June 1594


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'Simancas: June 1594', Calendar of State Papers, Spain (Simancas), Volume 4: 1587-1603 (1899), pp. 612-613. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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June 1594

1594. June.
Estado, 839.
624. Charges brought against certain English Catholics residing in Lisbon, and investigated by the Alcalde Valladares. (fn. 1)
The following were the accused :—
John Pigford, organist of the King's Chapel.
Roger Parker, merchant.
Thomas Smithe, eating-house keeper.
Thomas Lewis, painter.
Edward Bars, merchant.
Roger Garland, gunner in Lisbon Castle.
John Redmond, merchant, and others.
(The charges were mainly for espionage, smuggling, harbouring, and consorting with heretics, and indirectly giving information to their countrymen, to the injury of Spain. The result of a long inquiry was that the above and following Englishmen were said to be really heretics, although professing to be Catholics, and are recommended by the magistrate to be treated as such.)
John Taylor, English Consul.
Roger Jeffrey, innkeeper.
Henry Long, innkeeper.
John Harris, broker.
John Ranken, merchant.
William Lacon, merchant.
Henry Guedester, vagabond.
George Bromley, merchant.
William Green, gunner in the castle.
James, a one-legged gunner in Belem Castle.


1 From an undated document in the same bundle (Estado, 839), these men were apparently denounced by a countryman named Owen Elton, described as sergeant-major. It will be seen in page 599 of this volume that Taylor and Ranken were put upon their trial, in conjunction with an Irishman named Richard Butler.