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Records of this occasional wealth tax (13th to 16th centuries).

The three earliest subsidies for the county of Sussex1296, 1327, 1332

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Three subsidies, arranged by rape and then by hundred. The subsidy of 1296 was an eleventh; that in 1327 a twentieth, and that in 1332 a tenth and fifteenth. Originally published as volume 10 from the publications of the Sussex Record Society.

Yorkshire Lay Subsidy30 Ed. I (1301)

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A fifteenth granted by Edward I at the Parliament held at Lincoln in spring 1301. It covers the North Riding, one wapentake of the East Riding, and the liberties of St Mary's and St Peter's in York. From the Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series, volume 21.

Cumberland Lay SubsidyFifteenth and tenth, 6 Edw. III

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Lists individuals assessed for this tax, levied in 1332-3. It is organised by ward or liberty, and then by vill, and includes the assessment of socage tenants.

Two Early London Subsidy Rolls

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Returns from lay subsidies raised in the City of London in 1292 and 1319, arranged by ward, with information on names, occupations and assessments. Modernised classmarks in the National Archives are PRO E179/144/2 and E179/144/3.

Two Tudor subsidy rolls for the city of London1541 and 1582

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An edition of the National Archives documents E.179/144/120 and E.179/251/16, plus the 1541 Orphans' Books of London. By kind permission of the London Record Society.

Finance and trade under Edward IIIThe London lay subsidy of 1332

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Contains essays on the lay subsidy of 1332 and related topics regarding taxation, trade and the estate of merchants in London.

Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 7, part 1

» Economic history » Local history
Contains: the lay subsidy roll of 1327; and extracts from the Plea Rolls for Staffordshire for the period 1294-1307.

Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 10, part 1

» Economic history » Local history
Contains: extracts from the Coram Rege Rolls and pleas of the crown for the period 1307-27; the Subsidy Roll of 1332-3 (6 Edward III.)