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March 1687, 21-31


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'Entry Book: March 1687, 21-31', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8: 1685-1689 (1923), pp. 1271-1280. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82590 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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March 1687, 21-31

Mar. 21.Money warrant for 500l. to Robert Squibb, junr., as imprest for the redemption of English captives and for incidents thereto relating: to be issued as by the privy seal of 1685, April 30, upon any sum not exceeding 6,731l. 13s. 4d. (Money order dated Mar. 21 hereon.)Money Book VIII, p. 88. Order Book II, p. 46.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay to the Mayor, Aldermen and burgesses of Kingstonupon-Hull 36l. for two years to 1686, Sept. 29, on the annuity or yearly sum of 18l. granted in a clause in their charter of 1685, July 10, for the support and maintenance of the banks and jetties from a certain place called Southend Jetty to another place commonly called Northbridge [in said port of Hull], same being thereby payable out of the Customs of said port: together with a dormant clause for payment of same from time to time in future as it grows due. (Henry Guy to same, dated same, to the like effect.)Money Book VIII, p. 89. Disposition Book VI, p. 37. King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 66–8.
(An extract out of the said charter to said borough, dated 1685, July 10, containing the said clause of grant of said annuity.)
Treasury order for the execution of a dormant warrant of 1686, May 19, ut supra, p. 749, for the 30,000l. per an. to the Prince and Princess of Denmark and the payment thereon as therein.Money Book VIII, p. 89.
Money warrant for 200l. to the executors of Nicholas Tettersell for two years to 1686, Michaelmas, on his pension as by the privy seal of the 17th inst. supra, p. 1266. (Money order dated Mar. 22 hereon.)Ibid, p. 90. Order Book II, p. 47.
same for 75l. to Charles Gifford for last Christmas quarter on his annuity or pension.Money Book VIII, p. 90.
Henry Guy to Mr. Hewer to adjust with the Auditors of Imprests the cravings of allowances in the account of Col. Peircy Kirke as late Governor of Tangier.Out Letters (General) XI, p. 59.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me [Guy] for secret service 453l. 6s. 8d. out of the 400l. paid into the Exchequer by Mr. Levy and the 53l. 6s. 8d. paid in by Mr. Penn for the King's part of the forfeitures of a ship.Disposition Book VI, p. 37.
Same to same to pay (out of the moneys of the revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall) 202l. 0s. 2d. to Philip Burton for Crown Law costs. (Same to said Burton to pay same to Shadrack Vincent according to the warrant of the 15th inst. supra, p. 1263, and clear of all fees.)Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Stackhouse, gent., for a landwaiter's place in the Customs, he having been bred a merchant and been loyal in the worst of times.Reference Book V, p. 46.
Mar. 21.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Talbott, ut supra, p. 1225, and the Attorney General's report thereon.Reference Book V, p. 46.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests, the Remembrancer and Receiver of First Fruits and Tenths and to Bartholomew Fillingham, Tho. Hall, William Lowndes and Philip Ryley of the petition and order in Council as follows.Ibid, p. 47.
Prefixing: order of the King in Council, dated Whitehall, Mar. 4 inst., referring to the Treasury Lords the petition of certain ministers in co. Lincoln [and] Lindsey, setting forth that the many and great arrears of Tenths due to the King out of their livings have accrued chiefly through the default of their predecessors and are now risen to a burden insupportable with their small incomes: therefore praying exemption and relaxation in the premises. Together with: a schedule [missing] of the yearly value of their livings.
Same to the Attorney General of the proposals of Sir Charles Carny and Capt. Fountain for the speedy raising a considerable sum of money by way of composition to be made by his Majesty for rights and revenues belonging to the Crown whereof he [the King] neither hath at present nor is like to have any benefit without great controversy.Ibid, p. 48.
Treasury order for the execution of a money warrant of 1686, Nov. 22, ut supra, p. 1014, for 160l. to Sir Joseph Williamson.Money Book VIII, p. 91.
[?]The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland. We received your letter of the 12th inst. and have represented to the King your intention to stop the payment of the warrants issued by the Earl of Clarendon till you are better acquainted with the number and nature of them and can have a better prospect of being able to pay the Army their three months' entertainment due at the latter end of this month. The King approves of such stoppage till the Army be so paid.Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 19.
Mar. 22.Four royal sign manuals for respectively 2,700l., 400l., 1,500l. and 1,004l. 16s. 0d. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 20,000l. privy seal dormant of Feb. 23 last. (Four money warrants dated Mar. 24 [sic erratum for Mar. 22] hereon, the last item being incorrectly stated as 2,004l. 16s. 0d.) (Four money orders dated Mar. 23 hereon.)King's Warrant Book XII, p. 69. Money Book VIII, p. 92. Order Book II, p. 47.
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to determine and make void the great seal of 1685, Sept. 13, which granted to Charles Osborne, esq., the office of Surveyor General of the Customs with the salary of 1,000 marks per an. and all fees etc.: the Customs Commissioners having represented that the said office is unnecessary and chargeable.King's Warrant Book XII, p. 69.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for the payment to Edward Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, of sums not exceeding [in all] 100,000l.: as imprest for the service of the Office of the Chamber.Ibid, p. 70.
Mar. 22.Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a privy seal for a full pardon, release and discharge of the debt of 22,500l. 15s. 6d. owing to the Crown by Sir James Bagg as Collector of the New Impost, which debt was in truth pardoned by the Act of Indemnity in 1662; and when his son James Bagg set on foot the King's interest with design to defraud Sir Tho. Wolstenholme, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. VII, p. 1214, VIII, pp. 742, 793, his present Majesty did direct the Attorney General to acknowledge satisfaction on record of the said debt which is done accordingly, but the said Wolstenholme has desired the present privy seal in order to avoid all disputes about the said debt.King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 70–1.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a same for the payment out of the revenue of the castle and honor of Windsor of 20l. per an. to Sir Theophilus Oglethorp, kt., Keeper of the Walk called New Lodge [Walk] in Cranborne within Windsor Forest, for the wages of the underkeeper thereof, together with the arrears thereon from 1684, Sept. 29; and 25l. per an. to William Clerke, who executes the office of woodward within the lordships of Cookham and Bray or to the woodward thereof for the time being, and one year thereon from 1686, Lady day to be paid forthwith to said Clerke; and 30l. per an. to said Clerke as Keeper of Bigshott Rayles in said Forest, to provide hay for the deer there, and hereon 30l. to be paid forthwith for the year now past: all the said payments to be without accompt.Ibid, pp. 72–3.
Same to the Treasury Lords to issue their warrant for marking and felling 2,000l. worth of defective oaks and birches, unfit for the Navy, in Sherwood Forest: the receipts to be paid into the Exchequer and the whole to be accounted for before the auditor for co. Notts before the end of Michaelmas term next. (Treasury warrant dated Mar. 23 hereon accordingly to Edward, Visct. Latimer, Lord Warden of said Forest; Darcy Molyneux, esq., sheriff of co. Notts; Sir William Stanhope, kt.; John Millington, esq., Serjeant at Law and Steward of the Courts in said forest; Thomas Corbyn, esq., Surveyor General of Woods, Trent North; Charles Stanhope; John Digby; Thomas Markham; John Moore; and John Truman, esqrs.)Ibid, p. 73. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, pp. 41–2.
Same to the Attorney General for a privy seal to discharge the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Cleve More of More Hall, co. Lancs., for the baronetcy conferred on his father, Sir Edward More, by Charles II. (Treasury warrant, dated April 11, to the Receipt hereon for tallies of discharge accordingly.)King's Warrant Book XII, p. 74. Money Book VIII, p. 112.
Money warrant for 219l. 3s. 4d. to William Carter, without account, in reward for his extraordinary charges in seizing and condemning divers parcels of wool intended to be transported and [the] vessels exporting the same: to be issued out of [the Exchequer item of] goods seized. (Money order dated Mar. 22 hereon.)Money Book VIII, p. 91. Order Book II, p. 47.
Mar. 22.Money warrant for 350l. to William Bridgman for half a year to Christmas last on the allowances and salaries to himself and other the officers and ministers attending the Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes. (Money order dated Mar. 23 hereon.)Money Book VIII, p. 91. Order Book II, p. 47.
Same for 125l. to Richard Le Bas for 1¼ years to Christmas last on his fee as Marshal of the Ceremonies.Money Book VIII, p. 91.
Same for 91l. 13s. 4d. to Charles (now Sir Charles) Cotterell for three quarters to Christmas last on his fee of 6s. 8d. as Assistant to his father, Sir Charles Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies.Ibid, p. 92.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me for secret service the 2,700l. which will be speedily paid into the Exchequer by Mr. Heron.Disposition Book VI, p. 38.
Same to same to issue 5,000l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance by way of advance out of the money paid in by Col. Whitley: same is to be applied for the new fortifications. The Treasury Lords will repay this money again [to the fund for which Col. Whitley's money is intended] out of some other branches of the revenue.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Duncombe [Cashier of Excise] to pay out of Excise money on Wednesday week, the 30th inst., 1,500l. to Felix Calvert; and to take in from said Calvert a tally for that sum. Insert this sum in the Excise weekly certificate the week after Easter.Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.:
Out of the Customs.
to the Treasurer of the Navy on the Navy's weekly money on account of 400,000l. for the year['s naval service] beginning Lady day last5,00000
to ditto for the creditors of the Navy: second payment1,00000
to ditto for the Navy yacht in part of wages4221610
to ditto for the Fubbs yacht in part of wages70018
to ditto for one quarter to the late Commissioners of the Admiralty1,75000
to ditto for Mr. Pearse for Sick and Wounded62124
to the Privy Purse2,00000
to Mr. Bridgeman for the Ecclesiastical Commission35000
to Consul Baker in part of his arrear60000
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces4,50000
Out of Excise.
to ditto for ditto6,50000
to Mr. White for New Park50000
to Sir Robert Vyner for plate1,00000
to Mr. Blathwayt for the clerks of the Plantation Office for last Michaelmas quarter26080
Out of Hearthmoney.l.s.d.
to the Cofferer of the Household3,00000
to Sir Stephen Fox on his privy seal: second payment80000
to the Treasurer of the Chamber in full for Christmas quarter [for the Chamber]1,70000
to Sir Charles Cotterell, 200l. and 200l.40000
to Sir Charles Cotterell, late Assistant [to the Master of the Ceremonies].91134
to Mr. Le Bas, Marshal of the Ceremonies12500
to Mr. Gifford7500
to Capt. Tettersell's executors20000
Out of the Post Office money.
to the Earl of Middleton for secret service75000
to me [Guy] for secret service30000
to Sir Joseph Williamson for the Paper Office16000
to Mr. Roberts for Windsor works50000
Out of the imposition on wine and vinegar.
to the Treasurer of the Navy on the 400,000l. as above9,00000
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for the ordinary [of the Office of Ordnance]1,00000
to ditto for stores and storehouses3,00000
(Same, dated same, to the Customs Cashier, enclosing the paper of disposition of the Customs cash for the present week, said paper including only the above ten Customs items.) (Same, dated same, to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney, enclosing the like paper of disposition for the cash of those branches of the revenue; said paper including for the Hearthmoney only the above eight Hearthmoney items: and for the Excise the above four Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer], together with the following items [payable direct out of the Excise Office on tallies or otherwise], viz. 2,000l. to Sir Benjamin Bathurst for the Princess [of Denmark]; 1,455l. to complete last Michaelmas quarter's [salary] bill of the Excise Office.)
Mar. 22.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the money paid into the Exchequer on account of the farthings, viz.: 1,500l. to me [Guy] for secret service by way of advance; 1,000l. to Sir William Villiers for the Stables. (Same, dated Mar. 23, and Mar. 24, respectively, to advance said 1,500l. and said 1,000l. to Guy and Villiers out of farthing money in the Exchequer. The regular warrants for issue thereof shall be despatched with all speed.)Disposition Book VI, pp. 40, 42.
Same to Mr. Duncombe [Cashier of Excise] to pay into the Exchequer on Wednesday week, the 30th inst., 7,000l. of Excise money: to be issued to the Paymaster of the Forces. Insert this item in your weekly certificate the next week after Easter. (Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to receive same accordingly.)Ibid, pp. 38, 39.
Same to the Customs Cashier to similarly pay in 7,000l. of Customs money for the Treasurer of the Navy. Insert same ut supra. (Same to Mr. Stephens [Cashier to the Navy Treasurer] to receive same accordingly.) (Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as above the said 7,000l. and 7,000l.)Ibid, pp. 38, 39.
Mar. 22.Henry Guy to Richard Graham and Philip Burton, enclosing the petition and case [both missing] of Mr. Arnold Browne. Prepare an account of all the proceedings herein for the Treasury Lords.Out Letters (General) XI, p. 59.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Richard Whittle, Apothecary General of the Forces, for payment of a sum of money due for medicines by him provided for the Forces in the West [during Monmouth's rebellion] and for same delivered for the Forces at the Hospital at Hounslow. (Same to Mr. Blathwayt [Secretary to the Forces] to attend the Earl of Ranelagh herein.)Ibid.
Same to the Customs Cashier. I have to-day paid 52l. to Gerrard Andrews for one year to 1683, Christmas, as late a King's waiter, London port. Make memorandums hereof in your books so as to prevent a double payment.Ibid, p. 60.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed proposal [missing] relating to the manufacture of white woollen drapery. ("Reasons humbly offered to his Majesty for the manufacturing of all white woollen goods here [in England] which will much increase his Majesty's revenue without danger of loosing the woollen trade.")Ibid.
Same to Mr. Godsalve. The Treasury Lords give you leave to publish in the Gazette that the poor [sailors etc.] belonging to the Chest at Chatham shall be paid one year's pension on April 28 next.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Monsieur Baillergeau as by the enclosed petition [missing] such of his goods as are not for merchandise, on payment of Custom.Ibid.
Same to Lord Ossulston. The Treasury expect you to pay in at the days appointed the money awarded against you by the late Treasurer Rochester, according to your bond.Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to stop the following amounts from the following persons out of the next moneys payable to them at the Receipt; same being for moneys due from them for the last Poll money as appears from the account of William Ashburnham [late Cofferer of the Household] as Receiver of the said Poll for the late King's Household, viz.: 5l. 1s. 0d. each from Bevill Skelton and George Benyon; 15l. 1s. 0d. from Cha. Killigrew; 5l. 1s. 0d. from Tho. Henshaw; 7l. 15s. 0d. from John Middleton; 75l. from the Earl of Burford, now Duke of St. Albans; 19s. each from Hen. Saywell and Edw. Rymill; 2l. 17s. 0d. from Daniell Dyves; 25l. from Sir Tho. Williams; 3l. 1s. 0d. from Fra. Cruys; 1s. from Lionel Emps; 10l. 10s. 0d. more from Cha. Killigrew; 2l. 7s. 0d. from Hen. Harris; 3l. 6s. 8d. from Nicholas Dixon; 15l. 1s. 0d. from Peter de Vaux; 2l. 15s. 0d. from John Maugridge; 1l. 15s. 0d. each from Tertullian Lewis, Robert Maugridge, Devereux Clothier, Richard Maugridge and Clement Newth; 31l. 1s. 0d. from Capt. Mansell's executors etc.; 11l. 1s. 0d. from Aubery Porter; 7l. 9s. 0d. from John Greene; 11l. 1s. 0d. from John Cary, Page of Honour; 6l. 14s. 0d. each from the Earl of Peterborough and Capt. James Graham; 1l. 1s. 0d. from Mr. de Puy; 3l. 6s. 0d. from Sir Cha. Scarborough; 5l. 1s. 0d. from Robt. Fortree; 1l. 13s. from Mr. Gohory; 6l. 14s. 0d. from Richd. Brett (total, 280l. 5s. 8d.). The moneys so stopped are to be paid to Wendiver Lowndes and William Ummant, who [by the Treasury Lords] are appointed Receivers thereof.Ibid, p. 61.
Mar. 22.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to similarly stop the following sums from the following persons; being sums similarly due from them for the Poll Act of 18 Car. II; as shown in the like account of said Ashburnham for the Royal Household: viz.: 6l. 14s. 0d. from Bevill Skelton; 14l. from Jeremy Gohory; 1l. 15s. 0d. each from Rob. Maugridge, Tertullian Lewis, and Richd. Maugridge; 5l. 13s. 0d. from Robert Bertie; 7l. 15s. 0d. each from Sergt. Topham, Sergt. Middleton, Sergt. Williamson, Sergt. Orlando Fitz Simons and Sergt. Payne; 2l. 7s. 0d. each from Sir Tho. St. George and Sir Hen. St. George; 22l. 2s. 0d. from Lewis Grabu (in the margin: paid); 4l. 1s. 0d. from Simon Hopper (in the margin: paid); 6l. 15s. 0d. from Sir Gabriell Silvius; 15l. from Kath. Bointon; 5l. from William Chiffinch; 5s. from ditto; 2l. 3s. 0d. from Hen. Saywell; 1l. 10s. 0d. from Edw. Rymill; 1l. 17s. 0d. from Rob. Ford; 1l. 7s. 0d. from Dan. Dyve (total, 135l. 1s. 0d.). The said moneys are to be paid over to Wendiver Lowndes, who is appointed Receiver thereof by the Treasury Lords.Out Letters (General) XI, p. 62.
For the Treasury letter of this date concerning Hearthduty on hearths of private bakehouse furnaces see supra, p. 1249.Ibid, p. 63.
[?]The Treasury Lords to the Duke of Newcastle, giving him notice of the intended warrant, ut supra, p. 1273, for felling 2,000l. worth of timber in Sherwood Forest.Ibid, p. 64.
Mar. 22.Henry Guy to Sir Christopher Wren to examine the following account and the rest of the accounts of Philip Packer, late Paymaster of the Works; and to certify whether any or what money is placed to account which is not paid; to the end that memorandums thereof may be made on the foot of the said respective accounts.Ibid.
Appending: note only, signed by Tho. Taylor of 1,076l. 6s. 9½d. as the total of the remains unpaid for the ordinary of the Works and for the Volary upon the account of said Packer for the year ending March, 1683: "what other remains there is unpaid upon his preceding accounts are specified and annexed in schedules to the respective accounts [of said Packer] for every [successive] year."
Same to the Solicitor General to report on the enclosed draft [missing] of a warrant for Mr. Deeley.Ibid, p. 69.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Joseph Watson (a deputy King's waiter, London port) as Surveyor of Weymouth port loco Nathaniel Tydder, lately dismissed.Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
Thomas Fletcher as surveyor of Greenwich at 40l. per an. loco Francis Gunn, lately dismissed.
Humphrey Wharton as a landsurveyor, London port, at 150l. per an.: to be inserted on the establishment of the Customs.
Bennet Richards, Lewis Riccardy and William Carter to be similarly inserted on the establishment.
The pensions of 30l. per an. to Philip Turnor and 40l. per an. to Martin Hossam are to be continued to be satisfied out of the salary of the two junior landwaiters [of London port] according to the order of the late Treasurer Rochester.
John Plat (Platt) and Peter Richards to be inserted in the establishment as boatmen in the [Customs] yacht at Hurst at 25l. per an. each.
William Gird and William Jordan to be inserted in the establishment as boatmen to serve in the great boat at Bewlay at 25l. per an. each; they being already employed in that service but paid by incidents.
John Burfort as commander of the boat at St. Helens in Cowes port at 30l. per an.; and Richard Smyth and Richard Young to be the two boatmen under him at 25l. per an. each.
10l. per an. to be added to the salary of Thomas Goodman, present waiter at Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight, to make his salary 30l. per an.
Richard Edwards to be established to serve at 25l. per an. under the abovesaid Thomas Goodman in the boat provided for Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.
Edward Edwards to be established as waiter and searcher to secure the land from Bow Creek to Blackwall, at 40l. per an.: the Customs Commissioners having already appointed Thomas Carpenter as surveyor of Blackwall to take care of the water guard from Bow Creek to Blackwall and having therefore proposed said corresponding land guard and that the 20l. per an. saved out of the salary of the surveyor of Greenwich may go towards the salary of said land guard.
John Davis (an extraordinary tidesman, London port) as a tidesman, Newcastle loco Robt. Fledworth, deceased.
Adrian Collis (a tidesman in fee, London port) as waiter and searcher at Arundel and to act for the Comptroller and searcher there and to have their fees and 20l. per an. from the King.
Gyles Appleton (an extraordinary tidesman, London port) as a tidesman in fee [ibid.] loco Samuel Baker, lately deceased.
William Mathew as a watchman, London port loco John Allison, lately deceased.
Mathew Earle as boatman at Shoreham in Chichester port loco William Ballard, lately dismissed.
Nathaniel Francklin (a tidesman in fee, London port) as collector of Deal loco Henry Browne, who is to be collector of Lyme [Regis].
Tho. Leech and Richard Trestean as tidesmen and boatmen at Looe loco William Chappell and John Spriggs. lately dismissed.
Hen. Browne (collector of Deal) as collector of Lyme Regis port and to act as deputy to Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, Customer of said port, and to receive 20l. per an. from him and 40l. per an. from the King.
Cha. Porter as tidesman at Harwich in Ipswich port loco Jeremy Hayes, lately dismissed.
Ely Styles (a tidesman in extraordinary, Bristol port) as a tidesman in fee ibid. loco Samuel Avery, lately deceased.
Andrew Twentyman (an extraordinary watchman, London port) as a watchman in fee ibid. loco John Barber, lately dismissed.
Mar. 22.Treasury reference to John Fisher [Deputy Surveyor General of Crown Lands] of the petition of Geo. Moore, ut supra, p. 1255, and of the report thereon [missing] from Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton.Reference Book V, p. 47.
[?]Entry of [the Treasury Lords' signature of] the docquet of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Francis, Lord Brudenell, and Henry Belasyse, esq., of divers lands and tenements of Joshua Greathead, Edward Copley and William Batt extended on their several obligations after satisfaction first to be made of the 500l. previously granted thereout to Sir Philip Lloyd: the said lease to continue during said extent and until the said Lord Brudenell and Hen. Belasyse be satisfied the sum of 834l. 3s. 0d. owing upon the said obligation and extent, see supra, p. 1201. The present lease to be at the rent of 7s. 7d. per an. and fine of 15s. 2d.Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 41.
Mar. 22.Treasury fiat for royal letters patent to constitute Valentine Morley one of the King's waiters, London port, during pleasure: as amply etc. as Samuel Danvers or any other his predecessor therein.Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland to report on the petition of William Hill, who was one of the partners in the late farm of the revenue of Ireland; petitioner shewing that he lately petitioned the King to remit the sum of 560l. 10s. 0d. standing in arrear on petitioner's estate granted in custodiam for an arrear due to the King from the said late Farmers of the Revenue of Ireland. Petitioner prays respite of process against his estate for the said arrear of custodiam rent until his said partners' accounts be settled or further order be given by the Treasury Lords.Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 19.
Appending: note of said petition.
Royal warrant to same for letters patent under the great seal of Ireland for a further reversionary grant to Maurice Eustace (inconsideration of his former submission of his title as follows) of the seigniory, manor or lordship of Portlester, co. Meath, for 31 years from the end of his present term therein at the rent of 200l. of lawful English money per an.: the present King having, before his accession to the Crown, by indenture dated 1679, Oct. 25, granted to the said Maurice Eustace of Portlester, demised the said premises, detailed, to him for 31 years from 1678, May 14, at 100l. per an. rent of English money in consideration that said Eustace had submitted his title thereto to the Duke of York and by consent had suffered same to be passed in the Duke of York's reprisals of lands in Ireland: and the Earl of Clarendon, late Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, having Dec. 6 last reported advising a further lease to said Eustace.Ibid, pp. 20–1.
Royal letter to same for letters patent under the great seal of Ireland for a grant to Capt. John Gyles of the office of Lieutenant of the Ordnance in Ireland, during pleasure: and to insert in the Military List in the Establishment of Ireland the fee or salary of 300l. per an. to him for same; payable quarterly as from 1687, Lady day, during pleasure.Ibid, p. 22.
Mar. 22.Royal letter to the Lord Deputy of Ireland for a like patent to grant to Capt. Francis Povey the office of Surveyor and Comptroller of the Ordnance in Ireland: with the fee or salary of 200l. per an., during pleasure, and to be payable ut supra.Out Letters (Ireland) V, pp. 22–3.
Same to same to observe and pay the following as the establishment or list of the Office of Ordnance and Train of Artillery in Ireland; in place of the establishment made therefor by Charles II or the present King, which said previous and existing establishment amounted to 2,255l. 11s. 0d. per an. The new establishment as herein is to take place from Lady day inst., viz.:Ibid, pp. 23–4.
Master of the Ordnance500 per an.
Lieutenant of the Ordnance300""
Surveyor or Comptroller200""
Clerk of the Ordnance and Deliveries100""
to the storekeeper100""
to the Chief Engineer200""
to the Master Gunner50""
to his mate25""
to the Armorer25""
to 30 other gunners at 9d. a day each410126
to six clerks of stores at 28l. per an. each16800
to one more at2650
to one gunner at Dungannon16160
to one gunner at Cork16160
to one gunner at Kinsale16160
to one gunner at Charlesfort16160
to one gunner's mate there1400
to one gunner at Limerick16160
to one gunner at Galway16160
to one gunner at Athlone16160
to one gunner at Londonderry16160
to one gunner at Carrickfergus16160
to one gunner's mate at Culmore1400
to one gunner's mate at Passage1400
to one gunner's mate at Waterford.1400
The Treasury Lords to the same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Lady Helena de Courcy for a lease for 31 years of all the ferries and passages which the late Duke of Monmouth had in Ireland; said petition being referred from the King to the said Treasury Lords. Send us an account of the premises, how formerly granted from the Crown and whether the Crown be now entitled thereto and what the yearly value.Ibid, p. 24.
Mar. 23.Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners. The Treasury Lords have considered your report of the 15th inst. concerning the transportation of the remainder of the Duke of Albemarle's 100 servants and 500 tons of goods to Jamaica, which cannot go in the ships appointed to attend his Grace thither. You are to hire a merchant ship or two for that purpose, as you propose.Out Letters (General) XI, p. 64.
Mar. 24.Same to Sir Christopher Wren to estimate for the repairs of the New Lodge in Windsor Forest, now in the possession of Col. Oglethorpe.Ibid.