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'Index: Y, Z', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31: 1657-1659 (1931), pp. 396. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Yarmouth, state ship, capture of Virgin Mary by, 54n; Dutch ship with Spanish treasure taken by, 81n.

York, duke of. See James, duke of York; Richard, son of Edward IV.

Ypres, Ipre, Ypre [Prov. W. Flanders, Belgium]:
-, allies advancing on, 223–4; Spaniards withdraw forces to, 227; French besieging, 243; supposed capture, 246; capture reported, 249.
-, severe defeat of Spaniards before, 243, 246; English behaved with great gallantry at, 253.


Zanardi, Colomban and Pietro, reach London from Paris, 239; observing foreign countries, 240.

Zane, Alessandro, Venetian commander in charge of Angel:
-, carried off to Leghorn by Capt. Rand, 254; detained under pretext of injury done, 258, 260; was transporting troops, 276.
-, offices with Grand Duke, for release, 262; some hope of release, 267, 281; landed, 282.

-, Domenico, Venetian Ambassador in Spain, despatches to the Senate, 30, 39, 81, 87, 93, 101, 161, 237.

Zante, Ionian island:
-, news recived via, 104.
-, some of English squadron at, 190.
-, English trade in currants at, 236, 238.
-, troops from Angel to be sent to, 256.

-, Proveditore of, 113.

-, -, English consul recommended to, 218, 230.

Zante frigate, English merchantman, encounter with Venetian squadron, 207.

Zealand, Denmark, invaded by Charles X, 172; Swedes concentrating in, 281.

Zeeland, Netherlands:
-, duke of York seen in, 11; ships of privateer under Spanish flag, 24; Brazil fleet prizes brought into ports of, 134.
-, issues letters of marque against French, 25; Dutch will transfer mail route to, if Flanders blocked, 181.

Zeilon. See Ceylon.

Zurich, canton of Switzerland:
-, despatch dated at, 223.
-, Cromwell hopes to get auxiliary troops from, 128; representations made to, 129; Giavarina's service at, 294.

Zustignan. See Giustinian.