Regesta 181


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W. H. Bliss and C. Johnson (editors)

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'Regesta 181: 1347-1348', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 3: 1342-1362 (1897), pp. 254-257. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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Regesta, Vol. CLXXXI.

16 Kal. Aug.
Avignon. (f. 2d.)
To Anibaldus, cardinal-bishop of Tusculum, and Stephen, cardinal-priest of SS. John and Paul, nuncios to France and England. Licence to proceed against those persons in England who refuse to pay the customary procurations, by publication of process against them at Avignon; as the bearers of their of processes have been maltreated, and deprived of their letters in London.
7 Id. Sept.
Avignon. (f. 3.)
To the same Anibaldus, bishop of Tusculum. Faculty to dispense ten persons of clerical or adulterous parentage, so that they may be ordained and hold a sinecure benefice apiece.
Ibid. To the same. Faculty to dispense thirty persons of illegitimate birth, so that they may be ordained and hold a benefice apiece, with cure of souls.
Ibid. To the same. Faculty to appoint twenty notaries.
(f. 3d.)
To Stephen, cardinal-priest of SS. John and Paul. The like faculties.
6 Kal. Feb.
Avignon. (f. 6.)
To the same cardinals. Authority to proceed against persons who fail to pay the due procurations.
12 Kal. June.
Avignon. (f. 8.)
To Bertrand, cardinal of St. Mark's. Indult to visit his archdeaconry of Dorchester by deputy for five years, and to receive procurations not exceeding 30 silver Tournois a day.
Concurrent mandate to the archbishop of Canterbury, and two others named.
14 Kal. Aug.
Avignon. (f. 8d.)
To the chapter of York. Mandate not to admit Philip de Weston to the deanery of York, presentation of which he has procured from the king, it having been given by the pope to Talairand, cardinal of St. Peter's ad Vincula, on its voidance by the consecration of William, archbishop of York.
(f. 9.)
To the archbishop of York. The like mandate, adding that if Philip does not desist from his attempt to hold the deanery, he is to be cited to appear before the pope within sixty days.
2 Kal. Sept. Avignon. (f. 10d.) To William, archbishop of York, and John, archbishop of Canterbury. The like mandate.
18 Kal. Dec.
Avignon. (f. 14d.)
Citation, at the request of Galhardus, cardinal of St. Lucy's in Silice, of John de Breydon, to appear before Master Peter Fabri, papal auditor, touching the prebend and treasurership of Salisbury, possession of which was refused to Master Bernard Viventis, canon of Bazas, subexecutor, and John Bonaure, canon of Chichester, proctor of the said cardinal, by Thomas Hotofth, parson of Pontragach, in the diocese of Salisbury, William Thurston, Matthew le Skynnere, Richard le Skynnere, William Digher, Thomas Bretford, John Stone, and William Dunbrendale, citizens of Salisbury. They, with armed accomplices, attacked the said subexecutor and proctor, saying that because they had come to hinder John de Breydon, possessor of the said prebend and treasurership, they should lose their heads, and would have killed them, had not one of the canons and one of the vicars restrained them. Papal mandate having been issued to the archbishop of Canterbury to cite the said parson and John de Breydon, the parson was apprehended by the archbishop's commissary, but Breydon could not then be cited, nor afterwards made to appear before the papal auditor appointed to hear the cause. The present citation is therefore issued and ordered to be published on the church doors at Avignon.
Id. Dec.
Avignon. (f. 17.)
To Talairand, cardinal of St. Peter's ad Vincula. Indult to visit his deanery of York by deputy for five years.
Concurrent mandate to the archbishop of York, the archdeacon of Norwich, and another named.
6 Id. March.
Avignon. (f. 20.)
To Anibaldus, bishop of Tusculum. Provision of the prebend of York void by the death of George de Salu iis, papal chaplain, having been made to him, but John de Offord, the king's chancellor, having possession of it, and he having failed to obtain a second prebend, because his proctor, an Augustinian, had acted without his superior's leave, another prebend, void first by the death of William de Kildesbi, and then by that of William de Veyraco, registrar of papal letters, is given him.
Concurrent mandate to the abbots of St. Mary's, York, and Selby, and the archdeacon of Wells.
10 Kal. Nov.
Avignon. (f. 36.)
To William, bishop of Dunblane, formerly canon. Appointing him to that see, void by the death of Maurice, to which he had been elected in ignorance that it was reserved to the pope; he has been consecrated by John, bishop of Porto.
Concurrent letters to the chapter, to the clergy and people of the city and diocese, and to the earl of Strathern. [Theiner, 289.]
4 Id. Nov.
(f. 101d.)
To Master Gilbert Flaming, papal chaplain and auditor. Provision of the canonry and prebend and precentorship of Moray, void by the resignation of Duncan de Strathern, with dispensation to hold also the deanery of Aberdeen.
Concurrent mandate to the bishops of Brechin and Caithness, and another named.
4 Non. April.
Avignon. (f. 148d.)
To the abbots of Kinloss and Fern, and the dean of Moray, Mandate to give to Thomas de Conventre, canon of Caithness, the treasurership of Ross, void by reason that William de Lindesay, since deceased, held it together with the church of Hare, in the diocese of Glasgow.
2 Id. April.
(f. 167.)
To Reginald de Briane. Provision of a canonry of Salisbury, with reservation of a prebend or dignity, notwithstanding that he has the church of Tallagharn, in the diocese of St. Davids, and canonries and prebends of Llandewybrevy and Westbury.
Concurrent mandate to John Gogh, canon of St. Davids, and two others named.
2 Id. May.
(f. 168.)
To Luke de Poningges. The like in Lincoln, notwithstanding that he is in his twenty-second year.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Chichester, the abbot of Beaulieu, in the diocese of Lincoln, and another named.
1347. 6 Kal. Sept.
Avignon. (f. 198d.)
To Bertrand de Budocio. Provision of the canonry and prebend of Salisbury, void by the death of Bernard de Cucinato, papal chaplain, notwithstanding that Thomas de Brembre is said to occupy them.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Norwich, and two others named.
13 Kal. Aug.
(f. 224d.)
To Matthew de Briselee. Provision of a canonry and prebend of Grantham North-provendre in Salisbury, void by the death of Tido de Varesio, papal chaplain.
Concurrent mandate to the dean of Lichfield, Raimund de Pelegriui, canon of London, and another named.
16 Kal. Dec.
(f. 227d.)
To William Potence of Ore. Provision of the canonry and prebend of Stanton in Wilton, void by the resignation of Paul de Monteflore, notwithstanding that he has the church of Great Grenford, in the diocese of London. [Cal. Pet. i. 124.]
Concurrent mandate to the treasurer of York, Simon de Islep and Robert de Cekewellis, canons of London.
8 Id. July.
(f. 244d.)
To Robert de Askeby. Provision at the request of John, bishop of Porto, of the canonry and prebend of Lincoln, void by the death of Raimund, cardinal of New St. Mary's, although the late Robert de Wo lhous, archdeacon of Richmond, detained it, and Aquilinus Guillelmi de Sperra occupied it after the death of the cardinal, notwithstanding that Robert has the church of Wessington, in the diocese of Durham, and is litigating in the papal palace about a canonry and prebend of Salisbury.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of St. Davids, Thomas Bradwardin, canon of London, and another named.
1348. 2 Non. Jan.
Avignon. (f. 257d.)
To Master Guy de Pestello, doctor of canon law. Provision of the canonry and prebend of Bere and Cherministre in Salisbury, void by the death of William le Veyraco, papal chaplain.
Concurrent mandate to the official of Salisbury, and two others named.