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'Index: Q, R', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 36: 1669-1670 (1937), pp. 401-402. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Queen mother of England. See Henrietta Maria.

-, of France. See Anne of Austria.

-, of Spain. See Maria Anna.

-, of Turkey. See Tarchan. Querini, Zorzi:
-, attends Falcombridge at reception, 223.


Radisson, Pierre, explorer, employed by Prince Rupert, 144n.

Ragusa [Yugo Slavia]:
-, English propose to send cloth to, 276.

Rambouillet, Sieur de, envoy of Lorraine to England:
-, goes to Newmarket to ask help, 288; representations of, 291; labours unsuccessfully for declarations, 293.
-, referred to emperor and empire, 291.

Ratisbon [Bavaria, German Empire]:
-, diet at:
-,-, Dutch negotiations at, for mutual guarantee, 296; protest of, against French action in Lorraine, 296n.

Relief, lost in fight with Turks, 82.

residents. See under ambassadors.

Rhine, River:
-, Dutch suspect Louis of intention to ruin their trade on, 176.

-, fleet sends to Leghorn for, 216n.

Richmond, Rismond, co. Surrey:
-, York recuperating at, 244.

-, duchess of. See Stuart, Mary.

Rion, M.:
-, spoke slightingly of English, Dodington's spirited reply to, 192n.

Robartes, John lord, lord lieutenant of Ireland: leaves for post, 105; king recalls, 160.

Roberto. See Rupert.

Robinson, Robert, captain of the Greenwich: escorting ships to Levant, 280n.

Rocca, Count della:
-, going as Spanish ambassador to Venice, 291.

Rochelle, La [Charente lnferieure, France]:
-, French squadron leaving for W. Indies, 2; at Cuba, 41.

Rochester, earl of. See Wilmot, John.

Rockwood, Rockwod, Robert, of Stanningfield, envoy of the Palatine to England:
-, arrives from Holland, 71; received courteously, 78.
-, Court anxious to be rid of, 78; objects of mission, 78–9.

Rodosto [Thrace]:
-, Grand Vizier at, 232.

Roe, ketch, royal navy:
-, attends Lord Howard to Tangier, 86n.

Roermond, Ruremond [Prov. Limburg, Netherlands], 47.

-, brief dated at, 23.
-, despatches dated at, 12, 22, 55, 59, 67.
-, help from, for Candia, 1.
-, Winchelsea expected at, 52; he arrives at, 54; he leaves, 59.
-, queen indebted to Venice for renewal of correspondence with, 93; Agretti sent to England by order of, 105, 127; reported activity of person from, 149.
-, Ottone served as consul at, 199.
-, Hamilton leaves for, 245n., 286n; Brussels nuncio goes to England by order of, 294.
-, Palazzo Venezia, palace of S. Marco, 55.
-, Sta. Maria Maggiore, 23.

Rondel (Arundel). See Howard, Henry.

Ros, lord. See Manners, John.

Rospigliosi, Giacomo, cardinal priest of San Sisto, the cardinal nephew:
-, Grimani to thank for brief to queen of England, 24.

Roux, sieur de Marsilly, Marsilli:
-, English ministers deny dealings with, 68; fate of, 68n.

Rudio, Tomaso, Venetian Secretary in Spain:
-, despatches to the Senate, 77, 201, 236, 278, 302.
-, offers condolences on Madame's death, 236.

Rupert, Roberto, Prince Palatine, entertained by Colbert, 22n.
-, difference about title with prince of Tuscany, 48; Molina takes leave of, 64.
-, urges union with France to divide Spanish America, 63; interest in exploration for N.W. passage, 144n.
-, envoy with proposals to, from brother, 78; no response from, 79; Orange given precedence of, 301.

Ruremond. See Roermond.

Russia, Czar of. See Alexius.

Rutland, earl of. See Mariners, John.

Rye, Sussex:
-, York's daughter lands at, 244n.

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