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'Declared Accounts: Salt', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30: 1716 (1958), pp. CCCXCII-CDII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2093, ROLL 121 [A.O.1/2093/121].

Benjamin Mildmay, Thomas Woodcock, Charles Dent, Arthur Ingram and James Cardonnel, Commissioners for the Salt Duties.

26 March 1715 to 25 March 1716.

Arrears: remaining in the hands of sundry persons at the determination of the last Accompt:
sundry proprietors, for money due from them
sundry Collectors, for money and bonds in their hands85,02710
the Commissioners of the Salt Duties, in money remaining to be accompted for by them12,992310
Receipts: money due and payable for the Duties on Salt within the time of this Accompt.:
Biddeford (William Petty)
ditto (Edmund Symson)397711
Bishops Lydiard (John Pavie)564171
Bristoll (Christopher Cole)5,23197
Chepstow (Edward Hemming)7189
Cockerham (John Jon)54816
Droitwich (John Kent)65,44563
Flimby (Thomas Johnson)2,483150
Flint (Richard Bell)1,814118
Isle of Grain (William Jeffries)281134
Laugharne (John Furnivall)1,72471
Lemington (Joseph Slater)25,11042
Leverpoole (John Troughton)27,026176
Middlewich (Samuel Blechynden)25,70400
Namptwich (Jonathan Brown)17,252168
Northshields (John Wheelwright)38,59668
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson)127,009171
Pensford (Morrice Price)417126
Plymouth (John Leigh)684100
Portsea (William Dod)6,63200
Sherborn (Charles Jennings)806184
Shirleywich (John Carvill)7,508100
ditto (William Sudlow)550168
South Shields (John Bell)86,97734
Topsham (Richard Mounteney)2,1391510
ditto (John Lyon)1,061105
Yarmouth (Michael Pulteney)8,06400
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)2,672134
Beaumaris (Featherstone Nicholson)67
Biddeford port (Thomas Jans)2,698134
Cardigan (Francis Howell)8700
Colchester (James Bruce)2268
Dartmouth (Lodowick Jackson)97400
ditto (Arthur Robinson)69100
Deal (Salathiel Rolfe)30134
Dover (John Ball)371118
Exeter (William Chamberlain)67812
ditto (William Spry)266134
Falmouth (William Pye)10,79800
Fowey (Charles Lamb)21,832134
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)136134
Ilfracombe (John Jenkins)39900
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley)0134
London (William Bertram)2,56768
Looe (John Dyer)2,377134
Lime (Henry Badcock)068
Lynn Regis (Henry Hare)172
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)7,980134
Penzance (Thomas Metcalfe)5,42868
ditto (Richard Upton)1,025810¾
Plymouth (David Morris)20,61000
Poole (Henry Baker)1,638134
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)80268
St. Ives (Richard Upton)2,14968
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)307142
Southampton (Daniel Cardonnel)448100
Weymouth (Thomas Bowyer)19134
Whitby (Hannaball Woods)06
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)207118
Yarmouth port (Thomas Moore)74434
money payable for fines and seizures, detailed by Collectors and places17234
interest on bonds and bills of exchange, ditto595910¾
(total receipts as above 542,909l. 16s. 8d.)
overpayments by Collectors, detailed as above1,3605
Money accompted for in this year's Cash Accompt225,40919
money defalked and discompted to the Collectors for overpayments on the preceding Accompt, detailed by Collectors and places1,07114
salaries of Collectors and others named and detailed at length11,3523
poundage allowed for collecting the Duties on Foreign Salt, detailed by Collectors and ports881210¾
incident charges paid by the several Collectors, detailed by Collectors and places2,56514
Officers' taxes repaid69294
riding charges at Cockerham, Flimby and Yarmouth6000
praemiums for returns of money614115
(total allowed as above for salaries, poundage, incidents etc. 16,166l. 1s. 1d.)
discompt for prompt payment of Duties20,5629
money repaid upon debentures for salt and salted beef, fish and pork exported (salt 157,496l. 4s. 11d., salted fish 22,672l. 10s.d., salted beef etc. 34l. 9s.d.)180,20347
rebatements for salt lost at sea1,807168
allowances for rock salt refined and melted40,87400
allowances for waste of salt carried coastwise11,77819
(total allowed for discompt, exports etc. as above 255,226l. 10s.d.)
total payments and allowances£497,8745
and so remains195,0484
whereof depending upon sundry proprietors, makers and refiners and importers of salt and rock salt, for money due for the Duties on Salt at Ladyday 1716:
Bristoll: William Perks, merchant; Abraham Elton, junior, ditto; Thomas Hooper, late refiner at Sodbury, co. Glouc.
Cockerham: Simon Gullin, Nathaniel Moore and Thomas Martin by bond; George Smith, Nicholas Hartley and Nathaniel Moore, ditto; Nathaniel Moore, John Boulton and George Stephenson, ditto; Thomas Houghton, George Smith and Humphry Ellis, ditto; Thomas Nealson, Francis Benson and John Gatonby, ditto; Joshua Lawson, Robert Frame and Thomas Walker ditto; John Nock and John Ryley, ditto16066
Droitwich; Richard Smallbrooke and Abel Gower, by bond8000
Graine Isle: William Armiger and Christopher Josten, by two bonds; the same and John Aynsworth, ditto1,172168
Laugharne: John Higgins, late refiner at Nayland co. Pemb.8134
Lemington [Lymington, co. Hants]: Daniel Gates, by bond; the same and Thomas Elmes, by two bonds; the same and John Edwards by bond; John Carter and John Beere, by three bonds4396
Leverpoole: Barnaby Fortune, merchant; Francis Ansley, ditto; Benjamin Hunter, ditto; Daniel Murphy, merchant; Sir Thomas Johnson, refiner at Hilbree; Robert Hichmough, ditto at Dungeon; Benjamin Hunter and William Goodwin, by bond; William Greenway, John Wainwright and James Allen, ditto; William Greenway, John Shaw and John Rumsey, ditto; Richard Stretch, Thomas Hewan and Robert Coventry, ditto; William Greenway and William Shearer, ditto; William Greenway, William Flemming and George Neilson, ditto; William Greenway, John Wainwright and John Reed, ditto; William Greenway, John Wainwright and Robert Macclaree, ditto; John Greenway, John Wainwright and John Agnew, ditto; William Greenway, John Wainwright and Samuel Wallace, ditto; William Greenway, John Wainwright and Thomas Bond, ditto; Benjamin Hunter, John Cunningham and John Yarrow, ditto3,7751211
Middlewich: Ralph Throp and James Haynes, by bond; Edward Hyde, ditto; John Holland, William Glegg and Benjamin Toft, ditto; John Holland, a proprietor of a salt work321142
Namptwich: Ralph Thorp, Thomas Cartwright, Richard Knight and John Twemlowe, by bond; Ralph Throp, Richard Knight and John Twemlowe, ditto; Ralph Throp, Richard Knight and John Baddiley, ditto; Ralph Throp, Richard Knight and William Sunderland, ditto; Ralph Throp, Richard Knight and John Lunt, ditto; Ralph Throp, ditto1,0565
Northshields: Valentine Rilston, Christopher Frankling and John Rutherford, by bond; Christopher Frankling and John Rutherford, ditto; John Rutherford, Christopher Frankling and Andrew Johnson, two bonds; Robert Cook and Thomas Raffolds, by bond; John Pye, George Burrell, Henry Bayley and Benedict Errington, ditto; John Pye, Alexander Hall and Benedict Errington, ditto; John Pye, George Burrell and Robert Mills, ditto; Charles Coatsworth, Thomas Clark and Charles Vaughan, ditto; Thomas Martin, John Dogget and John Weston, ditto; Charles Coatsworth, Francis Partis and Matthias Partis, by two bonds; Ursula Milburne, Francis Partis and Mathias Partis, by bond; Michael Hall, Francis Partis and Mathias Partis, ditto; Stephen Good and Charles Coatsworth, ditto; Ursula Milburne, Francis Partis and Theophilus Nicholson, ditto; Matthew Currey, John Dogget and John Weston ditto; Thomas Martin, John Dogget, and Benjamin Dogget, ditto; Charles Coatsworth, Mathias Partis, John Woosley and Francis Partis, ditto; Ursula Milburne, Mathias Partis, John Woosley and Francis Partis, ditto; Mathias Partis, John Woosley, Francis Partis and Michael Hall, ditto; Charles Coatsworth, Mathias Partis, Richard Woosley and Francis Partis, ditto; Ursula Milburne, Mathias Partis and Richard Woosley and Francis Partis, ditto; Henry Robinson, Thomas Banks, William Mason and Andrew French, ditto; Thomas Grainger and Ursula Milburne, ditto; William Christian, Thomas Richardson and Robert Michelson, ditto; Benedict Errington, Charles Errington and George Harbottle, ditto; Phillip Bickerstaff, late proprietor of a salt work at Amble in Northumberland; arrear due to an Exchequer bill miscarried3,604159
Northwich: Robert Pownall, agent to Dr. Benjamin Woodrooffe, by two bonds; Ralph Broome and Nathan Blease, by bond; Thomas Neild, senior, Otwell Broome and Thomas Neild, junior, ditto; Thomas Nickson, Ralph Nickson and John Deane, by three bonds; Thomas Nickson and Ralph Nickson, by three bonds; Edmund Soame, Thomas Nickson and Robert Whitlowe, by three bonds; Cornelius Denn, Daniell Fenn and William Mascall, by four bonds; Sir Thomas Johnson, Richard Gildart and Peter Hall, ditto; Ralph Broome, late proprietor of a salt work3,53849
Portisick: Henry Sampson and Co., refiners of salt at Lower St. Colombe in Cornwall01
Southshields: Phillip Bickerstaff, by bond; Philip Bickerstaff, Joseph Milburne and Joseph Hutchinson, ditto; Samuel Cooper, William Waune and Ralph Pattison, ditto; Leonard Hitchen and John Cougham, ditto; Michael Hall, Mathias Partis and Francis Partis, ditto; Robert Linton, junior, Francis Partis and Lancelot Cramlington, by two bonds; Robert Linton senior, Francis Partis and Lancelot Cramlington, ditto; Francis Partis and Lancelott Cramlington, by bond; Francis Partis, John Pattison and Lancelot Cramlington, ditto; Robert Linton, senior, Francis Partis and Mathias Partis, by two bonds; Charles Coatsworth, Francis Partis and Mathias Partis by bond; Francis Partis, Mathias Partis and Lancelot Cramlington, ditto; Robert Linton, senior, Francis Partis and Theophilus Nicholson, ditto; Robert Linton, junior, Francis Partis and John Woosley, ditto; Robert Linton, senior, Francis Partis and John Woosley, ditto; John Shaftoe, Francis Partis and John Woosley, ditto; Robert Linton, junior, Mathias Partis and Francis Partis, ditto; Charles Coatsworth, Francis Partis and Richard Woosley, ditto; Michael Hall, Francis Partis, and Richard Woosley, ditto; John Pattison and William Ketteridge, ditto; Jacob Wilkinson, William Medcalfe and William Wightman, ditto4,44413
Topsham: Thomas Tounson, Thomas Clap, Edward Yendell and George Borne, late salt-refiners at Topsham28717
Yarmouth: Thomas Bendish, late salt-refiner at Southton in Suffolk; John Burton, late salt-refiner at Cobholm in Norfolk; Francis Hollis, late salt-refiner at Gorlston in Suffolk; William Maltward, refiner at Yarmouth; John Bass, late refiner at Woodbridge in Suffolk; John Gosling, late refiner at Yarmouth; Anthony Burwood, another refiner at Woodbridge; Samuel Brandling, refiner at Ipswich in Suffolk; Jonathan Bass, late salt-refiner at Manningtree in Essex; Thomas Hollister, late another at Colchester in Essex87113
Berwick: Robert Cook, in part of a lost bond:1368
Chepstow: John Oaks and Charles Lewis, by bond; Thomas Compson, Edward Best and Charles Corker, junior, by bond342142
Dover: William Armiger and Christopher Josten, by bond440134
Exeter: William Squarry, merchant12934
Gweek: Francis Jones and Phillip Stephens, by bond2020
London: Thomas Bryant and Abraham Trent, by two bonds; Thomas Bryant and Amos Short, ditto; Robert Hinton and Christopher Blower, ditto; Elias Measurier and Thomas Measurier, by two bonds; William Armiger, Christopher Josten and William Randall by six bonds; John Higgs, senior, and John Higgs, junior, by two bonds; John Higgs, senior, by bond5,799145
Milford: John Higgins and William Feild, by two bonds6036
Padstow: Peter Swimmer, merchant; John Curtis, Thomas Flamanche and John Leverton, by bond2621211
Penryn: Thomas Threnwith, merchant in Penryn20000
Rochester: William Armiger and Christopher Josten, by three bonds1,591134
sundry Collectors at the following ports for the Duty on foreign Salt locked up in cellars:
Bristoll (Christopher Cole)
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)317134
Biddeford (Thomas Jans)534134
Exeter (William Spry)3402
Falmouth (William Pye)10,43700
Fowey (Charles Lamb)6,216134
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)75600
London (William Bertram)254134
Looe (John Dyer)91568
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)9,589134
Penzance (Richard Upton)5,340810¾
Plymouth (David Morris)18,772134
St. Ives (Richard Upton)2,54468
several Collectors etc. to balance their accompts:
Bideford (Edward Symson, Collector)
St. Agnes (Robert Hall, late Excise Officer)026
Sodbury (Ralph Deane, late Collector)100
Bristoll (Christopher Cole, Collector, in bonds)7,85200
Cockerham (John Jon, ditto in a bond)46134
Flimby (Richard Uriel, late Collector)1313
ditto (Thomas Johnson, Collector)19200
Flint (Richard Bell, Collector)463
Swanzey (Henry Fox, late Collector)713
Caermarthen (Henry Hind, late Officer)200
Chepstow (George Richmond, late Collector)2119
Lemington (Thomas Parish, late Sub-Collector)3790
ditto (Timothy Parker, late Supervisor)4614
ditto (Joseph Slater, Collector, in bonds)1,40500
Leverpoole (John Troughton, Collector, in bonds 22,622l. 13s. 9d. and in money 19s. 10¾d.)22,62313
London (Jacob Sheldrake, late Keeper of the Bills of Exchange in the Excise Office, part of a bill not accompted for)20000
Middlewich (Samuel Blechynden, Collector, in bonds 422l. 7s. 1d. and in money 11s.d.)42218
Namptwich (Jonathan Brown, Collector)415
Amble (George Murray, Collector)2166
ditto (John Stephenson, late Collector)500
North Shields (William Marshall, late Officer)14187
ditto (John Wheelwright, Collector, in bonds 1,436l. 13s. 4d. and in money 40l. 0s. 6d.)1,4761310
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson, Collector, in bonds)28,894711
Portsea (William Dodd, Collector, in bonds 50l. and in money 6l. 13s.d.)5613
Shirleywich (John Carvile, late Collector)02
Shoreham (Stephen Coven, late Collector)411
Southshields (John Bell, Collector, in bonds 940l., in money 6l. 8s.d.)9468
Barnstaple (Thomas Clinton, late Collector)1689
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe, Collector, in bonds)2,35500
Beaumaris (Featherstone Nicholson)04
Bideford (Thomas Jans, Collector, in bonds)2,12400
Cardigan (Francis Howell, Collector, in bonds 80l. and in money 38l. 0s.d.)1180
Chepstowe (Walter Aldey, Collector)131510
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)612
ditto (Arthur Robinson, in bonds 348l. 6s. 8d. and in money 3l. 19s. 4d.)35260
Dover (John Ball, in a bond)17500
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)3424
ditto (William Spry, in a bond)43968
Falmouth (William Pye, in bonds 3,613l. and in money 10s. 1d.)3,613101
Fowey (Charles Lamb, in bonds 9,591l. and in money 11l. 0s. 8d.)9,60208
Gweek (Bernard Penrose, in bonds 106l. 13s. 4d. and in money 1l. 13s. 10¼d.)1087
Ilfracombe (John Jenkins)39900
London (William Hyrne, late Collector)940
ditto (John Stockwell, late ditto)004
ditto (William Bertram, Collector, in a bond)152134
Looe (John Dyer, Collector, in bonds 1,351l., in money 57l. 14s. 10d.)1,4081410
Lynn Regis (Henry Badcock, late Collector)06
ditto (Robert Thorowgood, late ditto)11610¼
ditto (Henry Hare, Collector)511
Minehead (Thomas Wolstenholme, late Collector)7147
ditto (Francis Webber, late Collector)1013
Padstow (John Bligh, late Collector)068
ditto (William Taylor, late Collector, in a bond)91139
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson, Collector, in bonds)86500
Penzance (Thomas Metcalfe, Collector, in a bond 200l. and in money 9l. 10s. 3d.)209103
Penzance (Richard Upton, Collector, in bonds 129l., in money 435l. 2s. 10½d.)564210½
Plymouth (David Morris, in bonds 789l. 6s. 8d. and in money 126l. 13s.d.)9151911½
Poole (Alfrid Lawson, Collector, in bonds)2,08100
Rochester (John Pope, Collector)0196
Rye (George Shuckburgh, late Collector)384
St. Ives (Richard Upton, Collector, in bonds 62l. 6s. 8d. and in money 16l. 11s.d.)7818
Sandwich (William Farnolds, late Collector)32968
ditto (Benjamin Fisher, Collector)59
Scilly Islands (Francis Ley, Collector)38134
Southampton (Daniel Cardonnel, Collector, in bonds)44500
Wells (John Keene, Collector)033
Weymouth (Ludovicus Jackson, late Collector)5419
ditto (Thomas Bower, Collector)670
Whitehaven (Henry Blencowe, Collector, in a bond)17750
Yarmouth (Thomas Moor, Collector)014
and depending on these Accomptants for money received from several Collectors since the determination of this Accompt13,0047
ditto for money remaining in the Cashiers' hands2,76712
and so this General Accompt is even and Quit.
Declared 3 July 1718.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2071, ROLL 22 [A.O.1/2071/22].

Benjamin Mildmay, Thomas Woodcock, James Cardonnel, Charles Dent and Arther Ingram, Commissioners for the Salt Duties.

25 March 1715 to 25 March 1716.

Arrears: remaining in the Accomptants' hands at the end of the last Cash Accompt69916
Receipts: money received for the Salt Duties within the time of this Accompt:
for the Old Duty from 25 March 1694:
Bideford (William Petty)
Bristol (Christopher Cole)00
Cockerham (John Jon)677
Droitwich (John Kent)14,6587
Flimby (Thomas Johnson)41310
Isle of Grain (William Jeffries)5400
Laugharne (John Furnivall)04
Lemington (Joseph Slater)5,76716
Liverpool (John Troughton)21414
Middlewich (Samuel Blecherden)1,470140
Namptwich (Jonathan Browne)4,5351511½
North Shields (John Wheelwright)7,32947
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson)10,046108
Portissick (Christopher Conyers)29
Portsea (William Dodd)1,83531
Shirleywich (John Carville)2,0609
ditto (William Sudlow)1953
Sherbourne (Charles Jennings)151411¾
South Shields (John Bell)16,42214
Topsham (Richard Mounteney)2181
ditto (John Lyon)690
Yarmouth (Michael Pulteney)3317
and at the following ports:
Cardigan (Francis Howell)
Chepstow (Walter Aldey)3000
Colchester (James Bruce)417
Deal (Salathiel Rolfe)89
Dover (John Ball)3000
Falmouth (William Pye)47813
Fowey (Charles Lamb)3975
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)1152
Harwich (Jacob Bury)009
London (William Bertram)3895
Lyme (Thomas Jans)06
Lynn (Henry Hare)21211½
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)4188
Penzance (Richard Score, late collector)240
ditto (Thomas Medcalfe)9120
ditto (Richard Upton)21519
Plymouth (David Morris)31009
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)1000
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)646
St. Ives (Richard Upton)6012
Whitby (Hannaball Woods)12
Whitehaven (Alfred Lawson)719
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)245
Matthew Greenwood, Collector of Fines and Seizures in London1169
for the East India Fund from 25 December 1699:
Bideford (William Petty)
Bristol (Christopher Cole)005
Cockerham (John Jon)15739
Droitwich (John Kent)34,20217
Flimby (Thomas Johnson)96418
Isle of Grain (William Jeffries)12600
Laugharne (John Furnivall)010
Lemington (Joseph Slater)13,4585
Leverpoole (John Troughton)5011
Middlewich (Samuel Blechinden)3,431128
Namptwich (Jonathan Browne)10,58310
Northsheilds (John Wheelwight)17,10110
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson)23,44118
Portisick (Christopher Conyers)51411¾
Portsea (William Dodd)4,28208
Shirleywich (John Carville)4,80714
ditto (William Sudlow)441811
Sherbourn (Charles Jennings)361411½
Southshields (John Bell)38,319140
Topsham (Richard Mounteney)50816
ditto (John Lyon)1611
Yarmouth (Michael Pulteney)773310
and at the following ports:
Cardigan (Francis Howell)
Chepstow (Walter Aldey)7000
Colchester (James Bruce)116
Deal (Salathiel Rolfe)1915
Dover (John Ball)7000
Falmouth (William Pye)1,11618
Fowey (Charles Lamb)92619
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)26813
Harwich (Jacob Bury)019
London (William Bertram)90861
Lyme (Thomas Jans)014
Lynn (Henry Hare)49610¾
Penryn (Ambrose Thomson)9765
Penzance (Richard Score, late Collector)52
ditto (Thomas Medcalfe)21211
ditto (Richard Upton)50318
Plymouth (David Morris)72385
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)2368
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)150010¾
St. Ives (Richard Upton)1418
Whitby (Hannaball Woods)212
Whitehaven (Alfred Lawson)1812
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)5613
Matthew Greenwood, Collector of Fines and Seizures in London459
(total receipts as above 227,477l. 15s.d.)
total charge and receipts£228,17711
Salaries and incidents:
salaries in London:
Benjamin Mildmay, Thomas Woodcock, James Cardonnel and Charles Dent, Commissioners; year to 25 Dec. 1715
John Danvers and Arthur Ingram, successively Commissioners; same time50000
Thomas Hall, Comptroller, for himself and clerks; same time35000
Charles Brumpsted and James Windham, successively Cashiers, for themselves and clerks; same time43000
Thomas Holdip, Secretary; same time20000
Matthew Greenwood, Correspondent etc; and for his clerk; same time18000
William Johnson, Solicitor; same time10000
William Sumpter, Chief Accomptant; same time10000
John Hall and William Price, Accomptants14000
assistant, clerks, storekeeper, housekeepers etc.; same time; detailed with names6695
salaries in the Country, detailed with names50589
incidents in London, detailed, including 280l. to Edward Harley for the Auditor's fee1,77415
incident charges in the Country, by Collectors and places19917
(total for salaries and incidents 7,149l. 7s.d.)
repayments on debentures for salt, salted beef, pork and fish exported:
out of the Old Duty
out of the East India Fund70,303157
money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by dates:
out of the Old Duty
out of the East India Fund82,478130
total payments and allowances£225,40919
and so these Accomptants are Indebted
Declared 3 July 1718.