House of Commons Journal Volume 1
09 March 1610


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 09 March 1610', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 408. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Veneris, 9 Martii, 1609

Fruit Trees.

L. 1a. - FRUIT Trees.

Bridges, &c.

L. 1a. Bridges and Highways.

Sir H. Crispe.

L. 1a. Sir Henry Crispe.


Mr. Hoskins reports B. - Horners. - A Trade of Antiquity, Singularity, Honesty. - 400 Years. - None made in any Part. - Never any Complaint against them. - 200l. will buy all their Stuff. - Poverty. - Unwittingly repealed.

Bridgenorth Election.

Mr. Serjeant Barker reporteth the Examination of the Order for Bridgenorth. - Supposed to be mistaken.

That the Writ was sent over Night, but none could be found : - After sent, and delivered.

The Writ and Indenture read in the House.

Sir Roger Owen, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Hoskins: - Rasure :

- No good Seal: - No Bailiff's Hand.

Mr. Attorney: - Though Miscarriage, yet the Return good. - No Question of the Validity.

Mr. Fuller: - If returned, the House hath Power.

Mr. Recorder: - The Return to be examined: - This House not concluded.

Sir Edw. Grevill -

The Lawyers of the House to advise. - Mr. Serjeant Barker -

Sir Rob. Harley.- - That -

Q. Whether re-committed: - Resolved. -

All the Lawyers of the House added; Sir Henry Nevill, Sir Rob. Harley, Sir John Peyton, Mr. Forsett, Sir John Leveson, Mr. Morgan: - Tomorrow Morning, Court of Wards.


After Nine a Clock, any Bill to be put to Question.

Bridgenorth Election.

To examine the Validity of the Return: - Whether to be accepted.

Privilege- Objectionable Publication.

Mr. Recorder, Mr. Hedley, Mr. Finch, to assist Mr. Martin with Notes of the Conference touching D. Cowell.

Grievance - Sir S. Proctor.

Monday, Sir Stephen Proctor: - Deferred. - His Majesty to send him.

All the Papers and Notes touching Proctor, to be delivered to Mr. Recorder: - He to receive.