Attested Diplomatic Agents in Venice


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'Attested Diplomatic Agents in Venice', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 1: 1202-1509 (1864), pp. CLI-CLII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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TABLE No. 8.

List of English Consuls at Venice attested by Documents in the Archives there.
Consul's Name.Date of his Employment.By whom appointed.Documentary Evidence proving the Appointment, &c.
Anonymous1608 to 1620. English merchants resident in Venice.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia. No. 20, p. 96.
Thomas Gunter1620, 17 October to 1629.Sir Henry Wotton and the Trinity House.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 20, p. 96.
Thomas Rowlanson1629 to 1635Register Cinque Savij alla Merranzia. No. 20, p. 96.
Ottavio Robazzi1635, February, to 1646.Basil Viscount Fielding.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 20, p. 96.
Michael Francis1646 to June 1648.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 21, p. 36. Tergo.
Joseph Kent1648 to 1652, 20 May.Thomas KilligrewRegister Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 21, p. 12.
Walter Wolf1652, 20 May to 1653.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 21, p. 12.
John Hobson1654 to 1660.Trinity House and the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 21, p. 36. Paulucci despatches, London, 7 Nov. 1654, No. 5, and Sagredo despatches, 7 Jauuary 1656.
Gideon sive Giles Jones.1660 to 1670.King Charles II.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 21, p. 179.
George Hailes1670 to —.King Charles II.Ambassadorial statements (Esposizioni Principi), file 23 June 1670 and Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia. Register No. 24, p. 116.
Thomas Hobson1685 to 1689.King James II.Senate's journals, 21 August 1688. Venice, news letter, 17 July 1688. Ambassadorial statements (Esposizioni Principi), 7 May 1689, p. 14.
Hugh Broughton1690 to 1716.King William III.Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 30, p. 326. Register Cinque Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 40.
Neil Brown1723 to 1738.King George I.Register V. Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 41, 1723, 15 April.
(Esposizioni Principi). Ambassadorial statements, 1722, 29 April and 1730, 15 November.
From the Register Cinque Savij, date 15 April 1723, as likewise from Burke's Extinct Baronetage, it may be inferred that this Neil Brown had also the christian name of Robert, and that, having acted as Secretary resident, he assumed that title in the patent which created him a baronet, A.D. 1731–32, although the official post which he filled at Venice limited itself apparently to the Consulate so far as the evidence of Venetian documents is concerned.
Joseph SmithKing George II.Ambassadorial statements, (Esposizioni Principi.) 1744, 6 June. Register V. Savij alla Mercanzia, No. 10, p. 199, 1760–61, 7 February.
John Udny. (He acted as Charge d'affaires from July to Sept. 1773.)1760–61 to 1779.King George III.Register V. Savij, date 1700–61, p. 199. Ambassadorial statements (Esposizioni Principi) 1779–80, 9 February. Although Robert Richie was appointed Consul in December 1776, it appears by the ambassadorial statements, date 9 February 1779–80, that Udny was yet at Venice in 1779, when the English government transferred him elsewhere.
Robert Richie1776–78–80 to 1790, November 29.King George III.Ambassadorial statements (Esposizioni Principi) 1776. Burial Register (Libro Necrologio), Nos. 185 e 977, dei Provveditori alla Sanita.)
Robert Richie acted as English Charge d'affaires at Venice from June 1769 to August 1771, and again from April 1786 until June 1790.
John Watson1790, November 30, to 1797, May 12.Sir Francis Vincent, Baronet.Ambassadorial statements (Esposizioni Principi).