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William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Navy', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30: 1716 (1958), pp. CLXVIII-CLXXVI. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1731, ROLL 159 [A.0.1/1731/159].

John Aislabie, Treasurer of the Navy Royal and of the Victualling. 1 January 1715–16 to 31 December 1716.

Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on the end of his last preceding Accompt617,26319
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term, 2 George I, in further part of 1,000,000l. by Privy Seal of 28 July, 1 George I
Easter term, 2 & 3 George I, in further part of the same185,171160
On accompt of the Navy:
Money defalked for Supers and Imprest bills paid by former Navy Treasurers and cleared within the time of this Accompt:
the Marquess of Carmarthen
the late Lord Berkley and his Executors20,49398
the late Sir Clowdesly Shovel27,49411
Richard Harnage1,32000
Jane Needler2500
Gamiel Lloyd30000
Lieut. Edward Cole5000
Thomas Reynolds1,00000
George Mainwaring28000
Lieut. Philip Wroth2000
Capt. Thomas Smith1,601134
Capt. Charles Guy1150
Capt. John Clifton2,343189
Richard Harnage6,00000
Capt. Nicholas Smith5,04981
Capt. William Cawley4015
Thomas Warren15000
Capt. Charles Desborrow1173
Thomas Jennings172155
Capt. Robert Chadwick301
Capt. Thomas Legg226134
Capt. Michael Sansom171710
Capt. Henry Lawson54121
Capt. Edward Blackett18367
Edward Cole24310
Thomas Pool Parmiter13035
Capt. William Stephenson20832
Capt. Francis Peircy41111
Capt. James Thornton01310
John Harrison56190
Robert Young1000
Capt. Robert Harward77136
Capt. William Haddock711
Capt. Francis Drake10164
Thomas Appleby1247
Capt. Thomas Scott826102
William Wood41810¼
money received upon sale of Ships of War, Yachts, Stores etc.:
for sale of the ships Sweepstakes and Nightingale, and for the Cleaveland, Isabella and St. Looe yachts
for old and decayed stores etc.6,711132
for damage done by trading vessels to ships of war and for stores supplied to trading vessels in distress3586
the Treasurer of the Ordnance for 20 tons of junk from Chatham and Sheerness Yards9500
William Boswell, Purveyor of Deptford Yard, for cordage from Woolwich Stores1160
the Navy Commissioners in two banknotes187140
the Marquess of Carmarthen (now Duke of Leeds) and the Executors etc. of the late Lord Berkley and Sir Clowdesly Shovel, for abatements etc. made on accompt of the two old Marine Regiments6,092910
sundry persons for abatements on their bills etc.14959
sundry Commanders and Pursers to clear the balances on their victualling accompts1,49012
sundry persons on board His Majesty's ships, for money abated for tobacco and dead men's clothes76016
ditto, for bedding405169
ditto, for clothes supplied them in sick quarters, etc.521194
ditto, for stores lost, embezzled or damaged105179
ditto, for various abatements15315
sundry persons in the yards at Port Mahon, Deptford and Chatham, for like abatements14425
money arising on sale of South Sea Stock etc.:
from the sale of South Sea Stock above par
dividend of 3l. per cent. on 170,000l. in South Sea Stock, due Xmas 17155,10000
the allowance for prompt payment on Bank Annuities in the year 17152,53656
the dividend on such Bank Annuities as have remained from time to time for the public use2,42363
rent of the farm or Lordship Fields, Chatham Dockyard, from Thomas Trott, teamer; year to Michaelmas 17153000
On accompt of the Victualling:
monies defalked for imprest bills paid by former Treasurers and cleared within the time of this Accompt:
Alonzo Vere
Capt. Thomas Whorwood, late Commander of the Queenborough210140
John Shales, Agent at Portsmouth24117
Clement Milward, late Correspondent for the Victualling at Dublin3,225151
Nathaniel Cooper, Agent at Plymouth8782
Samuel Younghusband467
money received in debts due on Victualling Accompts, by sale of stores, etc.:
sundry Commanders and Pursers for provisions etc. omitted to be charged etc.
the like, and others by abatements and deductions1,01019
several other persons for stores sold etc.4,55015
total charge and receipts£1,675,44018
Emptions and provisions, detailed141,22603
Edward, Earl of Oxford, a Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty; 1¼ years to Xmas 1716
Sir John Jennings, ditto; same time1,25000
Sir Charles Turner, ditto; year to Michaelmas 17161,00000
Sir George Byng, ditto; 1¼ years to Xmas 17161,25000
Abraham Stanyan, ditto; same time1,25000
George Doddington, ditto; same time1,25000
George Baillie, another; same time1,25000
the Earl of Rothes, Vice-Admiral of Scotland, in lieu of all charges as Judge of the Admiralty there; year to Michaelmas 17161,00000
Josiah Burchett, Secretary to the Lords Commissioners; 1¼ years to Xmas 17161,00000
Henry Penrice, President and Judge of the High Court of Admiralty; 30 July 1715 to Michaelmas 1716463185
the same, as Advocate General for the Lord High Admiral's Office, 28 Oct. 1714 to 29 July 1715; Dr. Richard Fuller, succeeding him, 15 Aug. 1715 to Michaelmas 171625010
Edward Honywood, Judge Advocate of the Fleet; year to Michaelmas 171618300
John Coupland, Deputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet; same time14680
George Townsend, Council at Law for the Admiralty and Navy, in lieu of fees etc.; same time10000
John Warter, his assistant; same time40000
John Fawler, Navy Commissioner; 1¼ years to Xmas 171662500
Thomas Swanton, another, at Plymouth, Michaelmas 1715 to 22 July 1716; Francis Dove, succeeding him, to Xmas 171662500
James Littleton, another, at Chatham; year to Michaelmas 171650000
Isaac Townsend, another, at Portsmouth; same time50000
Sir Charles Wager, Comptroller of the Navy; 1¼ years to Xmas 171662500
Charles Sergison, Clerk of the Acts; same time62500
William Dale, his assistant; year to Michaelmas 171630000
Jacob Ackworth, Surveyor of the Navy; 1¼ years to Xmas 171662500
Dennis Lyddell, Comptroller of the Navy Treasurer's Accompts; same time62500
Richard Burton, Comptroller of the Victualling Accompts; same time62500
Charles Cornwall, Comptroller of the Storekeepers' Accompts; same time62500
George Atkins, Storekeeper at Port Mahon; half years to Xmas 1715 and to Michaelmas 171620000
Thomas Warren, Muster Master and Storekeeper at Deal, for himself and clerks; three quarters to Midsummer 171615000
Joseph Griffin, Muster Master and Storekeeper at Kinsale in Ireland; year to Michaelmas 171610000
Charles Allen, Clerk of the Cheque and Storekeeper at Harwich; same time10000
salaries to clerks, detailed with names, belonging to the Secretary to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty1,469162
ditto, belonging to the Clerk of the Acts593195
ditto, belonging to the Comptroller of the Navy1,010193
ditto, belonging to the Surveyor of the Navy50000
ditto, belonging to the Comptroller of the Navy Treasurer's Accompts1,44977
ditto, belonging to the Comptroller of the Storekeepers' Accompts696196
ditto, belonging to the Comptroller of the Victualling Accompts87390
ditto, employed in examining books etc. relating to Petitions etc.12500
ditto, belonging to the Navy Commissioners61000
clerks etc., detailed as above, at Port Mahon, Kinsale and Harwich1141410
William Walley, late Marshal for Prisoners of War at Dover, for his clerk; 6½ years to Michaelmas 171219500
Charles Hutchinson, Storekeeper etc. in the West Indies, for himself and two clerks, named; 76 days to 14 Dec. 170465103
doorkeepers, housekeepers, messengers, etc.64209
Sir Thomas Hopson, for his great age and long service, having borne the Flag of Vice-Admiral and distinguished himself by breaking the boom at Vigo; year to Ladyday 1716
Sir Stafford Fairborne, for long and faithful service as one of the Council to the late Lord High Admiral; same time60000
Sir John Leake, for ditto and having been Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Fleet; 15 April 1715 to Ladyday 171656708
Benjamin Tymewell, for long service, having been a Navy Commissioner; year to Ladyday 171625000
Richard Edwards, Thomas Jennings and George St. Loe, former Navy Commissioners; same time75000
Capt. John Hubbard and Capt. Christopher Myngs, having been Senior Captains and Superintendants the last War; same time40000
Beltshazer St. Michell, for long and faithful service; same time15000
Capt. Thomas Wilshaw, for age, long service, and loss of his leg and other wounds; same time10000
Charles Stewart, in consideration of services and sufferings at sea; same time10000
two superannuated Masters, Attendants of the Yards, named; same time20000
Isaac de la Jaelle, a French Officer, having quitted that service and having served many years in the Fleet, and having lost his leg at the battle of Le Hogue; 5 April 1715 to Ladyday 171648126
Moses Jaqueau, on the like accompt; three quarters to Xmas 171537100
John Maretts, on the like accompt; year to Ladyday 17165000
Peter Gandy, on the like accompt; Ladyday 1715 to 3 Oct. 1715 the day of his death25115
William Erovard, having acted for 20 years as a pilot on the French coast; year to Ladyday 17165000
St. John Munden, a superannuated Sea Officer, equal to half pay as Rear Admiral of the Fleet; same time32050
several Captains, named, at 10s. (one), 8s. (one), 6s. 9d. (six), 5s. (six), 4s. (five) and 3s. (one) a day; six Lieutenants, named, at 2s. 6d. and 2s. a day; widows etc.; superannuated boatswains; superannuated carpenters; superannuated cooks; superannuated gunners; superannuated masters; superannuated pursers; superannuated surgeons; all detailed with names12,93396
flag-pay and table money:
Matthew Aylmer as Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet; 28 Oct. 1714 to 13 Nov. 1714
Sir George Byng, bt., as Admiral of the White; 31 March to 8 April 1715 and 21 July to 17 Oct. 1715 (98 days)34300
Sir John Norris, as Admiral of the Blue; 5 March 1714–15 to 21 Oct. 1715; and for table-money at 1l. a day1,039100
Sir John Jennings, as Admiral of the White; 6 Jan. to 6 March 1715–16; also for 30 and 31 March 1715220100
Sir James Wishart, as Admiral of the White; 8 Dec. 1713 to 5 April 1715; with table money at 1l. a day2,17800
the Earl of Berkley, as Vice-Admiral of the Red; 9 Aug. to 12 Oct. 1714162100
John Baker, as Vice-Admiral of the Blue; 18 Feb. 1714–15 to 31 Dec. 1715792100
Sir Charles Wager, as Rear-Admiral of the Red; 9 Aug. to 9 Sept. 1714; and as Admiral and Commander in Chief in the Mediterranean; 27 Dec. 1714 to 27 Feb. 1714–15148150
Sir Thomas Hardy, to complete his half-pay 2 to 24 Aug. 1714; to the whole pay of a Rear-Admiral of the Blue and for flag pay as Rear Admiral of the Blue; 25 March to 21 Oct. 171538976
rewards and bounty:
for instructing in seamanship; to widows and orphans; for the charge of curing wounds received by the fall of a mainyard; for surveying the coast of Newfoundland; for viewing and fixing the buoys about Spithead; for discovering several false Powers forged for the receipt of seamen's wages; for salvage of anchors; for the capture of French privateers; for importing naval stores from the Plantations; and for other services etc.; detailed with names of recipients
disbursements of various natures:
for pressing men; for forwarding expresses; for payments for picking oakum out of old junk; for intelligence of French ships; and for other disbursements etc., detailed
wages or pay by bill: to Capt. Edward Hopson; to Capt. Rupert Billingsley; and to — Boucher, late Surgeon's mate119100
travelling charges to the Principal Officers and Commissioners, clerks, Captains, seamen and others2,811172
victualling charges1,53134
free gifts and medicines to surgeons for furnishing their chests1,083117
hire and freight of sundry vessels for transporting stores and provisions, detailed with dates:
William Andrews, George Bradbury, John Card, Matthew Flower, John Frizell, Peter Pearce, Morgan Tizzard, and George Thomas, for freight of Portland stone; Richard Bristow, Henry Watson, Thomas Lawson, Thomas Rennolls, Richard Burrell, Edward Thompson (master of the Elizabeth), John Rogers (for the William and Mary smack), Wright Helby (for the Unity hoy), Adam Wetherill (for the Providence pink), Thomas Powell (for the Provance gally), John Tibbington (for transporting stores in his ship the St. George), John Mackpheadris (for ditto in his ship the Alexander), Henry Sherburne (for ditto in his ship the Sophia), Benjamin Joules, Melchia Rabbenet (Executrix to Joseph Rabbenet), for transporting stores, for attendance, for transporting ballast etc.
house rent of the Principal Officers of the Navy etc.:
John Fawler, a Navy Commissioner, at 80l. per an.; William Dale, Assistant to the Clerk of the Acts, at 50l. per an.; Joseph Griffin, Muster Master etc. at Kinsale, at 10l. per an.; Philadelphia Rider for the rent of the Treasury Office at 160l. per an.; Sir Nicholas Morrice, bt., for the rent of Mountwise in Devon, the site of the Dockyard, at 100l. per an.; Dennis Lyddell, for a house for reposing the books etc. of the Navy Office, at 80l. per an.; Isaac Howard, for the rent of two barge-houses at Standgate, co. Surrey, at 18l. per an.; Col. Thomas Palmer for rent of a storehouse for cables etc. for the Speedwell at Barbadoes, 15l. 19s. 8d.
wages and entertainment of Officers and seamen of the following ships (dates and the several totals given):
Anglesea; Advice; Anthelope; Burford; Blandford; Bedford galley; Crown; Dolphin; Essex; Fowey; Faversham; Ferret sloop; Greenwich; Jamaica sloop; Launceston; Lark; Moor; Mermaid; Nightingall; Plymouth; Port Mahon; Romney; Rippon; Swallow; Seahorse; Success; Shark sloop; Tyger; Tryall; Windsor; Warwick
recompense to the Commander and Officers of the Anglesea, lent to the South Sea Company (Capt. Robert Johnson, Commander; George Legg, 2nd Lieutenant; Philip Davis, master; Clement Harman, boatswain; James Edmond, gunner; Abraham Chare, carpenter; Peter Crawford, surgeon; Thomas Wagstaff, purser; William Codner, chaplain; James Keyes and Robert Walters, cooks)212120
repayment of abatements formerly made from the accompts of sundry Commanders and other Officers, detailed450167
wages and entertainments of Officers etc. employed in the Dockyards and Ropeyards, detailed, some names given:
Deptford dockyard in ordinary; year to 30 Sept. 17154,31049
Woolwich ditto; same time3,84810
Chatham ditto; same time14,91455
Sheerness ditto; same time3,44143
Portsmouth ditto; same time11,243210
Plymouth ditto; same time4,573118
Port Mahon ditto; 2 Oct. 1713 to 31 Dec. 171529934
Deptford dockyard in extraordinary; year to 30 Sept. 171520,696192
Woolwich ditto; same time19,66537
Chatham ditto; same time27,22066
Sheerness ditto; same time5,61806
Portsmouth ditto; same time35,715139
Plymouth ditto; same time9,881114
Port Mahon ditto; 28 March 1714 to 31 Dec. 17159361011
Woolwich ropeyard; year to 30 Sept. 17153,26417
Chatham ditto; same time2,83341
Portsmouth ditto; same time3,086195
Hamoze ditto; same time1,7841010
(total for the dockyards and ropeyards 173,332l. 14s. 11d.)
wages to surgeons and undertakers appointed to take care of sick and hurt seamen:
Woolwich; 19 Feb. 1714–15 to 30 Sept. 1715
Rochester; 1 Oct. 1714 to 30 Sept. 17151,4641311
Gosport; same time5711511
Deal; same time69910
Plymouth; 30 Sept. 1714 to 30 Sept. 171519438
(total payments and allowances for the Navy 798,421l. 1s. 10½d.)
payments to the two old Marine Regiments:
for the pay of the First Marine Regiment under the command of the Marquiss of Carmarthen, now Duke of Leeds, from 22 Feb. 1693 to disbandment in Sept. and Oct. 1698 and for the pay of the Commission Officers 17 Feb. 1694–5 to 31 March 1696 and for bounty money at disbanding
for the pay of the Second Marine Regiment under the command of the late Lord Berkeley and Sir Cloudesley Shovell, 22 Feb. 1693 to disbandment in Sept and Oct. 1698, for the pay of the Commission Officers 17 Feb. 1694–5 to 31 March 1696, for money paid Capt. Arthur Owen and for bounty money, less an abatement44,46502
payments relating to the said Regiments; for the Commissary and his Deputy 17 Feb. 1694–5 to 1 Oct. 1698; for the Auditors, for defalcations made by the Navy Treasurers; for money claimed for recruits; less an abatement21,24885
on accompt of the Victualling:
Emptions and provisions, detailed
hire and freight3,22097
monies due to several pursers, masters of ships etc., detailed, for the balance of their victualling accounts14,32390
workmanship, detailed3,48560
disbursements, detailed61641
salaries of the Commissioners for Victualling etc.:
Henry Vincent, Peter Jeyes, Waller Bacon, Robert Arris, Denzil Onslow, Thomas Reynolds, Thomas Beere, Commissioners, at 400l. per an. each for varying periods; Sprig Manesty, secretary, and his clerks; Jeyes Seawell, cashier, and his clerks; John Bishop, Accomptant General, and his clerks; chief clerks, clerks, muster-master, purveyors etc., detailed with names
wages etc., detailed12,80810
rents to divers persons, detailed661110
necessary and extraordinary necessary money8,5271011
short allowance money29,856172
travelling charges5740
ordinary allowances on the Declaration of this Accompt65168
money paid for satisfying the Interest due from the Public to the Proprietors of South Sea Company Stock242,1689
salaries to this Accomptant, his clerks and instruments:
for his own salary; 1¼ years to Xmas 17162,50000
Francis Hawes, his Accomptant; same time50000
Thomas Weddell, his Paymaster; and for clerks etc., named1,413147
total payments and allowances£1,421,41512
and so remains254,02553
whereof depending on sundry persons for money imprested to them, viz. John Allen, William Betagh, John Conduit, Daniel Phipps and Capt. Roger Green2,40018
and so the Accomptant is Indebted251,62537
Declared at the Treasury 24 Dec. 1719 and before the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer 18 Jan. 1719–20.