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'Declared Accounts: Post Office', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CDXVIII-CDXXVI. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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Post Office

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2783 [E351/2783]. AUDIT OFFICE, BUNDLE 1958, ROLL 43 [A.O.1/1958/43].
STEPHEN LILLY, Receiver General of the General Letter Office and Penny Post Office.
26 March 1710 to 25 March 1711.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands upon the last preceding AccomptNil
depending upon several persons for the balance of their Accompts at Ladyday 16852,12560
depending upon divers Postmasters and others belonging to the General Letter Office for ditto at Ladyday 171068,199159
depending on several persons belonging to the Penny Post Office for the same2,1611
depending upon several persons in arrear at the same time671141
depending upon Thomas Denning, carpenter, for work done by him1,10000
total arrears:£74,25717
Receipts: revenue and profits of the General Post Office 25 March 1710 to 25 March 1711:
in the Foreign Office:
the produce of letters brought in by the Mails (by months)19,538011
money received for letters from and to Portugal6,609157
money received of Capt. Grey for the freight of passangers on the packet boats between Holland and Harwich1,009153
money received of John Six of Amsterdam under his contract with the Lords Burgomasters and Regents there for the freight of goods and passengers on the packet boats1,20000
money received of Zachary Rogers of Falmouth for the freight of passengers between Lisbon and Falmouth79409
total for the Foreign Office29,151126
in the Inland Office:
money received for letters taken in at the windows (by months)2,275101
money received of the letter receivers (ditto)9271110
the Lettercarriers' charge, being unpaid letters sent up from the Stages in the Country (ditto)54,544511
the Postmaster's charge for letters sent from London into the Country (ditto)59,963144
money due by contracts with the several farmers:
Edward Hall of Rye, co. Sussex, for all letters to and from Hastings and Battell, co. Sussex, and Crambrooke, Biddendon, Tenterden, Appledore, Hurst Greene, Lyd, New Romney, Hyth and Folkstone, co. Kent, with places adjacent15000
Matthew Staughton and John Smith of Wellingborow, co. Northampton, for letters between London and Sheffield, co. York, Chesterfield, co. Derby, and several other places1,57000
William Rawson and Sarah Wainwright, co. York, for letters between London and Ferrybridge and Tadcaster, etc., and also settle, Kirkby Lonsdale, etc.1,47000
Thomas Atwood of St. Neots for letters between London and St. Neots, co. Huntingdon, Biggleswade, co Bedford, etc.24000
John George of Thetford for letters between London and Thetford, Wassingham [Walsingham], etc.40000
Joseph Quash of Exeter for letters between London and townsin Somerset, Gloucester, Worcester, Oxford, Hereford, Devon, Shropshire and South Wales70000
Samuel Johnson of Walden for letters between London and Havering, Lambourne, Haybridge and other places in Hertford, Essex, Sussex and Cambridge40000
John Brett of Tunbridge for letters between London and places in Kent and Sussex33000
John Barnes of Chichester for letters between London and Chichester, Arundell, Petworth and other places in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire1,55000
Richard Bigg of Winslow, co. Bucks. for letters between London and Edgeworth [Edgeware], Stanmore, Watford, etc.1,18000
way letters taken in at one stage and delivered at another, farmed to divers Postmaster:
John Stuckley of Plymouth23000
Mark Hayman of Dartmouth2000
James Buckley of Totness1000
Joseph Quash of Exeter10000
Ann Woolfrey of Blanford300
Charles Coven of Dorchester600
John Gayton of Portsmouth700
Robert Rodham of Barwick400
John Bell of Newcastle3000
William Waterman of Sarum400
Nicholas Payton of Durham1000
John Wilson of Darlington500
Elizabeth Harker of Northalerton900
Barbara Thwayts of Great Abridge [Greta Bridge]200
Richard Cowland of Borrowbridge500
Catherine Dawson of York4000
Robert Pattinson of Beverley400
Mary Mould of Hull5000
John Herring of Newark500
Hannah Petty of Gainsbrough2400
Thomas Ward of Boston1000
John Sharp of Grantham500
John Richton of Spalding1000
Edward Tinkerson of Peterborough100
John Exton of Lynn2000
Jonathan Bens of Halston1000
money due from Isaac Manley, manager of the Letter Office in Dublin, for letters sent from Dublin to Chester60567
ditto for letters sent from Holyhead2316
money received of John Six of Amsterdam for Ship-letters to Holland6191
money received for By- or Wayletters in the Chester Road by Mr. Reynolds454121
money received of letter-carriers for letters short-taxed taken in by them1610
money received of several persons for the port of Express-letters17156
money received of John Stuckley of Plymouth for the West India letters and of Joseph Quash of Exeter and of Henry Pine of Bristoll86190
total for the Inland Office127,674129
in the North British Office:
Midsummer quarter 171087265
Michaelmas quarter 1710886129
Xmas quarter 1710787127
Ladyday quarter 17111,39993
total for the North British Office3,94610
in the Irish Office:
half year to Michaelmas 17106,481128
ditto to Ladyday 17115,770196
total for the Irish Office12,252122
total Receipts for the General Letter Office£173,024185
revenue of the Penny Post Office:
the produce of 959,487 letters taken in by the Officers of the Penny Post Office at 1d. per letter3,997173
the produce of the second 1d. for 100, 147 letters taken in by letter receivers in London and directed and delivered to persons in the Country41757
the produce of letters taken in by the Six Penny Port Office, being 56,074 letters at 1d. a letter2331210
total for the growing Duty of the Penny Post4,648158
money overpaid on the Accompt of the Penny Post13176
overpays remaining due at Ladyday 1711:
Charles Blight of Launceston1115
Joseph Warkman of Ashburton9160
Edward Downes of Hartford Bridge38108
John Reeves of Petersfield2665
John Beauchamp of Stanes28117
Grace Carr of Belford71011
John Johnson of Dumfries0611
Ann Pybus of Thirsk061
William Wimberley of Postwitham442
John Sympson of Bourn17174
Richard Harrison of Caxton1248
Sarah Clifford of Maidenhead51211
Edward Lock of Hounslow13011
Richard Wellington of Hay4134
Margaret Griffith of Lanimdiffry [Llandovery]3159
John Elliot of Hubberstone387
Samuel Coats of Pickadilly4516
Maurice Owen of Holyhead361610
Margarite Bulkley of Beaumaris20142
John Draper of Conway2129
Thomas Longbottom of Barnet2310
John Mercer of Oldstreet1500
Edward Hall of Rye7182
Mary Gardner of Southwark1150
Samuel Johnson of Walden18130
Mounsieur Richards of Paris2,633189
total charge and receipts as above:
receipts of the General Letter Office173,024185
receipts of the Penny Post Office4,648158
overpayment in the Penny Post Office13176
Money due to Postmasters and others for the Balances of their Accompts2,956199
abatements, viz.:
country letters brought from foreign parts and from the Deputy Postmasters in England, being first charged at the General Post Office in London and sent as directed to persons in the country, whereby the Growing Duties of those parts are increased and likewise charged on the Deputy Postmasters, viz., in the Foreign Office 3,217l. 15s. 4d. and in the Inland Office 8,083l. 17s. 4d.11,301128
her Majesty's and Members of Parliament their letters, brought and delivered free16,66447
letters charged on several Postmasters and Letter-carriers, returned because the addressees could not be found1,8881611
foreign letters enclosing Bills of Exchange, etc., exempted by Act of Parliament; overtaxed letters, errors and abatements50773
letters sent into the General Post Office by persons who farmed the same at yearly rents and so doubly charged5,73534
salaries: including Sir Thomas Frankland, kt., and John Evelyn, Postmasters General, 2,000l.; Edward Harley, Auditor, 260l.; George Searle, Accomptant, 300l.; Stephen Lilly, Receiver General, 300l.; William Frankland, Comptroller of the Inland Office, 200l.; Benjamin Waterhouse, Secretary, 200l.; Richard Swift, Solicitor, 200l.; Ashburnham Frowd, Comptroller of the Foreign Office, 150l.; sundry postmasters detailed at length 8,474l. 16s. 6d.16,721192
annuities and pensions:
the Dukes of Grafton and Northumberland as assigns to the late Duchess of Cleveland for half a year's pension due to her at Ladyday 1710 2,350l., and for their pension for a year to Xmas 1710 4,700l.7,05000
John, Duke of Marlborough, for his pension under the Act 5 Anne [6 Anne] c.7]5,00000
the Duke of Leeds by patent 3 Wm. & M.3,50000
Laurence, Earl of Rochester, by patent 4 Jan. 16864,00000
the Duke of Schonburg by patents 22 Dec. 8 Wm. III and 6 May 2 Anne5,00000
the Duke of Queensberry by patent 22 May 17073,00000
the Earl of Seafeild by patent 23 Dec. 7 Anne3,00000
the Earl of Marr by patents 5 July 8 Anne3,00000
the Earl of Pembroke by patent 20 Oct. 8 Anne3,00000
Guy Palmes by patent 4 Aug. 1702 (1½ years)1,50000
William, Lord Cowper, late Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, from Xmas 1709 to 23 Sept. 17102,99750
Simon, Lord Harcourt, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Great Britain, by patent 20 Nov. 9 Anne, from 18 Oct. to 25 Dec. 171074540
Lieut. Gen. Webb by patent 29 March 17101,00000
Col. John Hill by patent 17 June 9 Anne (¾ year)75000
the Duke of Argyll by patent 23 Jan. 1710–11 (¼ year)75000
Mrs. Maud Johnson by privy seal 15 March 169630000
Rebecca Chadwick, late widow of Dr. Titus Oates, by patent 30 July 169830000
William Brocket by Royal Warrant 12 April 170740000
Charles Osborne by patent 3 Nov. 3 Anne20000
the Professors of the University of Edinburgh by privy seal 22 Sept. 170821000
the Professors of the University of Glasgow by ditto21000
Court Post: Henry Andrews for carrying Royal letters, etc., between the Court or Palace of Residence and the First Post Stage by patent 23 July 4 Anne36500
charges of Expresses: to several Postmasters, Midsummer quarter 1710 265l. 19s. 11d., Michaelmas quarter 1710 477l. 5s. 1d., Xmas quarter 1710 261l. 5s. (besides 2l. 10s. 5d. error in casting), Ladyday quarter 1711 503l. 1s. 3d1,50768
charges of the packet boats:
Capt. Richard Gray on the Harwich packet boats (wear and tear of the Marlborough, wages for the Eagle, Dispatch, Dolphin, Prince and Marlborough, victualling of the same and of poor seamen and soldiers, Robert Haselfoot, chirurgeon, for curing sick and wounded seamen, sundry expenses, Capt. Gray's salary, hire of a fishing boat)6,989167
Zachary Rogers on the Lisbon packet boats (hire, wear and tear of the Expedition, Allyance, Queen and others, wages, victualling, expenses, Thomas Code, surgeon, for curing sick and wounded seamen, Zachariah Rogers for his own salary)13,50228
Edmund Dummer for hire of the West India packet boats and for the Lisbon service, 13,051l. 13s. 0d.; Edward Popley and others for repairing the Expedition, etc., 2,021l. 13s.; Thomas and John Loving and Thomas Barnard for repairing the Godolphin, 1,512l. 10s.; and Mr. John Brown of Lisbon for salvage of stores, 30l. 9s. 9d.16,61659
John Mackey, agent at Dover for the Flanders packet boats, for his salary, 150l.; and as Director of the said packet boats 130l. and for his expenses in Flanders 135l.; for the hire of four packet boats for the Flanders correspondence, 2,000l.; for the charge of several Expresses from Spain, 73l. 5s. 8d., and for boat hire for Col. Panton and Maj. Lee who came over with news, 35l.; for transporting several poor soldiers from Dover to Ostend and from Ostend to Dover, etc., 129l. 1s. 0d., and for the charges of Humphrey Hall's transportation to France, 6l. 12s., and for several packets between the Lord High Treasurer and the Duke of Marlborough, 36l. 0s. 8d.2,694194
John Traverse for the redemption of an Irish packet boat taken by the French18966
Mr. Warren on accompt of three quarters of the produce of letters from the continent of America by the American packet boats188126
sundry incident charges detailed (candles, leathern bags, stationery, brasses and stamps, tradesmen's bills for work and materials, New Year's gifts, extraordinary duty payments, parish dues of St. Mary Woolnoth and St. Mary Abchurch, rent of the Post Office, etc., including rewards for bringing news of King Charles's victory over the Duke of Anjou in Spain and of the surrendering the garrison of Aix)4,393105
allowances of various natures:
John Six of Amsterdam for his moiety of frank letters conveyed from Hamborough [Hamburg] and the Northern Crowns and Italy1,085150
William Brown, agent at Lisbon, for the remittance of money129411
John Duarta de Costa for the exchange of 2,224l. 10s. 6d. at 10 per cent. by a treaty between the Postmaster General of England in behalf of the Postmaster of Portugal22283
paid the Collectors of the Land Tax on the salaries of Clerks and others not exceeding 60l. per an. for 1709 and 171035800
paid Thomas Reynall of Chester for his salary in collecting By-letters246172
allowance on Mr. Warberton's Accompt2179
charges of the Irish Office: allowed Isaac Manley, Deputy Postmaster General in Dublin, for sundary abatements:
salaries (not detailed)3,202110
State and Members of Parliament letters delivered frank4,262136
country letters sent to Dublin and not paid there, being sent forward to several Postmasters in Ireland2,254142
insolvent letters, etc457133
stationery and incident expenses6361011
exchange of money76329
charges of the Inland Office of North Britain, not detailed3,582102
money paid into the Exchequer at several times, detailed12,03793
(total for salaries, pensions, expresses, packet boats, incident charges, etc., 138,339l. 4s. 6d.)
charges of the Penny Post Office:
salaries and wages (Nathaniel Castleton, Comptroller; his clerk; Accomptants; sorters and subsorters; messengers)1,992140
rent of the Penny Post Office (the Chief Office, the Westminster Office, the Temple Office, the St. Paul's Office, the Southwark Office, the Hermitage Office and the Exchanging House)117100
sundry disbursements, detailed817177
total payments and allowances£180,321107
and so remains 74,614l. 9s. 9½d.
against which depending in super:
arrears due at Ladyday 1685, detailed2,12560
upon several Postmasters, detailed at length69,10098
arrears of the Penny Post2,4388
arrearsdue from several other persons95061
and so this Accompt of the Revenue of the General and Penny Post Office is even and Quit.
Memorandum. In pursuance of the Act 20 Car. 2 [19 & 20 Car. II, c. 7] the several Receivers and Postmasters abovementioned are chargeable with damages at 12 per cent. for the respective sums received by them and remaining in their hands and here noted that the same may be charged on them by the Court of Exchequer.
Declared 8 May 1714.