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'Index: B', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 37: 1671-1672 (1939), pp. 341-346. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Baddison, Baddiston, John, captain of the Swallow: gallant resistance against Algerians, king rewards, 120; ship captured by Dutch, 284n.

Baden Durlach [German Empire], prince of. See Gustavus Adolphus.

Bagot, Hervey, countess of Falmouth daughter of, 114.

-, Spain obtains from England, 59.

Balbaces, Marquis de los. See Spinola, Doria.

Balbi, Zuane, Savio alla Mercanzia, 122.

ballet: king and queen preparing, at the Court, 15.

Baltic Sea:
-, trade with free, 59.

Band. See Bond.

bank: proposal to establish, in London, 239.

bankers, of London:
-, paralysed by suspension of exchequer payments, 146.

Bankert, Bankaert, Adriaan, Dutch lieutenant admiral:
-, engages French squadron at Solebay, 228.

Bantam, island of Java, E. Indies, 56.

Barbados, island of, 56.
-, colonised, 60; Lynch at, 88n.
-, sugar of, 298–9.
-, regiment, 306n.

Barbaro, —, Venetian General:
-, helps repulse Turks at Risano, 43n.

Barbary, N. Africa:
-, ships of assemble for voyage to Constantinople, 44.
-, corsairs, English relations with, 71.

Barclay, Sir Robert:
-, Danish resident's charges against, 324n.

Barker, Christopher, printer, 221, 281.

Bartolini, Biasio, reads offices to Dodington, 254, 262.

Bath, earl of. See Grenville, John.

-, Rupert's troops first to be armed with, 306n.

Bayonne [Basses Pyrénées, France]:
-, Algerians attack English ship off, 120n.

Beare, Capt. Amos, commander of the Royal Katharine, 215n.

Beaver. See Reeves.

Bedford, earl of. See Russel, William.

Beech, Richard, shipmaster:
-, courtesies shown to at Zante, 136.

-, proposed new duty on, 27; duties on, 62.
-, brandy distilled from, 34.

Bellasis, John lord:
-, sent to compliment Louis in Flanders, 44, 46.

-, Thomas, viscount Falconbridge, Fauconbridge, 298.

English ambassador at Venice:
-, complains of charges on currants, 16, 31; asked for settlement of Hailes' case, 36.
-, and salt fish trade, 72, 327.
-, Martinello left with Dodington by, 97n, 130; disapproves of Dodington's manners, 322.
-, Hailes gets support of about consulage, 286; speaks with Alberti about, 296–7.
-, complains of supposed slight, Alberti explains, 322; instructions about, 330.

Belle Isle, France, 204n.

Bellings, Sir Richard, secretary to the queen, 13, 31.
-, sick and in the country, 43; copy of letter given to, as sample, 52.

Bembo, Nicolo, Avogador di Comun, 37.

Bence, John, farmer of the customs, 108n.

benevolence: opposition to, 2.

Bennet, Henry, lord Arlington, Amelton, secretary of state, 45, 133, 326.
-, 1671:
-,-, Molina awaiting reply from, 11; letter to Lisola referred to, 19.
-,-, believes in holding back favours to Spain, 12; justifies reserve, 30.
-,-, and salt fish trade, 16; Alberti speaks to about currant trade, 21–2.
-,-, on treatment accorded to Dodington, 19, 22, 28, 37; warns him not to press matter, 42.
-,-, overwhelmed with important business, 19; on parliament's proceedings, 27.
-,-, and the Pendarvis case, 26; Alberti sees about Fustinoni suit, 52, 54; suggests refusal of king's request, 54.
-,-, complains of execution of gunner for an accident, 30–1; asks Alberti about Risano affair, 43.
-,-, said to be bribed by France, 33; excellent prospects of promotion, 50.
-,-, letter countersigned by, 36; in the country, 47.
-,-, question of York's remarriage to be put to, to lay before king, 38; on question of titles with Venice, 52–4.
-,-, says king long suffering with parliament and they need a lesson, 43.
-,-, Mocenigo's account of, 66–8; Buckingham enemy of, 117.
-,-, says nothing of Dodington's complaint about bread allowance, 78, 86; Alberti expects complaint about, 84; Dodington's justification to, 97n.
-,-, speaks about currant duties and discusses Venetian affairs, 86.
-,-, Alberti to speak to against Dodington, 86; he speaks to about bread, 97; will wait for Dodington's apologies, 98.
-,-, does not understand attitude of merchants about Algiers, 88.
-,-, king shifts burden of affairs on to, 98; promises English intervention if French break peace in Flanders, 105; would not have gone so far without preparing a retreat, 106.
-,-, complaints of Zante merchants transmitted to, 99.
-,-, Spaniards hasten to publish declaration of, 107; shows resentment against Oñate for this, 109.
-,-, States of Holland write direct to, 117.
-,-, thinks Dutch desire union and peace with England, 117; criticises Dutch policy, 119.
-,-, and the case of Galilee, 121; Dodington learns of Alberti's accusations from, 130.
-,-, has hopes of adjustment, striving for peace, 122; remarks on relations with France, 137.
-,-, secures admission of Melo, 126n. laid up with gout, 141; still weak, 146.
-,-, Alberti sees about report received from Dodington, 141, 146; assurances to Alberti about good relations, 148.
-, 1672:
-,-, opinions about foreign policy, 146; Boreel has frequent conferences with, 161.
-,-, Dodington sends articles of commercial treaty to, 148; Dodington reports presentation of memorials to, 149n; discusses Dodington with Alberti, 175–6.
-,-, Alberti to complain to, about Dodington, 156, 161; Dodington believes that put him right with Alberti, 161n; Alberti to cultivate, 167, 180, 216.
-,-, sceptical about Spanish-Dutch alliance, 169, 171; tells Colbert of need to humour Spain, 179n.
-,-, promises to give Alberti timely warning of anything troublesome, 170; tells him Senate can reject ill-founded demands, 175, 216.
-,-, intimacy of Charles with the Keroualle at house of, 172n.
-,-, disposed to reprimand Dodington of his own accord, 176; says Dodington will be recalled, 203.
-,-, confers with Meerman, 183; sent to announce war to Dutch ambassadors, 185.
-,-, says de Witt will be on Dutch fleet, 184; confidences with Alberti on Dutch and Spanish relations, 206.
-,-, speaks of England's case for Spanish interests, 199; back from fleet, Fresno speaks to of danger of war, 207.
-,-, Alberti informs of orders about currants, 200.
-,-, created earl of Arlington and baron Thetford, 205, 253; minister suggested by for Venice, 223.
-,-, informs Alberti of Dodington's recall, 209; asks him not to speak about it, 220; explains reasons for recall, 238.
-,-, asks for memorandum about trade, 220; Alberti has permission to answer, 234.
-,-, speaks of Dutch libels on the king, 221; account of battle sent to, 231.
-,-, king confers garter on, 231; says king labours incessantly for good of the country, without its being known, 233.
-,-, mission of, to France and Holland, 237; to deter French from secret arrangements with Dutch, 244; news of arrival at Hague, 245; news of arrival and reception in Holland, 250–1.
-,-, goes to confer with Dutch envoys at Hampton Court, 237, 244.
-,-, Alberti informs of what Signory has done for English, 237; asks for his help about Leonessa, 238; Venetian regard for, 253, 267, 269.
-,-, suggests commercial treaty, communicates choice of Higgons as minister, 238; Alberti will give note about trade to, 257; and commercial treaty, 307.
-,-, arrival at French camp, audience of king, 249; arranges that both kings shall be at liberty to treat separately for peace, 261.
-,-, reports conference with Orange, 255; reports audience of Louis near Utrecht, 256; negotiations with Orange kept very secret, 260.
-,-, Monterey receives at Antwerp, 261; returns to London regrets continuation of war, 263; agreement with supposed to have prescribed limits of action, 268.
-,-, fears de Witt faction may revive and make terms with France, 261–2; relieved of fears about de Witt, 263.
-,-, Danish minister has long conference with, 263; occupied with important matters, 272.
-,-, speaks of offer to Dutch but objects to dealing with them as allies of the empire, 266–7.
-,-, Alberti informs about currants, but wants more definite information, 269; discusses matter with Alberti, 276.
-,-, daughter Isabella married to Henry Fitzroy, 269; returns to London, 284; holds threat of parliament over Colbert, 292n.
-,-, Venice hopes to get concessions about trade from, 270; pleased at Venice favouring commercial treaty, 276; discusses treaty with Alberti, 279.
-,-, says Lobkowitz obstructing Innsbruck match, 275; accuses Spain of causing general war, 301.
-,-, did not ask Monterey to remove troops from Dutch fortresses, 279.
-,-, and viceconsuls at Venice, 280, 287, 292–3; Hayles shows project to, 286.
-,-, gets order for free entry of two Venetian ships, 283, 288, 315.
-,-, Dodington did not write to about Bertan, 293–4; Court goes to country house of (Euston), 306.
-,-, and importation of Venetian glass, 300.
-,-, letter countersigned by, 312; Crockow does business with, 314.
-,-, difference with Buckingham about making peace, 313, 316, 318; attacks Buckingham for advocating interests of France alone, 314; Shaftesbury not very friendly to, 318.
-,-, great friend of Gascoigne, keeps secret of Innsbruck match closely, 317; renounces Gascoigne's projects, 318.
-,-, does not lose heart, at opposition, but hedges in policy, 318.
-,-, Dodington writes to about present, 324; Alberti discusses treaty of commerce with, 327.
-,-, commends conduct of Monterey, 325; changes tone, accuses him of rashness, 328.
-,-, Alberti hopes merchants will not approach about salt fish, 327; merchants go to, about, 330.

-, -, wife of. See Nassau, Isabel de.

-, Isabella, Arlington's daughter, married, 269.

-, Sir John, farmer of the customs, 108n.

-, Captain, killed at Solebay, 232.

Bergen, Bergh, Norway:
-, Falcon carried off to, 268n, 271n.

-, governor of, detains Falcon, 271.

Berkeley, Charles, earl of Falmouth, 114n.

-, Mary, countess of Falmouth, king disapproves of brother's match with, 114.

Berkenhead, Sir John:
-, opposed tax on comedians, 6n.

Berlington. See Bridlington.

Bernardo, Antonio, Venetian Proveditore General da Mar, 26.
-, letter of to Alberti, 31.
-, sentence of, in Carob case, 27.
-, orders to, about English ships, 28; promises to carry out orders in favour of English merchants, 31.
-, has gunner executed for accident over salute, 30–1.
-, Dodington forces to refund to Pendarvis, 152n; did not obey order to prevent exactions, 241.

-, Sebastiano, senior councillor, 149, 178, 211.

Berry, W., 226.

Bertan. See Monlioni.

Bertie, Capt. Charles, letter to Capt. Holland, 220n.

Beuningen, Conrad von, Dutch ambassador in England, 14.
-, Boreel says proposals failed, resigned in disgust and retired to country, 77.
-, criticism of by leading minister, 85; Arlington criticises, 119; efforts to move England against France, 138; always exasperated Louis, 244.
-, sent to Brussels, 206; confers with Monterey, 208.
-, the one who planned the war, 244; distrusted in France, 256; most satisfactory minister for English policy, 264.
-, Orange's chief councillor, finishes off de Witt party, 264.

Beverningk, Beverningh, Beverninghen, Hieronymus, Dutch ambassador in Spain, 131.
-, failure of negotiations, 90; to be sent to England, 131; Boreel informs king about, 171.
-, destined for another employment, 175; escapes from the Hague, 278.

Beverwaart, heer van. See Nassau, Louis of.

Bezi, Chevalier de, killed at Solebay, 232.

bible: cause of multiplication of sects, 60.

Bill, John, printer, 221, 281.

Biscayans: proposed to allow to arm ships, 82.

biscuit, 153.

-, differences among Catholics over appointment of, 226, 246.

-, Presbyterians preparing to join with, against indulgence, 225.

Blake, George, farmer of the customs, 108n.

Blanquefort, Blansfort, marquis de. See Duras, Louis de.

Blood, Colonel Thomas:
-, attempt to steal crown jewels, 49; interest in trial, 74.

-, emperor going to, 268.

-, queen of. See Elizabeth, daughter of James I.

Bois le Duc, Bolduc [N. Brabant, Belgium]:
-, Monterey will not let Orange have garrison of, 302.

Bologna [Prov. Bologna, Italy]:
-, raw silk sent by land from, 316.

Bombay, Bombaim, India:
-, part of queen's dowry, 56.

Bond, Band, Sir Thomas:
-, brings French money from Paris, 161.

Bondumier, Gerolamo, paymaster in the fleet:
-, extract from journal, 83.

Bonzi, Pierre de, archbishop of Toulouse, promotion to cardinalate, 227n.

-, punished for publishing Lucas speech, 34.

Boreel, Borel, John, Dutch ambassador in England:
-, has audience, says States waiting to follow king's example, 5; asks for commissioners, 39.
-, urges need to check France, can get no answer, 39, 41; follows same style as Molina, 44, 47.
-, says Dutch prefer war to uncertainty, 45–6; continues negotiations, hopes to make England declare herself, 47; says necessary to apply the last remedy, 51.
-, no sign of getting a hearing, may even off end allies, 49; confounded by favour shown to Colbert, 51.
-, Alberti speaks to about Sautini affair, 50; only foreign minister left in London, 77.
-, agrees that England's interest is peace, 74; gives views of policy to Alberti, 77.
-, does not believe that France wants war, 78; justifies Dutch arming, 88, 98.
-, charged to court English ministers, 83; hopes that England will declare herself, 98; importunity not likely to avail, 99.
-, speaks of affairs of empire, 88; disturbed by claims for salute, 101; tries to prevent further embarrassments, 102; arguments about, 104.
-, urges need of relieving Dutch of perpetual strain, 101; and of acting independently, 113.
-, complaints made to about trade grievances, 113.
-, has fresh instructions, with king at Newmarket, 114; negotiations kept very secret, 116; sent assurances of English neutrality, 161.
-, said to have made great offers, 116; rumours about untrue, 118–19.
-, not fully trusted, suspected of Orange sympathies, 117.
-, denies breach of peace of Breda, 135; has long audience of king and leaves memorial, 157; no reply given to, 161.
-, speaks of Dutch preparations for war, 135; not preparing to leave, 165.
-, has frequent conferences with Arlington, 161; reports irritation caused by alliance with Spain, 162.
-, reply about flag made direct through, 165.
-, thinks English inclined to settle the dispute, 168; informs king of mission of Beverning, 171.
-, accompanied Meerman to audience, 182; war announced to, 185.
-, staying on in London, 188–9, 197; likely to leave, 195; king informs that at liberty to go, 197.
-, waiting for instructions, 199; audience of leave, 201; waiting for passport, 205; leaving at last, 220.
-, asks for exchange of prisoners, 220; sees king and asks leave to treat for peace, 229.
-, begs king not to let French get to the Hague, 230.

-, William, Dutch ambassador in France:
-, Rumpf took over on death of, 96n.

-, Venice allowed to keep conquests in, 43n.

-, Pasha of, incensed against Venetians, 43n.

Bougie, Bugia [Algiers, N. Africa]:
-, victory over Algerines at, 78.

Bournonville, Alexandre Hypolite Baltazar, prince of, Bornenville:
-, appointed commander of the imperial army, 320.

bowels: quantity imported at Venice, 298–9.

Bowen, Captain, commander of the Centurion, 51n.

Bowles, Mr., killed at Solebay, 232.

-, advances pay for the troops, 105.
-, Spaniards garrison fortified towns in, 251, 256; proposed cession of towns by Dutch, in exchange, 262–3.
-, Orange wants Monterey to remove garrisons from, 306.

Bracamonte, Gaspard de, count of Peñaranda, Pegnoranda, Pignoranda:
-, remonstrates with Godolphin about attack on Panama, 76–7; lamentation of, in Council of state, 81.
-, Sunderland informs of reasons for war with Dutch, 154, 190–1; signed reply to ambassadors, 173n.
-, English ambassadors present fresh paper to, 182, 210; text of earlier paper to, 192.
-, letters of Diego della Torre to, 191, 193; memorial of Godolphin directed to, 277n.
-, discusses York match with Godolphin, 227.

Braine le Comte, Bren [Prov. Hainault, Belgium], 7.

Brandenburg [German Empire]:
-, help for Dutch from, 120, 131; alliance with the emperor, 308.

-, margrave of. See Frederick William.

brandy, aquavita:
-, Holland excludes French, 5; parliament decides to prohibit importation of, 34; England obtains from France, 59; distilled from beer, in England, 34.

-, concession to foreign ministers of, at Venice:
-,-, Dodington complains of being insulted over, 47, 53, 78; he is accused of abusing, 48, 86, 97, 99; case of, 84; Dodington's offices in Collegio about, 94, 129, 130.
-,-, abundant in England, 55.

Breda [Prov. N. Brabant, Netherlands]:
-, Monterey will not let Orange have garrison of, 302.
-, treaty of, 175n.
-,-, inconclusive about flag, 104, 183; Dutch and observance of, 115; Dutch accused of breaking, 119, 135; Downing to insist on observance of, 131, 137.
-,-, Dutch subjects allowed to depart, by virtue of, 220–1.

Bren. See Braine le Comte.

Brest [Finistère, France]:
-, Bristol goes to French fleet at, 197; Holmes takes pilots to, 204n.; French fleet withdraws to, 323.

Bretel, Jacques, sieur de Gremonville, French ambassador in Germany:
-, dispute with Lobkowitz, 92; dispute settled, 96.
-, demand of emperor, 123; Villars sent to Spain about, 155n.
-, Gascoigne does his best to conceal marriage negotiations from, 303–4.

Bridgeman, Sir Orlando, lord keeper of the great seal:
-, Mocenigo's account of, 68; Alberti speaks to about consulage, 292.
-, resigns post of lord keeper, at king's request, 318.

Bridlington, Berlington, co. York:
-, York takes fleet to, for water, 271; fleet sails from, 274.

Brielle, Brill [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands], 251.
-, van Rhede sails from, 291n.

Bristol, co. Gloucester, ship of, 330.

-, earl of. See Digby, George.

Brocca, Andrea della, acted as viceconsul at Venice, 128, 289.

Brome, Sir William:
-, Danish resident's charges against, 324n.

Bromley, Captain, killed at Solebay, 232.

Browne, —, English renegade, recommended as viceconsul at Venice, 129, 141.

Bruges [Prov. W. Flanders, Belgium]:
-, Monterey has force mustered at, 49.

Brulart, Louis Roger, marquis of Sillery, Scilleri:
-, reported mission to Sweden, 80.

Brunswick [German Empire]:
-, Dutch sent succour to, 88.
-, demands account of the Dutch, 85.
-, emperor's alliance with, 251.

Brunswick Wolffenbüttel, duke of. See Anthony Ulric.

Brussels, Belgium, 27, 140, 170, 278, 306.
-, proximity of French to, 7; anxiety felt in, 17.
-, Monterey fortifying, 18; arrest of some Frenchmen at, 28; Frenchmen released, 35.
-, money spent in fortifying, 35; priests and friars working at fortifications of, 105.
-, Rumpf passes through, 99; Fresno at, 148, 157; Dutch deputies to meet him at, 157; they arrive at, 162.
-, Monterey demands 1,200,000 florins from, 107; estates of refuse fresh supplies, 169.
-, Fresno confers with Dutch deputies at, 166, 169; despatch from Spain conveyed secretly to, 171; Monterey sends for Dutch commissioners from, 275.
-, riot in over refusal to grant money to governor, 186; Monterey gets money refused by, 200.
-, Dutch send van Beuningen to, 206; Louis sends to, to assure Monterey of friendly intentions, 208.
-, Lisola running to and fro from, 275; ambassador Tot at, 296.

buccaneers, corsairs: audacity of, intention to repress, 86.

Buckingham, Buchincan, duchess of. See Villiers, Mary.

-, duke of. See Villiers, George.

Bucknall, Ralph, farmer of the customs, 108n.

-, Sir William, farmer of the customs, 108n.

Buenos Aires [Argentine, S. America], 76.

Bugia. See Bougie.

Butler, James, duke of Ormonde:
-, said to be bribed by France, 33; Hunt concerned in outrage on, 49.
-, Buckingham prevailed against, 67.
-, supports Roscommon's request for levies, 87n.

-, Thomas, earl of Ossory, Osseri:

share in attack on Smyrna fleet, 185; reported capture of Dutch-Norwegian fleet contradicted, 268.

made knight of the garter, 302.

mission to France with condolences and assurances, 318.