Declared Accounts
Customs, Wine and Vinegar


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts: Customs, Wine and Vinegar', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CCCLXXIX-CCCLXXXVII. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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Customs, Wine and Vinegar

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1014 [E351/1014]: AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 637, ROLL 224 [A.O.1/637/224].
WILLIAM BURNET, Comptroller General of Customs.
25 December 1710 to 25 December 1711.
Arrears: remaining in the hands of the several Receivers and Collectors of the New Impositions on Wines and Vinegar as at the end of the previous General Accompt, in money42,89817
ditto, in bonds41,20068
ditto, in transport debentures4,2433
Receipts: money due and payable, received or secured:
on accompt of the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
Outports: Exeter (William Chamberlaine, in money)1109
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe, ditto)3213
on accompt of the Impositions which commenced 1 Aug. 1710:
London port: Sir John Shaw, Receiver, on Plantation Goods in London, in money94,65816
ditto, in bonds9,606146
(total London port 104,265l. 11s. 0½d.)
Barnstaple (Robert Row, money)2368
Beaumarris (William Lewis, money)161610
Bridgwater (William Cornish, money)1669
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson, money 5,804l. 8s. 2¼d., bonds 1,675l. 18s. 11d.)7,4807
Bydiford (Charles Jones, money 691l. 4s. 4d., bonds 1,377l. 4s. 11d.)2,06893
Chester (Joseph Sewell, money)7372
Chichester (Henry Baker, money)215
Colchester (James Bruce, money)54
Cowes (Thomas Cole, money)5311
ditto (John Dales succeeding Cole, money)64
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson, money)25812
Deale (John Ball, money)13513
ditto (Salathiel Rolfe succeeding Ball, money)37111
Dover (John Ball, money)755196
Exeter (Richard Score, senior, money)1401410
ditto (Thomas Jans, succeeding Score, money)892911¾
ditto (William Chamberlaine succeeding Jans, money)2,16733
Falmouth (William Pye, money 126l. 11s. 0d., bonds 53l. 8s. 8½d.)17919
Feversham (John Smallman, money)2117
Fowey (Thomas Bulley, money)6612
Harwich (Jacob Bury, money)68
Hull (Hugh Mason, money)1,69512
Ipswich (Samuel Kettilby, money)010
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley, money)22718
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith, money 516l. 10s. 0½d., bonds 937l. 10s. 0½d.)1,45401
Lyme (Thomas Jans, money)754
Lynn (Henry Hare, money)2,3273
Milford (William Goodacre, money 153l. 15s. 7½d., bonds 12l. 2s. 10¼d.)16518
Minehead (Francis Webber, money)93
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson, money 239l. 9s. 6¾d., bonds 485l. 15s. 3d.)7254
Newhaven (Alexander Shoebridge, money)717
Padstow (Richard Jennings, money)161211¾
ditto (William Taylor, succeeding him, money)1109
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson, money 14s. 5¼d., bonds 520l. 4s. 11½d.)52019
Penzance (Richard Score, junior, money)476
Plymouth (David Morris, money 911l. 1s. 6½d., bonds 471l. 0s. 4¼d.)1,382110¾
Poole (William Chamberlaine, money)4117
ditto (Francis Medcalfe succeeding him, money)149
Portsmouth (James Bincks, money)89779
Rochester (John Pope, money)15210
St. Ives (Richard Upton, money)21243
Shoreham (John Goldham, money)02
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe, money)2,1830
Stockton (Thomas Lowson, money)010
Sunderland (William Ettrick, money)140
Swanzey (William Gwynn, money 20l. 9s. 8½d., bonds 1l. 12s. 4½d.)2221
Truro (Richard Jennings, money)014
Weymouth (Thomas Bower, money 309l. 18s. 9d., bonds 155l. 18s. 10¼d.)46517
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur, money)136120
ditto (Alfred Lawson suceeding him, money)3319
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore, money)86521
(total outports 29,128l. 0s. 2¾d.)
total receipts as above 133,427l. 15s. 4d.
interest received on bonds not satisfied in due time:
Henry Ferne, Receiver General23924
Nathaniel Smith at Leverpoole3812
David Morris at Plymouth311
overpayments by Collectors (detailed):
on the impositions which determined 31 July 17101,601120
on the impositions which commenced 1 Aug. 17101,3352
total charge and receipts£224,9884
money remitted to the Receiver General and accounted for in the Cash Account127,50810
money defalked by the several Receivers and Collectors as overpaid on the previous Accounts (detailed):
on accompt of the Impositions which determined 31 July 17101,2032
on accompt of the Impositions which commenced 1 Aug. 17101,09611
allowances for over-entries and damaged goods (detailed):
on accompt of the impositions which determined 31 July 1710502
on accompt of the Impositions which commenced 1 Aug. 17102,02810
officers' salaries and incident expenses3,61910
total payments and allowances£135,5067
and so remains 89,481l. 16s. 4½d.
against which depending on sundry Receivers and Collectors for money or bonds in their bands:
for the Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
London port: Henry Ferne, Receiver General, for bonds19,78917
ditto, for transport debentures4,2433
the King's Remembrancer's Office for bonds1,62713
Arundell (Nicholas Eveleigh, money)2375
Beaumaris (William Lewis, money)2145
Boston (Samuel Oldfeild, money)807511½
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson, money 474l. 12s. 6¾d., bonds 1,921l. 5s. 4¼d.)2,3951711
Bydiford (Charles Jones, money)88
Chester (James Sewell, money 456l. 17s. 2d., bonds 100l. 0s. 11½d.)55618
Chichester (Henry Baker, money)0010
Cowes (Thomas Cole, money)71911
Dover (John Ball, money)42716
Exeter (Richard Score, senior, money)1121
Falmouth (William Pye, money)94310½
Fowey (Thomas Bulley, money 1l. 3s. 4d., bonds 9l. 14s. 3¾d.)1017
Gweek (Bernard Penrose, money)125
Hull (Hugh Mason, money)1165
Ilfracombe (John Keir, money)100
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley, money)74437
Leverpool (Nathaniel Smith, money 262l. 14s. 8d., bonds 764l. 5s. 3¾d.)1,0261911¾
Milford (William Goodacre, money)88147
Minehead (Francis Webber, money)15
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson, money)152168
Penzance (Richard Score, junior, money)93
Plymouth (David Morris, money)1768
Poole (William Chamberlaine, money)65411¼
Rochester (John Pope, money)566
Rye (George Shuckburgh, money)671121
Scarborough (John Baines, money)018
Stockton (Thomas Lowson, money)3210
Sunderland (William Ettrick, money)713
Truro (Richard Jennings, money)0510
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur, money)185
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore, money)31711¾
and on several late Collectors in money:
Boston (John Butler)457106
ditto (John Clarke)224143
ditto (Charles Northcote)7111
Bridgewater (Henry Beaumont)42116
Bristoll (John Sansome)5,89016
Bydeford (Richard Ustick)322187
ditto (John Bolitho)6270
Carlisle (Joseph Sewell)94
Chichester (James Whitewood)1,2431010
ditto (Samuel Bincks)283711½
Dartmouth (Thomas Jenkinson)15607
Deale (James Smith)8211111
ditto (Lancelot Whitehall)834136
Dover (Richard Breton)8,0201
ditto (Robert Breton)3,1701110
Exeter (Charles Orchard)40016
Falmouth (William Peirson)861
ditto (Rawleigh Radford)44171
ditto (Thompson and Jennings)397
Feversham (Nicholas Mattson)1411¾
ditto (Charles Sherman)328211¾
Fowey (John Dagg)29170
ditto (Charles Jones)060
Harwich (Mark Wildbore)7611
ditto (Robert Meadows)84
Ipswich (Thomas Bridgman)8149
Leverpoole (Edmund Smith)3879
Plymouth (William Peirson)96156
ditto (William Bowles)4734
ditto (George Savile)40514
Portsmouth (John Weaver)93063
Rochester (John Moore)21030
Rye (Francis Lightfoot)909
ditto (Robert Manley)1819
Sandwich (Michael Walford)95710
Southampton (Adam d'Cardonnell)2,2085
Swanzey (Alexander Trotter)665155
ditto (Matthew Seys)8511
Weymouth (Lodowick Jackson)18915
Whitby (Gerrard Fox)73196
Whitehaven (Richard Marshall)31129
ditto (John Fotherby)3191
ditto (Joseph Sewell)2666
Yarmouth (Thomas Clarke)2559
(total Outports 38,794l. 2s. 1¼d.)
for the Impositions which commenced 1 Aug. 1710:
London port: sir John Shaw, bt., for money00
Henry Ferne for bonds9,290143
(total London port 9,290l. 14s. 3½d.)
Barnstaple (Robert Row, money)1471711¼
Beaumarris (William Lewis, money)782
Boston (Samuel Oldfeild, money)397310
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson, money 2,136l. 6s. 7½d., bonds 500l. 7s. 1d.)2,63613
Bydiford (Charles Jones, money 778l. 3s. 8½d., bonds 302l. 16s. 9d.)1,0810
Chester (Joseph Sewell, money)13316
Chichester (Henry Baker, money)215
Cowes (Thomas Cole, money)5015
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson, money)017
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe, money)22100
Dover (John Ball, money)5192
Exeter (William Chamberlaine, money)14217
Feversham (John Smallman)2117
Fowey (Thomas Bulley, money)5813
Harwich (Jacob Bury, money)171
Hull (Hugh Mason, money)6980
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith, money 171l. 15s. 11½d., bonds 908l. 16s. 6¾d.)1,08012
Lyme (Thomas Jans, money)6751
Lynn (Henry Hare, money)1,70811
Milford (William Goodacre, money)4317
Minehead (Francis Webber, money)115
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson, money 165l. 0s. 0d., bonds 323l. 16s. 10d.)4881610
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson, bonds)35914
Plymouth (David Morris, money 400l. 15s. 2½d., bonds 429l. 6s. 7¾d.)830110¼
Poole (William Chamberlain, money)4117
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks, money)18917
Rochester (John Pope, money)871211¾
Rye (George Shuckburgh, money)4911½
Shoreham (John Goldham, money)02
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe, money)44818
Swanzey (William Gwynn, money 20l. 9s. 8½d., bonds 1l. 12s. 4½d.)2221
Truro (Richard Jennings, money)1583
Weymouth (Thomas Bower, money 249l. 18s. 8½d., bonds 140l. 5s. 0¾d.)3903
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur, money)14516
ditto (Alfred Lawson, money)1111
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore, money)78518
Falmouth ([Ambrose] Thompson and [Richard] Jennings, late Collectors, money)4014
Lynn (John Kent, late Collector, money)1,15411
Milford (Walter Middleton, late Collector, money)1,05118
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson, senior, late Collector, money)304
Padstow (Charles Anderton, late Collector, money)130
ditto (Francis Leister, late Collector, money)110
Penrynn (Edmund Harry, late Collector, money)12715
Penzance (John Williams, late Collector, money)5395
ditto (Charles Jones, late Collector, money)3911
total outports 15,736l. 5s. 4½d.
total depending, money 48,768l. 6s. 0d., bonds 36,470l. 7s. 1¼d., transport debentures 4,243l. 3s. 3¼d., in all£89,48116
And so this General Account is Even and Quit.
Declared 6 Aug. 1716.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1173 [E351/1173]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 782, ROLL 962 [A.O.1/782/962].
HENRY FERNE, Receiver General and Cashier of Customs.
25 December 1710 to 25 December 1711.
Arrears: remaining upon the foot of the last Accompt:
in moneyNil
for the Duty to 31 July 1710, in bonds32,383011
for the Duty commencing 1 Aug. 1710, ditto4081
for the Duties which determined Mich. 1701, in transport debentures4,2433
Receipts: sums received within the time of this Accompt from the several Receivers and Collectors:
out of the New Imposition on Wines and Vinegar which determined 31 July 1710:
London port: the Queen's Remembrancer's Office being money received on bonds delivered there to be prosecuted472108
several merchants for interest due on their bonds25167
interest received on transport debentures21226
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)2,061186
Bideford (Charles Jones)9518
Chester (Joseph Sewell)22000
Cowes (Thomas Cole, late Collector)02
Exeter (Richard Score, late Collector)11110
ditto (William Chamberlaine)1109
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)227124
Lynn (John Kent, late Collector)6936
ditto (Henry Hare)1,1145
Milford (David Morris)1218
Minehead (Francis Webber)24148
Poulton (Thomas Nosworthy)00
Plymouth (David Morris)104146
Rye (Christopher Eyre)101511¾
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)313
Whitehaven (Joseph Sewell, late Collector)8199
total 5,301l. 5s. 6¼d.
out of the New Impositions on Wines and Vinegar which commenced 1 Aug. 1710:
London port: Sir John Shaw, bt., Receiver, in money94,658167
ditto, in bonds9,60614
several merchants for Interest on their bonds133
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)5,996173
Bideford (Charles Jones)469122
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)1713
Chester (Joseph Sewell)30000
Colchester (James Bruce)54
Dover (John Ball)1646
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)1516
Deale (Sal[athiel] Rolfe)819
Exeter (Richard Score, late Collector)1421
ditto (Thomas Jans)7799
ditto (William Chamberlaine)1,42312
Falmouth (William Pye)5200
Fowey (Thomas Bulley)1139
Hull (Hugh Mason)5991411¾
Harwich (Jacob Bury)411
St. Ives (Richard Upton)18414
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)39270
Lynn (Henry Hare)89000
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley)268910
Minehead (Francis Webber)1000
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)2519
Newhaven (Alexander Shoebridge)70100
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)824910¾
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson)123135
Plymouth (David Morris)25058
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)131
Southampton (the same)9324
Sunderland (William Ettrick)140
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)010
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)2585
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)10000
total 118,496l. 14s. 4d.
total charge and receipts£160,83253
Surplusage on the foot of the last Account010
money repaid to diverse merchants etc. for damaged, defective and over-entered Wines and Vinegar:
out of the Duties ending 31 July 17101,75548
out of the Duties commencing 1 Aug. 17109282
salaries etc.:
extraordinary clerks' wages5000
Arthur Maynwaring's fee as auditor7500
the four Examiners of the Outport Books3000
payments into the Receipt of the Exchequer (detailed by dates):
out of the Imposition ending 31 July 171016,13944
out of the Imposition commencing 1 Aug. 1710108,530195
total payments and allowances£127,50811
and so remains 33,323l. 13s. 7½d.
against which bonds and transport debentures remaining in the Accomptant's hands:
for the Impositions ending 31 July 171019,78917
for the Impositions commencing 1 Aug. 17109,290143
transport debentures: for the Impositions ending Mich. 17014,2433
And so the said Accomptant is in Surplusage1
Declared 21 January 1713–4.