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December 1684


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'Entry Book: December 1684', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 7: 1681-1685 (1916), pp. 1479. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=83941 Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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December 1684

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Dec. 10.Treasury instructions to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney. (1) We authorise you to allow to the transcribers of the books for the collecting the Hearthmoney after the rate of 2s. 6d. for every 1,000 names as you propose. (2) You have desired the liberty, where you think necessary and for his Majesty's service, "to compound with some persons and to accept a less sum in satisfaction of a greater." You have hereby that liberty in and about the district of London.Warrants not Relating to Money X, p. 23.
Dec. 15.Money order for 236l. 17s. 10d. to John Walker esq., Usher of the Exchequer Court, for necessaries delivered to the officers of said Court in Michaelmas term, 1684.Order Book XXXIX, p. 206.