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March 1687, 1-5


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'Entry Book: March 1687, 1-5', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8: 1685-1689 (1923), pp. 1230-1243. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82587 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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March 1687, 1-5

Mar 1.Same to same for a same for the respective allowances and salaries as follows to the officers and ministers attending the service of the Commission now in being under the great seal of England of Jan. 12 last for Ecclesiastical Causes and Affairs, viz.: 400l. per an. to the Register for his own pains and service and for pens, ink, paper and other incidents; 100l. per an. to the two clerks; 40l. per an. to the messenger; 20l. per an. to the Chamber keeper; 100l. per an. to the King's Advocate; and 40l. per an. to the Proctor; making 700l. per an. in all, to commence from 1686, June 24. Hereon 350l. is hereby to be issued for half a year to Christmas last. And henceforth said 700l. per an. is to be issued by quarterly payments during pleasure to William Bridgman [the Register thereof] or to the Register for the time being for said purposes. All the said issues to be without imprest or accompt.Ibid, pp. 37–8.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a pardon to Michael Levy, merchant, of all his [Customs] crimes and offences against the Customs Acts of 12 Car. II, c. 4 and 19, and 14 Car. II, c. II (and the revival thereof in 1 James II, c. I), and against the Navigation Acts of 12 Car. II, c. 18, and 22–3 Car. II, c. 7.Ibid, p. 39.
Same to the Attorney General for a privy seal to discharge the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due to the King from the heirs etc. of Sir Griffith Williams, late of Penrhyn, co. Carnarvon, deceased. (Treasury warrant to the Receipt accordingly, dated April 14 hereon.)Ibid, pp. 39–40. Money Book VIII, p. 108.
Mar. 1.Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a demise to the Treasury Lords (John, Lord Belasyse, Sidney, Lord Godolphin, Henry, Lord Dover, Sir John Ernle and Sir Stephen Fox) of the profits of the Writs of Covenant and Writs of Entre arising upon compositions made in the Office of Alienations; for the term of seven years if they, or any three of them, continue so long to be Commissioners of the Treasury: to hold at the rents of 1,346l. 12s. 0d. per an. for the Writs of Covenant and 200l. per an. for the Writs of Entre "to be paid termly into the Hanaper and the overplus of the said profits to be paid into the Exchequer."King's Warrant Book XII, p. 40.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for the annuity or pension of 400l. to James Porter as one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber: to be payable quarterly during pleasure and hereon 100l. to be forthwith paid for 1686, Christmas quarter; all without imprest or account.Ibid, pp. 40–1.
Same to same for a same for allowing in Edward Backwell's account of the Dunkirk rendition money the 1,000l. which he paid to George Kirke; it appearing by the report of Auditor Thomas Done of Jan. 17 last that a tally was levied at the Receipt 1661–2, Mar. 5, for 1,000l. upon Edward, late Earl of Sandwich, to be paid to George Kirke out of the money which was received by said Earl in part of Queen Katherine's dowry, and that said sum not being paid by said Earl of Sandwich it was directed by Charles II to be paid out of the Dunkirk rendition money which was received by said Backwell; and afterwards Thomas, late Earl of Southampton, and Treasurer of England, by warrant dated 1663, April 28, ordered that said tally should be voided and a new one struck on Backwell for said sum to be paid out of said rendition money; but notwithstanding said warrant the said tally has not been changed accordingly; and John Backwell, son and heir of the said Edward, is now upon his accounts of said rendition money and craves allowance of said 1,000l. so paid by said Edward Backwell to George Kirke, which is just and reasonable. The said sum is hereby to be allowed and the said tally and Treasurer Southampton's warrant are to remain with the vouchers of the rendition accompt and are not to be allowed upon any other account whatsoever.Ibid, pp. 41–3.
Further, the said Treasurer Southampton did by warrant to the said Edward Backwell and the Lieutenant of the Tower and the officers of the Mint order a chest of silver (part of the said Dunkirk rendition money) to be delivered to Sir Charles Berkley, on the credit whereof he was to raise 1,000l. for Charles II's Privy Purse, and the said Backwell advanced the said sum and had said chest deposited in his custody for security ("as appears by a receipt upon the said warrant signed by James Bridgman on behalf of the said Sir Charles Berkley"). It is hereby ordered that said 1,000l. so paid by Backwell to Berkley be allowed and discharged in his said account now passing as above.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, his executors and assigns, of all mines of gold and silver and royal mines whatsoever and of all mines of lead, tin, copper and other mines of what nature or kind soever; and of all mines, minerals or veins of saltpeter and of all earths, soils or ground for the making of saltpeter; and all mineral earths, stones and salts whatsoever, whether already opened or discovered or not, "within all and every our Plantations or Colonies in America (our Colonies of New England, Virginia and all parts northward of our Colony of Carolina only excepted): with free liberty etc. to him, his agents or nominees to search for, dig, open etc., and to take the gold, silver, lead, tin ore, saltpetre etc.; and to make mouths, drains, levels etc.; "as largely as is in our power to grant such licence or authority": all to hold for 51 years from date of the grant as herein: he yielding to the Crown a 6th part of the net proceed of the gold and silver and a sixth part of the said saltpetre (this latter to be hereby paid into the stores of the Office of Ordnance) and a tenth part of the net profit of all lead, tin, copper, minerals or other the premises as above. He to covenant to keep fair accounts in writing and to suffer same to be inspected as the Treasury Lords shall direct. All other persons to be prohibited from doing anything in prejudice of this grant. Further, if any of the leases heretofore made of mines or minerals within any of the said Colonies or Plantations (except before excepted) shall by reason of the non-working of them become void or voidable, in every such case the said Duke or his assigns etc. may enter upon such mines and minerals and enjoy and work same during the residue of his term as herein. The said Duke or his assigns or agents are to open and work some mine or mines within each of the said respective Colonies or Plantations within three years of the date of the grant as herein and shall produce some profit to the Crown thereout, otherwise the grant as herein is to determine for such Colony or Plantations where no such mines or minerals be worked or profit produced to the Crown.Ibid, pp. 43–5.
Mar. 1.Royal warrant to Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster General of the Forces, to apply to the use of the Royal Hospital near Chelsea the moneys arising by the one of the two thirds of the deductions of 12d. per £ on payments to the Forces (which in the Army establishment commencing 1685–6, Jan. 1, was directed to be applied as to a third thereof for Exchequer fees and as to the other two thirds thereof to the said Hospital or to the payment of the establishment of the Forces as the King should from time to time direct), viz. for the two years from 1685–6, Jan. 1, to 1687, Dec. 31. The remaining one third for the like period is hereby to be applied towards lessening the charge upon the establishment of the Forces. And the Auditors of Imprests are hereby to charge the same upon the respective accompts in said Paymaster's [yearly] accompts accordingly.King's Warrant Book XII, p. 46.
Same to the Attorney General to enter satisfaction upon record of the judgment passed at the general Sessions of the Peace held for co. Middlesex at Hicks Hall 1685, June 2, when Charles Wells, alias Brookes, of St. Martin's in the Fields, labourer, was convicted of a misdemeanour for deceiving John Gandee of divers goods and chattels upon false pretences and thereupon fined 100 marks and committed to Newgate; the said Wells having lain in prison almost two years and is in a low condition and unable to pay any part of the fine and has a wife and three children, wherefore he is a fit object of mercy.Ibid, p. 47.
Mar. 1.Two royal sign manuals for respectively 1,033l. 11s. 0d. and 1,000l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without accompt: to be issued on the 20,000l. privy seal dormant of Feb. 23 ult. (Two money warrants dated Mar. 3 hereon. Two money orders dated Mar. 4 hereon.)King's Warrant Book XII, p. 47. Money Book VIII, p. 70. Order Book II, p. 37.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for the fee or salary of 52l. per an. to Ellis Lloyd, gent., as one of the King's waiters, London port; the said office having been granted him for life 1675–6, Mar. 27, and he having surrendered same by deed dated 1686–7, Feb. 28, with all arrears thereon. Same is hereby to be payable quarterly during pleasure and 104l. is hereby to be forthwith paid for two years thereon to Christmas last. (Treasury warrant dated Mar. 10 hereon for said 104l. with dormant clause for said salary in future.) (Henry Guy, dated Mar. 10, to the Customs Cashier to pay said sum and to pay said salary quarterly.)King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 48–9. Money Book VIII, p. 76. Disposition Book VI, p. 31.
Same to the Treasury Lords to give warrant to the Receiver of Crown Revenues, co. Kent, to pay quarterly during pleasure to Capt. Gabriell Hopkins such moneys as are grown due from 1685, Lady day, and as shall hereafter from time to time grow due on his pension of 14l. 0s. 6d. per an.: Charles II having by warrant under his signet and sign manual dated 1661, April 25, in consideration of said Hopkins's services towards the Restoration, directed that he should be put into the same conditions with those officers who were called Coldstreamers; in pursuance whereof the late Treasury Lords by warrant dated 1680–1, Feb. 15, directed that there should be apportioned and allotted to him the yearly rents of 13l. 0s. 6d. arising out of lands belonging to the Maison dieu of Dover and of 20s. per an. arising out of 20 acres of land called Wardclose, near the Castle of Dover: and it appears by the certificate of Auditor John Shales dated Nov. 27 last, that said Hopkins has received same to 1685, Lady day, the grant then determining by the death of Charles II. His present Majesty is pleased to continue same hereby in consideration of said Hopkins' services as above and for his relief and sustenance in his old age. (Treasury warrant dated Mar. 10 hereon accordingly to the Receiver of Crown Revenues for co. Kent to so pay same.)King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 50–1. Money Book VIII, p. 76.
Money warrant for 1,183l. 14s. 6d. to Andrew Lawrence, Surveyor of all the King's ways etc. for as much due to him on his account, stated 1684–5, Mar. 3, of moneys imprested to him for repairing and making sundry of his Majesty's private highways and passages, gates and bridges between London and his Majesty's houses of access and other places and for locks and keys for the said gates and for keeping said private ways in repair: all from 1681, Oct. 3, to 1684, Oct. 22. (Money order dated Mar. 1 hereon.)Money Book VIII, p. 66. Order Book II, p. 32.
Same for 106l. to Sir John Lytcott for 53 days, Jan. 2 last to Feb. 24 last, on his ordinary of 40s. a day as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to Rome [being up to the time of his succeeding appointment as Agent at Rome]. (Money order dated Mar. 1 hereon.)Money Book VIII, p. 67. Order Book II, p. 31.
Mar. 1.Treasury order for the execution of a warrant of Jan. 3 last, ut supra, p. 1118, for 410l. 13s. 9d. to Dr. Thomas Lawrence.Money Book VIII, p. 68.
Money warrant for 323l. 16s. 4d. to Charles Toll for 6 per cent. interest on several sums of money by him lent for the service of the late King; as by an account thereof made up to Jan. 1 last by Auditor Aldworth and allowed by the Treasury Lords Feb. 23 last. (Money order dated Mar. 5 hereon.)Ibid, p. 69. Order Book II, p. 37.
Henry Guy to Mr. Hewer. On your report the Treasury Lords desire you to advance 40l. to Geo. Hull "and to repay yourself out of the first money that is put into your hands for payment of Tangier arrears."Disposition Book VI, p. 25.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt for a certificate what money has been paid into the Exchequer of the profits of the Archbishopric of York sede vacante.Ibid.
Same to same to pay as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer: viz.:Ibid, pp. 26–7
Out of the Customs.
to the Treasurer of the Navy on account of 400,000l. for the [Naval service] for the year commencing at Lady day last3,00000
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces4,00000
to me [Guy] for secret service40000
to Sir John Lytcott as Secretary at Rome10600
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for the ordinary of the Ordnance75000
Out of the imposition on wine and vinegar.
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance [for ditto]1,25000
Out of loans on the Linen and Tobacco Duties.
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces5,00000
Out of the Excise.
to the Treasurer of the Navy on the 400,000l. as above4,00000
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces6,00000
to me [Guy] for secret service1,00000
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse50000
to the Treasurer of the Chamber for messengers in part of their bills40000
to Sir John Lytcott for three months' advance of ordinary [as Agent at Rome]27300
Out of Post Office money.
to Sir Hugh Tint, by Mr. Guy, for secret service30000
to the Treasurer of the Chamber for messengers43546
to me [Guy] for secret service64156
Out of Hearthmoney.
to the Cofferer of the Household2,00000
to [William] Tho[mas], Paymaster of the Gentlemen Pensioners, for their quarter due at Christmas [last]1,50000
to Visct. Preston for the Great Wardrobe1,00000
to the Treasurer of the Chamber1,00000
to Mr. Plott56500
to the Treasurer of the Navy for a bill of exchange from Leghorn38136
to ditto for a bill of exchange from the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica1860
to me [Guy] for secret service25000
to Visct. Preston, due to him as Envoy in France24800
to me [Guy] for secret service (for Mr. Benyon, for half a year's salary)15000
(Same, dated same, respectively to the Customs Cashier and to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney, enclosing the papers of disposition of the cash of those branches of the revenue for the present week; said paper including only the above five Customs items, six Excise items and nine Hearthmoney items.)
(Same, dated Mar. 2, to Mr. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay the above 1,835l. 4s. 6d. as follows, viz., 1,000l. for the ordinary establishment of the Office of the Chamber for the quarter ended at Christmas last; and 835l. 4s. 6d. [sic] for the messengers on their bills "according to such list as you shall receive.")
Mar. 1.Treasury order for the execution of a money order of 1685–6, Mar. 19 [sic for Mar. 9] for 565l. to Thomas Plott, ut supra, p. 616 [where the date of the privy seal should be given as Jan. 27, not Feb. 27].Order Book II, p. 32.
Henry Guy to the Earl of Rochester. Please direct Mr. Gwyn to send me the book wherein the affairs relating to Ireland are entered; because the Treasury Lords would see the directions that were given about settling the method of accounts in that kingdom.Out Letters (General) XI, p. 47.
Same to Sir Jno. Buckworth, Mr. Duncombe and Mr. Hoare [late Mint Commissioners] to report on Mr. Palmer's letter enclosed [missing] concerning tin.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Sanson [Secretary to the Customs Commissioners]. In the said Commissioners' report of yesterday on Mr. Carter's petition touching wool they mention a draft of a proclamation annexed thereto. Send me this draft.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on (a) infra.Ibid.
Appending: (a) paper concerning the officers of the Customs warehouse, London port. When Mr. Clarke was surveyor of the warehouse he had a salary of 200l. per an., 100l. per an. additional salary and 50l. to breed a clerk; and John Lodge, assistant, had 40l. per an.; in all 390l. per an. Now Mr. Lodge is surveyor of same he has 200l. per an. for salary and to breed a clerk; and Benj. Clarke, his assistant, has 80l. per an.; or 280l. in all. Mr. Clark is to be surveyor of same at 200l. per an. salary, 50l. per an. to breed a clerk and 300l. per an. pension, Query: What are Mr. Lodge and Mr. Benjamin Clark to have?
Mar. 1.Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to deliver, Customs free, an old chariot belonging to the Duke of St. Albans and arrived from Rouen in the ship Mary and Margaret, Robert Tindall master.Out Letters (General) XI, p. 48.
Same to the Governor and Company of Merchant Adventurers. Send to my Lords your objections if any, to the enclosed draft proclamation [missing] presented by the Customs Commissioners for the encouragement of persons preventing the exportation of wool etc.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Marriot, Auditor of South Wales. The Treasury Lords have received the King's pleasure for the despatch of a conveyance of all the Duchy [of Lancaster] lands to bring them under the survey of the Exchequer. Mr. Lowndes, one of my clerks, is to confer with you about the true descriptions of such of the said lands as lie in the south parts of the said Duchy [sic for Principality of Wales]. Shew him such books and particulars and give him such help as may enable him to make a true description of those lands, to be inserted in said conveyance. (The like letter to Mr. Fanshaw, Auditor of North Wales.)Ibid.
Same to Mr. Griffin [Treasurer of the Chamber], enclosing a petition [missing] of Richard Sayers with a report [missing] from Mr. Toll et al. thereon concerning the pay due to said Sayers as a pensionary Yeoman of the Guard. Prepare a warrant for his half pay in the same manner as lately done for others his fellows pursuant to the order in Council.Ibid, p. 49.
Treasury warrant to Brook Bridges and Thomas Done, Auditors of Imprests, to charge Charles Fox, late Paymaster of the Forces, in his account for the Forces to 1685, Dec. 13, with 486l. 5s. 8d. which he has or ought to have deducted from the pay of the Forces for bread and other necessaries for the Forces on Hounslow Heath delivered to them in the year 1685 by Jno. Shales, Commissary General for Provisions.Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 19.
Same to the King's Remembrancer and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer to respite all further proceedings against Tho. Bransby, John Knivett, John Green, Henry Shelton and Sir Francis Guybon, late sheriffs of co. Norfolk, on the directions issued by the late Treasurer Rochester July 16 last on the petition of Samuell Verdon for enquiring of all debts nichilled or parcelled in their accounts, ut supra, p. 840: all by reason that Miles Baispool, gent., undersheriff to four of the said sheriffs, has prayed for the commission therein to be superseded, being unduly executed; which matter the Treasury Lords did refer to the Lord Chief Baron.Ibid, p. 23.
The Treasury Lords to Mr. Price [Receiver General, Ireland]. We have received your account of the debts charged on the poundage moneys which you deduct from the issues of money in Ireland. You make the King debtor in 6,146l. 4s. 1¾d. for interest at 10 per cent. from 1683, June 2, to 1686, Dec. 25, computed on 17,440l., "being the aggregate of the sum which you advanced and of the exchange thereof." On the other side you do not give the King credit by the like interest of moneys which you have from time to time received towards payment of said 17,440l. by deduction of the said poundage moneys. Please rectify this error in a new account of the said debts and poundage moneys.Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 15.
Also in a distinct account you are to charge yourself with the poundage of all the moneys which have been paid or issued by you in each quarter and to discharge yourself of so much of the said poundage as has been remitted or given [granted] by particular orders "that so it may appear whether the sum of 20,170l. 5s. 10¼d. mentioned in your said account be the whole that you have deducted or received."
Mar. 1.The Treasury Lords to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland. We have your letter of the 12th ult. with the two abstracts enclosed therein. We are glad to find such an improvement in the Customs for the last year. We will consider the abstracts further and write you again.Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 15.
Royal letter to the Lord Deputy of Ireland to direct the payment of 100l. to James Gay, now a Capt. of a Company of Foot in Col. Theodore Russell's Regiment in Ireland, as royal bounty in consideration of the wound received by him under the command of Col. Sackvill in the fight against the Moors, whereof he continues lame to this day, as was represented to the King by Elizabeth, said Gay's wife.Ibid, p. 16.
Mar. 2.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Michaell Peters for a landwaiter's place, London port, "his Majesty having promised him some employment in consideration of the petitioner's services in Flanders."Reference Book V, p. 35.
Same to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton of the petition of John Squibb, shewing that he has discovered a great part of the estate of Sir Sam. Barnadiston, so that a fine of 10,000l. imposed upon it is likely to be recovered: therefore praying such proportion of said fine as is usual in such cases.Ibid.
Mar. 3.Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a privy seal to discharge the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due from the heirs etc. of Sir Carr Scroop, late of Cockerington, co. Lincoln, for the baronetcy conferred on him by Charles II. (Treasury warrant dated Mar. 19 to the Receipt for tallies of discharge accordingly.)King's Warrant Book XII, p. 46. Money Book VIII, p. 88.
Royal sign manual for 1,314l. 15s. 6d. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 20,000l. privy seal dormant of Feb. 23 last. (Money warrant dated Mar. 5 hereon. Money order dated Mar. 7 hereon.)King's Warrant Book XII, p. 49. Money Book VIII, p. 71. Order Book I, p. 37.
Money warrant for 1,500l. to William Thomas for last Christmas quarter's allowance to the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners. (Money order dated Mar. 4 hereon.)Money Book VIII, p. 69. Order Book II, p. 37.
Mar. 3.Money warrant for 100l. to Henry, Duke of Newcastle, for one year to Christmas last on his fee as Chief Justice in Eyre beyond Trent.Money Book VIII, p. 70.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 50l. to the heirs of Col. Charles Fairefax, deceased, for half a year to Christmas last on his annuity or pension payable out of the Customs of Hull port. (Henry Guy to same, dated same, to the like effect.)Ibid, p. 70. Disposition Book VI, p. 27.
Same dormant to same to pay the fee or salary of 8l. per an. to Samuel de Paz, gent., as searcher of Ipswich port: and for payment of 4l. thereon for half a year to Christmas last. (Henry Guy to same, dated same, to the like effect.)Money Book VIII, p. 71. Disposition Book VI, p. 28.
Treasury order for the execution of a warrant of 1685, Dec. 12, ut supra, p. 484, for payment of the salary of 31l. 16s. 8d. per an. to John Butler and Richard Butler as Customer of Boston port. (The like letter ut supra.)Money Book VIII, p. 71. Disposition Book VI, p. 28.
Same for same of a same of 1686, July 7, ut supra, p. 796, for the salary of Nicho. Parke, gent., as a King's waiter, London port. (The like letter ut supra.)Money Book VIII, p. 73. Disposition Book VI, p. 28.
Same for same of a same of 1686, July 3, ut supra, p. 802, for the salary of Francis Godfrey as Customer of Lynn Regis port. (The like letter ut supra.)Money Book VIII, p. 73. Disposition Book VI, p. 29.
Same for same of a same of 1686, Nov. 2, ut supra, p. 975, for Rowland Thrupp's salary as Customer Inwards, Bristol port. (The like letter ut supra.)Money Book VIII, p. 74. Disposition Book VI, p. 28.
Same for same of the remainder of a money order of 1686, May 12, ut supra, p. 736, for 20,000l. to Edward Griffin as imprest for the office of Treasurer of the Chamber and as in full of 30,000l. for same by the privy seal of 1685–6, Jan. 30.Order Book II, pp. 34–5.
Appending: entry of the recordaturs of payments made upon said order, viz. 415l. 5s. 9d. by Teller Villiers 1686, July 15; 2,000l. by same Aug. 13; 2,000l. by Chudleigh, deputy to Teller Clifford, Aug. 19; 1,500l. by Teller Sir George Downing, Sept. 3; 659l. 11s. 11d. by Deputy Teller Chudleigh Sept. 9; 2,500l. by same Nov. 10; 1,500l. by Teller Villiers Nov. 17; 1,000l. by Teller Loving Nov. 24; 1,000l. by same Dec. 1; 994l. by Teller Downing 1686–7, Feb. 4; 150l. by same Feb. 12; 1,000l. by Teller Loving Feb. 23; the branches of the revenue out of which each payment is made being indicated in the respective letter of direction from the Auditor of the Receipt to the particular Teller in the case of each of the said sums separately.
To this list is appended two other such letters of direction which apparently had yet not been attended with issues, viz.: ? Mar. 2 to Teller Sir George Downing to pay a further 1,400l. in part hereof for messengers [of the Chamber], 400l. thereof out of Excise and 1,000l. out of Hearthmoney; Mar. 2 to Teller Villiers to pay a further 435l. 4s. 6d. in part for said messengers "out of the money for the messengers." (The total of these issues is not stated.)
[sic, probably erratum for Mar. 3].
Treasury order for the execution of [the remainder of] a money order of 1685–6, Mar. 17, for 10,000l. to Sir Robert Vyner, ut supra, pp. 583, 648.Order Book II, p. 36.
Appending: a note of the payments made hereon: viz.:
1686, Mar. 311,000
May 51,000
June 25500
Sept. 81,500
Dec. 11,000
Mar. 3.Henry Guy to Mr. Humphreys not to make or pass any debentures for payment of salaries or other allowances for the future out of the Crown revenue of Wales without warrant first had from the Treasury Lords.Out Letters (General) XI, p. 48.
Same to Visct. Preston. It is the King's pleasure that the liveries for the Warders of the Tower be not provided yet; and that the provisions for the Maundy be forthwith furnished.Ibid.
Same to Lord Chief Justice Herbert. I am told by Mr. Brent that you desire to have back the report made by you and the Judges of the King's Bench concerning the new grant of fines in that Court. I return it herewith by order of the Treasury Lords.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Fillingham et al. Agents for bringing in the Arrears of Taxes, to report on the enclosed papers [missing] concerning Mr. St. Michel and Mr. Blackborne after hearing them and Mr. Cooper and Mr. Gibson on the matter.Ibid, p. 49.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren to have forthwith repaired and mended the prison adjoining the lower gate of Windsor Castle in accordance with your estimate of 33l. made to the Duke of Norfolk upon the petition of the porter of the outward gate of said Castle.Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of David Lockwood and Edward Brooke, praying payment of 25l. and 10s. 6d. due to them respectively for the supply of Navy stores.Reference Book V, p. 37.
Treasury warrant to Auditor Thomas Tudor to deliver to Robert Humphrys, of the Inner Temple, gent. (who is at present executing the office of auditor of Crown revenues in Wales during the absence of Sir William Godolphin, kt.), all the books, records and writings belonging to the said office which are in your custody or power. Send an inventory thereof to the Treasury Lords.Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 23.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to supersede process against the heirs of Sir Carr Scroop, late of Cockerington, on his baronet fee of 1,095l.Ibid, p. 24.
[sic, probably erratum for Mar.] 3.
Same to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farm Rents to convey to John Smith several of the said rents in co. Oxford in lieu of, or as reprizal for, several such rents in cos. Surrey and Beds to the value of 4l. 7s. 9d. per an. [which were contracted for to be sold to him by said Trustees, but cannot be conveyed to him by reason of being doubly sold or non-discoverable or for other reason].Ibid.
Prefixing: certificate of said rents by Auditor J. Philips.
[sic, probably erratum for Mar.] 3.
The like for the conveyance to John Man of certain such fee farm rents in cos. Berks and Leicester and Richmond as in reprize for such rents in the Forest of Dean amounting to 28l. 14s. 0d. [per an. which have proved unconveyable, ut supra].Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 24.
Prefixing: certificate ut supra.
[sic, probably erratum for Mar.] 3.
The like for the conveyance to Joseph Hornby of certain such fee farm rents in cos. Warwick and Lincoln in reprize for such rents in cos. Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Oxford, Salop, Northampton and Leicester to the value of 12l. 6s. 4½d. per an. [which have proved unconveyable ut supra].Ibid, p. 25.
Prefixing: certificate ut supra.
[sic, probably erratum for Mar.] 3.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the seizure of the ship Phœnix, James Fookes master, lately (Dec. 30 last) arrived in Cowes port laden with tobacco from Virginia, manned with seven seamen whereof two were foreigners, he being obliged to hire said strangers for want of more English to be had at that time in Virginia: the Customs Commissioners having reported Jan. 27 last on said Fooke's petition that petitioner built said ship in Virginia; that of the two strangers one was a Dutchman left in Virginia by an English ship and the other was a Dutchman cast away in a Dutch ship at Caba Bona Esperanza from whence he got a passage to Barbados and thence to Virginia and walked 40 miles to where the Phœnix was and tendered his service for his passage; yet even so the ship was undermanned; that therefore petitioner is a fit object of favour.Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 19–20.
Mar. 3.Report to the Treasury Lords by William Blathwayt on Sir Rob. Robinson's petition, ut supra, p. 1229. By the King's instructions of Oct. 31 last to said Robinson the King allows him for his support in the government [of Barbados] 12 shares of land in those islands at the value of 60l. per an. and the profit arising by licences granted for the fishing of whales at the value of 100l. per an.; as also the sum of 240l. per an. to be received out of such part of his Majesty's revenue as the King should appoint "which [revenue] being not sufficient in the Barbados to defray this charge it was his Majesty's intention that the said 240l. per an. be paid here in England to make up the full salary of 400l. per an."Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, p. 225.
Mar. 4.Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of the Company of the Navy yacht, praying payment of the four years' wages due to them so that they may be capacitated to relieve their families; petitioners being unable to obtain payment without the Treasury Lords' favour.Reference Book V, p. 36.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Fran. Lund for a King's waiter's place, London port, loco Mr. Danvers. He is hereby to be presented if fit.Ibid.
Same to Richard Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of George Pepin shewing that the King lately signed a warrant for a pardon for him to prevent the malicious proceedings of several wicked people that prosecuted him to take away his life; that said pardon was stopped at the seal; "that he was discharged of his recognizance in Michaelmas term by the Attorney General's consent; that he attended at the last assizes and no indictment was preferred against him; yet by the continued malice of his persecutors is to be tried for his life the next assizes": therefore prays a noli prosequi.Ibid.
Mar. 4.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Luke Singleton for a landwaiter's place, London port; he being certified loyal and qualified.Reference Book V, p. 37.
Same to same of the petition of John Moore, a King's waiter, Bristol port, for payment of 63l. 15s. 0d. for 4¼ years to Christmas last on his salary.Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren of the petition of Kath. Barton shewing that the late King purchased Thurmond's Farm of her, near Winchester, to make a park, and the present King has declared "that he would have the said premises and bargain"; therefore praying that the leases and agreements may be perfected and executed.Ibid, p. 40.
Mar. 5.Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay William Dickinson 300l. for his services from Christmas last as a Customs Commissioner.Money Book VIII, p. 71.
Money warrant for 36l. 3s. 0d. to John Tooker, Receiver General for co. Somerset, of the last Six Months' Assessment, for his extraordinary care and pains in that service. (Money order dated Mar. 8 hereon.)Ibid, p. 73. Order Book II, p. 38.
Treasury warrant to Auditor William Aldworth to allow 7,520l. to Sir Hugh Cholmley, Jno. Twisden, Dr. in Phisick, Tho. Crispe, esq., et al. upon their account as late Farmers of the Alum Works, as in full of their cravings of 11,667l. 12s. 0d.: and likewise [to allow them] 1,500l. upon their assignment of the like sum with interest thereon owing to them from Dorothy Colvile: all as by the privy seal of Feb. 28 last, supra, pp. 1214–5.Money Book VIII, p. 75.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ Michael Peters as a landwaiter, London port, loco Small. Thompson, lately deceased.Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 32.
Daniel Spence as waiter and searcher at Oxford, in Ipswich port, loco John Gough, lately dismissed. Spence to have 10l. added to the established salary.
John Flitchcock as a boatman at Topsham in Exeter port loco Isaac Mountstephen, lately deceased. William Dudley as a tidesman, whitby port, loco William May, who has relinquished same.
John Greene as a weighing porter, London port, loco Edward Richardson, who declines same, being disabled by infirmity.
Robert Butler (an extraordinary watchman, London port) as a watchman in fee ibid. loco John Godfrey, lately deceased.
William Taylor as a noontender, London port, loco George Webster, lately deceased.
John Anthony as waiter and searcher at Whitstable in Faversham port loco Thomas Barber, lately removed to be a coastwaiter, London port.
Ralph Studd as a waterman, London port, loco John Flitchcock, lately dismissed.
John Dobson as a same ibid. loco John Pinfold, deceased.
The Customers of Hull to appoint a deputy to officiate for them as collector of Scarborough with an allowance of 20l. per an. from the King. (Vacated and replaced by a like warrant of 1687, April 7, save that his salary was to be made up of 10l. allowed by the King and 20l. [allowed by said Customers] "or their fees at Scarborough."
Humphery Davis, tidewaiter at Scarborough, to have 10l. per an. added to his salary of 10l. per an. "to encourage him in the King's service."
William Scriven to be established as a surveyor, waiter and searcher in Scarborough port, to keep a horse and to ride the coast northwards to Robin Hood's Bay at 40l. per an.
John Fiddis to be established as surveyor, waiter and searcher in Bridlington port, to keep a horse and ride the coast between Scarborough and Bridlington and along the coast of Holderness at 40l. per an. salary.
James Wilson (deputy at Bridlington to the Customers at Hull) to officiate as collector and surveyor at Bridlington with 10l. per an. from the King and 20l. per an. from the Customers of Hull or their [the said collectors'] whole fees at Bridlington.
Out of the 50l. per an. salary of the Collector of Grimsby there is to be 40l. per an. established upon a surveyor, waiter and searcher there to keep a horse and ride the coast to Ganthorpe on the east and the opposite coast of Hull. The remaining 10l. per an. to be allowed to a person deputed by the present officers at Hull to act for them at Grimsby and to have the fees at Grimsby.
Mar. 5.Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the seizure of the English built pink Isaac and Margaret of London, William Cranmer merchant owner, Martin Brewer of London master; said ship having sailed from London to Rotterdam about June last manned with all English; but at Rotterdam a vexatious arrest was brought against the ship by which the master was forced to discharge his company and when the suit was ended he hired another crew, all English, but when he was ready to sail for Rochelle three of them ran away and he was obliged to hire three foreigners in their places; and at Rochelle one of his Englishmen was drowned and on arrival at London he is seized for having one alien more than allowed by the Act of Navigation, and aliens' duty is demanded on her lading of wine and brandy: all which is confirmed by a report of the Customs Commissioners of Feb. 19 last. The ship is to be discharged and the aliens' duty deposited is to be restored.Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 20–22.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to forbear process till next Easter term against John Langley on his accounts as late Receiver of Recusants Forfeitures for co. Gloucester et al.Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 24.
Same to same to deliver to Sir Hugh Cholmeley his surety bonds of 500l. as surety for Tho. Lemmon (Lemmons) as Receiver of Recusants' estates within the city of London and county of Middlesex; by reason that the said Lemmon never had any commission for said place (said commission having been taken out but not enrolled before the Clerk of the Pipe) nor received from the sheriffs one penny upon that account.Ibid, p. 31.
Mar. 5.The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland. The salary of William Dickinson as a Revenue Commissioner, Ireland (as by the royal sign manual of Feb. 17 last, supra, p. 1208), is only to be paid him from Lady day next; the King having directed him a quarter's salary to Lady day next as a Customs Commissioner, England.Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 16.