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'Appendix', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 18: 1623-1625 (1912), pp. 629. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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The following passage has been omitted from Corner's despatch of the 16th October, 1623 (No. 171).—

One day the cardinal asked his Highness if the heat troubled him, and if he would like the coach uncovered. The prince replied jestingly: I should not venture to agree to it unless they first sent to Madrid for the opinion of the Junta of Divines. The Court appreciated the jest, although they reflect that it is highly significant (addimandoli un giorno il cardinale se gustava Sua Altezza molestando il caldo, che si discoprisse la carrozza, rispose motteggiando e burlandosi, Io non ardirei assentirlo se non si espedisca prima a Madrid perche lo consigli la Giunta de Theologi, moto che se bene come faceto, si gode dalla Corte, tuttavia si riflette anco che molto allude et signiffica).

There is also a rumour that if Buckingham impedes the match the Dutch offer him a large sum of money, and that with the same object the Palatine will agree to the marriage of his son to a daughter of Buckingham; at least that is what the German ambassador states. If this should happen the common opinion is that it would affect the marriage of the Infanta even worse, as the Spaniards claim that all the interests of the Palatine must be adjusted first, and that the King of England shall prevail upon him to make a complete settlement.

April 1625