House of Commons Journal Volume 1
12 February 1549


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 12 February 1549', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 8. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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12 Februarii

Bills of Restitution.

L. 2. For Restitution of Henry Weston.

L. 2. For Restitution of Mr. Francis Carewe.

L. 2. For Restitution of John Carleton.

For Restitution of Sir Rauffe Bulmer.

Hubbard agdinst Hare.

It is Ordered, That Mr. Warner shall receive of Mr. Speaker's Hands the Bill exhibited by Thomas Hubbard and Audrey his Wife against Sir Nicholas Hare, out of the House; and that no further Process shall be had therein : And further, It is Ordered, That Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Comptroller, Mr. Secretary, Mr. Dynny, and Mr. North, shall hear and determine the Matter, if they can; or else, the Lord Protector's Grace to make a final End therein.


3. The Bill for the Inheritance of the Half Blood, - to Mr. Knevet.


L. 3. The Bill for Colouring of Customs in other Mens Names. - Jud'm.