Urban and metropolitan history

Sources for metropolitan London and other urban centres.

Survey of London

Detailed studies of the capital's architecture and topography, since 1894. 44 volumes.

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments

The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England 41 volumes.

City of London, Calendar of letter books

Records of the government of medieval London (1275-1509). 12 volumes.

Victoria County History: Middlesex

The local history of the county, organised by parish. 10 volumes.

Environs of London (Lysons)

Lysons' account of London within twelve miles of the city (4 volumes, 1796). 4 volumes.

Maps (Ordnance Survey)

The complete 1:10,560 series, and 1:2,500 maps for selected areas (Epoch 1). 2 volumes.

Quarter Sessions records

Records of the periodic courts of quarter sessions. 9 volumes.

Chronicles, surveys and diaries (London)

Includes Stow's 'Survey' and the diary of Henry Machyn. 7 volumes.

Old and New London (Thornbury & Walford)

Surveys London and Westminster and their environs (6 volumes, 1878). 6 volumes.

Victoria County History: Essex

The local history of the historic county, organised by parish. 4 volumes.

City of London, Calendar of plea and memoranda rolls

Three volumes, covering period from 1323 to 1412. 3 volumes.

Port, trade, bridge and customs records

Records for London and Bristol (15th to 18th centuries.) 5 volumes.

Cardiff Records

Calendars and transcripts of medieval and early modern records. 5 volumes.

Monastic and cathedral records

Cartularies and administrative records of monastic and cathedral churches. 6 volumes.

Glasgow, Records of the Burgh

Extracts from the Burgh records, 1573-1690. 3 volumes.

Religious organisations, records of

Records of groups outside the Established church (18th and 19th centuries). 4 volumes.

Victoria County History: Surrey

The local history of the historic county, organised by parish. 3 volumes.

Assize records

Assize records for London, 14th-16th centuries. 3 volumes.

Victoria County History: Warwickshire

The local history of the historic county, organised by parish. 3 volumes.

Historical Manuscripts Commission

Seven volumes from the Reports and Calendars series of the HMC. 3 volumes.

Parochial records

Churchwardens', parish clerks' and other parish records. 3 volumes.

Charters and Documents of Glasgow

Transcripts of charters and documents, 1175-1649. 2 volumes.

Lay subsidy records

Records of this occasional wealth tax (13th to 16th centuries). 3 volumes.

Hearth Tax records

Seventeenth-century hearth tax sources for London. 3 volumes.

Wills and inventories

 3 volumes.

Register of the Freemen of York

The Surtees Society edition of admissions to the freedom of the city, 1272-1759. 2 volumes.

Records of residence

 2 volumes.

Eyres, records of

Records of courts of itinerant justices (13th century). 2 volumes.

Political organisations, records of

Records of extra-Parliamentary individuals and groups (18th and 19th centuries). 2 volumes.

Feet of Fines

Final concords for Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Sussex and Yorkshire. 2 volumes.

Calendar of early mayor's court rolls: 1298-1307

Nine rolls, covering a formative period in the history of the City of London, and illustrative of ancient municipal law and legal custom.

A New History of LondonIncluding Westminster and Southwark

Noorthouck's 'New History' falls into two parts. The first is a narrative history of London from the Roman period until the 1770s. The second gives accounts of the present state of the City (organised by ward), and of much of Westminster, Southwark and Lambeth. It also includes an Appendix of charters and statutes relating to the City, and lists of mayors, bishops and other officers.

Analytical index to the series of records known as the Remembrancia1579-1664

An index, arranged by topic, to this series of London records. They contain correspondence between central government and officials of the City of London relating to the rights, privileges, customs, trade and religious life of the City.

A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 part 1The City of Chester: General History and Topography

This is the first of two volumes providing an authoritative and detailed treatment of Chester's history, meticulously researched from the original sources.

A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4

Detailed local histories of the city of Liverpool, Wigan and most of greater Manchester. The rest of Merseyside is treated in volume III.

A History of the County of London: Volume 1London within the Bars, Westminster and Southwark

Part-volume, covering the history of the religious houses of the borough of Southwark and the cities of London and Westminster.

A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 4The City of Oxford

The political, economic, social and religious history of Oxford.

A History of the County of York: the City of York

The volume takes both a chronological and a thematic approach to the history of the City of York from before the Norman Conquest to the twentieth century.

A Dictionary of London

Historical notes of streets and buildings in the City of London, including references to other relevant sources.

Historical Account of Newcastle-upon-TyneIncluding the Borough of Gateshead

The 'Descriptive and Historical Account of the Town and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne' by the Newcastle author and publisher Eneas Mackenzie. It contains historical and contemporary accounts of the religious, civic, educational and cultural buildings and institutions of the city in the early nineteenth century.

London debating societies 1776-1799

Information on debates and their subjects, as listed in the London press. Reproduced by permission of the London Record Society.

Justice in eighteenth-century HackneyThe justicing notebook of Henry Norris and the Hackney petty sessions book

These two sources cover between them the period 1730 to 1753. Edited from MSS in the Greater London Record Office, by permission of the London Record Society.

Chamber accounts of the sixteenth centuryLondon Record Society, 20

Some of the earliest surviving financial sources for the City of London, being two accounts of the chamberlain for the period 1584-6.

Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640Database

Biographical database of medical practitioners in London in a key period in the history of medicine.

The church in London 1375-1392

Details ecclesiastical property and the taxation of the clergy in the City of London. Also included are Acta of William Courtenay, Bishop of London. By kind permission of the London Record Society.

A History of the County of Worcester: volume 3

Covers two parts of the historic county: firstly, the hundred of Halfshire in the north-east, which includes several areas now within the greater Birmingham area, including Dudley, Halesowen and Yardley. Accounts are given of Kidderminster, Droitwich and Alvechurch. Secondly, the volume also covers the hundred of Oswaldslow, which largely encircles the city of Worcester.

London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586-1611: list and indexes

London Record Society, volume 32; here published with the kind support of the Society. Abstracted details of nearly 1,800 cases, relating to defamation, marriage, tithe and other disputes.

A History of the County of Kent: Volume 2

A part-volume detailing the religious houses of the county. Includes accounts of the early history of Canterbury and Rochester cathedrals, and of several sites now within the conurbation of London.