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Customs, Tobacco


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'Declared Accounts: Customs, Tobacco', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CCCLXXI-CCCLXXIX. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Customs, Tobacco

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 983 [E351/983]. (fn. 1) (NO AUDIT OFFICE ROLL.)
WILLIAM BURNETT, Comptroller General of Customs.
25 December 1710 to 25 December 1711.
Arrears: remaining upon the end of the preceding General Accompt: in money60,4998
ditto: in bonds588,61813
Receipts: money due and payable within the time of this Accompt:
on account of the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
London port: Sir John Shaw, bt., on Plantation Goods, in bonds1,134160
on account of the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 1710:
London port: Sir John Shaw, bt., on Plantation Goods, in money4,57929
ditto, in bonds244,70463
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe, in money 54l. 11s. 1¼d. and in bonds 1,967l. 15s. 3d.)2,0226
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson, in money 3,325l. 17s. 7¾d., and in bonds 33,195l. 14s. 3d.)36,5211110¾
Bideford (Charles Jones, in money 214l. 14s. 5d. and in bonds 2,291l. 14s. 3d.)2,505188
Chester (Joseph Sewell, in money)116
Colchester (James Bruce, in money)0188
Dartford (James Jenkinson, in bonds)98913
Dover (John Ball, in money)07
Exeter (Richard Score, in bonds)82926
ditto (Thomas Jans, since Collector, in money 5l. 6s. 7½d. and in bonds 831l. 10s. 3d.)8361610½
ditto (William Chamberlain, since Collector, in money 2l. 4s. 4d. and in bonds 552l. 16s. 9d.)55511
Falmouth (William Pye, in money 58l. 13s. 6¼d. and in bonds 871l. 13s. 6d.)9307
Harwich (Jacob Bury, in money)3175
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley, in money 302l. 18s. 11d. and in bonds 3,968l. 6s. 9d.)4,27158
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith, in money 672l. 9s. 1d. and in bonds 34,053l. 7s. 3d.)34,725164
Lyme (Thomas Jans, in money 81l. 8s. 6d. and in bonds 2,993l. 2s. 0d.)3,074106
Milford (William Goodacre, in money 8l. 3s. 8½d. and in bonds 137l. 13s. 0d.)14516
Newhaven (Alexander Shoebridge, in money)6191
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson, in money 50l. 8s. 1¼d. and in bonds 2,273l. 16s. 6d.)2,3244
Plymouth (David Morrice, in money 339l. 0s. 1½d. and in bonds 3,314l. 5s. 6d.)3,6535
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks, in money)92
Rochester (John Pope, in money)71
Shoreham (John Goldham, in money)171
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur, in bonds)6,11153
ditto (Alfred Lawson, since Collector, in bonds)13,298150
total 362,125l. 18s. 9½d. and for the receipts on both series of Impositions 363, 260l. 14s. 9½d.
interest received on bonds not satisfied in due time:
Henry Ferne, Receiver General7828
overpayments: on account of the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
Deale (John Ball)12368
Dover (John Ball)1115
Lyme (Thomas Jans)45
Poole (William Chamberlaine)9710½
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)2011¾
Rye (George Shuckburgh)126
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)1070
Stockton (Thomas Lawson)717
Bristoll (John Dutton Colt, late Collector)20,03718
Bydiford (John Bolitho, late Collector)1,188169
Deale (Lancelot Whitehall, late Collector)14541
Exeter (Charles Orchard, late Collector)7330
Harwich (Mark Wildbore, late Collector)00
Hull (George Dickenson, late Collector)80811¾
Leverpoole (Sir Barnabas Scudamore, late Collector)702
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson, senior, late Collector)5160
ditto (Robert Hebburne, since Collector)6918
Penrynn (Sidney Blighe, late Collector)00
ditto (Edmund Harry, since Collector)10814
Poole (John Colquitt, late Collector)754
ditto (George Savile, since Collector)310
Whitehaven (Andrew Huddlestone, late Collector)1,3048
Yarmouth (Thomas Clarke, late Collector)017
ditto: on account of the Impositions which commenced 1 August 1710.
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)24410
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)15,8965
Bydiford (Charles Jones)7525
Chester (Joseph Sewell)2518
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)3654
Falmouth (William Pye)683
Ilfracombe (John Keir)16256
Lyme (Thomas Jans)11519
Milford (William Goodacre)6173
Padstow (William Taylor)200
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson)37310
Poulton (William Jennings)69511¼
Whitehaven (Alfred Lawson)482159
Leverpoole (Edmund Smith, late Collector)2,8268
total overpayments 46,476l. 19s. 1¼d.
total charge and receipts£1,059,6907
money remitted to the Receiver General and Cashier within the time of this Accompt and shown in his Cash Accompt for the year (besides 345,748l. 3s. 11¾d. delivered him in bonds)310,9381
more received upon the bonds in his custody5,02818
allowance for overpayments:
on account of the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
[as shown overpaid in the charge above]24,4753
on account of the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 1710:
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)5800
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)7,77434
Bydiford (Charles Jones)7014
Chester (Joseph Sewell)260
Ilfracombe (John Keir)109123
Lyme (Thomas Jans)10216
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson)3160
Plymouth (David Morris)723
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)4119
Leverpoole (Edmund Smith)2,8268
total allowance for overpayments 36,479l. 15s. 10¾d.
repayments to sundry merchants (not named) upon debentures for tobacco exported:
on account of the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)8589
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)227140
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)15,35393
Milford (William Goodacre)715110
Plymouth (David Morris)409119
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)32889
ditto (Alfred Lawson)3,94220
on account of the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 1710:
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)44180
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)21,4400
Bydiford (Charles Jones)3,14112
Exeter (Thomas Jans)30426
ditto (William Chamberlaine)8931310
Falmouth (William Pye)1570
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley)1,09590
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)707881
Lyme (Thomas Jans)131173
Milford (William Goodacre)83
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson)30012
Plymouth (David Morris)495190
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)58600
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)1400
ditto (Alfred Lawson)2,17986
total repayments on debentures 62,636l. 11s. 11d.
repayments to merchants for damages and over-entries:
on account of the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)70146
Chester (Joseph Sewell)41196
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)2480
Liverpool (Nathaniel Smith)1,8213
Plymouth (David Morris)63136
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)10176
ditto (Alfred Lawson)754119
on account of the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 1710:
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)146311
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)4,188111
Bydiford (Charles Jones)86811
Chester (Joseph Sewell)800
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)55176
Exeter (Thomas Jans)90168
ditto (William Chamberlaine)13311
Falmouth (William Pye)15914
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley)1250
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)57159
Lyme (Thomas Jans)332911¼
Milford (William Goodacre)234910
Newhaven (Alexander Shoebridge)652
Padstow (William Taylor)200
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson)41850
Plymouth (David Morris)33510
Shoreham (John Goldham)1313
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)27530
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)1,13726
ditto (Alfred Lawson)1,22033
total repayments for damages and overentries 12,996l. 18s. 0d.
money paid for officers' salaries and incident expenses2,599169
total payments and allowances£430,6802
and so remains 629,010l. 4s. 6d.
against which depending on sundry Receivers and Collectors for money and bonds in their hands at Christmas 1711:
for the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710.
London port:
Henry Ferne for bonds143,71214
the King's Remembrancer's Office for bonds delivered there to be prosecuted34,9422
total London port 178,654l. 16s. 10½d.
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe, money 531l. 5s. 0¼d., bonds 27l. 13s. 6d.)55818
Beaumarris (William Lewis, money)6416
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson, money 5,736l. 0s. 2d., bonds 10,702l. 2s. 9d.)16,438211
Bydeford (Charles Jones, money 1,119l. 1s. 11¼d., bonds 1,822l. 15s. 8d.)2,94117
Chester (Joseph Sewell, money 962l. 15s. 11d., bonds 175l.)1,1371511
Cowes (Thomas Cole, money)3770
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)36586
Falmouth (William Pye, money 109l. 10s. 0d., bonds 285l. 3s. 9d.)394139
Ilfracombe (John Keir, money)198146
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley, money)27342
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith, money 162l. 5s. 9¾d., bonds 14,978l. 3s. 0d.)15,1408
Milford (William Goodacre, money)743
Padstow (William Taylor, money)2510
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson, money)2694
Plymouth (David Morris, money 143l. 1s. 8¼d., bonds 150l. 16s. 9d.)29318
Rochester (John Pope, money)1419
St. Ives (Richard Upton, money)38
Weymouth (John Pope, money)4119
Whitehaven (Thomas Bower, money)1,0479
ditto (Warwick Arthur, money 2,052l. 6s. 11¼d., bonds 3,095l. 5s. 3d.)5,14712
and on several late Collectors and others [in money except where stated otherwise]:
Richard Hutchinson, late Solicitor of the Customs, in bonds197182
Michael Weeks, Collector in London Port, in bonds26,4841910
Thomas Granger, late Receiver of these Duties421119
Barnstaple (Thomas Clinton)8317
Boston (John Clark)6000
Bridgwater (Henry Beaumont)70135
Bristoll (John Sansome)3,30017
Bydiford (Richard Ustick)7633
Chester (Thomas Tyndale)2960
ditto (Matthew Anderton)08
ditto (Edmund Smith)45186
Chichester (James Whitwood)376110¼
Plymouth (Samuel Bincks)417116
Dartmouth (Thomas Jenkinson)50615
Deale (James Smith)1,03619
Falmouth (Edmund Harry)132130
ditto (William Peirson)46755
ditto (Rawley Radford)44172
ditto ([Ambrose] Thompson and [Richard] Jennings)4714
Faversham (Charles Sherman)252
ditto (Nicholas Mattson)15000
Fowey (John Dagg)3961310¾
Lancaster (John Forster)31711¼
Leverpoole (Edward Scarborough)9,0319
ditto (Edmund Smith)2,621150
Lyme (Peter Southwick)1102
Milford (Walter Middleton)7,245181
ditto (David Morris)42
ditto (Joseph Sewell)6119
Minehead (Thomas Wolstenholme)34717
Newcastle (John Pye)82818
Newhaven (Edward Man)15116
Padstow (Francis Leister)36512
ditto (John Bligh)5827
Penzance (Charles Jones)370
Plymouth (Thomas Swanton)254175
ditto (William Peirson)4,06015
Poole (William Jacombe)19519
ditto (William Bowles)984911¾
Rochester (John Moore)1110
Sandwich (Michael Walford)4901511
Southampton (Adam de Cardonnell)778310¼
Swanzey (Alexander Trotter)3762
Weymouth (Lodowick Jackson)71211
Whitehaven (John Fotherby)18211
ditto (Richard Marshall)11611
ditto (John Clough)413511¼
(total Outports 111,740l. 2s. 1¾d.)
for the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 1710:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on Plantation Goods, for bonds42,44589
Henry Ferne, for bonds202,0359
(total London port 244,480l. 18s. 5½d.)
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe, bonds)2,538130
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson, bonds)29,603199
Bydeford (Charles Jones, bonds)1,758140
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson, bonds)93339
Exeter (Thomas Jans, money)28159
ditto (William Chamberlaine, bonds)669110
Falmouth (William Pye, bonds)20766
Gweek (Bernard Penrose, money)960
Harwich (Jacob Bury, money)3175
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley, money 49l. 18s. 8d., bonds 2,763l. 4s. 3d.)2,813211
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith, money 454l. 3s. 11d., bonds 32,449l. 10s. 6d.)32,903145
Lyme (Thomas Jans, bonds)2,875109
Milford (William Goodacre, bonds)137130
Newhaven (Alexander Shoebridge, money)00
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson, bonds)1,2948
Plymouth (David Morris, money 143l. 18s. 5¼d., bonds 2,177l. 5s. 3d.)2,3213
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks, money)92
Rochester (John Pope, money)71
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher, money)15106
Shoreham (John Goldham, money)384
Swanzey (William Gwynn, money)5311
Weymouth (Thomas Bower, money)1811110½
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur, money)0100
ditto (Alfred Lawson, bonds)15,72639
(total outports 94,134l. 7s. 0¼d.)
total depending£629,01046
and so this General Account is even and Quit.
Declared 6 Aug. 1716.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1238 [E351/1238]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 963, ROLL 782 [A.O.1/963/782].
HENREY FERNE, Receiver General and Cashier of Customs.
25 December 1710 to 25 December 1711.
Arrears: in money Nil, he being in surplusage.
in bonds: on the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710329,87512
ditto: on the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 171020,90213
Receipts: sums received of the several Receivers and Collectors within the time of this Accompt:
for the Impositions which determined 1 July 1710:
London port: Sir John Shaw, bt., Receiver, in bonds1,134160
several merchants for interest on bonds7828
the Queen's Remembrancer's Office on bonds delivered there to be prosecuted5728
(total London port 1,785l. 7s. 4½d.)
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)39,29413
Bideford (Charles Jones)2,3723
Berwick (James Howard)019
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)390163
Chester (Joseph Sewell)49276
Cowes (Thomas Cole)00
Dover (Robert Breton, late Collector)47611¾
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)8,56338
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley)24097
Looe (James Strong, late Collector)460
Milford (David Morris, late Collector)8315
ditto (William Goodacre)10000
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson)5931
Poulton (Thomas Nosworthy)86010½
Plymouth (David Morris)1,1541
Stockton (William Douthwaite, late Collector)244115
Whitehaven (Joseph Sewell, late Collector)26177
ditto (Alfred Lawson)2,3395
ditto (Warwick Arthur, late Collector)3027
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)3710
(total Outports 56,373l. 1s. 8¾d.)
for the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 1710:
London port: Sir John Shaw, bt., Receiver, in money4,57929
ditto, in bonds242,37729
(total London port 246,956l. 5s. 6d.)
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)5000
Chester (Joseph Sewell)1789
Exeter (Thomas Jans, late Collector)3802
ditto (William Chamberlain)4818
Falmouth (William Pye)6819
Lyme (Thomas Jans)684910
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)2,78207
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley)383172
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson)24118
Plymouth (David Morris)4289
Whitehaven (Alfred Lawson)29000
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)44731
(total Outports 5,823l. 7s. 2¼d.)
total receipts as above 310,938l. 1s. 9½d.
total charge and receipts£661,7154
Surplusage on the preceding accompt00
repayments on debentures for tobacco exported219,80211
ditto for decayed and defective tobacco18,440194
Sir John Shaw, bt., for clerks30000
the four Examiners of the Outport books3000
Arthur Maynwaring as Auditor7500
this Accomptant for Extraordinary Clerks10000
payments into the Receipt of the Exchequer, detailed by dates:
out of the duties which determined 31 July 171040,822182
out of the duties commencing 1 Aug. 171036,39511
total payments and allowances315,9671
and so remains 345,748l. 3s. 0d.
against which bonds remaining in the Accomptant's hands 345,748l. 3s. 11¾d.
and so the Accomptant is in surplusage 0l. 0s. 11¾d.
Declared 21 Jan. 1713–14.


1 Some of the figures on the extreme right of the Pipe Office Roll have been removed by damp in the past, but the Roll has been repaired and is in good condition.