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'Guide to the source', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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The source

The textual source for the database are the assessments housed in the Corporation of London Record Office for the 1693 and 1694 Four Shillings in the Pound Aid: a tax raised by parliament to fund King William's involvement in European war. The surviving assessments cover the city of London, the city of Westminster and a large area of both urban and rural Middlesex. No assessments survive for areas south of the River Thames.

The 4 shilling aid of 1694 imposed tax on three sources of actual or potential income: i) it required that everybody pay 4s in the pound on the yearly profits accruing to any personal estate in the form of ready moneys, debts owing, goods, wares, merchandises, other chattels or personalty belonging to or held in trust for them; ii) those in public service paid 4s on every 20s earned as their official salary; and iii) a tax of 4s in the pound was levied on 'all and every person and persons Bodies Politick and Corporate Guilds Mysteries Fraternities and Brotherhoods whether Corporate or not' based on the rack-rent value of all 'Lands Tenements and Hereditaments'. The act did not, however, set out to collect the tax where rents failed to reach a yearly value of 20s.

Residence was an important factor since the tax was assessed and collected locally. Householders were taxed where they lived, while those known to be abroad were deemed resident at their last known English address. Subject to a fine of £20 householders were also required to supply the assessors with a true record of all lodgers in their homes, and anyone caught trying to defraud the Exchequer by moving house was to be charged double the rate. Although the rent and stock tax elements were charged at the taxpayer's home, official salaries were taxed at the place where the duties were performed. This meant that some taxpayers were assessed at more than one place. For example Richard Hampden, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was assessed to pay £20 rent tax (that is, calculated on an annual value of £100) and stock tax of £6 (on £500 worth of personal estate) at Gardners Lane, Burgess Norton's Ward in the parish of St Margaret Westminster, while his salary of £400 made him liable to pay £80 at the government's offices at Westminster.

In general, resident tenants paid the tax assessed and deducted the appropriate amounts from their rent payments, although where tenants were foreign ambassadors or ministers the landlords were expected to pay the tax themselves. Where rents were due to charitable bodies (fn. 1) tenants were taxed on the amount by which the true market value of the property they occupied exceeded the rent actually paid. This was noted in the assessments by comments such as "Besides hospital rent". Where a property owner's potential income was decreased by an outgoing charge on the property, such as an annuity, the amounts paid out in respect of the charge could be reduced by 4s in the pound.

All Roman Catholics, indeed all potential taxpayers aged 16 and over who refused to swear the oaths of allegiance and supremacy drawn up at the beginning of the reign, were to pay tax at double the normal rate. Those who refused to swear the oath of allegiance to William and Mary because James II was still alive were noted down as "Non-jurors". The assessments for the metropolitan area in 1694 contain 64 such entries. To circumvent an 8s tax charge it was permissible to swear the oaths within 10 days of the first local commissioners' meeting and only those Quakers who had made a Declaration of Fidelity were able to gain legal exemption from this requirement.

Administration and collection of the tax

The commissioners and assessors held purely administrative and honorific offices, whereas the receivers, collectors and commissioners' clerks were permitted a small fee calculated as poundage on the sums collected.

The tax was administered locally by commissioners. These were men of wealth and social standing, often with business acumen or, sometimes, legal or political expertise. The 1694 act re-appointed the commissioners for the previous 4s aid of 1693. This would minimise delay and capitalise on experience already gained. The men appointed for the City of London in 1693 included "The Lord Mayor Aldermen and Sheriffs of the City...", while among the many appointed for the City of Westminster and its liberties were members of the Privy Council such as Richard Hampden, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Edward Seymour and Sir John Lowther.

The commissioners were responsible for all the local requirements of the act which included swearing in any new commissioners and assessors, adjudicating appeals, authorising certificates and warrants, and examining and punishing negligent tax officers and those who tried to avoid paying it. Although they themselves were named in the 1693 act, it was left to them to select at their discretion the numbers of assessors they thought appropriate for the areas under their control. The assessors were chosen from among local officials such as constables, bailiffs and so on, men familiar with their localities and well known within them.

Once sworn in, the assessors received warrants to use all lawful means to ascertain a full yearly value of property in the area and so make a valid 4s in the pound assessment. In their turn, the assessors, using their local knowledge, nominated two trustworthy men to act as collectors of the tax.

It was intended that nominated subcollectors should collect the money according to the certified assessments and hand it on to head collectors on or before 15 March and, then, on 2 June, 4 September and 3 December (or within 20 days of those dates to allow for appeals to be heard). Head collectors were to pay this on to the appropriate receiver general first on 20 March and, subsequently, on 9 June, 12 September and 17 December. In their turn, the receivers general were to pay the money into the Exchequer on or before 26 March, 20 June, 29 September and 25 December.

This was a remarkably tight schedule, especially since the act had only received the Royal Assent on 25 January and the first commissioners' meeting was set for 20 February. The cash book for London's contribution to the 1694 aid, held in the Corporation of London archives, shows that, in practice, money was paid into the Exchequer via the Chamberlain's office continuously throughout the year from 30 March 1694 until 4 May 1695 (fn. 2) .

The commissioners' clerks prepared fair copies of the returns, several of which were signed and sealed for delivery to head collectors, subcollectors and the receivers general. One of these copies was signed and sealed by the commissioners and sent to the Exchequer by 20 March (or within 30 days, that is, to allow time for appeals). There the King's Remembrancer made a legible fair copy in a book of parchment to be forwarded within three months to the Auditor of the Receipt of the Exchequer, who was to make a further parchment copy. The paper assessments signed and sealed at the local level were those transcribed in the database.

Defaulters were to have their goods distrained for four days and, if they still refused to pay, the sub-collectors could, with the "appraisal" of two or three other inhabitants sell off the goods to raise the money, returning any surplus to the former owners. To this end it was quite lawful for the sub-collectors, in the hours of daylight and with the appropriate warrants, to break open whatever was required to gain access to such goods.

Some of the assessments are very precise in the way they delineate addresses, although this is not always the case in some of the wards in the City of London, which may simply be divided into smaller precincts, often corresponding to the parishes within the ward. However on the periphery of the City and in some of the western metropolitan parishes street names also appear. In these cases, where there are named main streets, with lanes, alleys and courtyards running off them it is possible to reconstruct the route taken by the assessor and gain some impression of the location of the households visited.

Although the tax rate was set for a year, new assessments were made each quarter. In the present study these quarterly figures were multiplied by four to give a yearly figure for entry into the database. Allowing for the building or evacuation of some buildings and for seasonal fluctuations in the quantity and value of stocks, repayment of debts and so on, some measure of error is therefore inevitable. The addition of 1693 assessments where those for 1694 were either lacking or incomplete compounds this, as does the total lack of assessment for two precincts of St Giles without Cripplegate and for the London area south of the Thames.

In addition, between the dates when the assessments were made and certified and when the collection of the tax fell due some householders moved, died or were otherwise unable to pay; some appealed and were given legitimate certificates of abatement; some refused to pay the tax; and some properties, for which no owners could be found, needed to be certified as such and returns made to the Exchequer.. Moreover, the stocks of the King's Printing House, the water companies and the merchant trading companies were excluded from the general run of the assessments by statute, although their total tax payments were entered in the Chamberlain's cash book for the record of the Corporation (fn. 3) .

Yet, given these qualifications the assessments offer a fairly reliable presentation of the situation in 1694. The City of London, Westminster and the built-up part of Middlesex yield an assessed tax sum of £260,666 6s. 8d, representing £4,155,919 in rent, stocks and official salaries. Those for rural Middlesex, which do not form part of the database, show an assessed figure of £40,067 18s 2d (£604,832 7s 2d in rents, stocks and salaries, in the latter case from Hampton Court). The total tax assessed on London, Westminster and Middlesex was therefore £300,734 4s 10d, representing a value of £4,760,751 15s 2d. The tax sum actually collected and entered into the Chamberlain's cash book was £296,160 8s 10 3/4d, that is the assessed figure minus £4,573 5s 11 3/4d (1.52%).

Seventy-one separate manuscript assessments were transcribed. These had a relatively consistent structure but ranged from a single sheet of around 20 names to a 98 page book containing more than 3,000 entries (Fig. 3 shows the manuscript assessment for St Marylebone). The bulk of the assessments employed were from the second quarter of 1694, although where no suitable 1694 assessment survived the assessment for 1693 was substituted. In the case of Bridge Ward assessments for both 1693 and 1694 have survived, and comparison of the two listings indicates generally low levels of disparity.

The original assessors for each administrative area interpreted their complex statutory brief in a slightly different manner. The information most consistently-recorded in the returns was the rent assessment. In most cases the family name and forename of the occupant or householder were given, but sometimes an assessed property was incapable of being occupied (as in the case of the incomes from markets), was empty, or its occupant(s) were not named (as in the case of the Royal Exchange or some single assessments which appear to have represented groups of small dwellings belonging to a single landlord). In many cases named occupants were given a title (Mr, Mrs, Widow, Lord, etc.), but very rarely an occupation. When it was appropriate to assess occupants on their stocks (34 per cent of all individuals assessed) or official salary (2 per cent of individuals) the sum was given. In some districts the person assessed was stated to owe the tax on rent on behalf of another individual, who was evidently their immediate landlord. In most areas, however, the assessors listed only one name, presumably that of the occupant. Some such individuals would have been freeholders, but many probably held on lease or at will. The information concerning landlords is valuable, but cannot be used in a systematic fashion. Sometimes, the property itself was described, but in terms (stable, shop, wharf, etc.) which indicate that the descriptions were applied only when the structure was occupied separately from a residence. Normally, properties were not described. In the main built-up area most properties probably consisted of a house or dwelling with appurtenances, which could have included shops, warehouses, stables and other buildings. In the more outlying areas, some properties would have included substantial tracts of agricultural or other land, while others probably consisted of no more than a house on its own. In most of these cases the only guide to the character of the property is the value put upon it. As with the topic of landlords, the returns provide useful information on certain aspects of land-use and buildings, but do not give a comprehensive picture. These and other variations in the meaning or significance of the information in the assessments were established by careful contextual study. That was an important exercise relevant to most aspects of the analyses which can be based on the material.

Explanatory manuscript notes for the 1693-4 Aid database

Aldersgate Ward Within

No notes

Aldersgate Ward Without

02/01George Westby (£1.2 Per Tax), Fra' Ireland, Thomas Hood (£6 Rent Tax) & Thomas Richardson [All bracketed together].

Aldgate Ward

03/01John Heatly, Mary Moss [Mott?], Widow Edington, William Izard, John Gamball, John Gamball [entered as rent charge paying in database], John Baker, Widow Johnson and Thomas Micklethwaite; £4 rent charge.

Bassishaw Ward

No notes

Billingsgate Ward

05/01John Jenkin and lodging the meeter bushall
05/02[This is for a lodger] Mrs Vivion att Mr Low's. [There is no Mr Low in parish].
05/03Joseph Ashton and p[artner] for Buttolps Wharfe, Lyon Key and Pallady House
05/04Will Caton for Coles Rents for Childs Rents
05/05Widow Clapham for so much of her interest in Cox Key as is Tooks and Brewers and for Clarks house
05/06Widow Clapham for her own moiety of ye same
05/07[This note refers to lodger] John Hanford at Mr Smyths. [There is no Mr Smyth in the parish but there are two ]Smyths, each given with a Christian name. They seem to have lived within a few doors of each other. John Hanford has arbitrarily been lodged with the first of the two: the other was a non-juror and was assessed for double stock tax].
05/08[The seals of the signatories have been cut from this assessment and there are no descriptions (eg. Commissioner, Assessor) given. The signatories are: William Gunn and W Coles, John Stace, R Maddox, Robert Dod, John Green, and Ben Hooper

Bishopsgate Ward Within

No notes.

Bishopsgate Without

07/01Magg Pye and Dullidge Collidge Rents no improvements.
07/02Thomas Porter for a little house in alley laid to his
07/032 small tnts in Still Alley are rated on Mrs Sarah Pallmer at her house going into Petty France
07/04Mr James Parrott sadler wihin Bishopsgate for Mr Medlycoates stable and coach houses in Flying Horse Yard in the upper part
07/05Ditto for Mr Palmers coach house and stables in the lower part of Flying Horse Yard
07/06Mr Robert Finch for 3 houses before you come to Loome Alley for the first 3 in Loome Alley and for Cockerys, Streets and Arises and the first 5 houses in Half Moon Alley going into Petty France Hospital rents for improvement
07/07Francis Phillips for Christopher Ruddall and John Ruttley Hospital rents for improvement
07/08Benjamin Miller and for Mary Rashons Hospital rent for improvement
07/09The rest of Loome Alley and Thomas Dabbs, Richard Constable and Christopher gold is rated upon Richard Constable for Mr John Stoaks landlord Hopital rents for improvement
07/10W Streets for a house over the way where Benjamin Carts and others live in
07/11John Gamball and for 2 houses on the east side of his own and Susan Phillips next after theirs
07/12Charles Alden for Esq Franklings tnts in Halfe Moon Alley before expressed, Petty France ye Round Court and 3 Legg Alley Bethelem
07/13Mr W Smyth for 7 houses before you come to his own and 4 after it besides 2 little houses in the Alley by All Hallows Bullwork
07/14John Parker or else Mr John Rossell at ye Gun in Barbican and for the next 3 houses 2 little houses where Waterhouse and Burley live and where Holliday sen etc live in and where George Trotters the smith lives in and the next 4 houses
07/15The next 6 houses after the first 4 before express are on Mr Charles Alden
07/16Mr Thomas Pister and for his timber yard and John Bolchars and his tnts adjoining his dwelling
07/17Mr Thomas Pister for 5 tnts in Bell Court being all the court 2 or 3 empty
07/18All the rest of the houses beginning at John Greens in Petty France and ending at Richard Fallams in a little yard in the alley going into Bethelem is rated upon Mr Alder for Esq Frankling
07/19Mary Rushon pensioner, Elizabeth Payne and Roger Nicholls
07/20Joyce Lurine Powell, Jane Arthur, John Horton
07/21W Handcocke, - Thorne, anon, W Browne, Roger Hardyman, Daniel Pancock
07/22John Truby and for the 2 houses before mentioned and for all the tnts in Still Yard
07/23Richard Twigg and for a house before expressed in Housewife's alley
07/24Adam Scaffe and for the house before hou come to his and the house after his Mr Paller landlord Hospital for improvements
07/25Mr Nicholas Bird and for Bradshaws, Bonymans Bridges his own and Lidyards Hospital for improvements
07/26Mr William Dauncer at the 4 Swanns within Bishopsgate for the houses and warehouses before mentioned And for his timber yard 2 coach houses and stables in Garland Alley Hospital for improvements
07/27Rebecca Mealing and for Mary Pembertons and John Taylors before you come to hers Mr Fuller landlord Hospital rents for improvements
07/28Mr Abraham Gamage for Mr W Smyths tnts being 10 in number besides his beginning at Elizabeth Tinsleys and at Thomas Taylors Coffee house: hospital rents for improvements
07/29John Beddall at the Red Lyon is rated for all the Court for Mr Frost landlord and for a house in Globe Yard and 2 houses before expressed hospital rent for improvement
07/30John Phillips and for John Woodhouses Mr Hampton landlord hospital for improvements
07/31Mrs Marth and for the 6 tnts before expressed and for the next 2 after her 6 Arthur Podmore and Edmond Banyars hospital for improvements
07/32Thomas Ryland for the first 3 tnts in Garland Alley which were Mr Spencers
07/33Robert Whiteman and for the house before you come to his and the house after
07/34Edmund Edwards, Robert Anderson and Elizabeth Willcox
07/35Anon and John Pegg and Robert Milton
07/36All the houses until you come to Richard Cookes are rated on Mr W Yen for Mr Charles Gillstrup landlord
07/37John Beacham and for the house where Knowles and Catlin live in
07/38All the yard excepting three small tnts where Mr Wilsworth and 3 of Mr Crosbys are rated upon Mr James Nutthall etc
07/39Edward Wallis Mr Valent[ine?] and John Ayward Mr Crosby pays etc and Athur Margerum
07/40James Nuttall for all Paul Datkinaners tenants no Crown Yard being all the yard excepting 3 houses of Mr Willsworths and 3 of Mr Croslands and the house where Makkeress and Lyon and Harris live in
07/41Christopher Moore, Edward Phillips, John Lott, Daniell Cattling and several others, Mr Crosby landlord to pay
07/42Catherine Howard pensioner, Thomas Henthorne, Joseph Jeffery, Thomas Ellcock, Christopher Overman etc, Mr Crosby landlord to pay
07/43Robert Tew, - Charlott, - Church The houses over the coach house and stables belong to the 2 first Mr Crosby pays for em
07/44John Brownsing against St Martin Outwich Church for his cellar warehouse
07/45The next house and that where John Purcer did live adjoining are as one house lett by Mr G Richmond
07/46Sampson Tovey for 3 small tnts moxt his late dwelling house
07/47John Edgerton, Thomas Young, Hanah Chamberlain
07/48Edward Webb, Nathaniel Boucher, Thomas Constable
07/49Thomas Edward, Jane Tirke, Ellianor Burgis
07/50John Phillips, Jane Wilughby, Catherine Roberts
07/51Martha Harvey, Francis Bird, W Goddard
07/52Thomas Franke, Robert Styles, Anne Russell and another
07/53Ann Willson, Thomas Collingwood and another
07/54Richard Meares for a house laid to his out of Halfe Moon Alley
07/55Samuel Webb and for Wid Grimes and the next 2 after hers in Halfe Moon Alley his own and for 8 houses in Three Tunn Alley
07/56All the rest of the Alley except 2 houses at the going out are rated upon Mr Samuel Web and Mr Thomas Hagar
07/57Mr John Sweetaple for his stables and coach houses in the yard being 7 stables and 5 coach houses most part not let
07/58Mr Edward Cooke at the Sunn Garden behind the Exchange and for his stables
07/59Robert Bellamy for [something difficult to decipher] tnts which used to be rated on Mr(s?) Dike and th rest of the houses excepting Catherine Mort and the Meeting house and 2 small houses where Rumney Sparks and others live and ending at Samuel Woods
07/60 David Griffin of Dah' Streets in Artillery ground for the Meeting House
07/61Mr Smyth in Old Street bricklayer for the house which is empty where his son did live and for 5 small tnts in the Court behind the said house
07/62John Wayborne of Gracia Street and others for the puoltry shed and stables
07/63The next 3 houses are made into warehouses Mar Robert Thair is rated for them
07/64Robert Thair and for the 3 warehouses before expressed and for Robert Nicholls and Thomas Mosses being the next 2 after him
07/65Widow West, Rebecca Lucas, Thomas Wyatt to pay for them and the rest of the Court for Mrs Tale landlady
07/66John Dowllman, William Crossdeale, Charles Holloway pensioner
07/67George Harribin, Christopher Robinson and Michaell Trapp
07/68The next 5 houses Mr Robert Garrett a sadler near Mercers Chapel Cheapside will pay for them being very sorry houses
07/69Edward Howking and for all the yard and for Henry Dawssons Dormer Newman landlord
07/70James Willey and for Mr John Wests tnts being 5 small tnts more in the yard behind his house
07/71Thomas Rowland and for William Brays and first 2 houses in Angell Alley Hospital rent for the improvement
07/72Littleton Henly for the first 5 houses after Mr Rowlands before expressed of Mr Richard Millers some not inhabited being lately rebuilt
07/73John Browne and for 4 small tnts more of Mr John Beckums some not inhabited
07/74The next are 9 small tnts are building George Cockum of Angell Court alias Hoares Yard for all the tnts in the yard Mr Timothy Patman landlord
07/75Ann Crossfield, Daniell Gregorey, Christopher Thompson
07/76Mary Glover, Mary Janncee, Widow Ann Barker, Margarett Burfeild
07/77Ann Willmore. This entry has no figures given, there is no dash in the figure column, yet the name is not bracketed together with the names set out in note 07/78, where Ann Willmore, Wid appears
07/78Widow Ann Willmore, Mary Watts pensioner, Thomas Carter
07/79William Wall at the Sugar Loafe in the Alley side is rated for the next 2 houses in Sugar Lone Yard and part of a house behind his for Mrs Crossfield landlord
07/80Mr William Wootton grocer on the street side to pay for Thomas Youngs and all Pheasant Cock Yard and the house in the Alley side after you come out of the yard for Mr Luke Singleton landlord
07/81Richard How and for Mrs Martha Delignes tenants being all the court 5 small houses besides his
07/82Giddion Foin and for his tenants which was John Andrews
07/83Thomas Carter in the Little Court was Mr Crossfield to pay for all the court being 5 small tnts Mr James Hearne landlord
07/84John Abill, John Lockwood, Susan Atley
07/85John Westbroke, Daniell Grigorey, Anthony Hardwick
07/86Mr John Drigne for his tnts in the boarders entry in this alley and for his tnts in the inner yard of Cock Yard
07/87The next houses Mr Andrew Willow is rated for at his house
07/88Richard Lawnder, John Low, Evan Bottome
07/89John Pantry, anon, John Webb
07/90Thomas Powell, Nicholas -, anon, anon
07/91John Howssman, John Smith, Janah Browne pensioner
07/92Ann Phillis Whiteing widow and for the house before you come to hers and all the houses in the court behind her house being sorry houses
07/93William May and for Mr Scotts 2 houses let in severall tnts Mr Scott lives at Hackney. [NB at Hackney there is a Mr Jeremiah Scott]
07/94Samuel Oukebourne and for 2 houses before you come to his and th house after his Mr Slaughter landlord
07/95Widow Orone, John Turner, anon, anon
07/96Richard Frost pensioner, Martha Sergant, Widow Moltley, Robert Oakey
07/97Christopher Hall, William Arther pensioner, Tobias Bobertts pensioner, Daniel Evans, Widow Pulley
07/98Roger Tissdell, Elizabeth Drayton, Judeth Parsley
07/99Mary Powell pensioner, Elizabeth Westwood, anon, William Baker alias Hammond, John Blackey, John Pentington, anon
07/100Thomas Rider for his timber yard and passage and for Ralph Brownes salt peter store
07/101Robert Courtney, Ellinor Pittum, Ellinor London
07/102Ann Freeman pensioner, Robert Freeman, anon
07/103Widow Mary Mayfield, Margaret Abettaly pensioner, John Bollond, anon, William Drew, Richard Parsons pensioner and others
07/104Mary Cannon pensioner Mr Taylor at the Gunn will pay for them, William Watts and several others
07/105anon, Ditto will pay for them, Richard Clarke
07/106The east side of the parish from the Barrs to Edward Burton the last house coming out of Devonshire street
07/107Ann Horne, William Lewis and for 2 small tnts
07/108John Clark and for his tenants in Red Lyon Court adjoining his brewhouse
07/109Ann Preist and Ann Preist in the Little Alley
07/110Thomas Adderley, anon, Jonathan Richardson
07/111John Comber, Richard Johnson, anon
07/112Martin Dullison, Edward Ravenor, anon
07/113Heugh Lankasster, William Marshall, Mary Poole
07/114anon, Joseph Davis, William Fry
07/115Elizabeth Gyppes pensioner, anon, Richard Cole pensioner
07/116Elizabeth Miller pensioner, anon, Edward Baggott, anon, anon
07/117John Loneday, Elizabeth Cooke pensioner, anon, anon
07/118Cutbert Bryer and for all the tnts in the Inn Yard
07/119Mr Gilbert East and for John Lichfeilds Hospital rent for improvement
07/120Robert Rayment for his house and for the ground rent of Rouse Alley
07/121Joseph Ramsay and John Coopers and Aron Freemans in the Vine Court
07/122Mrs Bridget Parker for all the rest of the Wallnutt Tree Yard for Esq Andrews landlord
07/123John Thead for that which was Mr Peels part laid to his
07/124Thomas Stone for Madam Russons tenants in the house behind his
07/125Joseph Huntsman and that which was Mr Tanants back house
07/126James Gretehead, Sarvice Voyse and for Mr Hunts vault
07/127Sir Samuel Dashwood knight and alderman for that part of his house in this parish
07/128Mr Andrew Willow for his tenants in Angel Alley
07/129The tnts over Mr Smiths warehouse. He is rated for them

Bread Street Ward

No notes.

Bridge Ward Within

No notes.

Broad Street Ward and the Excise Office

10/01The Governor and Company of ye King and Queens Corporation of the Linnen Manufactory ... £96 [stock]
10/02 The Governor and Company of the Lute String Makers ... £180 [stock]

Candlewick Ward

11/01Fairbrother, Tucker, Smyth, Harward ... £3.4

Castle Baynard Ward

12/01Register to the Official of Middlesex
12/02Register to the Official of London
12/03Register to the Commissioner of Westminster
12/04Thomas Tillott Actuary to the Court of Arches
12/05Thomas Tillott Register to Vicar General and judge of the Points(?)
12/06Ralph Browne Clerk in the Prerogative
12/07And Mr Bedford for the Admiralty
12/08The Scite of the Harauld
12/09The Corporation of the Harauld
12/10Richard Newcort Register to the Consistory of London
12/11Symond Sands Register to the Court of Arches Canterbury
12/12Sir Thomas Pinfold Commissioner to the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's
12/13Dr Oxenden Dean of the Arches vicar general and Judge of the Pe'ents
12/14Dr William Oleys....and [?]Treasurer of improved rents of Dr Commons [this is a bit ambiguous and hard to get to grips with]
12/15Thomas Oughton Register for the Diligates
12/16Edward Parr Register to the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's

Cheap Ward

13/01Samuel Duboyse and Nathaniel Fowler and Edward Fowler partners

13/02Thomas Tomkins for the rents which the Hospitall pays to Edward Woodward Esq

Coleman Street Ward

14/01Thomas Pinder, Henry Travers, Mr Sevarate [All entered under perttax column and bracketed together].

Cordwainer Ward

15/01John Nevett,Thomas Smithson, Meadows House, Richard Banks, John Hearne, Thomas Clayton

Cornhill Ward

16/01John Hancock Thomas Puckle Vintrey Whittell
16/02East India Company for Exchange Cellar
16/03Part of ye West Pawne [upper gallery] of the Exchange
16/04Mathew Collett, John Moreton, Joshua Williams
16/05Samuel Ongley Junior, Allen Howard, John Horne
16/06Assignees of Peter Smith

Cripplegate Ward Within

17/01Chamber of London for the Markett
17/02Herbert Pinchon for ye Compter and Compter House
17/03[These individuals are given under the heading "Officers", although of what it does not say, presumably the Compter House]:
Richard Normansell Esq Secondary Overwritten
George Kingesmill Clerk of the Papers £1 4s.
Adam Price Clerkesitter 12s.
- Farmer Clerkesitter 12s.
Samuel Strickson Clerkesitter 12s.
- Jones Clerksitter 12s.
17/04[?]At Haberdashers Hall
17/05- Chance and Edward Winter Hospital Ground Rent
17/06Brewers Hall and Samuel Gee Clerks House £5 0s. 0d : 12s.

Cripplegate Without Ward

18/01Mr Horderick to pay for Russells house, Pimlocks house and all his tenements in Blackhorse Ally and Unicorne Ally at £74 per annum
18/02Mr Woolly in Sion Collidge to pay for all the Hospital Rents at £20 per annum being the Improved rent
18/03Mary Stulman to pay for all her houses in Maidenhead Court and Grubb Street at £25 per annum
18/04Newbery to pay for all Flying Horse Court, Fly Horse Alehouse and another house next adjoining
18/05Mary Harison to pay for all her tenements in this court at £25 per annum
18/06Mary Watkins to pay for all her tenements in this ally and Halfe Moone Ally
18/07Philips at Mile-end to pay for all Oystershell Court
18/08Vacant ground the house being lately burnt downe
18/09Edmond Joyner to pay for his owne house James Osmonds house and Christopher Packs house
18/10[?] tenant in Golden Lyon Yard
18/11Arnold to pay for all his tenements in the late house of Sir Richard Barker
18/12Francis Stacey in Beach Lane to pay for all 3 Fowlers Court and 2 houses streetwards wherein Charles Sutton and Francis Bland do live at £120 per annum
18/13John Melt to pay for all Baptist Head Court his own house and 2 other houses in Halfe Moone Alley
18/14John Dunn to pay for all Cross Key Yard and a house streetwards at £73 per annum

Dowgate Ward

19/01A cellar under Haselwood's house let John Mathewes at Haselwood's
19/02The name Edward Sherwood appears on two separate lines which are bracketed together in relation to the single figure
19/03A house taken into Skinner's Hall

Farringdon Ward Within

20/01Memorandum that several tenements of Richard Bennett beginning with Samuel Lawrence and ending with John Mayos amounting to £150-10-00 whereof is paid for the relief of the Poor of an almshouse in Taunton Deane as is discharged by Act of Parliament from being assessed to their Majesties only the improved rents being £50-10-00 are to be assessed and by consent of Richard Bennett and John Mayos his tenements are to be assessed on;
Samuel Lawrence
Widow Wallis
John Smith
William Heathcott
Christopher Constantine
Andrew Dickson
Widow Hessell
Widow Duhurst
Christopher Bainbridge 3s.
John Ward
Thomas Telforth
Erasmus Rise
Widow Thompson
Widow Cheese
Lewis Wetnell 1s. 6d.
John Mayos 1s. 6d.

Farringdon Ward Without

21/01The Church wardens of St Botolph Aldgate
21/02Thavies Inn and their tenants rated at Lincoln's Inn
21/03Barnards Inn and their tenants rated at Grays Inn
21/04Stables Inn and their tenants rated at Lincolns Inn
21/05Funivalls Inn and their tenants rated at Lincolns Inn
21/06Sam Grant Esq: improprietor of the parish of St Dunstans in the West
21/07A "toft" of City Ground being ye George Yard by the Ditchside
21/08and for Madam Coles tenants and Three Horseshoe Court and Carpenters Court
21/09Sam'll Halfords improvements in 3 Fox Court and for his landlord
21/10These entries are most unusual: there is only one rent tax assessed for the whole of St Johns Court and the first three for Chick Lane are assessed for personal tax only. It is, of course, possible that Lord Chandos' tenements are not confined to one part of St Johns Court, but cover the whole of the surrounding area including part of Chick Lane
21/11Mr Aylworth Mr Cross and Mr John Broadnox for a lease from Mr Swordbearer for erecting booths in Bartholomew Fair

Langbourne Ward

22/01Samuel Ainger Rector of the united parishes of St Mary Woolnoth and Woolchurch for his tythes
22/02Doctor Lyndford for his tythes for St Edmund the King and for St Nicholas Acons parishes
22/03Susan, Sarah & Elizabeth Letton each £300 [Compare this entry with note 28/01, which refers to Mrs Martha Mrs Susan and Mrs Elizabeth Letton each at £200. This follows a renttax entry for Widow Letton].

Limestreet Ward

23/1Mr Thacker for Mr Vies and others for the buildings in Oxford Courts and Sarazenhead Yard
23/2Edward Coleman for the houses of Thomas Baynard, William Brookman, Thomas Andrews, Isaac Cole, Hugh Wyn, Widow Pypps and others
23/3[These 3 entries do not appear to represent householders, but are not grouped under one].
23/4And the warehouse in Leadenhall and ye houses and shop following
23/5[The assessment has been signed by Charles Chamberline, and sealed by Joseph Wright, Henry Hunter and Charles Milson].

Portsoken Ward

No notes.

Queenhithe Ward

25/01John Roberts for a house late James Collins and for a house late John Spurrs
25/02Henry Collins, Robert Winder, William Greenbanch and Thomas Church
25/03Thomas Vaughan a house full of inmates John Watson a ground room
25/04Peter White his house wharfe tenements in Robin Hood Court
25/05Richard Clark for his house £7 his yard £15 and a colledge rent the improvement
25/06 [This was quite clearly written and it occurs to me that it was in fact a Mr John Ettsorty who was a Swedish minister and that the assessor found it a bit difficult to write it down. ‘swead’ appears to be slightly separated from the main part of the name and minister is spelt minustor which may be an attempt to deal with a foreign accent].

Tower Ward (within the City)

26/01The masters of the Trinity House for the profits of the Ballastage
26/02[This refers to three consecutive entries]:
Samuel Hunter clerk
Thomas Baker clerk
Two other clerks
26/03John Blandford senior for the Quaker Meeting House and vaults
26/04Robert Woolley for ye profitts of makeing the price Currant. Profits usually appear in pertax column.
26/05[Another case of tythes, which seem to appear arbitrarily in rent or personal columns in the assessments].
26/06Peter Cartwright and for Wiggins Key Ralphs & Youngs Key with the Warehouses and cellars besides Hospital Rents
26/07Mr Cartwright for ye Orphan of Mr John Mathew decd
26/08aThe coalmeeters being 15 in number for their office of Imployment @ £100 each
26/08bThe coalmeeters for their Rent to the City @ £80 each
26/09Mr Ungles, Mr Salmon and ye rest of the cornmeeters being 10 in number for ye profitts of their said office or imployment.
26/10Sir John Fleet for Bear Key Subbs Key and warehouses
26/11[It is difficult to tell where Anthony Job pays rent: does he lodge with Sir John Fleet or live at one of the keys or warehouses?]
26/12The House late ye Ballast Office
26/13Thomas Clark and partners besides Free School rent
26/14Mr Leechmore for Chesters Key and Aqua Vitae Keys and warehouses
26/15Mr Leechmore for Mr Hurts house made warehouse
26/16Richard Meriweather and partners for ye house late Woolsack now made warehouse
26/17Richard Meriweather & partners for Customehouse Key Wool Key Hartshorne Key and warehouses besides Free School and Hospital Rents
26/18[The first word of this entry is not clear: it could be ‘Alderman’ or a name on the lines of ‘Aldran’].
26/19[Can we assume that Henry Dandy and Jacob Hardwood are lodgers at the great house?]
26/20Charles Handbury's successor

Vintry Ward

27/01The admininstrators of Thomas Clutterbuck deceased

Walbrooke Ward

28/01[Compare this item with note 22/03. The wording here is]:
Mrs Martha Mrs Susan and Mrs Elizabeth Letten @ £200 each
28/02Jonathan Ellways £30 out of which £10 deducted
28/03Robert Timbrell £10 out of which deducted £5
28/04Mary Pratt £6 out of which deducted £5 being taken up on an appeal of the Gilders Company and its being for the relief of the poor

St Ann's Westminster

No notes.

St Clements Danes

30/1Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, Land Lord, for the market house & shoppes round & 2 more shops in the flesh market house.
30/2Katherine Robins, Edward Law, John West, William Smith.
30/320 houses of Francis Childs finished and unfinished at £10 [rent] P Ann each.

St James Westminster

31/01[Both John Dumena and John Vanderbank were bracketed together in the assessment as Papists with a possible comment of ‘double’. Unfortunately the writing was considerably faded].
31/02[Mrs Martha Stanford and Robert Jeffries are bracketed together in the margin with a comment which is too faded to read].
31/03Mr Lawne & Mrs FitzGarrald for the yard Brownes house and the Bull
31/04Mr Hutton for rest of stables and coach-house in his yard
31/05James Trumble, house + yard + house ... [The second house is at a different, illegible, location].
31/06Katherine Lord £4.12.0 £1.04.0 Captain Edwards
31/07A house pull'd down for ground rent. [The figure column is damaged].
31/08Michaell White for Marlands and himself. [The figure column is damaged].
31/09The corner house empty
31/10John Collis for the rent of the Markett house and all the Markett ground

St Margaret Westminster

32/01Thomas Horton was assessed at £2 for a warehouse/soaphouse, plus 2 empty slaughterhouses and a storehouse.
32/02John Rossington was assessed at £1.2 for several old houses, not fit to be inhabited, as stock - in Bell Alley
32/03Sir William Dodson was assessed at £9.6 for 7 houses, coach-houses, stables and waste ground, as stock - in Gardners Lane
32/04Mr Henry Leggett was assessed for house re-building as stock for property in Scotford Alley
32/05Entry refers to ‘Their Majesties Serv'’ ≡ Their Majesties Servants[?]

St Martin in the Fields

33/01and for 2 [and then some form of abbreviation which could not be deciphered] and under charged
33/02and for 4 [?] and undercharged
33/03and for 3 [?] and undercharged
33/04A particular of the Estate of the Rt Hon ye Earl of Salisbury of his rents in ye Upper Division in ye Strand of ye Parish of St Martin in ye Feilds payable double as a Roman Catholique for ye last half yeare of this day (viz) from Midsomer to Christmas
33/05for 7 shedds at the West side of the Markett house and 2 at the South end
33/06Sir Stephen Fox for 16 stands at the North end of the Markett house and for standings in the Markett
33/07Mr John Smallbone house 9 wharfe and 2 vaults
33/08£30 per annum of it to Christo Hills a Roman Catholic and £13 to Mr Durden
33/09George Forbes for the remainder of his rent after the ground rent deducted
33/10The house lett to the Commissioners for Publique Accomptes
33/11The Portugall Ambassadors House
33/12For £26 of ye Lord's rent £10.4
For £40 remainder Lord's rent £8.0
(To balance £4 per annum paid to ye Bishopp of Durham as agent rent for ye Exchange)
33/13William Lissle for quitt rent and rest A Charity House
33/14Mr Crumpe for 1 quarter Robinson's house coach-house and stables
33/15Morgan Hinde for dwelling house brewhouse coach-house and stable and 2 tenements without the gate
33/16The house being his owne and not taking the Oathes
33/17The landlady not taking the oaths the ground-rent double
33/18Ye owner of ye ground rent double

St Paul Covent Garden

No notes.

Dutchy Liberty

35/01Henry Spelman Esq and Jeremiah Hall Esq for their imployment on ye fire office
35/02Joseph Whiston for his fronthouse, workhouse and tenements over Mr Renier and Cox's cellar

The Rolls Liberty

36/01Mr Holford and Mr Symonds buildings in Symons Inn. [They were ‘Mr John Clements buildings’ the previous year].

The officers and offices ... att Westminster

No notes.

St Leonard Bromley

No notes.

St Andrew Holborn

46/01[Laid out as follows]:
Thomas Williams )
Wid Cassingale ) 12
Sam Jefferson ------------)- - - - - - - - - 1.20
46/02Thomas Townling John Higgot Rose Crocker.20 (£17 abated left out for ye poor)

St Botoloph without Aldgate

No notes

St Dunstan Stepney

48/01Widow Burrows, Susan Harbin & George Mills...£4.6 [rent tax]
48/02 James Mableston, Widow Lung, Widow Walker, Henry Clarke & Thomas Mableston ... £6.4
48/03Thomas Sumes, Alice Knoll, Widow Paine & Thomas Kennard ... £4.8
48/04Richard Prime, Richard Hankins, Mrs Sandland & John Stephen ... £3.2 etc
48/055 tenements, Katherine Peeps, John Webster, Martine Goodale, Widow Ponter, 6 tenements & Richard Raines ... £2
48/06Thomas Greene, John Ellis & Thomas Dowty ... £1.4
48/07Edward Luddell, Jane Pichard, Isaac Boneheron & Elias Page ... £1.4
48/08Widow Darling, Evan Daniell, Widow Hutchinson, Thomas Barrett & Joseph Beale ... £2.4
48/09Thomas Hodges, William Sherwood & John Raynes ... £2.4
48/10Ann Gage, Jonathon Deane, William Rulter, Jacob Dehew, John Jones, Widow Aldridge, Benjamin Thomas & Fran' Thompson ... £5.6
48/11Widow Edwards, Widow Cooley, James Tatnam, William Gant, Abraham Row, Widow Thatford, Rachel Linsey, John Brame, Widow Holland, Susan Twill, Widow Perry & Thomas Boden ... £4
48/12William Penfacks, Widow Lines, William Simes, Thomas Hull, Mary Efford, Cornell Tempt & Samuel Wood ... £3
48/13William Perkinson, John Reeves & Thomas Horsman ... £1.6
48/14George Unwin, 2 empty, Widow Bateman & Mrs Cooper ... £2
48/15Alexander Farbusts, Christopher Cheesman, Widow Sell, Mathew Wood, [?] Lucy, Widow Bowles & Charles Wiseman ... £6.
48/16John Cousins, Widow Hudson, Jeane Parry, Micheal Hood, John Seveer & William Hood ... £5.
48/17Edward Clarke, Thomas Turner & Robert Stephens ... £14 etc.
48/18John Yard, Mrs Hickman & Mary Skearme ... £5.2.
48/19Edward Parker, Daniell Trill & James Hanson ... £1.4.
48/20Robert Pomter, Widow Lewis, Widow Jasper & 5 tenements ... £3.6.
48/21Edward Hoare, [?] White, [?] Martine & John Archer ... £5.4 etc.
48/22Mr Richard Wildey for 6 houses to the street, 6 to the wharf and 2 in the Little Alley ... £8.6.
48/23George Gray, Widow Mackland, Margaret Buckland & 1 other tenement ... £1.4.
48/24Widow Walker, Barb' Wilson, Widow Rice, James Clarke, Lawrence Fletcher, Christopher Barnes, Widow Berry, Widow Martine, [?] Hornold & Mrs Harris ... £4.
48/25John Tenant, William Eaton & [?] French ... £1.4.
48/26Mrs Lawrence, John Hammond & John Puntall [Pantall ?] ... £6.
48/27Robert Spencer, Peter Sellers, John Turpin, James Holderness & John Harris ... £7.2 etc.
48/28George Moody, William Hall, Thomas Heron, Henry Robinson & Thomas Guy [Collector] ... £13.8.
48/29Phillip Horsley, Aquilla Williams, Widow Dew, Thomas Miller & John Sidey ... £6.4 etc.
48/301 warehouse, Fran' Bestwell, Mrs Dennis, Walter Earle, Jeremy Deakins, George green & Abraham Lawrence ... £9 etc.
48/31Katherine Drake, Thomas Miller, William Salter, William Jackson, William Moore, [?] Needham, John Hare & 8 more & 5 in Brook Street ... £8.
48/32Widow Greene, Widow Vissitelly, Samuell Hicks & Widow Britton ... £2.
48/33[?] Holland, John Lilliwhite & Widow Limpenny ... £2.8.
48/34John Hounsell, George Mumford, John Towlman, Richard Evans, Samuelle Pisse & Richard Jewks ... £4.8.
48/35Phillip Lane, 2 tenements, Richard Huthwaite & Thomas Johnson ... £5.
48/36Daniell Spencer, [?] Wilkinson & Peter Hunts ... £2.8.
48/37Richard Allaby, [?] Smith, Robert Guy, Jonathon Pooke, John Johnson & Thomas Carter ... £2.8.
48/38Elizabeth Coppinger, William Edwards, Henry Winfield, John Chandler & John Kitty ... £1.4.
48/39John Nobbs, Peter Burton, John Oake & 3 roomes ... £1.2.
48/40John Hurd, William Larkin, Richard Godson, Anthony Valke, Thomas Austen, Eleanor Winter & Jonathon Cooke ... £[?].
48/41Susan Nicholls, Widow Maslin, John Coulson, James Carter, Ann Luckey, Judith Damrin, John Lisky, John Oyles & Thomas Below ... £2.8.
48/42Henry Weeks, Robert Jennings, Lawrence Wilshire & 6 more ... £5.6.
48/43Thomas Lamb, Stephen Williams, Simon Smith & Thomas Trewenicke ... £2.2.
48/44John Jones, John Jenkins & Humphrey Trewenicke ... £2.2.
48/45Widow Spencer, John Tompkins & Gilbert Evans ... £2.2.
48/46Samuel White, Jonas Barber, Mary Hodges, slaughterhouse, Widow Freeman, John Perry & John Bodington ... £10 etc.
48/47Mrs Hickman, Thomas Morecocke, Shoulder of Mutton Yard & Thomas Wright ... £5.6.
48/48Robert Harding, Richard Hazellwood & John Stracy ... £4.8.
48/49John Nutting, Thomas Dellamore, Edward Hart & Samuell Lauden ... £2.6.
48/50Isaac Olibrooke, Simon Browne, Elizabeth Smith, John Catlin, Widow Hill, Henry Hazellwood & Widow Baker ... £5.6 etc.
48/51Nicholas Miles, Widow Ducke, Thomas Pike & 1 other tenement ... £1.8.
48/52Widow Gowin, Widow Moult, Widow Young, Widow Raylin, Widow Jackman, Widow Hunter, William Johnson & Widow Lambeth ... £1.6.
48/53Elizabeth Gold, Roger Shevericke, William Cannon, 2 tenements & Widow Liscomb ... £2.4.
48/54John Taylor, Widow Chantrell & Blanch Lavender ... £2.
48/55John Stafford (Senior), John Stafford (Junior), Joseph Barefoot, Widow Creed, Edward Prestwich, John Benbow & Widow Bond ... £8 etc.
48/56William Risley, William Bridges, Edward Ardley, Widow Apleby, James Pantling, John Willoughby & [?] Linsey ... £6 etc.
48/57Mary Ridge, Widow Dunn & James Masters ... £2.
48/58William Lumbird, Henry Foroles & Walter Bond ... £2.2.
48/59Richard Hunkin, Widow Carter & Mrs Hubbert ... £2.
48/60John Fookes, Thomas Abraham & Thomas Lenton ... £3.2.
48/61Widow Peake, John White & Alexander Henderson ... £1.6.
48/62[?] Wiseman, Elizabeth Viner & Richard Draper ... £2.4 etc.
48/63Robert Hall, 3 tenements, Widow Inar & Daniel Bradly ... £5.
48/64[?] Sharpe, [?] Mercer, William Luckly, John Trevor, [?] Moris, Henry Hansly, Mrs Wright, John Phivean & 3 other tenements ... £5.
48/65[?] Howell, John Sparkes, Sarah Warren, Widow [?], Thomas Crooch, Thomas Stringer, John Dennis, Widow Spencer & 1 empty ... £5.6.
48/66Abraham Cooke, Arthur Wright, vine yard, John Hills, [?] Pope & Mathew Rider ...£10 etc.
48/67Mrs Keigwin, Widow Benson, John Gundericke & Wid Gambell ... £2.
48/68William Wilds, Christopher Hearne, John Smith, Widow Saunders, Thomas Child, Humphrey Deane, Thomas Beacham, Thomas Barron,Thomas Jones ... £6.
48/69Robert Bates, Robert Barker, William Thomas, Josiah Bailey, Martin Mason, John Calvert, John Batt, Widow Beck, Robert Dalby Robert Dalby [repeated?], Thomas Dunne & Thomas Biddle [same line] ... £8.
48/70[Margin note]. Mr Shaw for these 3 and 6 hookt [bracketed] below. ...
[1st bracket] William Freshwater or Becket, Widow Thompson, William Willis £5.2. [2nd bracket] Edward Rolls, William Freshwater & Thomas Cooper ... Mr Shawes Houses. ...
[3rd bracket] Widow Chetwood, Robert Homes & Charles Lee ... Mr Shawes Houses.
48/71John Cockcroft, Jacob Cullen, Widow Boulton, John Andrews ... £ 3.2.
48/72John Harvey, Isaac Grittong, Thomas Urnore, Daniel Beae, James Gilbert, Richard Peach for these 6 tenements ... £6.4.
48/73Joseph Thompson for his house & the rest of Captain Whitehornes houses in Wheeler Street ... £8.6 | £0.6.
48/74John Whitehorne, Elizabeth Conyers, Edward Price ... £6 | £0.6.
48/75Charles Marriot, Griffith St Thomas, & for 1 empty house & 1 inhabited ... £4.5.
48/75AJames Buquoe, Thomas Forman, Peter Leclarke ... £3.4.
48/76John Morley, James Dearing, Benjamin Milwater, Richard Kyte ... £3.2.
48/77for Sharpley 2 houses dropping down, for Sharpley ... Carpenter, for Sharpley ... Priest ... £2.8. and .for Sharpley ... Richard Cadell, for Sharpley ... -, for Sharpley ... Arnold Woolstone ... [rent charge column] together with Sharpley above.
48/78Samuel Tarvell, Robert Cooke, William Hodges ... £3.6 | £0.6.
48/79Samuel Fayrefax, Thomas Faryefax, James Tayne Senior, Abraham Tabows, Nicholas Curee ... £8.4 etc.
48/80[brackets part of Red Lyon Range Street, Tryons Court and part of ‘Street’ (48/06/162); this note details additional names listed at Tryons Court only].
Charles Wilson, Lawrence Culleford, Mathias Williams, John Berrisford, Widow Spearman, Robert Hussey, Widow Cockett, Dorothy Howman, Alexander Skugall.
48/81John Kenner ... £0.6
[then on the next line] A parsell of houses dropping down
[then on the next line] - Bailey ... £0.6.
48/82[part of Wentworth Street (48/06/204)] .William Rogers, John Yarrel ...
[Yard (48/06/205)] ... - Harbert, John Shippey, Henry Clater ... £4.
48/83Widow Hearson, - French, Widow Ball, John Greenwood ... £1.6.
48/84Rowland Read for Dorothy Hutchins charged double upon ye landlord being a Papist ... £4.8 | £0.6. and ... .John Oudart for Dorothy Hutchins charged double ... £4.2 ... and Thomas Farmer. etc
48/85[Listed under Deane and Flower Street (48/06/228)] .Harman Burgher, Phillip Jowles, John Pugh, John Poole, Widow Pyle, Nathaniel Wroth ...
[then listed under Brick Lane (48/06/229)] ... Micheal Banyard, Widow Fowell, Thomas Clark ... £7.
48/86[Listed under Fossan Street (48/06/256)] .John Watson for his own and
[listed under Court (48/06/229)] John Beck, Mathew Oliver, Widow Lewin ... £4.
48/87John Edwards [noted as paying for all the following?], Joseph Sutton, Susanna Ridgen, - Browne, Edward Garlick, Ambrose Panting, Michael Hicks, John Cockerall, John Fairbrothers ... £5.1.
48/88Fran' Pattee, Widow Fanshaw, Henry Hunton, Mathew Tanner, John Bowler, Henry Aldridge, Edward Garbett ... £3.
48/89The Teynters formerly Mr Hewetts now charged on Mr Tryon ... £0.6.
48/89A[Mr Peter Lequien is noted as being a Collector but no further entry under this name was found].
48/90John Wynne, Mrs Fitzhughes & Captain Fisher ... £3.
48/91Robert Parker, Hugh Neale, Richard Wright, Samuel Ainsworth ... £1.6.
48/92Anthony Collett, John Hazard, Thomas Treece ... £2.4.
48/93Edward Barnes, John Lawry, Thomas Weston ... £1.8.
48/94Widow Tansey, John Robinson, John Stoneman ... £2.4.
48/95John Cowdrey, Widow Thomas, James Scott & Mr Mooring ... £3.2.
48/96Nathaniel Taylor, Edward Maynard, John Miles, Submission Thornton ... £7.2.
48/97Mr Cox and for his house and yard and for 2 for John Young and for 5 in the alley and for Widow Grimes, John Kinverton, William Cunningham, Nicholas Walker, Robert Cooke & 1 empty ... £15 | £4.8.
48/97AMr Lash for his house, smiths-shop, yard and stables ... £2.
48/98Sir Samuel Warren for John Weathered, Penelope Boterall, Thomas Watson, Mary Causey, John Butler, William Chambers, Thomas Hewett, Paul Belhouse, William Anderson, William Mathews, Robert Reed, Jenkin Shewell, James Ardis, William Pepper, John Gibson, Benjamin Clarke, Thomas Sheephooke ... £11.
48/99Mr Newton for John Austin, Thomas Woolrich, John Arden, William Pattison, Henry Ballard, Alexander Arnet, Nicholas Newton, John Stamper, Daniel Lord, Widow Mace, Daniel Field, Widow Tivisdell, Joseph Weyland, 2 empty, John Thompson, Benjamin Chelpman ... £7.
48/100- Martin or Lopter Goodman, Widow Kewe, William Bird, John Hooke, George Thomason, Thomas Smith, - Penny, Widow Frazer ... £4.8.
48/101Mrs Sparks or James Thompson, Martha Body, George Wren, Isaac Williamson, William Long, Mary Amos, George Record, William Lane ... £4.
48/102Mrs Webster for 16 houses on ye North of ye Highway, 22 on the South & 4 and a warehouse in Pennington Street ... £30.

St Giles in the Fields

49/01These four entries are all prefaced by the abbreviation ‘½ land:pap.’

St Giles Cripplegate

50/01[The entry is shown as]:
Ralph Hardwick a Roman Catholic his estate
William Barber etc
Here ends Mr Hardwicks ten'ts
50/02[This entry was previously given its own household location in error, when it was corrected it was decided not to amend all the subsequent location codes. It is emphasised that there is nothing missing at this point].

St James Clerkenwell

51/1[This is a rather confusing entry. Item 5 "Widow Branson" is followed by two entries starting "For ...", which usually denotes that the following item/s is/are related to it. However in this case the two entries were bracketed to the following item.
Item 6 has been entered as one item with two landlords, but the assessment, after conversion to decimal currency, looks like this]:

For Mr Hales )
For Mr Kellet) £8.5 £1.2
Cornelius Ray viz)
51/2The Lottery at Mr Sadlers
51/3[The full name for the landlord appears to be]: More Strech Price and Jefferies.
51/4[Multiple payment ‘and for Saunders and Waddings houses’, but only one figure given for each tax type].
51/5[John Morrises .. house and no tax figure assessed, while two records further down we have]:
‘John Greenwood for Morrises house’
51/6[There is a hole in the manuscript where the rent tax figures (pence) should be for Thomas Cave. The figures entered in the pence columns here are calculated from the total of the figures on that page].
51/7[The land assessed is described as]: ‘the late Popish Masshouse ground’.
51/8Countess of Shaftesbury's house, now Mr Dormer
51/9[The other named parties are]:
& for William Smith, Pidgeon, Benjamin Smith and Proudlove.
51/10Mrs Warner and for Warren Frying Pan Alley.
51/11Mr Edward Mace and for George Alley, Stewards Alley, and part of Frying Pan Alley.

St John Hackney

No notes.

St Leonard Shoreditch

54/01Langley for the house lately occupied by Mr Blackaby. Langley lives in York Street in Bethnal Green.
54/02Mr Clarke a merchant in Tower Street for a now empty house.
54/03Thomas King near Garden Alley Clerkenwell for 1 empty and 2 unfinished.
54/04Thomas Jeave at the Peacock in Milk Street for an empty house late Daniells.

St Mary Islington

55/01For the profits of Canonbury Manor. [The figure column is damaged]
55/02For 1 empty house late Cullefords
55/03For 2 empty tenements to Mr Dye, one late Roberts ye other Momfords

St Marylebone

No notes.

St Mary Whitechapel

57/01James King £100(rent) £2000(stock)
(for L'ld Bulstroud
(for L'ld Staphurst
(for L'ld Harman
[i.e. individual figures have not been given]
57/02Obadiah Johnson
Jane Gutteridge
William Vernon
John Coxe
Joseph Darvill
John Shave
Thomas Bruce
Thomas Simonds
Thomas Trinney
Widow Sibthorpe
Thomas Warner 11 last houses to be paid by Mr Havers
57/03Isaac Warner and for Sir John Tomson's rents in George Yard and vacant ground
57/04Robert Wood, for his daughter-in-law Sibilla Shaw
57/058 empty in bad condition. [This is the last of seven lines bracketed together with one charge of £6 for the rent for all of them].
57/06[Those named as being assessed together are]:
John Leopard . Joseph Gale
Thomas Ross . Benjamin Malley
57/07[Each of the relevant entries is given a separate rent figure: however they have been carefully bracketed together in the assessment book. They have been given separate location codes since they are each represented by individual payments].
57/08[The entry ‘Widow Carrick for her rents’ gives no figures and looks, vaguely, as if it could be some sort of heading, i.e is she a landlady? Nothing is, however, indented underneath although there is a space in the text after the empty property following that of Anthony Stockdell. One cannot be certain that this is not simply coincidental].
57/09[The named persons are]:
William Vincent; Mary Baxter; and John Bellows
57/10Christopher Sidley and for severall houses in the yard for Mr Comport
57/11Edward Darke and for severall houses in the alley
57/12William Gray and Mr Brockitt for 180 foot @ 9d per foot
57/13Two empty not finished in Buckle Street behind Mr Wolf
57/14William Sellers for a parcell of ould houses in ye alley for Mr Holmes
57/15Isaac Blisset for the Hay Market to the Lady of the Manor
57/16[The assessment book shows no rent figures of any description on either page 98 or 101. There are one or two figures for property].
57/17Sir William Lemmon all the tenters, four houses in Goodmans Yard; one peece of ground in Marshall Street on peece of ground in Alley Street all which are not assessed by us in consideration of £100 per annum which he pays to the Hospitall and we believe to be the full value
57/18The £6 is payment as trustee for three children of Sir John (?)Worborough

St Pancras, Kentish Town

58/01Mr John Horton for Mr R Nicholl and for ye house and field behind it and ye barne
58/02Mr Richard Newman for Mr Trubshaw for Mr Cox's land

St Paul Shadwell

No notes.

St Sepulchre Middlesex

No notes.


No notes.

Liberty of Norton Folgate

No notes.

Tower Liberty

63/01The Rt Hon Lord Lucas Governor of the Tower
Colonel Farwell Deputy Governor
Rt Hon Henry Viscount Sydney Major General
Rt Hon Sir Henry Goodricke Lt General
John Charlton Esq Surveyor General
William Meesters Esq Storekeeper
The Hon Charles Bertie Esq Treasurer
William Boulter Esq Assistant Surveyor
John Pultney Esq Secretary
- Poole Chyrurgeon
Captain Richard Leake Master Gunner
John Sigmond Schlundt Firemaster
63/02[It appears that a page of the draft is missing at this point. The persons named from Thomas Hall Esq to Widow Hendrick do not show any amounts attributable, although the total rated figure (on the assessment, a combination of renttax and perttax) changes from £1,646-2-0 at the foot of the first page to £1,863-18-0 at the top of the last page].
63/03[The last page of the draft looks like this]:
Salary/rentPers estateYearly rate
400 80-00
[The whole of Tower Intra was laid out in this way].
63/04[None of the named collectors or assessors appears in the names as given for the ward. It may be that they are to be found in other wards or that they were written on the page of draft which is missing].
63/05[In Tower Extra ward the 4 assessors are]:
John Hudson; John Kettlebutter; John James [who is assessed for tax]; and Elvarez Wigan.
63/06[In Trinity Minories the 4 assessors are]:
Joshua Shepheard; Samuell Hall; Barnard Chatfeild [who does not appear in the listing]; and Roger Cole.


1 Paragraph XIX of the 1694 Act sets out a full list of the exemptions from the tax, which includes any colleges in either university; the colleges at Windsor, Eton, Winchester and Westminster; the college of Bromley, Christ's Hospital, St Bartholomew's Hospital, Bridewell, St Thomas' and Bethlehem Hospital; and charities for the widows and orphans of poor clergymen.
2 CLRO Assessment 40 Manuscript 61
3 CLRO Chamber Accounts MS 40/61