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William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Hanaper', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30: 1716 (1958), pp. CDXXX-CDXXXII. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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AUDIT OFFICE, BUNDLE 1399, ROLL 263 [A.O.1/1399/263].

Thomas Edwards and Joseph Whitehead, Clerk or Keeper of the Hanaper.

Michaelmas 1715 to Michaelmas 1716.

Arrears: respited monies as at the foot of the last Account374117
remaining in the Accomptants' hands as at the foot of the said last Account454
Receipts: money received of the issues and profits of Charters or Letters Patent, Commissions, Indentures and other Deeds:
small patents: 324 at 2s. each
Sheriffs' patents; 49 at 3s. each770
commissions of sewers; eleven at 2s. 6d. each176
exemplifications; 23 at 16s. 4d. each18158
deaneries; one at0164
arch-deaconries and prebends; five at 16s. 4d. each418
presentations; 56 at 16s. 4d. each45148
dispensations; 55 at 16s. 4d. each44184
congé d'eslires, royal assents, commendams and restitutions of temporalities; 12 at 16s. 4d. each9160
grants of office for life; one at 49s., one at 32s. 8d., four at 16s. 4d. each (65s. 4d.)770
ditto during good behaviour; one at0164
ditto in reversion; one at 49s., three at 32s. 8d. each (4l. 18s.), two at 16s. 4d. each (32s. 8d.)8198
ditto during pleasure; 20 at 32s. 8d. each (32l. 13s. 4d.), 25 at 16s. 4d. each (20l. 8s. 4d.)5318
revocation of office; one at0164
appeals and adjuncts; 14 at 16s. 4d. each1188
duplicaments; one at0164
annuities and pensions; two at 16s. 4d. each1128
indentures at farm; one at 30s. 4d., one at 24s. 4d. one at 18s. 4d., one at 16s. 4d.494
special commissions; four at 32s. 8d. each (6l. 10s. 8d.), five at 16s. 4d. each (4l. 1s. 8d.)10124
special licences for years, nine at 24s. 4d.10190
special pardons and pardons decursu; one at 32s. 8d., five at 16s. 4d. each5144
grants of great fee; five at 7l. 11s. 8d. each37184
moneys received for fines of Statutes Staple218
farm of the profits of the Seals of the King's Bench and of the Common Pleas, leased to George, Duke of Northumberland, and his heirs male1,653140
farm of the Common Fines, etc., leased to the Commissioners of the Treasury1,546120
farm of the Sixpenny Writs, leased to Anne, Countess Dowager of Newburgh for 41 years from 13 Jan. 1688–91,00000
total charge and receipts£4,90119
Payments by letters patent:
William, Lord Cowper, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, for diets, for his annuity for extraordinary attendance, for robes, for his allowance of Gascon wine and for wax
Sir John Trevor, Master of the Rolls, and the eleven other Chancery Masters, for their winter and summer robes8280
George Wright, clerk of the Crown in Chancery, for his fee6000
these Accountants, for their several yearly allowances981
Matthew Snow, Protonothary of the Chancery, for his allowance10000
Matthew Johnson, late Clerk of the Parliaments, for his fee; three quarter to Xmas 17153000
William Cowper, the succeeding clerk of the Parliaments, for ditto; three quarters to Michaelmas 17163000
William Oaker, General Scrivener of Chancery Leases, for ditto2000
John Roberts, Clerk of the Writs in Chancery2000
John Stone, Executor of Charles Stone, late a Serjeant at Arms attending the Lord Chancellor, for his fee of 3d. a day; 244 days to 24 Nov. 171536120
Francis Jephson, succeeding Stone as Serjeant at Arms; 24 Nov. 1715 to Michaelmas 171646100
the two Auditors of the Hanaper, by way of diet and for charges etc. on the Declaration of this Account etc.1000
William Smith, one of the Six Clerks of the Chancery, as Clerk Comptroller of the Hanaper; year to Michaelmas 17161000
Thomas Harris, Chafewax, for wax and for his wages of 2½d. a day (366 days)363163
John Trevor, Crier of the Chancery, for wages, winter robe, thread and needles8107
John Trevor, Crier, and other Officers for parchment, etc.282120
(total payments by letters patent 2,296l. 12s.d.)
payments by warrant:
George Wright, clerk of the Crown, for writing patents, etc.
the same, for attending the Court of Claims75100
William Smith, one of the Six Clerks, for engrossing the Comptrol Books1368
John Trevor, Crier, for repairs in the Rolls Chapel89109
Susannah Dauling, widow, Administratrix of John Dauling, Clerk of the Petty Bag, for writing Writs of Summons and Election Writs130182
Jacob Tonson, for stationery wares for the Lord Chancellor etc.248163
Christopher Coningsby, for ditto for the Crown Office75130
Robert Briscoe, for his fee of 3s. a day as Messenger attending the Great Seal54180
the same, for expenses etc. of himself and his deputies in sending out Writs of Summons to sundry Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Election Writs to Knights and Burgesses to serve in Parliament172150
Israel Harrison, for stationery wares for the Hanaper Office43134
these Accountants, for the increased cost of parchment7340
David Davies, embroiderer, for a richly embroidered wallet for the Great Seal, etc.5800
John Harvey, Sealer, for his diets, wages and necessaries4303
Thomas Harris, Chafewax, for his wages at 16d. a day and for coal, oil and other necessaries28134
William Wicket, Joseph Richards, Samuel Clarke and John Barrett, four Messengers attending the Great Seal and Receipt of the Exchequer, for expenses in publishing Proclamations25500
James Hunter, for cleaning Westminster Hall168
Joseph Harvey, Sealer, Thomas Harris, Chafewax, and Robert Lindsey, clerk to the Clerk of the Hanaper, for expenses of riding in the country during the summers of 1715 and 1716 in the King's service4500
the Auditor, for his additional allowance for checking and engrossing this Account2000
these Accountants for the charges and expenses of passing this Account4000
(total payments by Warrant 1,802l. 12s. 1d.)
payments by way of reward:
Sir John Trevor, late Master of the Rolls, for keeping the House of Converts, for the fees of two chaplains and of two Converts, Peter Samuel and John Meza and to him and the Clerk of the Petty Bag for their care in examining Originals in the Chancery
total payments and allowances£4,1369
and so remains76412
against which respited monies, as in the previous Account374117
and so the Accomptants are Indebted3901
Declared before Sir Thomas Bury, Chief Baron of the Exchequer 15 November 1717 (fn. 1)


1 See the article by Mrs. George in the ‘English Historical Review’ to which reference is made in the Introduction to this Volume p. xxv.