Appendix II
List of Jurors


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William Le Hardy (editor)

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'Appendix II: List of Jurors', County of Middlesex. Calendar to the sessions records: new series, volume 4: 1616-18 (1941), pp. 372-379. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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[Note.—These names are not included in the General Index, unless they occur elsewhere in the Calendar.]

Agard, Peter, of Holborn,554/9.
Allen, Robert, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Allington, Metcalfe, of Hoxton, gentleman,559/175.
Armes, William, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Arnold, William, of Kensington,560/172, 563/104, 121.
Arpe, Peter, of Westminster,555/274.
Ashe, Anthony, of Islington, getleman,559/145, 563/104, 121.
Astowe, John, of Westminster,555/274.
Atkinson, John, of Islington,560/200.
Baddocke, Arthur, of Westminster,555/274.
Baker, Robert, of Westminster,555/234, 559/145, 560/172.
Ballett, Thomas, of Westminster,558/50.
Bancks, Daniel, of Harmondsworth,559/145, 560/172.
-, Richard, of Holborn,554/9.
Barbor, William, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,560/172, 563/104, 121.
Barnes, George, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
-, —, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Barrowes, Richard, of Westminster,555/274.
Batcheler, John, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Bayly [Bayliffe]
-, Walter, of Shire Lane,555/234, 558/50, 559/145, 563/104, 121.
-, —, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Bell, William, of Westminster,555/274.
Bennell, Christopher, of Westminster,558/50.
Berry, William, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Blackston, William, of Islington,560/200.
(fn. 1) Blockston, John, of St. John Street,560/200.
Bonner, George, of East Smithfield,563/129.
(fn. 1) Boone, Stephen, of Islington,560/200.
Bourne, John, of East Smithfield,555/234.
Bowles, Thomas, of Holborn,554/9.
Bratte, Thomas, of Westminster,559/145, 562/153.
Braynt, John, of Brent Street,559/145.
Bridle, John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields555/274.
Bright, William, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Brill, Thomas, of Shoreditch,559/175.
Brough, George, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Browne, Thomas, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Brownrigge, Giles, of the Strand,555/234, 562/153.
Burbeck, Thomas, of Uxbridge,563/104.
Burd, John, of Westminster,555/274.
Burlby, —, of Hackney,555/234.
Burnett, Henry, of Westminster,558/50.
Burton, Thomas, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,55/234, 560/172, 563/104, 121.
-, William, of Hammersmith,563/104.
Butcher, Robert, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, William, of Shoreditch,559/175.
Cade, George, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Carter, William, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,555/234.
Catcott, Henry, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Chester, William, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Child, Arthur, of Hendon,560/172.
-, Thomas, of Acton,559/145, 560/172, 563/104, 121.
Church, —, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Clarke, John, of Pinner, gentleman,559/145, 560/172.
-, Robert, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Clyffe, John, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Cocke, William, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Coffyn, Richard, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Coggs, William, of Ruislip,559/145. 560/172.
Cole, Thomas, of Heston,555/234.
Collins, George, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,555/234, 558/50, 563/104, 121.
Collis, Thomas, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Copland, Walter, of Westminster,555/274.
Corne-well, John, of Old Street,560/200.
Cosse, John, of Holloway,559/175.
Crancke, Thomas, of Walham Green,558/50.
Crane, John, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Cremer, John, of Edmonton,555/234.
Curtis, Robert, of Enfield,562/153.
Danson, John, of Fulham, gentleman,562/153.
David, John, of Enfield,560/172, 562/153.
Davis, William, of Hackney,555/234.
(fn. 1) Day, Nicholas, of Clerkenwell,560/200.
Denney, Richard, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Devenishe, William, of Field Lane,562/153.
Dodd, Francis, of Westminster,559/145, 560/172.
-, John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/247.
Duckett, Isaac, of Westminster,555/274.
Dunnynge, Thomas, of Westminster,558/50.
Duresme, Richard, of Holborn,554/169.
Edlyn, William, of Hatch End,559/145, 560/172.
-, -, of Pinner,560/172.
Edmonds, Edward, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, Hugh, of Hoxton, gentleman,559/175.
Edson, Thomas, of Holloway,559/175.
Edwards, Michael, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, Robert, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Ellacott, Nicholas, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Elliott, Elizeus, of Spitalfields, gentleman,559/175.
Ellyetts, George, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Emerson, Christopher, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Evans, Solomon, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Fawconer, Thomas, of Whitecross Street,560/200.
Finch [Fynch], George, of Norwood,563/104, 121.
Fishe, Robert, of Fulham,558/50, 562/153, 563/104, 121.
Fisher, Jeremiah, of the Strand,555/234, 562/153.
Fletcher, Edward, of Westminster,555/274.
Fludde, William, of Westminster,558/50.
Fly, Thomas, of Stanwell,560/172.
Foster, John, of Hadley, gentleman,560/172.
-, -, of Whetstone,563/104.
-, Thomas, of Charterhouse Lane,560/200.
Foxe, Ralph, of Holborn, 554/169.
Frampton, Giles, of Westminster,555/274.
Frances [Frauncys], Thomas, of Sands End, Fulham, gentleman,563/104, 121.
Francklyn, Peter, of Hendon,559/145.
-, William, the younger, of Brent Street,560/172.
Frayt, John, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Fredericke, John, of Westminster,555/274.
Frenche, George, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Fynch, see Finch.
Gale, John, of Hadley, gentleman,560/172.
Garrett, John, of Uxbridge,559/145, 560/172.
Gates, John, of Acton,559/145, 560/172.
-, -, of Ealing,562/153.
Gillerson, John, of Shoreditch,559/175.
Gillson, John, of Clerkenwell,gentleman,560/200.
Girton, Thomas, of Westminster,555/274.
Gisbie, Michael, of Spitalfields,559/175.
Gittens, Thomas, Sheriff's bailiff,555/274.
Goring, William, of Chelsea,563/104, 12
Goshawke, William, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Greene, John, of East Smithfield,563/129.
-, Robert, of Westminster,555/274.
Greenehill, John, of Roxey,560/172.
-, -, of Sudbury,560/172.
Hall, Dive, of Acton, gentleman,560/172, 563/104, 121.
-, Richard, of Islington,560/200.
Halsey, Richard, of the Strand,555/234, 559/145, 562/153.
Hardie, Christopher, of Chancery Lane [St. Giles'-in-theFields],558/50, 559/145, 563/104, 121.
Harding, Thomas, of Fulham,563/104, 121.
Harfull, Edmund, of St. John Street,560/172.
Harsnepp, Roger, of Westminster,558/50.
Hatton, Thomas, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Hayward, Edward, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, William, of Westminster,558/50.
Herringe, William, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Hill, Anthony, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
-, Richard, of Westminster,555/274.
-, Thomas, of St. John Street,555/234.
Hoare, John, of Finchley,558/50.
Hodges, Roland, of Westminster,555/274.
Holden, Joseph, of Hammersmith,559/145.
Holman, Gregory, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Holmer, Roger, of Wapping,563/129.
Houghton, Stephen, of Finchley,559/145, 562/153, 563/104, 121.
Howell, David, of Westminster,558/50.
Huband, George, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Iverson, Roger, of Whitecross Street,560/200.
Jackman, David, of Holborn,554/9.
Jenkinson, John, of Cow Cross,560/200.
-, Philip, of Cow Cross,560/200.
Johnes, Evan, of Clerkenwell,560/200.
Johnson, John, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
-, Martin, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Jones, Lewis, of Westminster,555/274.
Jorden, John, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Keyes, William, of Clerkenwell,560/200.
Kildar, John, of Westminster,555/274.
Kinge, William, of Shoreditch,559/175.
Knowles, John, of Holloway, gentleman,559/175.
-, Thomas, of Acton,563/104, 121.
Lampton, Martin, of Holborn,554/9.
Lee, Thomas, of the Strand,555/234, 558/50, 559/145, 562/153.
Leete, John, of Islington,560/200.
Lered [Leared]
-, John, of Brentford,560/172, 563/104.
-, Thomas, of Holborn,555/234, 558/50, 559/145, 562/153, 563/104, 121.
Lidgould, Henry, of Ashford,560/172.
Littleboy, Jeremiah, of Finchley,563/104.
Lloyd, John, of Fulham,559/145.
Lovell, Abraham, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Lowde, William, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Lynger, Nicholas, of Clerkenwell,560/200.
(fn. 2) Marshall, Thomas, of Shoreditch,559/175.
(fn. 3) Marshe, Francis, of Islington,560/200.
-, William, the younger, of Willesden,560/172.
(fn. 4) Marvine, William, of St. John Street,560/200.
Mason, Simon, of Westminster,555/274.
Maunder, Nicholas, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Medcalfe, Henry, of Old Street,563/104, 121.
Medwin, Peter, of Westminster,555/274.
Michell, John, of St. John Street,559/145.
Miller, Geoffrey, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, John, of Islington, gentleman,559/145, 560/172.
(fn. 4) Millman, Roger, of St. John Street,560/200.
Moggeridge, John, of Holborn,554/9.
Montague, William, of Westminster,555/274.
Morgan, Richard, of St. John Street,555/234.
(fn. 4) Morris, Henry, of St. John Street,560/200.
Motteram, William, of the Strand,558/50, 562/153.
Mould, John, of Spitalfields,559/175.
Mullerd, David, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Munter, Henry, of East Smithfield,555/234.
Nashe, Edward, of Holborn,554/9.
Newberry, William, of Uxbridge,563/104.
Newey, Nicholas, of Westminster,555/274.
Newman, Thomas, of Enfield,560/172, 562/153.
Nicholls [Niccoll]
-, Alban, of Shoreditch, gentleman,559/175.
-, Edward, of Highwood Hill,560/172.
-, John, of Dole Street,560/172.
-, -, of Finchley,562/153.
-, -, of Hackney,555/234.
-, Randall, of Lower Hale,560/172.
-, Richard, of Miles Pitt,559/145, 560/172.
Norton, John, of Westminster,555/274.
Ostler, John, of Holloway,559/175.
Parke, Daniel, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, Francis, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Parsons, Alan, of Hendon,560/172.
-, Richard, of St. John Street,560/200.
Peirson, Benjamin, of Islington,560/200.
-, Robert, of Islington,560/200.
-, -, of Hoxton,559/175.
-, William, of Westminster,555/274.
Pennell, Gabriel, of Islington,559/145, 560/172, 563/104, 121.
Pennyngton, William, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Phillips, Lawrence, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
-, Richard, of Old Street,563/104, 121.
Pie, Henry, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Pigg, Richard, of Ashford,560/172.
Pitt [Pyttes]
-, John, of Holborn,562/153.
-, Richard, of Islington,560/200.
Pollard, Miles, of Islington,560/200.
Pollett, Edward, of Willesden,560/172.
-, John, of Willesden,559/145, 560/172.
Poole, Valentine, of Old Ford,555/234.
Powell, Thomas, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Pratte, Thomas, of Old Street,560/200.
Prentice, James, of Westminster,555/274.
Puller, Richard, of Norton Folgate,559/175.
Pulleyn, Thomas, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Pyttes, see Pitt.
Randolphe, Edward, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Raphe, Thomas, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Rathborne, John, of Holborn,554/169.
Reeve, William, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Reynoldes, Thomas, of High Holborn,560/200.
Rhettoricke, Walter, of Holborn,554/9.
Rice, John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Richardson, John, of Brentford,563/104.
(fn. 5) -, Leonard, of St. John Street,560/200.
-, William, of Holborn,554/6, 169.
Richman, John, of Holborn,554/169.
Rilie, John, of Norton Folgate,559/175.
Roberts, John, of Norton Folgate,559/175.
Rolfe, John, of Finchley,563/104, 121.
(fn. 5) Rudd, Andrew, of St. John Street,560/200.
Samway, Joseph, of Westminster,555/274.
Saunderson, Thomas, of Islington, gentleman,559/145.
Shawe, George, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
-, John, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
(fn. 5) -, William, of St. John Street,560/200.
Sheppard, Nicholas, of Field Lane,562/153.
Shercrofte, William, of Walham Green, Fulham,560/172, 562/153.
Simper, John, of Islington,560/200.
Simpson, Thomas, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Smyth, George, of Islington,555/234, 563/104, 121.
-, Richard, of Clerkenwell,560/200.
-, -, of Holborn,554/9.
-, William, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, -, of Edmonton,560/172.
-, -, of Shoreditch,559/175.
Startupp, Nicholas, of Whitechapel,555/234.
Staynrodd, Gervase, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Stedman, Thomas, of Westminster,558/50.
Stony, John, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Stubbe [Stubbes]
-, John, of Westminster,559/145, 560/172.
-, of Drury Lane,555/50, 562/153.
Symonds, Francis, of Hoxton,559/175.
-, Robert, of Fulham,558/50, 560/172, 562/153.
Tallis, Philip, of Norwood,563/104, 121.
Taylor, Anthony, of Hornsey,559/145, 563/104, 121.
Thicknes, Edward, of Westminster,558/50.
Thorey, Nathan, of East Smithfield,563/129.
Thornton, John, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,558/50.
Tito, Silas, of Field Lane,559/145, 562/153.
Trapps, George, of Clerkenwell,555/234.
Twyford, Robert, of Willesden,560/172.
Veare, Nicholas, of Shoreditch,559/175.
Vincent, Humphrey, of Northall,559/145, 560/172.
-, William, of Willesden,559/145.
Walmsley, Thomas, of Holborn,554/9, 169.
Walsall, Thomas, Sheriff's bailiff,555/274.
Walton, William, of Stanwell,560/172.
Wardour, Nicholas, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Warner, Thomas, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Wase [Wasse], Jasper, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,558/50, 560/172.
Waterworthe, John, of Islington, gentleman,560/200.
Watson, Peter, of St. John Street,560/200.
Watts, William, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Wells, John, of Shoreditch,559/175.
West, John, of Westminster,555/274.
Westcott, Gregory, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,555/274.
Whiles, see Wild.
White, William, of Shire Lane,562/153.
Whitehead, John, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
Wickham, Thomas, of Islington,559/145, 560/172.
Wild [Whiles, Wyles]
-, John, of Chancery Lane,558/69.
-, -, of Edmonton,558/50, 560/172, 562/153.
Willson, John, of St. John Street560/200.
Worsam, Richard, of Hoxton,559/175.
Wyles, see Wild.
(fn. 6) Yorke, William, of St. John Street,
Zacharye, Thomas, of St. John Street,560/200.


Adames, Elizabeth,558/49.
Allen, Joan,560/71.
Bromfeild, Ann,560/171.
Burrell, Mary,560/171.
Cale, Ann,558/49.
Carpenter, Sarah,560/171.
Craford, Rebecca,558/49.
Fitzwaters, Katherine,558/49.
Goad, Joan,560/171.
Greene, Mary,558/49.
Harding, Mary,558/49.
Martin, Elizabeth,558/49.
Munn, Eleanor,558/49.
Mynas, Alice,560/171.
Pittman, Margaret,558/49.
Prestwood, Elizabeth,558/49.
Pulliard, Margaret,560/171.
Rudd, Dorothy,560/171.
Sherwood, Hester,560/171.
Smyth, Joan,558/49.
Sparowhawk, Margaret,558/49.
Story, Ann,560/171.
Sturdy, Mary,560/171.
Wood, Dorothy,560/171.


1 Excused because on military service.
2 Excused because on military service.
3 Excused because on the Jury of Annoyances.
4 Excused because on military service.
5 Excused because on military service.
6 Excused because on military service.