Declared Accounts
Treasury Solicitor


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CDXL-CDXLII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Treasury Solicitor

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 3019 [E351/3019]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2318 ROLL 37 [A.O.1/2318/37].
WILLIAM BORRETT, Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury.
15 October 1710–15 October 1711.
Arrears: nil, the Accomptant being in surplusage on his last Accompt.
Receipts: Michaelmas term 9–10 Anne; on imprest1,00000
Easter term 10 Anne; ditto1,00000
total charge and receipts£2,00000
surplusage as on the foot of his last Accompt charges and expenses of several prosecutions etc.:39577
v. Nicholas Malabar and others for a riot in the Isle of Ely (including opposition to the Bishop of Ely's motion to have cognizance of the case)35105
v. John Baker for a libel "The British Nation Vindicated"1303
v. Thomas Harrison ditto "The Judgment of the Whole Kingdom and Nations"1303
v. George Creskin for a high misdemeanour20210
v. Charles Mason, late Paymaster of the Transport Service64196
v. Ralph Beachampe for an intrusion878
v. John Burridge and George Coles for seditious words52181
v. the Earl of Rochester, Sir Richard Belling, Sir Stephen Fox and the Trustees and Executors of the late Queen Dowager72180
v. Thomas Ridge, James Dixon, Henry Player, John Rolf, Thomas Best, John Tyhurst and Jeremy Kelly, brewers, prosecuted by her Majesty's Order upon an address of the House of Commons5588
v. Joseph Campbell for seditious words14153
v. Henry Gill for seditious words14153
v. the Corporation of Bewdley9410
v. John Clendon for libel1466
v. John Francklyn for seditious words spoken at Portsmouth11196
v. Thomas Waples for counterfeiting a lottery ticket15184
v. Henry Waring for seditious words spoken at Coventry7107
v. Edward Shaw for seditious words7107
v. Mr. Charles Lesley478
v. Monsr. de Guiscard11210
v. Joseph Whitehouse, Henry Seager, Thomas Ridge, Henry Stanyford and James White, the pretended Mayor and Aldermen of the Borough of Portsmouth (fees to Mr. Bissell, Town Clerk of Portsmouth)22596
also the Attorney General's fees for opinions:
on the case of Stephen Street7100
on the case of George Creskin1150
on the case of Grey Ashenhurst11120
on the case of Edward Rigby1270
on the case of Heather and Snipp3146
on the case of Burridge and Coles (for seditious words at Topsham, co. Devon)3196
on the case of Thomas Hope and Alexander Landall3146
on the case of Col. Parker6128
on the case of one Fitzgerald3170
on the case of William Bromfield728
on the case of the late Lord Griffin, attainted of high treason, who died a prisoner in the Tower3170
on the case of Thomas Whitmore for seditious words spoke in the County of Devon3180
to the Officers of the several Courts at Westminster for their fees760
to Mr. Attorney General for attending the Court of Queen's Bench for discharging and continuing Recognizances27100
William Borrett junior for searches and copies, etc.17486
to Mr. Harcourt, the Attorney in the Crown Office for the appearances of Defendants628
to Mr. Richardson for copies of Warrants, etc.9160
necessary and incident charges, etc.:
Robert Strong retained as evidence against persons under prosecution for correspondence with France1000
disbursements by this Accomptant for searches, stationery, payments to officers, etc., charges of passing the Account and auditor's fee (70l. to Edward Harley)313126
and so the said Accomptant is Indebted21843
Declared 16 July 1712.