August 1592


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'Simancas: August 1592', Calendar of State Papers, Spain (Simancas), Volume 4: 1587-1603 (1899), pp. 595. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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August 1592

24 Aug.
Estado, 839.
610. J. De Villa Cruces Y De La Cueva to the King.
When I was in London I was intimate with a Catholic gentleman called Harepin (Harpur), a man of very great talent, who, in consequence of his knowledge of many tongues, served as a spy to the Queen, and was very friendly with the Lord Chancellor (i.e. Hatton). At his request the enclosed letter was written to me by a servant of your Majesty, a Genoese named Aliano Calvo, saying that in the life of his master the Chancellor he (Harpur) had written a treatise, setting forth the reasons why England should seek peace with your Majesty, and the means to bring it about. His master, the Chancellor, had received this treatise so gladly that he had led matters in train for the conclusion of a peace or truce when he died. At his death the treatise had fallen into the hands of the Queen and Council, who were all so pleased with it that he thinks if the business be carried forward a good result may come of it. He asks me to send him my opinion as to whether he should proceed with his intention. I have thought best to put the matter in your Majesty's hands, and await your orders.—Madrid, 24th August 1592.
Note.—A long letter from Aliano Calvo, giving some particulars of the arguments in the treatise, and other information of small importance, is enclosed in the above. Hatton had died in November, 1591.