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'Index: G', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 36: 1669-1670 (1937), pp. 364-367. URL: Date accessed: 24 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Galata, Constantinople:
-, letter dated at, 123.

Galen, Christopher Bernard von, bishop of Munster:
-, Dutch suspicion of army of, 25; complains of Dutch suspicions, 29.
-, stands armed on Dutch frontiers, 100; Guldenlow ordered to go to, 150.

Galilee, Galileo, Giles, Thomas, merchant:
-, Council takes up case, 82; aged and deserving consolation, 83; relief promised, 91; appeals to Mocenigo, 102, 133; death of, at nearly a hundred, 154.

-, -, widow of, appeals to Senate, 154; Mocenigo gives assurances to, 168; he recommends case of, 253.

-, -, Thomas, son of, 91n.

a slave with Turks, 82; ransom promised, 83; father appealing for, 102, 133; orders issued for release, 112; Harvey speaks to Gobbato about, 123; Molin to exert himself for, 143; mother appeals for, 154.

-, proposed to build, to keep at Tangier, 81, 95, 136; king interested in construction of, for Tangier, 253.
-, bastard, nature of, 136n, 200n.
-, king wants one built at Genoa, 136, 200; one building at Genoa, 200, 253; and at Pisa, 253.
-, Genoa decides to present one to Charles, 200, 204; Grand Duke may also present one, 204.
-, one building at Pisa ready, 204.
-, poor opinion of value of, 253n.

Gamarra, Gamara, Gomara, Estevan de, Spanish ambassador at the Hague: gets ships released, 8.
-, offended by secret conferences of de Witt with Lisola and Temple, 19; quarrel with governor, 60, 131.
-, warned of consequences of Spanish treatment of Sweden, 89, 92; promised to pay money to Sweden, 107; orders payment, 167.
-, Louis replies to paper of, 114; leaves Hague for Brussels, 128; returns with fresh proposals, 134; hard at work over alliance, 141; Lisola hears from and goes to sound Velasco, 147.

Gardie, Magnus Gabriel de la, chancellor of Sweden: bought by France, 11.

-, sent to king of Sweden, 21, 104; sent to elector of Saxony, 89.
-, given to Christopher Monk, 151.
-, Orange proposes to attend ceremony of, 188.

Gaston. See Weston.

Gata, Cape [Prov. Almeria, Spain]:
-, action with corsairs off, 147, 150; another action off, 240, 253.

Gelderland [Netherlands], province of:
-, Velasco unwilling to leave strong places of, in pawn to Dutch, 78.

Geldern, Guelders [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire]: dispute about, 33, 41; Dutch ask for, as security, 47.

Genoa [Prov. Genova, Italy]:
-, despatches dated at, 136, 148, 190, 193, 197, 200, 240.
-, Prince of Denmark at, 133; Falcombridge has letters for, 154.
-, lies spread by, about Villefranche, 180.
-, Falcombridge uncertain about going to, 182–3; wants guidance for dealing with. 184; not going to, 190.
-, arrangements for receiving Falcombridge at, 187; his reception at, 193, 196.
-, 22 English ships sail from, under English convoy, 190.
-, Falcombridge settles affairs of merchants at, 196–7, 200; and sees the sights, 197; he leaves, 200.
-, Charles wishes to have galley built at, 200; one already building, 200n, 253.
-, proposal to present galley to Charles, 200, 204; Duteil sent to, about galley, 253; base money made at, 305.
-, doge of, Falcombridge has audience of, 193.
-, Arsenal, 204.
-,-, request to build galley at, for Tangier, 136.
-, Durazzi palace, Falcombridge lodged at, 193.

Gent. See Ghent.

George, prince of Denmark:
-, sails from Calais for England, 78; arrives in London, received at Court, 87.
-, Mocenigo pays respects to, 88, 90.
-, does not interfere in state matters, 90; ceremony with, 92, 97; his departure and courtesies with Mocenigo, 102; at Genoa, proposes to go to Venice, 133.

George William, duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, Lunemburg:
-, sends present of stags to Charles, 74; help for Candia, 76.
-, letter to Charles, 74n; invited to join triple alliance, 76; Dutch treating with, 138.

Gerbeville, envoy from duke of Lorraine: his audience of king, gets no reply about help, 311.

Germany, the empire:
-, help from, for Candia, 1; princes of, preparing to help, 12.
-, Dutch want information about, 33.
-, Protestant towns of, no longer recognise Sweden as head of reformed religion, 78; Sweden's spoils from wars in, 87; alliance may encourage Sweden to keep too large a force in, 89.
-, Temple points to difficulties of princes of joining alliance, 288; proposed mutual guarantee with Dutch, 296.

-, Protestant princes of:

French fear of joining coalition, 5.

princes of, Colbert criticises those who favour alliance, 170; envoy of Lorraine referred to, 291; Charles will only follow example of, 293.

question of entering triple alliance, 292.

Gerusalemme, Gierusalem, merchant ship:
-, reaches Leghorn from Smyrna, 45; news brought by, 240.

Ghedini, Advocate, Hailes abused by, 271.

Ghent, Gent, Joseph William van, Dutch admiral:
-, report of sailing, 179; going against corsairs, 181, 186.
-, combined operation with Allen, 278; English give credit of chance of meeting corsairs, 285–6.

Giavarina, Francesco, secretary to the Senate, 308–9.

Gibraltar: Strait of, the Strait: Dutch sending squadron to, 24, 161.
-, Allen back in, 163; Algerines occupy mouth of, 178; Allen blocks against Algerines, 278n.

Gigault, Bernardin, marquis de Bellefonds, Belefont, marshal of France:
-, to lead French at Candia, 98; English officers join force at Toulon, 114.
-, asks for levy of Irish, 98.
-, mission of condolence to London, 218, 225; Ms offices, 230.
-, France relieved by cordial reception of, 235; takes leave, rich presents to, 238.
-, Buckingham sent as answer to mission of, 239, 296; back in Paris, king pleased by report of, 242; affirms best correspondence between the two countries, 243.
-, went to Court in king's coach, 282.

-, invention of new method of, 17–8, 27, 40.

Giles. See Galilee.

ginger, cargo of, at Venice, 316.

Girgenti, Sicily:
-, merchantmen sailing from, captured, 189n.

Giustinian, Marc Antonio, Venetian Ambassador in France:
-, despatches to the Senate, 19, 29, 32, 34, 40, 45–6, 52, 55–6, 62.

-, Signore, 263.

Goa [W. India]:
-, Viceroy of, 121.

Gabbato, Tomaso:
-, letter to Inquisitors of State, 123.

Godolphin, Godolfin, Sidney:
-, sent to queen mother in Paris, 39; sent with letters to Louis, 194, 197.

-, Sir William, English resident in Spain, 64.

complimentary mission to Lisbon, 39; arrives at Madrid, 74.

offers mediation for exchange of territory, 81.

negotiations about sea affairs, to treat in Latin, 112.

to keep an eye on relations with Portugal, 118; objected to Agropoli as ambassador, 162n.

reports Spanish evasions about alliance, 158–9; speaks to regent about mediation, strong representations to Peñaranda, 172.

thinks Louis cannot hurt Dutch, 164.

urges final decision about mediation, 176; strong protest to Peñaranda, not satisfied with answer, 177.

intimates that England would welcome mediation of pope and Venice, 177; reports queen's attitude about mediators, 191; memorial on appointment of mediators, 199; reply given to, 236.

report of decision about mediation awaited, 214; says king will not abuse patience of France a third time, 236.

doubtful about effect of Madame's death, 236.

sends to London plan for trade in Indies, 236; Molina arranges treaty with, about America, 251; approval of treaty sent to, 260.

appeal to, makes capital of services rendered to Spain, 302.

-, taken from C. Indiaman by Turks, 43.
-, sent from Cadiz to Amsterdam, 47, 67, 70.
-, Spanish payment of, to Sweden, 60.

Golden Rose, Algerian warship, destroyed in action, 279n.

Golden Sun, Turkish warship, takes bullion from East Indiaman, 43n.

Goletta, Tunis, N. Africa: French stop English ship unlading at, 253n.

Gomara. See Gamarra.

goosequills, cargo of, at Venice, 316.

Gothenburg, Sweden: governor of. See Spaar, baron.

Gradenigo, Bernardo, regulator of the Customs, report on salt fish, 309.

-, Girolamo, captain of Padua:

despatches to the Senate, 271, 277.

instructions to, 269.

grain. See corn.

Grammont, Count:
-, sent to compliment Charles, 196.

Grand Signior, Grand Turk. See Mahomet IV, Sultan of Turkey.

Gratarol, Pier Antonio, secretary to Collegio: takes office to read to Falcombridge, 245.

gratuities, custom degenerated into an abuse, 305.

Gravesend, co. Kent:
-, Court travels via, to Dover, 197.

Great Britain, king of. See Charles I; Charles II; James I.
-, queen of. See Catherine of Braganza.

“Great Question,” stir caused by publication, 121; Commons takes up, 124; they desist from proceedings against, 127.

Greenwich, co. Kent:
-, king meets prince of Tuscany's party at, 50n.

Greenwich, royal navy, escorting ships to Mediterranean, 280n.

Grenville, John, earl of Bath, first gentleman of the bedchamber, 196.

Grimani, Almoro, Savio alla Mercanzia, 315.

-, Antonio, Venetian Ambassador at Rome:

despatches to the Senate, 12, 22, 54, 59, 67.

instructions to, 24, 52, 64.

reports getting pope's brief for Queen Catherine, 13; forwards it, 22.

to present queen's letter to pope, 64; pope's brief for queen forwarded by, 75, 82.

informed of Agretti's mission to England, 105.

-, Girolamo, Proveditore of the magistracy all'Armar, report on sailors' wages, 308.

Grimberg, Comte de:
-, Toledo returning from supper with, 138n.

Groot, Henry de, Grotius, Dutch ambassador extraordinary to France: not yet admitted to king, alarmed by lavish reward given to courier from London, 297.

Groseillers, —, explorer, employed by Prince Rupert, 144n.

Grossolles, François de, marquis de Flamarens, Flamerino:
-, goes to return compliment to Monterey, 265–6; Colbert secured appointment for, 266.

-, Jean de, chevalier de Flamarens, Flamansi, Flamerino:

sent with condolences by duke of Orleans, 230; French Court relieved by kind reception of, 235; leaves, 238.

Guelders. See Geldern.

Guernsey, royal navy:
-, sent to Dunkirk for Madame, 195; fight with Algerines, 240, 253.

Guilliam, Zachariah, captain of the Nonsuch: exploration of N.W. passage, 144n.

Guldenlow, Guldelence, Guldeleun Guldeleem, Guldelem, Ulric Frederick, count of, natural son of King of Denmark, ambassador extraordinary to England, 88, 195.
-, expected in London, 68, 73; arrives, preparing entry, 76; entry delayed, 90.
-, Arlington gives hopes of private audience, 76; gets secret audience, 78.
-, explains his king's attitude to triple alliance, 78; asks for commissioners, refused, 90, 93.
-, Venice curious about mission, 85; Mocenigo calls on, 90; ceremony with, 93; public entry and first audience, 96.
-, anticipates delays in negotiation, 93; efforts to get reciprocity in trade, 104; gets renewal of privileges, 133.
-, returns to own house, 97; Mocenigo and Colbert call on, 98; relations with Boreel, 119, 122, 126.
-, waiting to offer condolences, 111; about to leave, 133; takes leave of king, 142.
-, will not give place to Colbert, 126.
-, speaks of Venetian peace with Turks, 129; to go to bishop of Munster, 150; on ship waiting to sail, 151.
-, returns to London with secretary, 168; has fresh credentials as ambassador extraordinary, 170.
-, recalled home by father's death, 168; will be back soon, 171.
-, honours shown to, reciprocated to Essex, 207; expected ratification of treaty arranged by, 318.

Gulf, the. See Adriatic Sea.

gunpowder, powder:
-, proposal to grant to Venice, 20, 26.
-, taken from ship Neptune by Venetian admiral, 27, 239; payment promised for, 32, 35.
-, Mocenigo to buy and send to Zante, 36, 44, 91.

-, claim against French for removal from Franche Comté, 238, 244, 285.