House of Commons Journal Volume 2
12 November 1640


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 12 November 1640', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 2: 1640-1643 (1802), pp. 27-28. URL: Date accessed: 23 October 2014.


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Jovis, 12 Novembris, Post Meridiem.

Irish Affairs.

MEMORANDUM, The Grand Committee of the whole House sat this Afternoon upon the Irish Affairs; and the Speaker sat by, according to an order made in the Forenoon.


There came Word, That the Lords were come, and expected the Committee of this House at the Conference.

Mr. Speaker assumed the Chair; and it was Moved, That the Committees that sat in other Places, might be sent for to attend the Conference:

That those Gentlemen might be sent for by the Mace, that were gone before to the Conference: And,

Disorderly quitting the House.

That whosoever shall go forth of the House in a confused Manner, before Mr. Speaker, shall forfeit Ten Shillings; and that the Reporters might go first to take their Places.

The House rose; and the Committee went up to meet the Committee of the Lords at the Conference; and Mr. Speaker went home.