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Sir James Bird (editor)

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'Illustrations in the text', Survey of London: volume 8: Shoreditch (1922), pp. XII-XIII. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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Illustrations in the text

1. Shoreditch towards the close of the 16th century, from the "Agas" view, circ. 1570Page 5
2. Stone tablet, dated 1725, commemorating Hare Alley, preserved in pediment to first-floor window of No. 80, Shoreditch High Street13
3. Stone tablet, dated 1694, on front of No. 197, Shoreditch High Street16
4. Shoreditch in 1642, from Eyre's "Views of the Fortifications of London"41
5. Map of Hoxton Fields, showing archery marks, from Malcolm's "Londinium Redivivum"85
6. Ancient stone shooting mark, inscribed "Scarlet," preserved at the Honourable Artillery Company's Headquarters86
7. Extract from Wyngaerde's "Panorama of London," circ. 1540, showing Holywell Priory166
8. Plan of plotted measurements from leases, etc., defining the boundaries between the Webb and Rutland properties, Holywell Priory173
9. Site of Holywell Priory and The Theatre177
10. Extract from Rocque's Map of 1746, showing site of Holywell Priory182
11. Bronze tablet indicating the site of The Theatre186

Heraldic illustrations

1.CURTISBarry wavy argent and sable, a cheveron or between three bezants, on a chief or two dolphins palewise back to back between two anchors azure.
2.CHOLMLEYGules, a sword fesswise between a helmet in chief and two barbs in base or.
3.BYDEOr, on a pile engrailed azure three anchors erect or.
4.CROMWELLSable, a lion argent.
5.LEEArgent, a fess sable, in chief two pellets, in base a martlet sable.
6.BURBAGEArgent, a cheveron engrailed vert powdered with drops or, between three boars' heads couped sable.
7.AUSTENAzure, on a cheveron or, three cinqfoils vert, between three doves or.
8.BASSANOParty cheveronwise vert and argent, in chief three silkworm-moths and in base a laurel tree all countercoloured.
9.STARKEYQuarterly: (1) and (4) argent, a stork sable, beaked and membered gules, in dexter chief a crescent for difference, (2) quarterly, vert and gules, a lion argent (Olton), (3) argent, a cheveron sable between three wrens gules (Wrenbury).
10.SEMERSable, on a fess embattled argent between three wings or three roundels sable.
11.LEIGHGules, a cross engrailed argent, in the dexter chief a lozenge argent.
12.BONDArgent, on a cheveron sable three bezants with a crescent sable for difference.
13.MASSIEQuarterly gules and or, in 1st and 4th three fleur-de-lis argent, with a quarter argent for difference.
14.BROWNEArgent, three martlets in pale sable, between flaunches sable each charged with a leopard argent.
15.ROPERParty fesswise azure and argent, a pale counter-coloured between three bucks' heads rased or.
16.PITFIELDAzure, a bend engrailed between two swans argent with collar and chain or.
17.MAROWAzure, a fess engrailed or between three maidens' heads cut off at the shoulders argent, hair dishevelled or.
18.TRESHAMParty saltirewise sable and or, in chief three trefoils, and in base, the same, all counter-coloured.
19.PARKER (MONTEAGLE).Azure, between two bars sable, each charged with three bezants, a lion passant gules, in chief three bucks' heads caboshed sable.
20.ELRINGTONArgent, on a fess dancetty sable, between five herons, five bezants.
21.GEFFRYEArgent, six billets sable, on a chief sable a lion passant or.
22.LOVELLArgent, a cheveron azure between three squirrels sitting gules.
23.MANNERSOr, two bars azure. A chief quarterly azure and gules. In 1st and 4th quarters two fleurs-de-lis or, and in 2nd and 3rd a leopard or.