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'Declared Accounts: Excise', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CCCXCIV-CDXVIII. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1434 [E351/1434]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1078, ROLL 728 [A.O.1/1078/728].
The Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
24 June 1710 to 24 June 1711.
Arrears: remaining in net money at 24 June 171090,7731011¾
remaining due from sundry brewers etc. in the Country32,5248
remaining due from sundry brewers etc. in London12,9819
remaining due from former Collectors etc. in the Country25,54911
remaining due from several present Country Collectors (3,447l. 14s. 4¾d.) and from Edward Hyrne, late Collector in London port (101l. 9s. 6¾d.), and from John Franks and John Courtney upon bond for the Duty on Brandy imported in London (170l. 2s. 0d.)3,719511½
resting due from several Collectors of Imported Liquors in the Outports (953l. 18s. 1¾d.) and from several persons upon Bond for the Duty on Imported Liquors, Plymouth port (37l. 13s. 4d.)99111
resting due from several persons concerned in collecting the Duties on Coffee, Cyder and Mead etc. in London1,31688
resting due from the Treasurer of the Navy for several Bills drawn on him9961
resting to be accompted for by noblemen and others for money taken up at the time of the late Revolution18,72312
money imprested to the Cashier50000
Receipts: the whole produce of the Excise for a year to 24 June 1711:
produce of the several Country Collections672,51380
produce of the Revenues in London and Westminster and Bills of Mortality326,82415
produce of Excise for Imported Liquors, London port and Outports11,43826
received for the Queen's part of Fines in London1081111
sundry additions and overbalances etc.:
rent of a part of the old Excise office in Broad Street9200
money added to cash for errors in the salary bill etc.3117
overbalances paid in by sundry Collectors, detailed, with names of Collectors and their respective Collections23614
gross produce of the Duty upon Sweets intermixed in vouchers with Exciseable Liquors472
total charge and receipts£1,198,471167
Overbalances due to several Collectors and others:
to Edward Pilsworth, junior, a clerk to the late Surveyor General of London cyder, etc.828
to sundry Country Collectors, not detailed here194126
to sundry Outports Collectors, ditto51510
salaries of Country Collectors, Riding Charges and Incident Charges; Salaries etc. of other Officers and Expenses of the Commissioners:
to sundry Collectors etc. in the country for salaries69,7151
ditto for Riding Charges4,850140
Incident charges1,46939
Officers' taxes6,3230
Charges in returning money to London3471911
to Philip Ryley (22l.), Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, bt. (132l.) and to Christopher Montague (113l.) for Travelling Expenses26700
allowance of poundage to a Port Collector and others in Canterbury Collection236
allowance for beer and cyder exported4574
allowance by Justices' warrants1488
allowance to the fishermen of Great Yarmouth in consideration of their payment of Excise on strong beer provided them for their North Sea and herring fishing16000
exports and over-charges allowed in London:
to sundry brewers for beer exported241152
to Daniel Wight for low wines and spirits exported110173
to sundry brewers for overcharges5431
to several distillers for low wines and spirits overcharged33130
to several persons for cyder over-charged4112
to two persons for mead over-charged1130
(allowance for exports 352l. 12s. 5d., overcharges 619l. 19s. 6½d.)
allowances in the port of London and Outports:
London port, for Incident charges2814
allowance for Brandy over-entered1912
poundage and salaries to Collectors of Excise on Imported Liquors in the Outports31417
incident charges in the Outports4697
over-entries in the Outports398
(London port 300l. 16s. 3¼d., Outports 364l. 16s. 4¾d.)
total for salaries and other allowances as above 85,379l. 0s. 3d.
Ready money received and particularly accompted for959,24917
total payments and allowances£1,044,8378
and so remains 153,634l. 7s. 11¼d.
the nett money remaining unaccompted for57,08818
money remaining in arrear on brewers and others in the Counties33,14118
ditto in London (beer and ale 4,506l. 11s. 8¾d., strong waters 1,148l. 10s. 10¼d., low wines 2,492l. 8s. 11½d., coffee 2,832l. 5s. 10d., cyder 1,304l. 17s. 5¾d., mead 476l. 18s. 11d., and sweets 286l. 19s. 8¼d.)13,04813
remaining in arrear and unpaid by sundry Collectors and others, detailed, for the balance of their Accompts and Bills of Exchange25,0343
remaining in arrear and unpaid by several Collectors for moneys in their hands for the Excise Duty of the present year to Midsummer 17113,291311
more ditto in London due from Edward Hyrne (101l. 9s. 6¾d.), John Franks and John Courtney (170l. 2s.) and from Patricius Roberts, a late Collector, (139l. 17s. 7¼d.)41192
more ditto due from Collectors in the Outports for the present year's duty on Imported Liquors94107
more from Richard Butler, late Collector of Plymouth port, for the Duty of Brandy on Bond (of Caleb Cotton and others named)37134
remaining as above in London from sundry clerks and others, detailed:
London Distillery389198
London Coffee32918
London Cyder1429
London Mead4478
London Sweets6120
several bills of exchange drawn upon the Treasurer of the Navy remaining unpaid on the Accompts of several Collectors, named9961
total arrears unpaid as above 31,131l. 5s. 6½d.
depending upon several noblemen and others18,72312
money imprested to the Cashier50000
sum total of the Supers to balance the Accompt£153,634711¼
Declared 28 Aug. 1716.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1355 [E351/1355]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 911, ROLL 94 [A.O.1/911/94].
The Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
24 June 1710 to 24 June 1711.
Arrears: remaining as by the end of the last Cash Accompt11,34117
depending upon the late Sub-Commissioners, Farmers and others for arrears due at or before 25 Dec. 166032,6056
depending upon the late Sub-Commissioners, Farmers and others for receipts in the years 1661 and 1662, for rents at Mich. 1665, Mids. 1668 and Mids. 1674, and for money paid without sufficient warrant22,224124
(total depending 54,829l. 18s. 9½d.)
Receipts: moneys received within the time of this Accompt upon the following:
the Hereditary and Temporary Excise:
before 8 March 1701–2:
Michaelmas quarter 1710541
since 8 March 1701–2:
Michaelmas quarter 1710119,7494
Christmas quarter 1710102,1550
Ladyday quarter 1711107,0866
Midsummer quarter 1711117,403190
(total since 8 March 1701–2 446,394l. 10s. 0¾d.)
the Additional 9d. for 99 years commencing 25 Jan. 1692–3.
Michaelmas quarter 171037,9313
Christmas quarter 171032,1691111¾
Ladyday quarter 171133,6631
Midsummer quarter 171137,004106
the Additional or Lottery 9d. commencing 17 May 1697 for 16 years:
Michaelmas quarter 171039,48243
Mich. to 30 Oct. 17108,522174
the Additional 9d. commencing 17 May 1697 for 16 years:
30 Oct. to 25 Dec. 171025,32439
Ladyday quarter 171134,46015
Midsummer quarter 171137,74099
the Additional or Bank 9d. commencing 17 May 1697
Michaelmas quarter 171037,931210
Christmas quarter 171032,16911
Ladyday quarter 171133,66314
Midsummer quarter 171137,00410
the Additional 3d. for 32 years commencing 26 March 1710:
Michaelmas quarter 171015,1191411¾
Christmas quarter 171012,75613
Ladyday quarter 171113,4007
Midsummer quarter 171114,5859
Low Wines since 24 March 1705–6.
Michaelmas quarter 17107,5620
Christmas quarter 17102421811
Ladyday quarter 17114819
Midsummer quarter 17111255
Low Wines and Spirits of the First Extraction commencing 24 June 1710 for 96 years:
Michaelmas quarter 17102,8431
Christmas quarter 17107,76914
Ladyday quarter 17117,35715
Midsummer quarter 17118,27716
money received in part of London fines and penalties 24 June 1709 to 29 Sept. 1710:
Michaelmas quarter 17101081111
total receipts as above 963,551l. 8s. 9¾d.
Voluntary charge: money received and added to Cash for two errors in the salary bill30711½
money received from Mrs. Ann Harvey for her part of the Old Excise Office in Broad Street (120l. less 28l. in respect of two stables used by the Excise Commissioners)9200
(of the above 59l. 5s. 8d. was added to the Hereditary and Temporary Excise, 19l. 4s. 11¾d. to the Additional 9d. for 99 years, 1l. 11s. 1½d. to the Additional or Lottery 9d., 17l. 13s. 10d. to the Sixteen years 9d., 19l. 4s. 11d. to the Additional or Bank 9d., and 5l. 7s. 5¼d. to the Additional 3d.)
total charge and receipts£1,029,8451211¼
salaries and rents to the following:
Foot Onslow, late Commissioner, from Ladyday to 11 May 1710, the date of his death; paid to Susanna Onslow, his administratrix; at 800l. per annum103511
William Strong, George Townesend, Philip Ryley, Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, bt., Edward Noell, Christopher Montagu, each for a year to Ladyday 1711; Nicholas Pollexfen, Whitlock Bulstrode from 20 May 1710 to Ladyday 1711; Sir William Gifford from 20 May 1710 to Mich. 1710; James Vernon, succeeding Gifford, Mich. 1710 to Ladyday 1711; as Commissioners at 800l. p.a. each6,83773
Sir William Honywood, bt., Thomas Goodman, James Ashburn, Walter Hungerford, each for one year to Ladyday 1711; to Edward Chaloner to 25 May 1710 and William Lyndall succeeding him; as Commissioners for Appeals at 200l. per annum each1,00000
the Officers, named, attending the Commissioners for Appeals18000
Sir Basil Dixwell, bt., Auditor of the Excise, for himself and clerks70000
Lord Viscount How, Comptroller of the Excise, to Midsummer 1710 and to Thomas Sidney succeeding him, for themselves and clerks1,32000
John Bruere, a clerk in the Comptroller's Office8000
John Brougham, Secretary to the Commissioners, and for his clerks45000
Thomas Yarburgh, 'Register,' and John Harris his clerk39000
Henry Meriton, Receiver General and Cashier to 7 June 1710 and Edward Pauncefort succeeding him, for themselves and clerks1,55000
Whitlock Bulstrode, Solicitor, to 20 May 1710 and John Ellis succeeding him3463
Thomas White, Tellor, to Midsummer 1710 and Richard Hill succeeding him8000
Mrs. Mary Howard, Housekeeper, and Mrs. Elizabeth Gibbons, Deputy Housekeeper25000
Robert Colbatch, Clerk of the Securities, to Mich. 1710, and John Matthew succeeding him10000
and several under officers for their salaries11,96072
William Harvey for rent of the former Office in Broad Street35000
Thomas Frederick for rent of his house in St. Olave, Old Jewry, London (at 300l. less 36l. for the little house paid by the cashier)26400
(The above is allowed as follows: 12,166l. 12s. 3½d. out of the Hereditary and Temporary Excise; 3,964l. 16s. 5¼d. out of the 9d. for 99 years; 2,019l. 5s. 6¾d. out of the Lottery 9d.; 2,064l. 3s. 6¼d. out of the 9d. for 16 years; 3,964l. 16s. 4½d. out of the Bank 9d.; 1,365l. 9s. 2¼d. out of the Additional 3d.; 416l. 0s. 0¼d. out of the Duty on Low Wines.)
payments to tradesmen, artificers and others for work and materials and for incident charges etc., detailed3,642911¼
Charles, Duke of Cleveland, for his pension3,00000
George, Duke of Northumberland, for his pension3,00000
Charles, Duke of Grafton (2,000l. per annum) and the Dowager Duchess of Grafton (1,000l. per annum) for their pensions3,00000
payments for Officers' Taxes by special Warrant from the Lord High Treasurer (allotted to the several Duties)1,467150
allowance for the charges of Henry Meriton, late Cashier, in paying divers sums into the Exchequer etc. (allotted as above)2943
payments for overcharges and exports (four items)12171
money paid into the receipt of the Exchequer, detailed by dates:
on the Hereditary and Temporary Excise420,96616
on the Additional or Fund 9d. for 99 years135,408120
on the Additional or Lottery 9d.47,455811
on the Additional 9d. for 16 years92,60018
on the Additional or Bank 9d.135,40810
on the Additional 3d.53,759151
on the Duty on Low Wines to 24 June 17108,02045
on the Duty on Low Wines and Spirits of the First Extraction for 96 years from 24 June 171025,14210
for ready money out of Fines and Penalties1081111
total payments and allowances£959,24917
and so remains 70,595l. 15s. 6½d.
whereof depending on sundry Sub-Commissioners for money collected in part of arrears due to 25 Dec. 1660 (detailed with names):
anno 16481,3235
anno 164911547
anno 16501,877111
anno 16511,8561111
anno 165247888
anno 16533870
anno 165487915
anno 1657329150
anno 165873416
anno 16591,2112
anno 16602,3553
anno 16612,82119
anno 1662749
and upon sundry late farmers of the Excise, named, for rent due to 25 March 1658:
anno 1651885120
anno 1652893104
anno 16532,27606
anno 1654726134
anno 16561,89946
anno 165710,515154
fines received by Joseph Hatch (1l. 2s. 6d.) and by Henry Martin and George Ratenbury (76l. 6s. 10d.)7794
depending upon Samuel Barnard, late a Tellor of money in the Excise Office1,15218
depending upon Joseph Brookes, ditto8247
depending on divers late Sub-Commissioners, named, for Excise due since 25 Dec. 1660:
anno 16615800
anno 16623,4736
and on divers late Farmers of Excise for Rents due Mich. 1665, Mids. 1668 and Mids. 1774:
Mich. 166514,843182
Mids. 16681,5903
Mids. 167445000
also depending upon the then Commissioners of Excise and their Cashier for money paid by them for passing their patent without sufficient Warrant:
Sir Samuel Dashwood28354
Sir Stephen Evance28354
Sir John Foche28354
Francis Parry12100
Charles Duncomb (later Sir Charles Duncomb, kt.), late Cashier and Receiver General4241711½
total arrears from 25 Dec. 1660 to 24 June 171022,224124
total of the supers£54,82918
also depending upon the aforesaid Commissioners:
for the money imprested to the Cashier for Incident Charges50000
and for one quarter's salary of a deceased Country Accomptant for which no Acquittance is yet produced2000
for the money arising out of:
the Hereditary and Temporary Excise since 8 March 1701–26,87094
the Additional 9d. for 99 years2,21610
the Lottery 9d.00
the Additional 9d. for 16 years2,22139
the Additional or Bank 9d.2,21610
the Additional 3d.960511½
the Duty on Low Wines to 24 March 1705–600
the Duty on Low Wines since Midsummer 171076016
the Additional and Double 9d.00
the Duty of 2s. a Gallon on Brandy00
Declared 24 March 1712–13.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1449 [E351/1449]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1078, ROLL 729A [A.O.1/1078/729A].
The Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
24 June 1710 to 24 June 1711.
Arrears: none, this being the first Accompt.
Receipts: the whole Duty and Produce of the Duty on Malt, Mumm, Cyder and Perry for the period 24 June 1710 to 24 June 1711:
Gross Produce in Country Inland Collections:
Malt at 6d. a bushel573,1031410½
Cyder at 4s. a hogshead6,6894
the Queen's share of Fines3901311¾
interest on bills of exchange21711
surcharges from Examiner's Office13010½
Gross Produce in the Outports:
Cyder at 4s. a hogshead770
Mumm at 10s. a barrel9910
Gross Produce in London port:
Mumm at 10s. a barrel2139
Gross Produce in London.
Malt at 6d. a bushel1,015711½
Cyder at 4s. a hogshead91311
overbalances (Collectors and Districts named)28415
money proper to Excise, improperly charged to Malt1529
total charge and receipts£587,6259
Salaries of Collectors, Supervisors and Gaugors; riding charges; incident charges; Officers' taxes; returns of money; Commissioners' travelling charges:
riding charges2,611180
incident charges729211½
Inferior Officers' taxes3,358179
returns of money to London29879
Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, bt. (88l.), Christopher Montagu (56l.) and Philip Ryley (6l. 10s.), Commissioners, for travelling charges150100
allowances at 6d. per pound to Collectors in the Outports for service relating to Cyder Imported (7l. 19s. 11d.), for Cyder over-charged in London (24l. 12s. 7¼d.), for Malt and Cyder exported (18,263l. 3s. 4½d.), and allowances per Justices' Warrants (266l. 17s. 9½d.)18,56213
total Allowances as above65,59323
ready money received and particularly accompted for313,437159
total payments and allowances£379,030180
and so remains 208,594l. 11s. 6¾d.
whereof remaining in arrear for Malt Duty determined 23 June 1711:
remaining unpaid upon sundry Maltsters in the Country, not named42,231011½
remaining due from sundry Country Collectors, ditto1,1444
cash in the hands of the Cashier9,22114
money received after Midsummer 1711 on the accompt of several Country Collectors155,5547
ditto on the accompts of several Collectors in the Outports1019
ditto on accompt of sundry Maltsters and Cyder Makers in London432411½
Declared 28 August 1716.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1373 [E351/1373]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 912, ROLL 95 [A.O.1/912/95].
The Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
24 June 1710 to 24 June 1711.
Arrears: remaining in the hands of the Commissioners:
out of the Duty on Malt commencing 24 June 1710nil (first accompt)
ditto determined 23 June 17107,128211½
ditto determined 23 June 1709103184
ditto determined 23 June 170815000
ditto determined 23 June 17073911
ditto determined 23 June 1706nil
ditto determined 23 June 1703 to 170500
out of the Duty on Sweets (for 99 years from 25 March 1707)98
Out of the Old Duties on Malt and Leather (3½d. and 1¼d. respectively)00
remaining upon Thomas Tresham, a late Officer in the Excise, for money received on Ten Debentures for Malt exported68290
Receipts: money received out of the various Duties on Malt, Mum, Cyder and Perry:
out of the Duty on Malt commencing 24 June 1710322,6599
ditto determined 23 June 1710181,30787
ditto determined 23 June 1709436111¾
ditto determined 23 June 1708165010¾
ditto determined 23 June 170711
ditto determined 23 June 17041000
total payments and allowances£513,43411
Sir Basil Dixwell, Auditor, and his clerk6000
Viscount How, Comptroller of the Duty, and Thomas Sidney succeeding him, with their Deputies and two clerks7000
Assistant Accomptants28500
Henry Needler, Accomptant, and Walter Long succeeding him (at 60l. per annum)1500
Robert Colbatch, Clerk of the Securities, and John Matthew succeeding him; and Samuel Johnson, Correspondent10000
James Lambert, Chief Examiner, and other Examiners, etc.4286
William Taylor, doorkeeper, and others5313
Edward Willett, Accomptant to the London Distillery1000
John Brockden, Assistant to the Clerk of the Diaries, and James Phillips succeeding him, and others, named, etc.37000
total salaries1,39119
payments to tradesmen, artificers and others, named, for goods delivered, work done, law charges etc.2,05117
payments by special Warrants, detailed46210
allowance for over-balances due to Collectors, for Malt exported and for cyder etc. over-charged (to Thomas Jordan, William Anns, James Hill and others)7,9966
ready money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by dates:
out of the Malt Duty commencing 24 June 1710307,443142
determined 23 June 1710182,596810½
determined 23 June 170831214
under the Act 1 Anne (i.e., to June 23 1704)1000
out of the Duty on Sweets commencing 25 March 170770714
total payments and allowances£502,9735
and so remains 10,461l. 5s. 10¾d.
whereof depending on Thomas Tresham, part of 982l. 9s. due on ten debentures for Malt Exported, fraudulently paid to a wrong hand68290
and depending on the Commissioners of Excise:
out of the Malt Duty Act commencing 24 June 17109,22114
ditto determined 23 June 17105918
ditto determined 23 June 17094267
and out of the Malt Duty Acts 1703 to 1707 (of which 36l. 13s. 6½d. is for the Duty determined 23 June 1707)3613
out of the Duty on Sweets commencing 25 March 170734210¼
out of the Duties on Malt and Leather00
Declared 24 March 1712–13.
Then follows in the Audit Office Account an Abstract of Receipts and Payments in which payments for salaries, Inferior Officers' taxes, incident charges, allowance for Malt exported, Allowance for Cyder exported, Henry Meriton's fees and other payments are allotted between the different Duties.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1468 [E351/1468]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1078, ROLL 729B B[A.O.1/1078/729B].
The Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
1 May 1710 to 25 March 1711.
Arrears: none, this being the first Accompt.
Receipts: the whole produce of the Duty on Candles:
tallow candles in stock 1 May 1710 at½d. per pound85514
wax candles ditto at 4d. per pound17918
tallow candles, the growing duty at½d. per pound17,9048
wax candles, ditto at 4d. per pound4979
surcharges from ledger2884
the Queen's part of fines0109
Country Inland Collections:
tallow candles in stock at½d. per pound2,8118
wax candles ditto at 4d. per pound311211¼
tallow candles; the growing duty at½d. per pound43,76816
wax candles; ditto at 4d. per pound1,11369
the Queen's pert of fines1041
interest on Exchequer Bills02
Overbalances paid into the Excise Office by sundry Collectors, named (with places)33146
total charge and receipts£67,5559
Discount for prompt payment in London2340
ditto in the country43211¾
salaries of Collectors etc.5,30819
riding charges, Sheffield Collection3140
incident charges1487
charges of returns of money to London21811
Inferior Officers' taxes12960
Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, bt., a Commissioner of Excise, for travelling expenses5500
Philip Ryley, another, for the like3000
Christopher Montague, another, for the like4000
allowances for exports and by Justices' Warrants, overcharges and overentries:
allowances for candles exported; in the Country20407
ditto; in London6176
allowances as per Justices' Warrants104
overcharges (11l. 19s. 7d.) and overentries (22l. 17s. 0d.), both in London34167
ready money received and particularly accompted for46,9816
total payments and allowances£53,0408
and so remains 14,515l. 0s. 10d.
whereof remaining in arrear and unpaid by tallow chandlers and others in the country2239
ditto by tallow chandlers and others in London521
and remaining due from sundry Country Collectors440
on Mr. William Tayler for money imprested to him for incident charges10000
money resting to be accompted for in the hands of the Cashier1,5571211
ditto on Accompt of sundry Country Collectors, received after 25 March 17119,1686
ditto on Accompt of sundry Tallow chandlers in London, ditto3,41697
Declared 28 Aug. 1716.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1393 [E351/1393]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 912, ROLL 96 [A.O.1/912/96].
The Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
1 May 1710 to 25 March 1711.
Arrears: none this being the first Accompt.
Receipts: sums received by the Accomptants, their Agents or Cashier General in respect of the Duty on Candles from 1 May 1710 to 25 March 171148,63819
salaries of officers, clerks and others (to Xmas 1710):
Henry Needler, Accomptant, at 80l. per annum (52l. 1s. 9d.), John Gibbons, Clerk of the Stores, at 25l. per annum (16l. 5s. 6½d.), Samuel Underwood, as Clerk for posting the Entries, at 45l. per annum to 29 Sept. 1710 (18l. 0s. 11¾d.), and as Assistant Accomptant, at 50l. per annum from 20 Nov. 1710 (5l. 3s. 5¼d.), Christopher Wyvill, Clerk for posting the Entries, at 45l. per annum (11l. 5s.), Robert Hussey, junior, Examiner, at 55l. per annum (31l. 2s. 6¼d.), Robert Shawter, Messenger, at 50l. per annum (32l. 11s. 1d.), James Phillips, Assistant to the Securities Clerk, and Henry Myddelton succeeding him, at 10l. per annum (6l. 10s. 2½d.), Richard Does and James Storer, two General Surveyors, at 80l. per annum each (104l. 3s. 6d.), William Thurwell, William Clare, Samuel James, Thomas Mason, James Swann, Edward Raworth, Francis Oldham and William Eede, eight Surveyors, each at 55l. per annum (286l. 9s. 8d.), 47 Officers for surveying tallow candles, including William Hilton who died 3 June 1710 (1,596l. 2s. 3½d.), Nicholas Kirwood and four other officers for surveying wax candles (35l. 11s. 6¾d.), William Taylor for John Williams and Samuel Edge, Candle Officers, to 8 Sept. and 24 Nov. respectively (17l. 16s. 9½d.); in all2,21344
payments to tradesmen, artificers and others for work and materials, detailed90117
Henry Meriton, then Cashier, for his charges in paying money into the Exchequer (in part of 161l. 6s. 6d. for Excise etc.)100
allowance to Joseph Bishop for 3,000 lbs. of tallow candles exported650
money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by dates43,8588
ditto, part of fines and penalties0109
total payments and allowances£46,9816
and so remains 1,657l. 12s. 11d.
whereof depending on William Taylor for money imprested10000
and on these Accomptants1,5571211
Declared 24 March 1712–13.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2882 [E351/2882]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2092, ROLL 116 [A.O.1/2092/116].
26 March 1710 to 25 March 1711.
Arrears: remaining at the determination of the last General Accompt:
on the Commissioners for the Salt Duties19,9576
on several Collectors for money in their hands60,729192
on several Proprietors of Salt for money due from them27,3858
on several Collectors for Duties on Foreign Salt imported and locked up in cellars3,17300
Receipts: money due and payable as well for Salt imported as for Salt made in England, Wales and Berwick-upon-Tweed and for money arising by fines etc. and by interest on bonds fines etc. as certified by William Hall, Deputy Comptroller:
money payable for the Duties on Salt:
Bideford (Edmund Aram)575147
ditto (Richard Kynnersly, succeeding him)1,729171
Bishops Lidiard (John Vero)43584
Bristol city and port (Christopher Cole)2,8321810
Carleon (John Furnivall)1,981711
Chepstow (Edward Hemming)34126
Cockerham (John Jon)995011¾
Droitwich (John Kent)55,346163
Flimby (Thomas Johnson)1,76105
Flint (Richard Bell)1,1721211
Graine Isle (William Jeffreys)24963
Hayle (Edward Andrews)15015
Holyhead (Maurice Owen)269184
Lemington [Lymington] (Francis Sedgwick)952168
ditto (Joseph Slater succeeding him)14,669197
Leverpoole (John Troughton)20,75300
Middlewich (John Troughton)5,795126
ditto (Jonathan Dix succeeding him)15,29100
Namptwich (Jonathan Browne)16,907168
Northshields (John Wheelwright)44,36800
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson)86,335155
Pensford (Morris Price)53968
Portissick (Christopher Conyers)1,24434
Portsea Isle (Robert Elliott)74147
ditto (William Sudlow succeeding him)942121
ditto (William Dodd succeeding him)3,449510
Sherborne (Charles Jennings)1,17326
Shirleywich (John Carvile)8,868150
[Chipping] Sodbury (John Wood)15216
Southshields (John Bell)90,71734
Topsham (Peter Burridge)2,267211
Yarmouth (Michael Pulteney)6,05039
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)23200
Beaumaris (William Lewis)69134
Bideford (Charles Jones)1,812134
Cardigan (Francis Howell)8968
Colchester (James Bruce)1500
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)816100
Deale (John Power)0134
Dover (John Ball)5010¾
Exeter (Richard Score)668
Falmouth (William Pye)1,384134
Fowey (Thomas Bulley)63768
London port (Joseph Slater)75100
ditto (William Bertram succeeding him)12500
Looe (John Dyer)13200
Lyme (Thomas Jans)200
Lynn (Henry Hare)13100
Minehead (Francis Webber)421134
Padstow (Richard Jennings)580134
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)1,19668
Plymouth (David Morris)2,30468
Poole (Ambrose Stephenson)28568
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)6,456134
St. Ives (Richard Upton)40000
Scilly Islands in Cornwall (Francis Ley)800
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)37784
Plymouth Inland Collection (Arthur Keay)65500
money payable for fines, seizures and surcharges, detailed26410
money gained by interest on bonds, detailed522
(total receipts as above 406,508l. 2s. 5d.)
overpayments by several Collectors, detailed2542
total charge and receipts£518,007196
Money accompted for in this year's Cash Accompt223,67217
overpayments by Collectors in the preceding year4152
salaries and poundage, incident charges, discount at 10l. per cent. for prompt payment, repayments for loss, damage and over-entries etc.:
salaries of Collectors, Supervisors, Surveyors and others, detailed at length with names of places and persons9,8201410¼
poundage allowed and defalked by the collectors of the Duties on Imported Salt6245
incident charges, detailed only by Collectors and places2,437411¼
Officers' taxes repaid1,24346
money repaid upon debentures for salt and salted fish exported103,08319
salt exported to Ireland and afterwards reimported69134
praemiums for returns of money5397
discount for prompt payment19,0232
allowance for salt lost at sea2,65517
allowances for rock salt refined41,8315
allowance for waste on salt carried coastwise10,00112
allowance in lieu of riding charges5010
(total of the above allowances etc. 191,380l. 18s. 2d.)
total payments and allowances£415,468180
and so remains 102,539l. 1s. 6d.
against which depending on sundry salt proprietors, makers and refiners of salt and several Collectors at the Ports for money due at Ladyday 1711:
foreign salt imported and remaining locked up in cellars:
(Falmouth 53l. 6s. 8d., Ipswich 296l. 6s. 8d., Penzance 295l. 0s. 0d. and Poole 14l. 13s. 4d.)65968
Caerlyon (John Higgins, late Refiner at Nayland, co. Pemb.)8134
Chepstowe (Charles Reeve, refiner at Chepstow, co. Monm.)034
Chesterfield (Richard Dakeyne, late refiner at Stone Gravell, co. Derby)1400
Cockerham (Simon Gullin, Nathaniel Moore, Thomas Martin, George Smith, Nicholas Hartley, John Boulton, George Stephenson, George Smith, Thomas Houghton, Humphrey Ellis, Thomas Nealson, Francis Benson, John Gattonby, Joshua Lawson, Robert Frame and Thomas Walker; by bonds of which due and unpaid)107166
Droitwich (Richard Smallbrook and Abel Gower, by bond)8000
Isle of Grain (William Armiger, Christopher Josten, John Aynsworth)1,172168
Lemington [Lymington] (Daniel Gates, Thomas Elmes, John Edwards, John Carter, John Beere, John Durling senior and John Durling junior)43919
Leverpool (William Squire and Peter Hall, merchants, 5l. 9s. 2d., Robert Hitchmough, refiner at Dungeon, co. Lanc., 88l. 17s. 1d., and Sir Thomas Johnson, refiner at Hilbree Isle, co. Ches., 8l. 6s. 8d.)9739
Middlewich (Ralph Throp and James Haynes, Edward Hyde, Charles Booth and John Holland, in bonds)32571
Namptwich (Ralph Throp, Thomas Cartwright, Richard Knight, John Twemlowe, John Baddily, William Sunderland, John Lunt, by six bonds of which unpaid)1,0565
Northshields (Valentine Rilstone, Christopher Frankling, John Rutherford, Andrew Johnson, Robert Cook, Thomas Raffolds, John Pye, George Burrell, Henry Bayley, Benedict Erington, Alexander Hall, Robert Mills, Charles Coatsworth, Thomas Clark, Charles Vaughan, Thomas Martin, John Doggett, John Weston, Francis Partis, Matthias Partis, Ursula Milburne, Michael Hall, Stephen Good, Theophilus Nicholson, Matthew Currey, Benjamin Doggett, John Woosley, Richard Woosley, Henry Robinson, Thomas Banks, William Mason, Andrew French, Thomas Grainger, William Christian, Thomas Richardson, Robert Nicholson, Charles Erington, George Harbottle by sundry bonds; Philip Bickerstaffe, late Proprietor of the salt works at Amble, co. Northumb., 139l. 1s. 7d.; Exchequer Bill miscarried 20l. 4s. 1d.)3,604159
Northwich (Robert Pownell as agent to Dr. Benjamin Woodroffe, Ralph Broome, Nathan Bleese, Thomas Neild senior, Otwell Broome, Thomas Neild junior, Thomas Nickson, Ralph Nickson, John Dean, Edmund Soame, Robert Whitlow, Richard Ashton, Thomas Wright, Jaems Tildesley, Cornelius Denn, Daniel Fenn, William Mascall, Daniel Peck, Richard Mostyn, Francis Mills, all by sundry bonds; Ralph Broome, late Proprietor of a saltwork in Northwich Collection, 30l. 11s. 9¼d.)4,3026
Portisick (John Cann, refiner there, co. Corn., 72l. 16s. 8d., Nyott Doubt, refiner at Padstow, co. Corn., 10l. 13s. 4d.; Gregory May and Co. refiners at Lower St. Columb, co. Corn., 71l. 10s. 0d.; John Atkin, refiner at Botreaux Castle, co. Corn., 94l. 3s. 4d.24934
Portsea Isle (Samuel Bradford and David Wells by bond)20111
[Chipping] Sodbury (Thomas Hooper, late refiner there, co. Glouc.)18170
Southshields (Philip Bickerstaffe, Joseph Milbourn, Joseph Hutchinson, Samuel Cooper, William Waune, Ralph Pattison, Leonard Hitchin, John Cougham, Michael Hall, Frances Partis, Matthias Partis, Robert Linton junior, Lancelot Cramlington, Robert Linton senior, Charles Coatsworth, Theophilus Nicholson, John Woosley, John Shaftoe, William Kitteridge, Jacob Wilkinson, William Metcalfe, William Whiteman, all by sundry bonds)4,44413
Topsham (Thomas Tounson, late refiner there, 160l. 7s. 11½d.; Thomas Clap, ditto, 117l. 0s. 0d.; Edward Yendall, ditto, 2l. 5s. 10d.; George Borne, ditto, 8l. 3s. 4d.)28717
Yarmouth (Thomas Bendish, refiner at Southtoune, co. Suff., 141l. 13s. 1½d.; John Burton, late refiner at Cobholm, co. Norf., 67l. 15s. 7½d.; Francis Hollis, late refiner at Gorleston, co. Suff., 37l. 3s. 6d.; William Maltyward, refiner at Yarmouth, co. Norf., 19l. 13s. 6d.; John Gosling, late refiner there, 27l. 19s. 6d.; John Bass, refiner at Woodbridge, co. Suff., 200l. 0s. 0d.; Anthony Burward, refiner there, 75l. 8s. 0d.; Samuel Brandling, late refiner at Ipswich, co. Suff., 145l. 11s. 6d.; Jonathan Bass, refiner at Manningtree, co. Essex, 62l. 13s. 0d.; Thomas Hollister, late refiner at Colchester, co. Essex, 93l. 15s. 3¾d.)87113
Berwick (Robert Cook on a bond for 93l. 6s. 8d.)1368
Dover (William Armiger and Christopher Josten, by bond)440134
Falmouth (Francis Jones and Philip Stephens, ditto)101100
Fowey (William Williams, merchant, 65l. 15s. 8d.; John Goodall and Co., merchants, 8l. 10s.; Gregory Stribly and Co., ditto, 2l. 12s.)76178
Gweek (Francis Jones and Philip Stephens, by bond)2020
London (Thomas Bryant, Abraham Trent, Amos Short, Robert Hinton, Christopher Blower, Elias Measurier, Thomas Measurier, William Armiger, Christopher Josten, William Randall, John Higgs senior and John Higgs junior by several bonds)5,86345
Milford (John Higgins and William Field by three bonds)72618
Padstow (John Curtis, Thomas Flamanche and John Leverton by bond, partly also on imported liquors)64134
Rochester (William Armiger and Christopher Josten by three bonds)1,591134
and remaining due from the several Collectors, etc., to balance their Accounts [dates given; some of long standing]:
Bidiford (Edmund Aram, late Collector)8810½
ditto (Richard Kynnersley, Collector)101111
St. Agnes, co. Corn. (Robert Hall, late Officer of Excise)026
Bristoll (Christopher Cole, Collector, in bonds)85200
Swanzey (Henry Fox, late Collector)713
Carmarthen (John Powell, Collector)001
Carmarthen Collection (Edward Hynde, late Officer of Excise)200
Chepstow (George Richmond, late Collector)2119
Cockerham (John Jon, Collector)272176
Droitwich (John Kent, Collector)576168
Flimby (Richard Uriell, late Collector)1313
ditto (Thomas Johnson, Collector)3368
Isle of Grain (William Jeffreys, Collector)1013
Hayle (Edward Andrews, Collector)012
Holyhead (Maurice Owen, Collector)116
Lemington [Lymington] (Thomas Parish, late Sub-Collector)3790
ditto (Timothy Parker, late Supervisor)4614
ditto (Francis Sedgwick, late Collector)5418
ditto (Joseph Slater, Collector, bonds 639l. 3s. 4d., money 1l. 19s. 5½d.)6412
Leverpool (John Troughton, Collector, bonds 15,697l. 9s. 2d., money 60l. 6s. 1½d.)15,75715
London (Jacob Sheldrake, late keeper of the Bills of Exchange for a bill not accounted for)20000
Middlewich (Jonathan Dix, Collector, bonds 1,064l. 10s. 10d., money 100l. 19s. 0d.)1,165910
Namptwich (Samuel Blechinden, late Supervisor)197
Amble (George Murray, late Collector)2166
ditto (John Stephenson, late Collector)500
Northshields Collection (William Marshall, late Officer)14187
ditto (John Wheelwright, Collector, bonds)2,626134
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson, Collector, bonds 25,939l. 17s. 6d., money 1l. 6s. 7¾d.)25,9414
Portisick (Thomas Cornelius, late Collector)1106
Portsea (Robert Elliott, late Collector)204143
ditto (William Dodd, Collector, bonds 66l. 13s. 4d., money 3l. 17s. 7¼d.)701011¼
Sherborne (Richard Lanham, late Collector)211
ditto (Charles Jennings, Collector)7792
Shirleywich (John Carvile, Collector)504
Shoram (Stephen Coven, late Collector)411
Sodbury (Ralph Dean, late Collector)100
Southshields (John Bell, Collector, bonds 10,875l., money 23l. 3s. 4d.)10,89834
Topsham (Peter Burridge, Collector, bond 25l., money 19s. 10½d.)251910½
Barnstaple (Thomas Clinton, late Collector)1689
Bidiford (Charles Jones, Collector)16800
Bridgewater (William Cornish, Collector)4180
Colchester (James Bruce, Collector)9164
Dartmouth (James Bruce, Collector)06
Exeter (Richard Score, senior, late Collector)7810¼
Fowey (James Pilson, late Collector)3476
ditto (Thomas Bulley, Collector)50110¾
Hull (Hugh Mason, Collector)076
London port (Edward Hyrne, late Collector)940
ditto (John Stockwell, late Collector)004
Lyme (Thomas Jans, Collector)143
Lynn Regis (Robert Thorowgood, Collector)11610¼
ditto (Henry Hare, Collector)137
Mynehead (Thomas Wolstenholme, late Collector)7147
Padstow (John Bligh, late Collector)068
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson, Collector)1040
Penzance (Richard Score junior, Collector, bonds 302l. 13s. 4d., money 35l. 2s. 10½d.)33716
Plymouth (David Morris, Collector)005
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks, Collector)16811
Rye (George Shuckburgh, Collector)384
St. Ives (Richard Upton, Collector)00
Sandwich (William Farnoles, Collector)32968
Scilly Island (Francis Ley, Collector)800
Weymouth (Ludovicus Jackson, late Collector)71119
ditto (Thomas Bower, Collector)22
Whitby (George Trotter, Collector)012
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur, late Collector)034
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore, Collector)00
and dependent upon these Accomptants for money paid by Collectors since the determination of this Accompt11,38219
ditto for money remaining in the hands of Francis Brydges deceased, their Cashier, as at the foot of the Cash Accompt2,422611¾
total depending in Super£102,53916
and so this General Accompt is even and Quit.
Declared 25 May 1715.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2861 [E351/2861]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2070 ROLL 17 [A.O.1/2070/17].
25 March 1710 to 25 March 1711.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptants' hands at the end of the last Accompt2,1808
Receipts: money received of the several Collectors within the time of this Accompt:
on the Duty commencing 25 March 1694:
Aberdovey (John Bevan, Officer)379
Arnside (Ralph Leicester, late Collector)09
Bishops Lidiard (Francis Johnson, late Collector)01211¼
Bristol port (Christopher Cole, Collector)20
Cockerham (John Jon, Collector)69179
Droitwich (John Kent, Collector)13,44619
Flimby (Thomas Johnson, Collector)417310¼
Flint (Richard Bell, Collector)1043
Isle of Graine (William Jeffryes, Collector)4613
Lemington [Lymington] (Francis Sedgwick, Collector)6056
ditto (Joseph Slater, Collector there)3,57014
Leverpoole (John Troughton, Collector)16413
Middlewich (John Troughton, Collector)80913
ditto (Jonathan Dix, Collector)1,07553
Namptwich (Jonathan Browne, Collector)4,68410
North Shields (John Wheelwright, Collector)10,00938
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson, Collector)8,76017
Portsea Isle (Robert Elliott, Collector)13280
ditto (William Sudlow, Collector)2461
ditto (William Dodd, Collector)87613
Sherburne (Charles Jennings, Collector)1717
Shirleywich (Edward Burrish, late Collector)576
ditto (John Carvile, Collector)2,319174
South Shields (John Bell, Collector)15,217146
Topsham (Peter Burridge, Collector)2444
Yarmouth (Michael Pulteney, Collector)17310
Beaumorris (William Lewis, Collector)207
Cardigan (William Nixon, Collector)1200
Colchester (James Bruce, Collector)1074
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson, Collector)2191710¼
Falmouth (Rawleigh Radford, late Collector)27
ditto (Ambrose Thompson and Richard Jennings, Collectors)21958
ditto (William Pye, Collector)4680
Fowey (Thomas Bulley, Collector)32918
Gweek (Bernard Penrose, Collector)3891
Ipswich (John Knackston, Collector)10159
ditto (Samuel Kettilby, Collector)36110
Leverpoole (Jonathan Dix, Collector)7175
London (Joseph Slater, Collector)2714
ditto (William Bertram, Collector)24159
Looe (John Dyer, Collector)79149
Lynn Regis [King's Lynn] (Henry Hare, Collector)2401011¼
Padstow (Richard Jennings, Collector)150155
Penrynn (Ambrose Thompson, Collector)5122
Penzance (Richard Score, junior, Collector)28918
Plymouth (David Morris, Collector)57416
Poole (Ambrose Stephenson, Collector)383
Portsmouth (Samuel Binks, Collector)169311½
St. Ives (Richard Upton, Collector)608
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore, Collector)96411
London (Matthew Greenwood, Receiver of Fines and Seizures)1014
out of the East India Fund commencing 25 December 1699:
Aberdovey (John Bevan, Officer)7181
Arnside (Ralph Leicester, late Collector)11
Bishops Lidiard (Francis Johnson, late Collector)1102
Bristol port and city (Christopher Cole)414
Cockerham (John Jon, Collector)16315
Droitwich (John Kent, Collector)31,376411¾
Flimby (Thomas Johnson, Collector)973811½
Flint (Richard Bell, Collector)23167
Isle of Grayne (William Jeffreyes, Collector)10818
Lemington [Lymington] (Francis Sedgwick, Collector)1,4127
ditto (Joseph Slater, Collector)8,331143
Leverpoole (John Troughton, Collector)3844
Middlewich (John Troughton, Collector)1,88954
ditto (Jonathan Dix, Collector)2,5081811
Namptwich (Jonathan Browne, Collector)10,930103
North Shields (John Wheelwright, Collector)23,35415
Northwich (Thomas Stephenson, Collector)20,4411911¼
Portsea Isle (Robert Elliott, Collector)308188
ditto (William Sudlow, Collector)5742
ditto (William Dod, Collector)2,04510
Sherborne (Charles Jennings, Collector)4113
Shirleywich (Edward Burrish, late Collector)13314
ditto (John Carvile, Collector)5,4130
South Shields (John Bell, Collector)35,508010
Topsham (Peter Burridge, Collector)56916
Yarmouth (Michael Pulteney, Collector)40417
Beaumarris (William Lewis, Collector)471011½
Cardigan (William Nixon, Collector)2800
Colchester (James Bruce, Collector)243
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson, Collector)5131
Falmouth (Rawleigh Radford, late Collector)5107
ditto (Ambrose Thomson and Richard Jennings, Collectors)51113
ditto (William Pye, Collector)1,0921
Fowey (Thomas Bulley, Collector)76916
Gweek port (Bernard Penrose, Collector)9071611
Ipswich (John Knackston, Collector)2535
ditto (Samuel Kettilby, Collector)8444
Leverpoole (Jonathan Dix, Collector)1874
London (Joseph Slater, Collector)64134
ditto (William Bertram, Collector)57169
Looe (John Dyer, Collector)1861
Lyn Regis [King's Lynn] (Henry Hare, Collector)5615
Padstow (Richard Jennings, Collector)3511511
Penryn (Ambrose Thomson, Collector)1,19418
Penzance (William Score, junior, Collector)6769
Plymouth (David Morris, Collector)1,3414
Poole (Ambrose Stephenson, Collector)890
Portsmouth (Samuel Binks, Collector)3941510¾
St. Ives (Richard Upton, Collector)14019
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore, Collector)224114
London (Matthew Greenwood, Receiver of Fines and Seizures)250
total Receipts as above 223,214l. 15s. 4½d.
total Charge and Receipts£225,39541
John Danvers, Thomas Aram, Humphrey Griffith, Edward Brereton and James Cardonnel, Commissioners, at 500l. per an. each; Thomas Hall, Comptroller at 350l. per an.; Francis Brydges, late Cashier, at 430l. per an.; Secretary, Correspondent, Solicitor, Chief Accomptant and other officers, detailed with names4,5648
incident charges, etc.:
additional salary to Michael East, Secretary to these Accomptants10000
rent of the Salt Office, fees, stationery, tradesmen's bills, etc., detailed1,34389
Inferior Officers' taxes22800
salaries, taxes and incident charges in the Country1,1407
money repaid on debentures for fish, salt and beef exported34,8361
total allowances as above 42,212l. 6s. 4¼d.
money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by dates:
out of the Old Duty commencing 25 March 169454,51995
out of the East India fund commencing 25 December 1699126,66114
Auditor's fee to Thomas Foley28000
total payments and allowances£223,67217
and so remains 1,722l. 6s. 11¾d.
Declared 25 May 1715.