Declared Accounts
Hawkers and Pedlars


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Hawkers and Pedlars', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30: 1716 (1958), pp. CDXXVII. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Hawkers and Pedlars


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1425, ROLL 20 [A.O.1/1425/20].

George Townsend, junior, Montague Bacon and Francis Brown, Commissioners for licensing Hawkers and Pedlars and Petty Chapmen.

23 June 1715 to 24 June 1716.

Arrears: none, this being their first Accomptnil
but depending on several persons at the foot of the final Accompt of the late Commissioners1,99905
Receipts: money arising within the time of this Accompt for licences to Hawkers etc.:
for 2,235 licences for a year to Midsummer 1716 at 4l. each
for licences to travel with 185 horses ditto at 4l. each horse74000
for 2,040 single foot licences at 12d. each10200
for 185 licences for travelling with that number of horses at 2s. each18100
for the charge of 10 bonds for securing the latter moiety of the Duty at 12d. each bond0100
total charges and receipts£11,80005
Salaries: to George Townsend, junior, Montague Bacon and Francis Browne, Commissioners, 300l.; to Hadley Doyley, Solicitor, 50l.; to Philip Sanderson, Cashier, to Xmas 1715 and Thomas Tomkins succeeding him 90l.; to clerks detailed, 100l.; to the Riding Surveyor General and seven Riding Surveyors, named, 900l.; to the three Surveyors for London and Westminster, named, 150l.; and to a messenger, named, 30l.1,62000
allowance for prompt payment of the latter moiety of 2,225 licences for the time of this Accompt (445l.) and of 185 licences for travelling with 185 horses (37l.)48200
necessary and incident charges, detailed4651710½
(total for salaries, prompt payment and incidents as above 2,567l. 17s. 10½d.)
money paid into the Exchequer, by dates7,012100
total payments and allowances£9,580710½
and so remains2,21912
against which depending for money in arrear, Midsummer 1697 to Midsummer 17151,99905
and for money in arrear for licences granted within the time of this Accompt, detailed1000
and on Richard Harrington, messenger, for money imprested3800
and on William Este, Riding Surveyor General, for money received by him and remaining in his hands33186
total of the supers aforesaid£20801811
and so the Accomptants are Indebted
Declared 7 August 1718.
Auditor's Memorandum: certain Riding Surveyors, named, are accomptable for several licences within the time of the late Commissioners with which they were entrusted to deliver to Hawkers etc. trading in the Country; William Este is likewise accomptable for several licences within the time of this Accompt. The respective bonds for securing these Duties remain in the Solicitor's hands.