Volume 118
1709 Classified (Part I.)


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Joseph Redington (editor)

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'Volume 118: 1709 Classified (Part I.)', Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4: 1708-1714 (1974), pp. 153. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=84925 Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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1709 Classified (Part I.)

17091. Reports of J. Howe, paymaster of guards, garrisons, &c., and of J. Brydges, together with other papers connected with the affairs of the Pay Office during the year 1700. 20 pages or parts of pages.
2. Reports and other papers connected with the Office for Sick and Wounded Seamen and prisoners of war for the same year. 27 pages or parts of pages.
3. Accounts of receipts and payments and other papers connected with the Transport Service for the same year. 10 pages, mostly very large.
4. Various papers connected with the Victualling Office, chiefly applications for money, for the same year. 21 pages.
5. Accounts and papers relating to Treasury fees made out monthly for the year 1709 (August being wanting). 38 pages or parts of pages.