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August 1684, 18-20


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August 1684

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Aug. 18.Money order for 513l. 15s. 8d. to Anthony, Visct. Falkland, Treasurer of the Navy, in further part of 58,400l. for building the hulls, masts and yards for four ships of war (viz. two second rates and two third rates) to complete the 30 ships as by the Seventeen Months' tax. The present order is by virtue of the privy seal of 1678–9, Mar. 19.Order Book XXXIX, p. 178.
Aug. 18.Two royal sign manuals for respectively 500l. and 420l. 4s. 0d. to Henry Guy for secret service, without account: to be paid on the 10,000l. privy seal dormant of June 30 last. (Money warrant dated Aug. 19 hereon. Money order dated Aug. 20 hereon.)King's Warrant Book IX, p. 371. Money Book V, p. 40. Order Book XXXIX, p. 179.
Warrant under the royal sign manual declaring that it was the King's intent and meaning in the privy seal of 1681, Sept. 30 (ut supra, p. 251, for payment of 3,000l. to William Hewer with 6 per cent. interest and 2 per cent. reward as therein) that said Hewer should have such interest and reward until the payment of said 3,000l.: the whole 3,000l. remaining unpaid on the 21st April, 1683, when interest was paid him and further interest being now due to be paid him to 1684, April 1, but doubt having arisen whether by virtue of the said privy seal interest can be paid beyond 1682, Dec. 31, "on which day by the directions therein given the whole 3,000l. should have been paid to the said William Hewer if the necessity of our affairs had not prevented it."King's Warrant Book, pp. 372–3.
Royal warrant to the Treasury Lords to give warrant to the Surveyor General of Woods to fell timber (decayed oaks and beeches not fit for ship timber) in the Lea Bayly, parcel of Dean Forest, sufficient to raise clear 1,476l. which sum is to be paid to the Paymaster of the Works on account for the service of the King's building at Winchester. The officers of said forest, such as Henry, Duke of Beaufort, shall appoint, are to be present at the felling. The present warrant is by reason that the royal warrant of Dec. 11 last (supra, p. 983, for felling timber in New Forest sufficient to raise 3,000l. plus the charge of carriage to Winchester of that part of said timber which should be employed in the said building) could only be executed in part by reason of the great sales [of timber] lately made in that forest and country so that 1,476l. thereof still remains unraised. (Treasury warrant dated Aug. 26 hereon accordingly to Tho. Agar, Surveyor General of Woods, Trent South.)Ibid, pp. 383–4. Warrants not Relating to Money IX, pp. 432–3.
Aug. 19.Money warrant for 3,238l. 18s. 3d. [sic ? erratum for 3,178l. 17s. 4d.] to Tho. Chudleigh, Envoy Extraordinary to the States General of the United Provinces, for his extraordinaries 1681, Dec. 15, to 1684, June 15, in that service as follows: the bills thereof being allowed by the Secretaries of State, except the 9th and 13th Article in the 1st bill for putting his house in order and for extraordinary clothes for the Princess's birthday, Both which sums amounting to 488 livres or 60l. 1s. 0d. are hereby disallowed.Money Book V, pp. 41–5. Order Book XXXIX, p. 178.
Appending: (1) bill of said extraordinaries for the six months 1681, Dec. 15, to 1682, June 15, as allowed (with the above two exceptions) by Secretary Conway Aug. 4 inst.
for the fees of my privy seal23150
allowed Charles Duncombe for Exchequer fees on my warrant for 955l.26180
fees at the Treasury and the [Exchequer] Chancellor's on money warrants and warrants for passing my goods7126
fees at the Admiralty Office for the order for my yacht2100
expense of my journey to the Hague with my servants and attendants37176
transportation of my goods, coach and horses to the Hague and fees at the Customs House and other duties paid at London and Rotterdam (in the margin): as in Lord Preston's [bill]53198
gifts on my arrival and at my public audience to several officers and servants about the Court according to custom22610
given to the housekeeper and servants at the States House where I was lodged at my first coming19910
laid out in repairing my own house and putting it in order11212
paid for [carriage of] more goods come from London560
given to the drums of the Guard66
given to the burghers six hogsheads of French wine and one aulme of Rhenish (May 11)3750
laid out in clothes extraordinary on the occasion of the Princess's birthday, May 10 (new style) when everybody appeared in much splendour4880
paid for stationery, Gazettes and other prints10913
for several journeys to Honselaerdijck1967
paid Mr. Campman for two months' and to a gentleman at Leyden for five months' intelligence729
paid for postage and to a messenger of the States and others to the Brill2804
paid for relieving a poor Huguenot minister that is driven out of France and divers poor seamen and others of his Majesty's subjects917
for a velvet cloth and cushion which I am obliged to have in my pew in the English church2100
for entertaining divers of the States and foreign ministers at several times1,5600
total reduced to sterling£55104
(b) the like bill for the ensuing six months, 1682, June 15, to Dec. 15, as allowed by Secretary Conway, 1682–3, Mar. 12 (except the item of Exchequer fees which are left to the Treasury Lords).
allowed to Patrick Trant for Exchequer fees on 1,046l. 2s. 6d. being the remainder of my Mymuegen arrears which I assigned over to him on his advancing the said sum22176
the expense of a journey to Amsterdam1409
paid for goods brought from London640
the expense of my journey from London to Newmarket and Harwich, to the Hague and thence to Soesdijk53195
fees at the Admiralty for the order for my yacht2100
transportation of goods, four horses and servants from London to the Hague and Customs duties thereon2086
postage of letters, messengers to the Brill and expresses to England6527
given at a general collection that was made for the relief of poor French Protestants and likewise to several poor people of his Majesty's subjects at several times11216
gifts and rewards on other occasions1660
paid a physician and apothecary for several of my family3317
paid to a stationer and bookbinder for paper, wax, gazettes and other prints1429
paid to a man at Leyden for the "Gazette à la main"508
for mourning for myself and family on the occasion of Prince Rupert's death10000
for entertaining the Prince of Orange and several of the States [General] and foreign ministers at several times. (In the margin: nothing to be allowed upon extraordinaries of this kind, but on particular occasions and those to be expressed.)2,1600
total in sterling£55200
(3) The like bill from 1682, Dec. 15, to 1683, Dec. 15, as allowed by Secretary Sunderland.
Exchequer fees on 910l. for half a year of my ordinary25156
postage of letters and messengers to the Brill1,8450
given in New Year's gifts46013
for several journeys to Honslaerdijk3156
for goods brought from London1081
given to the drummers of the Guards66
given to the burghers six hogshead of French wine and an aulme of Rhenish3750
paper, wax, gazettes and other prints52810
the expense of several messengers sent up and down the country to Cleves, Utrecht, Amsterdam and many other places in pursuit of the conspirators1,5860
for intelligence of all kinds2,6450
for relieving divers poor seamen and others of his Majesty's subjects2239
gifts and rewards upon other occasion34610
for mourning on occasion of the Queen of France's death10000
for mourning on occasion of the King of Portugal's death20000
to physicians and apothecaries for several of my family19618
for entertaining the Prince and Princess of Orange, divers of the States [General] and of the foreign ministers at several times2,4500
total in sterling£1,43489
(4) The like bill for 1683, Dec. 15, to 1684, June 15, as allowed by Secretary S. Godolphin, except the item for Exchequer fees, which is left to the Treasury Lords.
Exchequer fees on 2,100l. of my ordinary4220
postage of letters and messengers to the Brill and expenses to England1,10113
given in New Year's gifts46918
for several journeys to Honslaerdijk622
for several journeys to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other places32413
expenses of several messengers sent to Utrecht, Amsterdam and many other places in pursuit of the conspirators5286
for intelligence of all kinds supplied to Mr. _, a person sent over and employed by Sir Leoline Jenkins, 52 ducatoons or16316
for relieving poor seamen and others of his Majesty's subjects7115
gifts and rewards upon other occasions12612
for mourning upon occasion of the Queen of Portugal's death20000
paper, wax, gazettes and other prints38210
to physicians and apothecaries for several of my family1447
total in sterling£70192
(Money order dated Aug. 20 hereon for 3,178l. 17s. 4d., the 9th and 13th Articles in the first bill being deducted.)
Aug. 19.Money warrant for 1,250l. to Mris. Eleanor Gwynn for last Lady day quarter on her 5,000l. per an. for the support of her and Charles, Earl of Burford. (Money order dated Aug. 19 hereon.)Money Book V, p. 47. Order Book XXXIX, p. 178.
Same for 300l. to Robert Scott, citizen and stationer of London, without account: 260l. thereof being in full of 560l. in satisfaction for 336 volumes, containing about 700 books, "a catalogue whereof is annexed to a bill of sale thereof made by him unto his Majesty and enrolled before the King's Remembrancer": the remaining 40l. being for fees on his privy seal and money warrants. (Money order dated Aug. 20 hereon.)Money Book V, p. 47. Order Book XXXIX, p. 179.
Aug. 19.Money warrant for 524l. 16s. 0d. to Thomas Cheeke, now Lieut. of the Tower of London, for half a year to 1682, Lady day, on the allowance to himself, the Gentlemen Porter and 40 yeomen warders of the Tower, as by two bills thereof signed by six Lords of the Privy Council. (Money order dated Aug. 20 hereon.)Money Book V, p. 48. Order Book XXXIX, p. 180.
Same for 50l. to Gilbert Eagle, one of the King's Equerries, for one year to 1680, Christmas, on his allowance in lieu of a house in the mews [such] as the rest of the Equerries do enjoy. (Money order dated Aug. 23 hereon.)Money Book V, p. 49. Order Book XXXIX, p. 181.
Same for 50l. to William Chiffinch for half a year to 1682, Sept. 29, for Thomas Smith, keeper of Greenwich Park for wages and salary for himself and servants, for repairing the keeper's lodge, making hay for the deer and other disbursements: the Earl of Arlington, Lord Chamberlain, having constituted said Smith as underkeeper of the King's park of East Greenwich from 1682, Mar. 25: as by the privy seal of 1678, Nov. 30. (Money order dated Aug. 28 hereon.)Money Book V, p. 49. Order Book XXXIX, p. 183.
Same for 9l. 2s. 6d. each to Edmond Richards, John Hall, James Dixon, Robert Willmott, Thomas Thackham, Nicholas Trevythan (Travythan), Phillipp Williams, and Edward Cane, on their fee of 2s. a day each as Grooms of the Great Chamber in ordinary to the Queen, being for one quarter each to the respective times following, viz. 1683, Aug. 22 (Richards having been sworn in 1683, May 22); 1677, Christmas; 1680, Aug. 1; 1681, Christmas; 1681, Sept. 29; 1682–3, Jan. 25; 1682, May 3; 1683, June 24; and 5l. to Jane Kernan, relict of John Kernan, late a same, due 1681, Aug. 15; and 3l. 18s. 6d. to Richard Elton, late a same, as in part of 9l. 2s. 6d. for 1671, Michaelmas quarter. (Money order dated Aug. 20 and 23 hereon.)Money Book V, p. 50. Order Book XXXIX, pp. 180, 182, 185.
Same for 28l. 10s. 0d. to John Fitzharbert for half a year to 1683, Lady day as Customer outwards Bristol port.Money Book V, p. 51.
Same for 32l. 10s. 0d. to the executors of George Russell, esq., for half a year to 1677, Christmas, as late Serjeant of the Hawks, and 45l. 12s. 6d. for half a year to 1682, Christmas, as one of the King's falconers; 19l. 0s. 2¾d. to William Russell for half a year to 1682, Christmas, as a falconer; 25l. to James Russell for half a year to 1682, Lady day, as a same; 24l. 18s. 4d. to George Russell, junr., for half a year to 1682, June 24, as a same.Ibid.
Same for 137l. 18s. 4d. to Philip Kirke for one year to 1683, Lady day, on his fee as housekeeper of Whitehall Palace.Ibid, p. 52.
Same for 30l. to Gertrude Leech, executrix of Elianor Dike, for one year to 1680, June 24, on said Dike's annuity or pension.Ibid.
Aug. 19.Money warrant for 100l. to Sir Charles Scarborough for one year to 1677, Christmas, on his fee as one of his Majesty's physicians.Money Book V, p. 52.
Same for 100l. to Dr. Thomas Witherly for one year to 1678, Lady day, as a same.Ibid, p. 53.
Treasury allowance of the last June 24 quarter's salary bill detailed of the Office for Victualling. (Total, 925l.)Ibid, p. 54.
The like of the bill of John Knight, senr., for a present intended by his Majesty to be sent to Muley Hamet.Ibid, p. 55.
Prefixing: said bill.
to John Hartwell, gunsmith, for two pair of pistols, gilt etc.600
to George Benson, linendraper, for six pieces of superfine cambricks11140
to William Hookes, sadler, for one pair of richly embroidered holster caps390
to Henry Wynne for a gold pendulum pocket watch with shagreen case studded with gold1500
to John Cowes, watchmaker, for a rich pendulum weekly clock, the case richly garnished and gilt with water gold2500
to Nich. Charleton, woollendraper, for fine cloth7300
to Mathew Cupper, linendraper, for superfine cambries1200
to William Barnesly, packer2110
to said Knight for expenses456
Treasury warrant to William Hewer to pay 30l. 1s. 8d. to Patrick Farrell as one moiety of what is due to him for his services at Tangier as an Ensign in Capt. Zouch Tate's Company, the said company being broke and he put out of pay and deprived of employ: it appearing that after deducting a nineteenth part as is customary on the Tangier establishment and also the debts due from him to the inhabitants there, there is due to him 78l. 3s. 5d. for his pay as Ensign in Capt. Mathew's Company, 1682, April 1, to 1682–3, Feb. 1; and in Capt. Tate's Company, 1682–3, Feb. 1, to 1684, April 30, or in all 731 days at 3s. a day.Ibid, p. 56.
Same to same to similarly pay 71l. 18s. 6d. to John Wilson, late a Lieut. in Capt. Zouch Tate's Company: his arrears after deductions ut supra being 143l. 17s. 1d. for 731 days (1682, April 1, to 1684, April 30) at 4s. a day.Ibid, p. 57.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the following draft of a royal letter to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Being informed that your Majesty has been pleased to make this agreement with the Earl of Ranelagh we have nothing to object thereto save for some small alterations in the exactness of the sums.Out Letters (Ireland) IV, pp. 90–3.
Prefixing: said draft. By patent dated [1674] June 22, Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, was appointed Vice-Treasurer, Receiver General and Treasurer at War in Ireland. The King having resolved to put the receipts and issues of the revenue of Ireland into another method, the said Earl with great readiness offered to surrender, whereupon the King promised and assured him that he should as a compensation for said offices, and as a mark of the royal sense of his many good and faithful services, receive 16,000l. in London on or before 1682, Dec. 25, from which day the said new method was to begin; and that if the said sum was not then paid him he should receive the fees, poundage and perquisites of his said office until said sum should be so paid and that he should receive the fee of 6d. per £ on all moneys which should be applied to clear and pay the establishment of Ireland to the said 1682, Dec. 25, and that he should be punctually paid the 100l. a year as Constable and Governor of the town and castle of Athlone granted him by patent dated 1673, April 17, and also the pension of 300l. a year granted to Adam Loftus and Lemuel Kingdon in trust for him. The said sum of 16,000l. was not paid him till several months after 1682, Dec. 25, and therefore said Earl prayed payment of the fees, poundage and perquisites of his office for those months. The King has agreed to allow him 3,400l. on this head on a "computation of 6d. upon every ? made payable by our then establishment [of Ireland] for about half a year, although we are satisfied the said sum of 16,000l. was not paid to the said Earl till eight or nine months' time after Christmas, 1682." It is therefore hereby directed that John Price [the Receiver General of Revenue, Ireland] do pay to the said Earl of Ranelagh the said 3,400l., without account, out of the fees, poundage and perquisites deducted from establishment payments since said date and that no part of such deductions be applied to any other use (except to Price's own salary) until said 3,400l. be paid.
Further it appears by an account from the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, that the arrears due to the former establishment of Ireland to 1682, Dec. 25 (when that establishment determined) amount to 106,924l. 10s. 9d. of which there has already been paid and cleared out of the growing revenue the sum of 84,302l. 14s. 7 ½d. leaving 22,621l. 16s. 1½d. unpaid at the time of said account. The Vice-Treasurer's fees on said 106,924l. 10s. 9d. amount to 2,673l. 2s. 0d. from which is to be deducted 93l. 11s. 6d. for fees on money payable to said Earl of Ranelagh, thus leaving 2,579l. 10s. 6d. This sum is hereby to be similarly paid to said Earl. Finally the said Earl is hereby to be punctually paid his abovesaid salary of 100l. a year and pension of 300l. a year "we being fully resolved punctually to perform and make good to the said Earl the foresaid several promises and assurances we gave him upon our determining his letters patents of Vice-Treasurer."
(b) Reference dated Windsor, July 29 last, from the King to the Treasury Lords of said draft.
Aug. 19.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the money remaining in the Exchequer presented to the King by the East India Company, viz. 111l. 0s. 2d. to William Hewer, Treasurer for the affairs of Tangier; same to be applied as follows, viz. 71l. 18s. 6d. to Lieut. Wilson and 39l. 1s. 8d. to Ensign Farrell.Disposition Book II, p. 400.
Aug. 19.Treasury reference to the Mint Commissioners of the petition of the Provost and Corporation of Moneyers in the Mint, shewing that there is due to them 1,938l. 14s. 0d. for coining gold and silver moneys and 68l. 18s. 5d. for coining copper farthings and halfpence, which work was done in 1680, and ought to have been paid long since: therefore praying payment with 6 per cent. interest.Reference Book II, p. 76.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Stephen Furley for re-instatement in the Customs, having been 16 years a landwaiter in Colchester port and dismissed for insufficiency.Ibid.
Same to William Hewer of the petition of Capt. Sir John Mordaunt, shewing that he obtained several judgments in Tangier against Edw. Roth and Mr. Gorman as executors to Major Edw. Fitzgerald for petitioner's arrears of pay and the arrears of pay of his [Company's] officers and soldiers which petitioner is entitled to by having paid them as appears by their acknowledgment and by the certificate of Capt. Thomas St. John and by Major General Fitzgerald's acknowledgment and by an order made on an appeal before the King in Council: that by the malicious contrivance of their recorder, Henry Hortenell, justice was denied and all orders disobeyed: that Roth and Gorman pretended since in their petition to the King in Council that petitioner was overpaid and by such suggestion they got an order directed to Col. Kirke, Mr. Sheeres and William Carpenter to inspect that affair, who in their report certify the moneys remaining due. Petitioner further shows that he has much more due to him than is certified, but not being in Tangier at the time of its demolishing was not capable to put in his claim as others were allowed to do, "and the said judgments obtained there are no evidences here and most of petitioner's chief witnesses are dead and thereby [he] has no manner of hopes to recover the same here by new trials at law unless by the same favour and justice done to him as was done by order to others there present on the place." Therefore prays examination of the case.Ibid, p. 77.
Same to Richard Graham and Phillip Burton of the petition of Francis Strutt, one of his Majesty's messengers [of the Chamber], setting forth his former services and sufferings and praying a grant of certain lands discovered by him and formerly belonging to priests and Jesuits, to the value of about 120l. per an. in and near the parish of Ashborne, co. Derby: all as referred to the Treasury Lords by the King in Council at Hampton Court July 11 last.Ibid, pp. 77–8.
Same to Mr. Hewer of the petition of the Tangier gunners, praying payment of the moneys due to them for their services at Tangier, petitioners being miserably poor.Ibid, p. 78.
Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners. You are to hire vessels for the transport of 639 soldiers from Portsmouth, Plymouth and Pendennis to Ireland, according to your letter of the 15th inst.Out Letters (General) VII, p. 414.
Aug. 19.Henry Guy to Mr. Blathwayte, enclosing Sir William Stapleton's petition ut infra, p. 1316. Certify the Treasury Lords what was due to him at 1679, Lady day, as Governor of the Leeward Islands and to the soldiers there, and what is now due. Mr. Trant will assist you with any information therein.Out Letters (General) VII, p. 414.
Same to Mr. Crispe, Common Serjeant. The Treasury Lords have received from Sir Richard May, steward of New Forest, an answer to my letter of July 22 last concerning the claims to fuel wood and estovers in said forest. He replies that Sir James Butler told him the records of those claims are transmitted into the Exchequer. You are to peruse them there in order to your report to the Treasury Lords.Ibid.
Same to Col. Strother and Mr. Williamson. The Troasury Lords will make you allowance for returns of the money you shall receive out of the estate of Ford, Lord Grey. You are to send all your bills of exchange to Richard Graham and Philip Burton, who are to pay the money into the Exchequer.Ibid, p. 415.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on (a) infra. Consider what may be fit to be added to the instructions.Ibid.
Appending: (a) a paper concerning the better collection of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados, and an account of the scales and weights at the four several ports there.
Same to Mr. Blathwate to report on the [abovesaid] instructions for the Commissioners of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados.Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Worcester. The Treasury Lords have again considered your petition for a lease of the tolls of Knighton, co. Radnor. The Surveyor General advises a fine of 200 marks and rent of 13s. 4d. per an. As you are unwilling to accept a lease on those terms my Lords have asked Mr. John Fisher, for a particular account of those tolls. He certifies that the ancient rent to the Crown before Queen Mary's time was 13l. 6s. 8d. and that in the pretended [Long] Parliament's survey they are rated at 20l. per an. If no fine be paid he thinks the rent should be 10l. per an. My Lords desire to know what rent you will give for those tolls without a fine.Ibid, p. 416.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to permit the export, Customs free, of parcels, detailed, of Cambric, brown canvas, linen cloth, Spanish playing cards, sewing thread and raw silk brought to England from Tangier by James de Cartereri, late an inhabitant of Tangier, and which he desires to so export. The present warrant is "in regard he was obliged to bring his said goods from Tangier at the demolishing of the place," and in face of the opinion of the Customs Commissioners that he should pay 15l. 17s. 7d. Customs on the same as if the goods had paid duty at importation and drawn back at exportation.Out Letters (Customs) IX, p. 35.
Same to same to employ Thomas Jones (a landwaiter, Bristol port, and paid by incidents) as an established landwaiter ibid. loco. Richard Manning, lately deceased.Ibid, p. 36.
John Lamplugh as a landwaiter ibid. loco William Shotbolt, lately deceased.
Aug. 19.Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of certain lands [unspecified but probably the escheated lands in Dironway and Clygyrog, co. anglesea, see infra under date 1685, Dec. 1] with a view to a lease thereof to Owen Roberts for 99 years terminable on three lives at the old rent of 29s. 10½d. and fine of 40l.Warrants not Relating to Money IX, pp. 423–4.
Prefixing: report dated May 16 last from John Fisher, in the absence of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands, on said Roberts's petition for said lease. The premises are not worth above 7l. a year. No relation of the former lessees (under the grant of 19 James I.) sue for a renewal.
Same to Richard Graham and P. Burton to take from the several tenants of Ford, Lord Grey (who stands attainted for treason and his lands seized into the King's hands upon inquisitions) the several rents and sums of money now due or which hereafter shall grow due from them and to give acquittances for same and to pay the same as the Treasury Lords shall from time to time direct; and further to take the charge and oversight of the said estates for his Majesty's best advantage, giving the Treasury Lords an account of their proceedings therein from time to time.Ibid, p. 424.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of the tenement [the site of the manor of Shippon, ut supra, p. 1239] with a view to a lease thereof to Thomas Saunders for 99 years terminable on his own life and two other lives at the present rent of 3l. 6s. 8d. and on the fine of 50l.Ibid, pp. 426–7.
Prefixing: report dated July 26 last by John Fisher, in the absence of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands, on said Saunders's petition for same. Petitioner's life in the premises was compounded for by his mother in 1641 with the Commissioners of the then Prince now Charles II and the fine of 100l. was paid in 1641 and 1642, but the troubles coming on a lease could not be obtained till 1662, "and then had like to have been prevented by Mr. Seymour, who had gotten it among his particulars." In March, 1681–2, he [petitioner] obtained a new lease at a fine of 120l. for 99 years terminable on the lives of his son and daughter, who are both since dead. "I confess his Majesty ought to have the advantage of all such casualties," but seeing that the tenement has been for many generations in this family, that petitioner is bailiff of the manor, that the whole portion given him by his grandfather was sunk in the fine of 1641, for a lease which he could not enjoy till 1662, and that he paid 120l. for renewal only two years since, I advise a fine of only 50l. as some help to the poor man "who I fear was forced to engage his estate to pay his former fine."
Same to same for a same of the tenement called Upton, ut supra, p. 1181, with a view to a fresh lease thereof to Francis Kempe for 99 years terminable upon the lives of Thomas Reed, said Francis Kempe and another: at the old rent of 11s. 1d. and fine of 20l. payable to the Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall, and 50s. for a herriot and 2s. for the Crabland.Ibid, pp. 427–8.
Prefixing: report ut supra, dated July 17 last. The said tenement was granted 2 Car. I to Thomas Bridge for 99 years terminable on the lives of Thomas Reede and John Cole. It contains 24 acres and is valued at 12l. per an. Reede is 63 years old and Cole is 60. Petitioner is 40 years old, has the interest of the present lease and wishes to substitute his own name for Cole's. I think a fine of 20l. is sufficient. The other parcel of land called Crabland is a coarse piece of moorish ground of very small value, formerly rented at 12d. but lay waste from the Restoration till petitioner about six years since took it at 2s. per an. I think it may be granted in his new lease for three lives at 2s. per an.
Aug. 19.Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of the tenement, called [sic for in] Sharisland, the tenement called Prinns tenement in Netherton, in the manor of Carnedon Prior, the tenement called Easter tenement in Netherton, all in co. Cornwall [ut infra under date 1685, April 27] with a view to a lease thereof to Thomas Broadlake for 99 years terminable on the lives of himself, his sister Elizabeth Deacon, and a third life at a rent of 5s. 4d. and fine of 3l. for the first tenement and 4l. for buying off the increased rent of 30s. per an.; rent of 8s. 4d. and composition of 12l. for buying off the increased rent of 3l. per an. for the second tenement; and rent of 7s. and fine of 10l. for the third tenement.Warrants not relating to Money IX, pp. 428–9.
Prefixing: report ut supra, dated July 17. The first two tenements were rated in 1661 and passed by consent to Edward Kneebone, who assigned to petitioner Broadlake. The first tenement is valued at 3l. 4s. 8d. per an., and I think a fine of 3l. a full rate for it and 4l. sufficient for buying off the increased rent of 30s. (which would become payable for petitioner's life if he survive his sister) "there being no certain rules for leaseholds." In the second tenement he only desires to take off the increased rent of 3l. per an. for his own and his wife's lives. It is only payable on their surviving his said sister, and I think 12l. a fair composition. The third tenement was late in the tenure of James Dingle, but formerly assigned to petitioner, who petitioned for a lease in 1673 (when it was rated at 65l. fine and 7s. old rent), but before it could be perfected it was granted over his head (together with two woods in the manor of Tybesta) to Richard Hicks, with whom petitioner compounded at double the value, as it lies intermixed with his other tenements. He then put in his son Edward's and daughter Loare's lives in reversion of Dingle, who died in 1676. The tenement was valued at 13s. per an. I think 10l. sufficient fine for a third life to said son and daughter, being both young.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to suspend process against Ralph Williamson, Comptroller of Customs, Newcastle port, who is charged with not bringing in forfeited coast bonds: it being certified by Joseph Dawson, late examiner of outport books and George Robinson that he has cleared himself.Ibid, p. 430.
Treasury authorisation and appointment of Hugh Mason, gent., as Comptroller of Customs, Kingston-upon-Hull loco Thomas Thornton, deceased: with power to make deputies in the members of said port: all for six months until the King shall declare his pleasure by patent.Ibid.
Aug. 19.Caveat that nothing be further done on the petition of Sir Edward Scott for the estate of Sir Thomas Armstrong in or near Waterford in Ireland, till the widow and three daughters of the said Sir Thomas be heard, who claim that estate by a former settlement. Notice is to be given to Capt. Mathews at Mr. Morison's house in Suffolk Street.Caveat Book, p. 26.
Aug. 20.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows such Customs money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.:Disposition Book II, pp. 397, 398.
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse on 16,000l. per an.2,00000
to me [Guy] for secret service on 4,000l. per an.1,00000
to the Treasurer of the Navy in part of 12,000l. for stores2,00000
to ditto for the Victuallers1,50000
to Mr. Chudleigh on his extraordinaries1,00000
to Mr. Sturt for gratuity (remainder of interest and gratuity)219134
for Mr. Ducke's gratuity43449
to Mr. Hewer in full of 3,008l. 17s. 7d. for interest and gratuity1,008177
to Mr. Griffith for the Stables, intended for necessaries for the King's journey to Winchester50000
to be reserved in the Exchequer for the Treasury Lords' disposal1,00000
(Same dated Aug. 19, to the Customs Cashier, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs cash for the present week; the said paper including the abovesaid 10 items [payable out of Customs money in the Exchequer] and the following items [payable directly out of the Customs Office on tallies] viz.: 2,000l. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in part of their debt; 3,000l. [in part of the Customs salary] quarterly bill; 1,000l. to Sir Benjamin Bathurst in part of his debt; 44l. 16s. 8d. to the messenger attending the Treasury Lords. Total, 16,707l. 12s. 4d.)
Same to same to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.:Ibid, pp. 398–9.
to the Paymaster of the Works4,500
to the Cofferer of the Household1,300
to Mr. Hornby for secret service300
to ditto in part of his debt500
to Sir Robt. Vyner200
to Sir John James and partners in part of their debt500
to be reserved in the Exchequer for the Treasury Lords' disposal1,500
(Same dated Aug. 19, to the Excise Commissioners, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Excise for the present week; said paper containing the above seven items [payable out of Excise money in the Exchequer] and the following items [payable directly out of the Excise Office on tallies] viz. 1,000l. to Mr. Toll; 3,000l. to the bankers. Total, 12,800l.)
Aug. 20.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of 1,376l. 8s. 9¼d., part of the 1,500l. Customs money reserved the 13th inst. as above, supra, p. 1285, to the Treasury Lords' disposal and the 252l. 9s. 5½d., part of the 1,500l. Customs money this day reserved as above and the 1,500l. Excise money similarly reserved the 13th inst., ut supra, p. 1285 (making in all 3,128l. 18s. 2¾d.), viz.:Disposition Book II, p. 399.
to the executors of George Russell Serjeant of the Hawks, and his sons1471
to Mr. Eagle, equery5000
to Mr. Chiffinch, for Mr. Smyth, Keeper of Greenwich Park5000
to Sir Charles Scarborough10000
to Dr. Witherly10000
to Mr. Kirk, housekeeper of Whitehall137184
to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the executors of Lancelott Thornton, late Clerk of the Robes, due before 1 May, 16832000
to me [Guy] for secret service35000
to the executors of Lancelott Thornton2000
to Mr. Scott, the bookseller30000
to the Treasurer of the Chamber1,85318
Same to Lord Montagu, Master of the Great Wardrobe, to pay the abovesaid 20l. to the executors of said Lancelott Thornton, due at the Feast of all Saints, 1679.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, to issue as follows the abovesaid 1,853l. 18s. 10d., viz.:Ibid, p. 400.
to Champion and Paulett, the gallery keepers5000
to Hester, the ratkiller4200
to the royal watermen for a quarter27400
to Beach, the locksmith, being 7l. 3s. 6½d. for wages and 25l. on bills323
to the housekeeper at Greenwich3600
to the Master and huntsmen of the Buckhounds for a quarter499911½
to the Clerks of the Cheque to messengers and to the King's and Queen's messengers for a quarter's wages548150
to Norman and Hayes, cofferbearers, for half a year's wages2776
to Mr. Chase30000
to Mr. Carr, one of the King's musicians176
to Mr. Henry Gregory2134
to the executors of George Russell, late Serjeant of the Hawks, and his sons40120
Aug. 20.Money warrant for 1,000l. to Henry Guy for 1683, Lady day quarter, on his 4,000l. per an. for three years for secret service, as by the privy seal of 1681, Nov. 24. (Money order dated Aug. 20 hereon.)Money Book V, p. 47. Order Book XXXIX, p. 179.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies of assignment on the Tenths of the dioceses of York and Winchester for 250l. for last June 24 quarter on the annuity or pension to Henry Visct. Brouncker.Money Book V, p. 48.
Money warrant for 10,000l. to Edward Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, as imprest for the expense and service of the Office of the Chamber. (Money order dated Aug. 23 hereon.)Ibid, p. 53. Order Book XXXIX, p. 181.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies to be struck on the Excise for all the perpetual interest due at Midsummer, 1682, to each goldsmith and others who have not already had tallies struck for said quarter: "but you are not to strike tallies for any subsequent quarter till further order in that behalf."Money Book V, p. 53.
Same to the Customs' Cashier to pay 15l. 3s. 4d. to John Langwith for last June 24 quarter's allowance as messenger attending the Customs.Ibid, p. 57.
Followed by: Treasury allowance of said Langwith's bill for 15l. 3s. 4d. for same quarter's allowance for attending the Treasury.Ibid, p. 57.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Mary, Lady Grey, ut supra, p. 1264. As to her settlement of 1,000l. per an. the Attorney General reports to us the 6th inst. that by an indenture dated 1682, Dec. 20, between her husband Ford, Lord Grey of the one part and Arthur, Earl of Essex, George, Earl of Berkeley, Sir William Turner, kt. and Edward Roper of the other, said Lord Grey demised to them rents in Northumberland to the value of 1,000l. 12s. 0d. per an. for 99 years in trust for his said wife; and that if your Majesty be inclined to continue the said separate allowance to her the best way will be to grant a lease of the premises in trust for her so long as her husband lives.Warrants not Relating to Money IX, p. 425.
Henry Guy to Sir James Shaen, enclosing Sir Jno. Temple's report on the petition of Mr. Breedon and partners, late Farmers of the Revenue of Ireland. Send the Treasury Lords your answer thereto, together with a statement of any surcharges you have to put on the said Farmers. (The like letter to Sir James Hayes.)Out Letters (General) VII, p. 416.
Same to Mr. Noell, enclosing the abovesaid report.Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to pay 195l. to Mr. Sergison and Mr. Lyddall on a bill drawn by Thomas Chudleigh, master shipwright at Kinsale, for his disbursements in repairing and fitting his Majesty's ship Dover to come home.Ibid, p. 417.
Same to same to pay Richard Brett and partners, late Victuallers of the Navy, 6,000l. upon any unsatisfied bills of imprest in their hands.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners, enclosing a copy of the King's letter to the Governor of Jamaica concerning the negro trade. Report your opinion to the Treasury Lords whether you think it fit to be continued.Ibid.