in the Churche yeard next vnto the sayd wallexxd
It'm payd to rafe symson for iij quartes of wyne aftyr Eastyrxijd
It'm for bread the same tymeijd
It'm payd the Clerke & sexton for there quarters Wages due at mydsomerxxxs
It'm payd to John howe the orgayne maker for his quarters Wages d[e]we at [mydsomervjd
It'm payd for wasshinge the vicars Clarkes & sextons surplyses for mydsomer quarter 1568vjd
It'm payd for bromesxijd
It'm for paper & Inckeijd
It'm for grece for the bellesjd
The Charges Layed oute in mydsomer quarterlvijs jd
It'm payd for pavinge A graue in the sowth eyleviijd
It'm payd the Carpenter for ij dayes woorke & for one plate one hundrith & halff of vjd nayles to mende the pewesiijs vjd
It'm payd to the mat maker for a greate matte iij hassookes & one benche matt for a pewexvijd
It'm for a lode of lymexiiijd
It'm to John belles for a pece of waynskottvs
It'm payd for one hundreth of paveinge tyle wt Cariageviijs viijd
It'm payd to John beggarlaye for the garnettes & nayles for the ij gates in the churche yeardxijs ijd
It'm payd to the sayd John for ij boltes, settinge on the lockes and for iij kayes and the platesiijs
It'm payd the Carpenter for makinge the pale at thende of mr huickes garden & one gate & for ij C of tyne heddyd (fn. 22) nayles to the samexvijs iiijd
It'm payd to John bagarlaye for vj hockes (fn. 23) for the com'on'on tablexijd
It'm payd more to hym for A locke & kaye for the Countinge house doreijs
It'm paid to barones for a baldricke & a bell ropeiiijs
It'm payd to make certayne of the mrs of the p'ishe drynke when we were wth the byshopp of london at fullamvijs
It'm payd to John bellys for A doore wth Locke & kaye & a payre of garnettes for mother roneiiijs
I'm payd for settinge vpp the same Doorexvjd
It'm payd to John petyr for the frame of the same Dooreiijs
It'm payd for a lode of lymexiiijd
It'm payd the plomer for xviijli of sol'eyr (fn. 24) at vijd the pound to mend the guttersxs vjd
It'm for woode & coles to the sameviijd
It'm payd the clerke & sexton for there quarters wagis Dwe at mychalmesxxxs
It'm payd to John howe the orgaynemaker for his quarters wagys dwe the same tymevjd
It'm for bromesijd
It'm for grece for the bellesjd
It'm for paper and Inckeijd
It'm for wasshing the vicars Clerkes & sextons surplysesxijd
It'm for wasshing the churche Clothesxvjd
The Charges layed out in mychaellmas quartervjli xd
It'm payd to John begarleye for mendinge the locke and keye for the Doore in the Churche porcheviijd
It'm payd to will'm Clerke the Carpenter for ij dayes woorke in mendinge certayne pewes in the churcheijs viijd
It'm payd to mr penythorne for xxviij foote of burd (fn. 25) for the samexviijd
It'm payd to the Iremongar for one hundreth of naylesvd
It'm payd to george castell the glasyar for mending the wyndows abowte the churchevs
It'm payd the sexton for hollye Ive Rosemarye & bayes agaynst christmasxvjd
It'm payd the sexton for ijli of Candlesvjd
It'm for a baldricke for the greate bellxxd
It'm paid to gefferye the locke smyth for a Doble stocke locke and a plate to locke the kaye hole & ij boltes & a staplevjd
It'm payd the Clerke & sexton the xx daye of december for there quarters wagys dwe at the natyvitie of or lorde god 1568xxxs
It'm payd to howe the organmaker for his quarters wagys dwe at the same tymevjd
It'm for wasshing the vicars Clerke & sextons surplyses the same tymexijd
It'm for paper & Inckeijd
It'm for bromesijd
It'm for grece for the bellesjd
It'm for wasshing the churche clothesxijd
It'm payd for parchement & wryting & engrosing this accommptevjs viijd
It'm Layed out to make the ms of the p'ishe dryncke at this our accommptesxiijs iiijd
The Chargis layed out in christmas quarteriijli xijs viijd
Som'a of the hole Rec'ptes for this yerexxxijli vjs ixd ob'
Som'a of the Chargis layed out this sayd yerexxijli xvs vd
And so Remaynethe in our handes of the Rec'ptes all things being payed as aforesayd ixli xjs iiijd ob' wch wee are redye to delyver at the gevinge vpp of this our accommpteixli xjs iiijd ob' (fn. 25)

[Signed] p' me Robertu' best Vicariu'
Thom'as ffowler [mark]
John Colbrand
John harvie
Wyll'm Jesper
Wyll'am' Jones
John peter


1 Wrickets (R.)
2 Joanna (R.)
3 Bruleman (R.)
4 Nicholas (R.)
5 Haskelutt (R.)
6 Hawne (R.)
7 Davies (R.)
8 Wilcoxe (R.)
9 Robert (R.)
10 Longe (R.)
11 Helye (R.)
12 Davye (R.), vide note 7, p. 237.
13 Hobson (R.)
14 Not in the Register, possibly a duplication of the name below.
15 Robinson (R.)
16 Morley (R.)
17 Beale (R.)
18 Goldhurste (R.)
19 Higgins (R.)
20 Received by them on their admission to office.
21 cf. n. 2, p. 234.
22 Tin headed.
23 Hooks.
24 Solder.
25 Board.